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Organisational Behaviour Assignment Analysing Management System Of OCBC Banking Company


Task: Write a detailed organisationalbehaviour assignment focusing on the following topic:
The Company: Using either Jardine Matheson Holdings or OCBC or a company of your choice as your company
a) How do you manage workplace diversity and how important is this to a positive work environment
b) What outcomes does attitude influence What implications does this have for management
c) How do you motivate employees within these companies Use 1 model to explain.
d) Discuss the importance of Groups & Norms in the formation of Unified culture for these companies.


The current organisationalbehaviour assignment sheds light on the business case of OCBC Banking Company. OCBC is a bank founded in 1912 with its origins in Southeast Asia. It currently operates as the second-largest banking services group in Southeast Asia and has a reputation as a high-rated bank. They deal with broking services, investments, asset management, consumer ranging, financing from banks to the treasury, investments, etc. The company works and maintains diversity through highly innovative solutions. They also work with a variety of subsidiary systems. The company operates mainly in four countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore. It has approximately 530 branches worldwide. This report will show the management system of OCBC Banking Company. That is, how they maintain diversity in the workplace and how important it is, what is Attitude Influence and how important it is in management will all be discussed here. Besides this, how to motivate bank employees and the importance of groups and norms in OCBC's culture is also discussed here.

a) How do you manage workplace diversity and how important is this to a positive work environment
Manage workplace diversity: OCBC's management HR is usually responsible for managing diversity in the workplace. The decision-taking depends on the behaviour, speech, background, culture etc of the employees. There are some mechanisms for maintaining workplace diversity-
Communication: In order to maintain a diverse workplace, it is important to see that the communication is working properly, that is, the management is able to communicate properly with the employees because it is impossible to understand the inconvenience of someone without talking (Ahmad et al., 2021).
Proper behaviour: It is not right to think about the staff by looking just at their background. Every employee should be treated well and given tasks according to their ability without blaming their activities in the workplace.
Open-minded: Conversations with staff and employees should be open-minded. There are a lot of hassles in banking work, in which case it is the responsibility of the management to explain everything to the employees and see if they are having any problems.

Importance of workplace diversity:
It is very important to have a diverse workplace, especially for such a large banking organisation as OCBC. As a result, people from different cultures, different fields, different places are involved in the work, for that versatility comes in the workplace (Lansbery, 2021). There are a lot of people out there to make various decisions. There are more reasons for this, which are -

If people from different backgrounds work in OCBC, then different ideas can be applied in the workplace.
As a result of working with different employees, the target demographic can be understood, which results in benefits in the workplace.
As a result of the diverse workplace, the OCBC bank can easily blend in with the people of a big country like America.
Having different employees will make it easier to deal with different types of customers.

b)What outcomes does attitude influence What implications does this have for management

Attitude influence: OCBC is currently becoming increasingly aware of this issue and is trying to create awareness among its employees to create as good an attitude as possible (Silva &Liyanagamage, 2019). That is why they are devoting more time and effort.
One of the criteria for creating a good attitude is work satisfaction. If the OCBC staff enjoys the work and does it eagerly, it will be to their advantage and a good attitude will come from their mind.
Combining organizational commitment and job satisfaction will create a positive attitude for employees. In addition to these two important issues, another issue is the manifestation of organizational justice.
Strong faith should be built in oneself. One has to be confident that if there is any mistake in the work, it will be possible to fix it by him. Every OCBC employee should have this mentality. Only then will the attitude of excellence be created.
Implications: The more positive the attitude of the employees under OCBC, the more the work will progress and the employees will be able to concentrate on the work. It has some effects on the organisation-
Career success: Employees' success depends on their performance. This is because the employees who are full of positive attitude do the work with much more diligence and attention (Li et al., 2021).
Sevice: If the attitude is good, the quality of work will increase. As a result, OCBC staff will be able to provide better service.
Leadership: Better attitudes increase performance and some employees unknowingly become leaders, the rest of the staff started to follow them.
Teamwork: If there is a good attitude of an employee, everyone agrees to work with him effortlessly. This increases teamwork.

Decision making: Positive thinking enables people to make quick decisions. Whatever the situation, handling it with a smile is one of the virtues (Hamzah, Kai & Musa, 2021).
c) How do you motivate employees within these companies Use 1 model to explain.
The importance of employees in an organization is immense (Alhempi&Supeno, 2021). Especially in those busy organizations where new challenges arise every moment, the desire or inclination of every employee to work helps to accelerate the workflow of that organization. The pattern of motivation of OCBC's employees is discussed below based on Victor Vroom's motivation theory.

According to Victor Vroom's theory, the intensity of the tendency to the performance of OCBC's employees is based on the intensity of anticipation that performance will be realized through a certain result as well as on the application of the outcomes to a particular employee (Watters, 2021).

Expectancy: OCBC adopts various development strategies to enhance the knowledge and skills of its employees and motivates them in different ways. They implement a three-year development structure for employees which was first launched in 2007 ("OCBC GRADUATE TALENT PROGRAMME - 2022 INTAKE", 2021). They provide continuous training through OCBC Learning academy. They are able to further develop their skills through the use of job rotation. The upper management staff is in charge of mentoring the employees (Bachmid&Ermawati, 2021).

Instrumentality: The first strategy OCBC chose was the "Career Best" Program, which began in 2002. Through this program, they would focus on the career choices of their employees. According to Singapore's Ministry of Manpower, self-employed residents make up 8.4% of the total workforce, reaching 220,000. A significant increment has been observed between 2017 and 2018 which is around 20000 ("Managing Your Most Important Business Asset - People", 2019).

Valence: The number will undoubtedly continue to grow in Singapore, as OCBC officials estimate that there will be an additional 73,000 recruitments in the sector by 2030. They always support, appreciate the work of the employees and provide all the training to make them more efficient. They consider employees to be the most important business asset because they have confidence in employees.

d) Discuss the importance of Groups & Norms in the formation of Unified culture for these companies

OCBC is able to recognize each of its employees as individuals and respects and supports the passion, intelligence, creativity, uniqueness and potential of the people working at OCBC. Whether OCBC employs three or three hundred people in the company, every leader in the office should constantly work towards a particular culture of OCBC where employees feel connected to the mission of OCBC. It is very important to build a unified culture within the company (Kets, 2021). Creating a culture is very different from any other business endeavour; It is a vague set of subtle rules and concepts that are sometimes difficult to handle.

Organizational culture refers to a cluster of values, norms and assumptions shared by OCBC members. Employees play an important role in enhancing organizational effectiveness based on how important they are to OCBC through their values. The culture created by the group and norm performs several activities within the organisation. Culture plays an important role in distinguishing an organization from others, formating a sense of identification among the employees of the organization through a group where people from all backgrounds can move in smoothly, and norms simplify the commitment as well as increase the stability of the social system. Culture has an essential conjugation for corporate performance in both individuals and groups. How employees perceive the cultural characteristics of an organization is determined by norms. Groups are a key medium for uniting culture with the organization. Team leaders or managers take steps to maintain diversity and culture among their employees. According to them, diverse culture in the workplace always strengthens the organization and leads to success.

As the culture at OCBC is family-oriented, they place considerable emphasis on the career balance of their employees. The superiors are always ready to handle any problem in the workplace and are ready to show the employees the right way. It is important to create a unified culture in order to set the goals of each of the employees working in OCBC in one direction. Simply put, the contribution of groups and norms in creating a working-together environment is immense.

Lastly, in order to perform well at OCBC, it is advisable to hire staff who must be composed of qualified, well-trained and skilled and have the efficiency in working within a cooperative, diversified and cultural environment of groups as well as individuals towards shared common goals. When a member of an OCBC team behaves in an unprofessional manner, it is likely to create adversity as well as disgust within the ranks which leads to hinder the progress in fulfilling corporate objectives. That's why it's important for senior executives to keep an eye on whether they're able to meet the needs of employees, motivate them and create a unified culture.

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