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Organisational Behaviour Assignment: Impact of Contemporary Issues on HR Practices



You are required to write the organisational behaviour assignment presenting a critical overview of the contemporary issues facing the field of organisational behaviour and how these influence Human resource practices.


It is evident in this organisational behaviour assignment that the changing dynamics of business has considered organisational behaviour to be an important aspect for accessing higher performance. It allows businesses as well as individual employees to be aware of their capabilities and work toward a common goal along with other members of the group. The elements which are being impacted by organisational behaviour are employee performance, operational process, structure and external environment that surround the company. This essay on organisational behaviour assignment has classified contemporary issues in organisational behaviour which need to be dealt with by managers to promote the functioning capacity of an organisation.

Contemporary issues in organisational behaviour
The modern business arena has been structured to promote a diversified workforce where people from all religions work as a team. According to the views of Bratton & Gold (2017) workplace diversity often resulted in consensus regarding opinions and inability to collaborate with other employees. Contemporary managers are required to draw an ethical approach which allows them to not only control the issue generated from workplace diversity but also increase the instances of collaboration. In order to deal with such issues the management is expected to recognise the differences in individual employee and employee practices that can help in overlooking the differences while working as a single unit. On the other hand Ismael, Ye?ilta? & Andrea (2021) has stated that contemporary changes in the demographic aspect of the workforce where more young employees and female employees are recruited. The new generation of workforce requires flexible working hours rather than industrial manners of working. This requires managers to employ relevant techniques for changing the work schedule that can meet the requirements of young workforce. However, the traditional role of women is not considered usual in nature and requires managers to develop work principles which can promote equality and respect for individual female workers. Instances of workplace harassment are the primary resultant issue generated among the workforce that recruits women employees. It need not be denied that the assigned supervisor/manager needs to be aware of harassment instances which generally have a negative impact over organisational behaviour. Another major issue which corresponds with organisational behaviour is employee privacy which should be respected. As per the opinion of Zhang (2017) owners of organisations tend to breach the privacy of employees which results in higher turnover and also spread negative impact over organisational performance. It needs to be understood that the contemporary workforce demands rights and privileges such as individual privacy and union relations so that improper code of conduct can be reversed by employers.

Influence of issues over Human Resource
The primary influence is lack of coherence with organisational objectives and motivation to excel in own performance. Improper management of workplace diversity leads a team toward internal conflict based on religious opinions and ethnic differences. These factors do not allow employees to work toward a common objective while also discouraging them to meet performance index. According to the opinion of Testa et al. (2020) a team which lacks patience toward diversity does not keep up with the demands and requirements of the organisational process. Therefore, it becomes relevant for business owners and managers to make a situation where workers do not think about individual differences and focus solely on the objectives set out by the manager. On the other hand Collins et al. (2020) has cautioned against younger workforce which does not meet with the corporate culture of business organisation. Companies with experienced individuals are required to be accustomed with a new set of work processes. Avoidance of this issue does not only result in lack of performance but also reduces the cohesiveness required to operate with competitive spirit. Mayo theory highlights the importance of human relation and team working attitude in working environment more than monetary rewards for individual employees. As per the opinion of Zhang (2017) Mayo theory requires businesses organisation to strengthen human factors rather than rewards. This can explain the reason behind lack of performance from teams which do not collaborate due to differences on the basis of religion or ethnic background. Mayo theory also signifies that lower cohesiveness results in non-accomplishment of tasks and employees tend to consider individual benefit over organisational objectives. The application of Mayo theory can explain that improper work schedule of young workforce and inclination toward feasible work choice creates lack of cohesiveness with senior members. This results in reduction of employee performance while also making them incapable of acquiring the desired motivation to prolong their stay in an organisation.

Application of theory to business case
The importance of human relation and recognition of individual input can be understood with the case study of Hartford and Mentoring. The Hartford financial services made a similar approach of including a mentoring programme for individual growth of teams which had employees as women and people belonging to minority backgrounds. The objectives were to develop individual skills and also to promote collaborative working rather than internal conflict due to demographic changes in the workplace (, 2021). The practices conveyed by Hartford financial services resonate with the instructions of Elton Mayo who forced on bringing human cohesiveness as an economic driver as a necessary inclusion in the workplace with diversified opinion among employees. As per the opinion of Bratton & Gold (2017) training of members with traditional work principles is required to become accustomed with the diversified workplace while also making necessary improvement on individual skill set. Therefore initiative taken by Hartford Financial services is important for senior members to attain the qualities of a mentor which can be further applied over recruited individuals that are a part of the young workforce.

The essay concludes that organisational behaviour has noticed issues from diversity, inclusion of demographic changes and lack of cohesiveness as contemporary problems. Avoidance of highlighted issues could lead an organisation to improper performance and deficit in financial output. Mayo theory of management resonates with the contemporary environment of business where a diversified workplace creates issues on the abscess of individual opinion and differences. Proper workplace situation with a focus on cohesiveness can help incorporating better organisational behaviour similar to Hartford financial services.

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