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   Free sample   Organisation leadership assignment highlighting strategies leaders can use to improve their leadership styles

Organisation Leadership assignment highlighting strategies leaders can use to improve their leadership styles


Task: How to determine the most appropriate leadership styles using Organisation Leadership assignment research techniques?


This Organisation Leadership assignment focuses on communicating strategies young professionals can used to select the most appropriate leadership styles. Individuals that have the ability to influence and manage all their followers who are related to the organisation can be considered as leaders. A good leader isa person in the concern role must make wise judgments and communicate their vision clearly and ensure that they establish attainable goals, and provide all their followers with the knowledge and expertise they need to achieve them, among other relevant things.Leading an organisation by inspiring and encouraging others to achieve its strategic goals is an important part of the role of leadership in any business or institution (Andriani et al., 2018).In this Organisation Leadership assignment the two concepts will be evaluated from the perspective of leadership and this includes both the democratic along with the autocratic approach in context to their relationship involved in the practical scenarios. The impact and the role of leadership in the process of achieving the goals will also be critically discussed.

Autocratic leadership and its relationship to practice

This is a particular type of leadership approach where the leader has full autonomy and complete control over every choice that can be made and little input is taken into consideration from his or her subordinates’ perspective. The general rule that is followed by the autocratic leaders is that they prefer to making everydecisionthat is based on their own judgments instead of considering the opinion of their subordinates (Wallenius et al., 2020). Any group or individual under the direct or delegated leadership of an autocrat is under his or her complete and full dictatorial authority and the leader has the final say in all the matters of concern. The autocratic leadership method just like any other method or leadership approach has both certain advantages along with disadvantages. From my personal work experience while workinh in the XYZ company I have noticed that there are certain situations where a measure of control can be considered as beneficial and even necessary and there are even situations where it is viewed as overbearing and dictatorial.

There is a tendency for the autocratic style to sound depressing and it is considered in a bad sense in many circumstances, howeverin the wrong contexts or when it is abused by wrong people, it has been proven to be harmful. There are some situations when autocratic leadership seems like the most sensible option in order to get the job done (Purwanto et al., 2020).Such a situation may arise when a big group of individuals cannot be consulted quickly enough and the decisions needs to be made instantly and that too by the leader who is both qualified and experienced and well aware about the potential and limitations of the team members.Strong leadership sometimes become a necessity so that many initiatives and other duties are executed in an effective manner and with the time that has been allocated for its completion. It is possible that an autocratic leadership style can provide quick and effective judgments when the expert of the group happens to be their leader.

Although there is a possibility that this particular style of leadership will be successful on multiple occasion, but it does have a number of drawbacks that is needed to be taken into consideration. As per research done on this Organisation Leadership assignmentautocratic leadership style is typically regarded as a more demanding, dominant, and authoritarian method both by those who do not practise it themselves and by the subordinates of the leader in question. This is because an autocratic style of leadership places more emphasis on the idea that one person should be in charge of everything. When it comes to the leader exercisingtheir authority, if certain boundaries are exceeded, the members of the group may become enraged and even lose their motivation altogether. It is possible for members of a team to develop the perception that they are unable to influence the final result of a project if they do not actively participate in its completion (Love et al., 2019). This perception can be especially problematic for highly skilled and talented members of a team.

The Organisation Leadership assignment research shows while autocratic leadership approach does indeed have certain potential dangers, it is again possible for leaders to learn and improvise from their scenarios and understand the factors that are applicable to components of this style in a suitable manner. For instance, if the leader of the group is the most knowledgeable and experience member and has the right set of skills and other expertise or if the leader has access to information that the other members of the group do not, then an autocratic leadership style may be a more successful and suitable approach that can be taken.An experienced leader can swiftly make better judgments and effective decisions that are in the best interest of all the members of the group without having to waste valuable time speaking with less skilled team members. When applied appropriately to a given circumstance, autocratic leadership styles can be extremely effective. In many cases, improved group performance can be achieved by combining this style with others, such as democratic or transformational methods, in an appropriate proportion.

Democratic leadership and its relationship to practice
In the democratic leadership approach, all the members of the group are involved in the decision-making process and the opinion of every member matter and the principle of democracy is invoked in it (Jankovi?, 2022). This style or approach of leadership is also known as participatory leadership or shared leadership. The application of this form of leadership can be seen in many diverse areas like private businesses to schools to the government and other organisations, this particular kind of leadership can be applied as it is regarded as the most compatible form of leadership.A democratic leadership style promotes and relies significantly on open communication, encouraging the participation by allmembers and the ensure the free exchange of ideas. The democratic leader is usually seen as someone who is present and takes initiatives for the sake of offering guidance and control, despite the main emphasis is given in context to group equality and the free flow of ideas throughout the process.A leader under the democratic style is also responsible for choosing who is in the group and who is allowed to participate in the decision-making process. Organisation Leadership assignmentResearchers have discovered that the democratic leadership style is one of the most effective forms and leads to greater production, better contributions from group members, and also in increasing group morale.

Even the countries with a population of significant population follows the democratic leadership approach for governing themselves. A few examples it is USA, Sweden, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Netherlands an many more (Ross, 2019).There are many prominent businesses that employ a more democratic management style and by doing so they encouragea more participative approach from all those who are involved with them to management. A very prominent example of this can be Google itself, as its founders liken their leadership approach to that of proud parents who give counsel and love but they do not constantly scold their staff members in junior positions about their business decisions. Also, Jack Dorsey, who was the previous CEO of Twitter, was often described as a democratic leader (Aubyn & Frimpong, 2022).

The Organisation Leadership assignment research shows democratic leadership in many situations strongly encourages the members to communicate their perspectives, which can impact in generating result that have more innovative solutions to challenges. Members that are under this type of a leader are many times more invested in the final outcome of the project because they feel a much more a greater sense of ownership related to it.According to numerous studies that were conducted on different leadership styles, the democratic leadership method has been found to increase the level of productivity of the team memberssignificantly. It has been noted on several occasions that the morale of all members has also risen due to the result of this form of leadership.Despite the fact that democratic leadership has been regarded by many scholars as the most effective form of leadership style, there are many potential drawbacks related to this approach (Gandolfi & Stone, 2018). Democracy can also lead to communicative breakdowns and result into unfinished initiatives in cases when roles are elaborately explained or during specific time when important decisions need to be taken instantly.When it comes to making certain decisions, many members of the team may lack the vital information or competence. Members of a team under democratic leadership may feel that their ideas and opinions are not taken into consideration.

Being fully democratic, a government or private institution must make all of its information available to the public or at least with the ones that are associated with them. Another drawback of a democratic leadership style is that it might lead to security concerns in many circumstances as many breaches of confidentiality may occur. Organisations that comprise of with highly skilled and members who are more willing to take on additional responsibilities have the most significant impact in terms of output and successand can be successfully aligned democratic leadership (Katsaros et al., 2020). Another point identified on this Organisation Leadership assignment is relating to time availability. There should be plenty of time for all people associated so that they may give their input, based on itsformulation of the strategy should take place, and then vote on the most effective approach.Due to the large number of people involved, creating deadlines is an effective way to ensure that all of their feedback is received requires the consumption of plenty of time to act on it. It is againregarded as a good idea to set expectations up front, so that the me knows when and where their input will be solicited and when management will make the final decisions.

This Organisation Leadership assignment has thoroughly discussed the ideas that are relevant to the leadership approaches that are based on both autocratic style and the democratic style. Practical relations and the impact of these concepts has also been thoroughly discussed and numerous aspects like the negative impacts related to the autocratic leadership has been examined. When the leaders’ cross certain limits in an autocratic manner, it directly impacts the morale of their subordinates in a very critical and negative way but again for making certain decisions this form of leadership is the most applicable way. Democratic from of leadership isdefinitely more popular method of leadership but still there are certain areas where the final decisions need to be taken by the leaders and in context to some decisions not all information can be conveyed to the entire team. As per the Organisation Leadership assignment findings it is essential so that the confidential aspects of the organisation are protected.

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