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Operations Management Assignment: Operational Plan For Great Ocean Road Hotel


Write an operations management assignment presenting an operational plan for Great Ocean Road Hotel.


Operational plan developed in the operations management assignment concerning a hospitality industry is considered as a tool that is being utilized so that the business can be managed effectively, perfectly organized and execute the functions of the business. It is a procedure where tactics and strategies are being planned formed on objectives and goals supporting even bigger goals and objectives. Several activities and tasks require to be operationalized or fulfilled by the hospitality industry continually for ensuring the provided services is offered that is being promised. With the help of an operational plan, the hospitality industry would be capable of presenting the milestones in the business. The report will be to get along with the great ocean road hotel designating change in several operations and establish new activities in the business and their corresponding budget for the whole year or longer.

Discussion/Main Body
Description of Operational plan

The owner of the Great Ocean Road Hotel owner has considered upgrading the small hotel in Lorne Victoria. The owner is of the thought to get more environmentally friendly systems by switching energy-hungry appliances and old inefficient equipment to more efficient ones in their guest rooms. There is a need of renovating the area of the swimming pool as the fencing is weak and comprises of the legislation changes. The pool requires to get vacated and resurfaced taking a whole 3 months and would also be unusable in the meantime. The hotel owner thinks the operational plan would be termed as a great opportunity for the hotel as getting rebranded and would be specialized in the local production. Now it would demand a fresh list of items fresh logos as well as fresh suppliers enabling a resilient supply chain for the resources.

The Great ocean road hotel is very much occupied in the time of summer and early autumn with the peak season that is late autumn and early spring. Winter is considered a low season and reveres a good chance of opportunityfor performing the refurbishments.

Aim of the operation plan
This particular report conveys information that has been compiled via several analyses in order to describe the operation plan for the given project. Here, the specific tasks regarding the project will be mentioned, prioritized based on their degree of importance (Ooi, Woon & Hashim, 2021). KPI is essential in order to identify and develop for every performance. Aims for this report will provide clarity about the operation plan. Important tasks related to the operational plan are sourcing of new equipment and electric appliances for nearly 20 guest rooms, installing other appliances in the rooms, scheduling important meetings to ensure proper management, hygiene maintenance, sourcing of contractors for the installation of swimming pool fences and seeking approval from the accountant, meeting in order to discuss rebranding plans, sourcing of local suppliers and lastly designing of new logo and theme for the restaurant. The staffs have accepted their respective responsibilities and therefore, a part of the project has been accomplished. Employees who are in charge of this project teamed up and in order to carry forward the necessities regarding this operational plan. The appliances were installed timely in the guest rooms and they seem to be ready for service. Certain renovation and rebranding are still in process.

SWOT Analysis


The strengths of great ocean road hotels lie in doing their best in their forte serving good and tasty food, providing quality service or imparting decor providing the enjoyment of eating with a memorable experience (Phadermrod, et al. 2019).

 Strengths encompass the pricing structure, like providing a lower-priced, quality and good eating experience compare to other restaurants.

 Different strengths entail a providing specific variety of ethnic food that is not easily available in other local region.

The promotions or campaigns to provide special discounts by creating traffic in slow is a good bonus for them. For instance "purchase two meals, get one meal free before 5 p.m." for getting patrons on the door.



The wait employee in the hotel can be the greatest weakness, as the service experience is based on them concerning the personal service provided at the table.

 Weaknesses provide an idea of things for making improvisations in the restaurant. Not providing adequate training to your employee can be also another as it would show the wait staff should be attending customers or explaining to head chef the way dish should be made ready and presented.

Another weakness encompasses having inadequate delivery of the continual supplies resulting in main menu items that is not accessible.

 Depending on a poor form of point-of-sale system or utilizing just notepad for keeping a  check of stocking and ordering weakness, as there are optimum ways to calculate the order, stockroom, order and other financial requirements.



Ocean road hotel should consider their services to enhance their profits, like expanding or imparting distinctive types of services, like food and beverages, customer service, and a good experience of staying (Sarsby, 2016).

Cultivating the benefits of trends concerned with healthy eating may mean on organic dishes or salads should be on the menu. Developing ways for generating in a slow period presents a better opportunity for growth.

Also providing delivery services and take-out or inducting a drive-through for meeting the requirement of individuals on way creating another probable opportunity.



Competing with the hotels situated closely represent a threat to the hotel, particularly when there is some sort of same types of food or possess dining experiences. Fresh restaurants opening the nearby location give a threat, as area diners possess several options to consumers to spend their dining money.

Another threat may encompass a potential rise in the price of different types of cuisines For instance, in making seafood dishes and something negative influences the shrimp market, raising a thereat required in raising the prices or getting fresh suppliers, as it may result in losing the business.

Operational plansconsider developing accountabilityin regular activities. Developing anexclusive plan of expectations concerning the performance the business, the threats present should be analyzedby the operational plan.

Recognizing such threats where it occurs can be resolved with the change in operational plan..

Information and detailed overview of resource requirements and options
a. Changing air conditioners and lights in 20 guest rooms

Earlier the 20 guest rooms had old air-conditioners and lights but it recent times, the managers plan to switch from the old model to the new ones. This requires change from old window ACs to modern day split ACs. Also changes regarding the light fitting are being discussed. The managers plan to go from old light bulbs and tube-lights to CFL or LED tube-lights. Meetings are being set up to plan the implementation of these appliances in the guest rooms. The cooling output of an AC depends on its tonnage.

Old Split in operations 1

Figure 1: Old Split Ac

The split ACs are designed for high cooling capacity in larger spaces because they are mounted at a higher level but on the other hand window ACs are better at air circulation in the room, but its only relevant if the room is small otherwise the cooling goes uneven. Since the hotel guest rooms are spacious and accommodates many things, it requires split ACs in order to quickly cool the rooms and prepare for the customers’ stay. Another advantage of split AC is that they do not make noises while operating which makes them an ideal choice for hotels like the Great Ocean Road. The energy efficiency of CFL bulbs is four times greater than normal incandescent ones. This results in less energy wastage. This is why CFLs are set to replace the old bulbs in 20 guest rooms. The average lifespan of CFLs is about 8000 hours and LEDs are about 25000 hours. The heat emitted from LED lights is very little compared to normal lights. 90% of energy released from the incandescent lights is in the form of heat. LED and CFL bulbs emit light is specific direction without diffusing or refracting, thereby preventing to trap lights. One LED bulb is capable of lighting an entire room with even distribution on every corner. These are the various reasons why the Great Ocean Hotel Road is planning on replacing the old incandescent lights by LED and CFL lights in 20 guest rooms. Hence LEDs and CFLs are ideal choices for the hotel renovation.

Old Split in operations 2

Figure 2: New Split AC

b. Replacing the swimming pool fences
Since this hotel is situated in Victoria, it should abide by the rules of the Victorian Building Authority. In order to comply with one of its rules, the swimming pool in the hotel require barriers or fences for the development of in-ground spas, above-ground pools that can relocating and inflatable qualities, in-door pools and spas and for other bathing purposes. Pool depth should not be more than 300 mm, keeping in mind all the safety fencing standards. The material required for fencing should be durable like steel, glass or timber. Barriers should not be constructed in nears close of trees or BBQ where children can use them to climb and access the pool without adult supervision.

The windows opening onto the pool should have child-resistant metal screens of about 125 mm. Old fences of the hotel need to be replaced for kids’ safety. The managers should set up meeting to discuss the important requirements for changing of fences. It should be kept in mind that the height of the fences should not be more than 1200 mm. Sustainable measure must be considered during these changes. Modern techniques like solar fencing can be helpful to resolve sustainable issues. It would also help in reduction of costs, because installation of glass fences requires more expenditure as opposed to solar fences. With the help of solar fencing, the sun’s heat can be used to warm up the pool, resulting in no extra energy consumption as well as not causing harm to the environment.

Old Split in operations 3

Figure 3: Swimming Pool Service

c. Restaurant rebranding and new suppliers:
The process of rebranding in restaurants is been transforming and is considered a very much fast-evolving digital landscape. The restaurant business reflects revamping their brands, and technologyplays a vital part in the conversation. The resolution behind rebranding has been always consistent and focuses on the objectiveof modernizingas well as invitingfresh customers for the brand experience. The rebranding also depicts the modernization of the graphics and updating of the colours and fonts. The rebranding should also consider the ordering procedure being simplified the hotel app and website, preparing it quickly and with more accuracy so that the whole procedure =makes it easier for the guest.

Suppliers are one of the vital stakeholders indulged in the Restaurant industry chain and these segments experience the opportunity provided to the sellers of picks and shovels in the times f the Gold Rush.

The restaurant and food industry and its service always exercise changes and always turn their headwith effect to most disruptive force ever that may hit them (Rodriguez Batallas, 2016). The swings and changes in the restaurant industry also impact demand and supply in turn in influences the businesses.

The restaurant industry is seeing a dramatic change in getting new suppliers possessing new alternatives to old ways. The change is represented as a boon that will mean a boon to the supplier community delivering a capability of reformatting, retooling, redesigning quickly as well as aligning the business to the next normal (Joukanen, 2020). This depicts sustainable supply of materials, new protocols and training systems and protocols, modernization tools like robotics and automation systems, improving productivity, safety, and profitability.

Contingency plan with alternate options
A plan that has been devised for alternate outcomes and is different from what was expected, which seem to affect the project in a negative way is known as a contingency plan. By recognizing potential problems, specific actions can be taken to resolve such issues and this is why contingency planning is important. The main purpose of this plan is the restoration of normal organizational dynamics after the remedy of certain unforeseen events. It helps in the protection of resources and minimizes customer inconvenience (Wang, et al, 2020). Contingency plans are essential for risk management which otherwise would have drastic consequences. Within the allotted three months every part of the tasks should be updated and the performance of the employees should be tracked in order to formulate the contingency plan for this operation. If the appliance installations in rooms are not completed within the scheduled time, the services cannot be opened resulting in reduced sales and revenues. The estimation of project accomplishment can be determined through operational plan meetings prior their execution. Acute supervision from front managers, housekeepers and other maintenance workers is necessary. The installation of air conditioners should be completed before light fittings in the guest rooms. This will ease the process of renovation. Closed areas need to manage by the front manager simultaneously with the maintenance analysis. After the installation of air conditioners and lights, the housekeeping department need to set up cleaning services. The front manager should be responsible for making vouchers for the customers to outdo certain disturbance in the hotel. The given time frame for implementation is about a month and vouchers for nearly ten thousand dollars need to be developed (100 dollars for preparation of each room). The time deadline required for the completion of this framed contingency plan is the end of two months in 2020.

Evaluation methods to measure performance via Gantt Chart

Old Split in operations 4

Figure 4: Activity List and Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is focused on performance measurement via the use of the following metrics:

Schedule: To measure the operations the timeline of every activity should be checked with the factual timeline. It would be easier for the manager to evaluate the progress as it goes higher.

Chart Progress: As the activities get along the chart should be kept updated for reflecting the changes as it occurs. This would ensure to stick to the plans, team, and every stakeholder up to date.

Cost: Compare the present actual cost spends in comparison to the budget formulated. Observing the variances would help in designating the changes and requirements.

Importance of consultation in the development and maintenance of an operational plan:
The procedure of consultation is considered an extremely vital notion in the context of maintaining and developing an operational plan. Organizations exist in creating a value for stakeholders and consultation is referred to as a procedure by which the management of the business focuses on understands the wants and needs better and expectations, to create a value.

Consultation is a clear and precise requirement for the business that is responsible to formulate a plan for consulting with every person who would be influenced by the operational plan (Talbot, et al. 2021). For instance, a budget for any sphere of organizational operation should not be implemented without any consultation by the individuals who function in that sphere of operation. Similarly, management should consider a plan for anything with consultation by the individuals.

The hospitality industry is one of the revenue-boosting sectors for Australia and is a huge one. It has been great for the tourism industry to develop their new systems, sea-facing hotels, amazing dining experiences to provide the customers with the best. Great ocean road hotels are seeing some changes to be done to improvisation in dining experiences to provide a new and beneficiary value to their customers. The SWOT analyses will help in evaluating the necessary strengths, weaknesses, and capitalize opportunities and remove threats. The hotel has thought of an operational plan to be changed in AC systems, replacing swimming pool fences, restaurant rebranding and new suppliers. The new changes in restaurant services and facilities would also consider contingency plans having alternative options. The operational performance would be evaluated with assessment approaches via the GNATT chart to exercise the performances nicely. At last, the importance of consultation and its requirement in the development and maintenance of an operational plan would be discussed.

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