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   Free sample   Operation analysis assignment on qatar airlines established and emerging values

operation analysis assignment on Qatar Airlines established and emerging values


Task: how to establish Qatar Airlines established and emerging values usingoperation analysis assignment research methodologies?


The operation analysis assignment research shows the airlines industry is a booming industry all over the world. The industry however had been adversely affected by the pandemic as there were bans all over the world on travelling, both domestic as well as international. There are various strong players in the international airlines industry. The airlines market is categorised under freight aircraft and passenger aircraft. The freight airways is likely to be the fastest growing category of the airlines market between the years 2022 and 2027 (Teker and Teker, 2022). During the year 2020, the airlines industry earned revenue of 328 billion US dollars, which declined since 2019 and reached only 40 percent of the previous year’s revenue. In fact, the revenue earned in 2020 by the airlines industry is almost equal to the revenue earned in 2000. However, there is a ray of hope that by the year 2024, the airlines industry will resume its normalcy in terms of operations and revenues.

In this operation analysis assignment, Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C, popularly known as Qatar Airways will be considered as the organisation for analysis. This company is the state owned airline carrier of Qatar (Qatar Airways, 2022). The paper will include an analysis of the established and emerging value propositions of the airline industry, present process map for departure process of passengers travelling by Qatar Airways, etc. It will further study the application of service excellence in the airlines operations. The relationship between service quality and profitability for the airline industry will also be reviewed in this paper. The managers of Qatar Airways often face several challenges pertaining to their operations. These potential and prevailing operational challenges of Qatar Airways will be discussed. Finally, the paper provides recommendations for improving the service operations ofQatar Airways.

Established and Emerging Value Propositions in the airline industry
The airline industry is one of the growing and changing industries of the world and the airline industry brings several innovations to the world. The airline industry in the current phase brings several benefits for the customers and it also provides the service in a better way. On this operation analysis assignmentthere are several innovations in the airline industry and it brings a huge change in the travel industry around the world which enhances the process of transportation as well as it also reduces the time consumption for travelling. There are various innovations in the airline industry that lead to bringing changes in the current scenario by providing various facilities to the customers. The airline industry in the current phase also started to bring blockchain technology into the business process in order to improve the business function and workflow. The airline industry is also started to utilise artificial intelligence to improve business processes and the business process and theairline industry has adopted new technologies in order to bring effectiveness to business operations(Sheth, 2019).

The operation analysis assignmentresearch also show the airline industry also brings several innovations in the current scenario and that also offers airline services to customers in an affordable price range. The airline industry is one of the booming sectors in the world and it also provides better innovation to the customers the customers of the airline industry also enjoy the current services of the industry.The airline industry brings some effective services to support the customers as well as the airline industry also offers some beneficial services to the customers. The airline has become one of the innovative industries that utilise technology as well as AI in an efficient way to provide a better service to customers.

operation analysis assignment - Passenger Departure Process Map


First, it is important to establish the chart's entry side before discussing the actions that are dependent on this operation analysis assignmentchart. This side of "Check-in" encompasses both the conventional and self-service areas. Then, go to the board pass scan, since this verifies the passengers' identities and necessitates a pass check. Following this transition to the domestic, it has two sides: "yes" and "no." The "yes" side advances towards the security checkpoint, while the "no" side advances towards the passport control side. Both the portion after checking to go to the buying or catering side in that base has two sides, one of which reads "NO" and the other "YES." Depending on the "NO" on the gate area that is moving. In addition, depending on the "YES" that is moving again on the buying or catering side. After that, it moves to the boarding side and then terminates at the exit point.

Application of service excellence
Qatar Airlines has some service excellence, which is mentioned below,

Establishment of the company's values:
The operation analysis assignment shows that Customer service is not only for the department it is for the overall organisation. Based on the proper service and finely maintenance of the customer need and satisfaction the company established its value of the company. So, understanding the help of excellent service and the priority of the customers helps to increase the scale of the company’s performance(AL-KUWARI, 2021.) Simply teaching or educating the employees to be polite won't cut anymore; customer service must be established in the organization's culture.

Service Customer Delivery
That is one of the most important parts of the company. Depending on customer satisfaction and fulfilling their need helps to make a good structure for the company. that is mean the company always need to focus on the customers because, their conferencing, needs and issues all are included(Wirtz, Heracleous and Pangarkar, 2008). With the help of communicating with the customer easily find out the issues and that is a positive side for the company.

Hiring Proper Employee
The proper employee is beneficial to the business since they exhibit quality attached behavior and fit in seamlessly with the established organizational structure. In addition to increasing the firm's worth, employing the proper individual also results in the organization acquiring high-quality staff. Organizations are constantly dependent on the conduct and actions of its employees (Shet and Nair, 2022).

Prepare staff to deliver excellence
The operation analysis assignment demonstrates that this area totally defines the person’s self-valuation and their qualification stan Darity which means that depending on the proper documentation they cannot choose the employees. They are always focused on the employee’s self-behaviour, self-acquisition, and self-performance in the current situation(Rowson and McSherry, 2018). That also helps to increase the value of the Qatar Airline for increasing their activities and qualities.

Relationship between service quality and profitability
This concept totally focused on customer satisfaction which depends on the organisational performance. In that case, the based-on airline industry of Qatar Airways, they are proving some services which are totally focused on customer satisfaction and with the help of customer satisfaction how to make profitability this industry(Wang, 2021). Which, mean based on Qatar Airways’ service qualities are, operationanalysis assignment - Disability Assistance

When a passenger has unique needs, Qatar Airways tries its best to assist and accommodate them. Due to this, it is crucial that people inform the airlines of any specific requirements or disabilities when making their reservations. This is something that can always specify on the "Manage Booking" feature. Additionally, customers can reserve any special service request by getting in touch with thelocal neighbourhood Qatar Airways office at least 48 hours before their travel. The airlines can then arrangeto be escorted to and from the airport(Atalk, Bakr and Akan, 2019).

Portable electronic devices
As per the operation analysis assignment findingsQatar Airways always need to follow the mobile phone with flight mode capability, noise cancelling headphone, Bluetooth enables devices, electronic games, assistive medical devices etc. All are present in Qatar Airways. That is the reason the customers are satisfied with this service. That is known as quality services(Kamkiew, 2021).

Customer management services
That is one of the most important parts of this airline because Qatar Airlines always focused on service. Based on these services the customer consumes the good services and they are fully satisfied with these services, because the services provide customer care services, finely influence the customer services, problem-solving care services etc(Alkhatib and Migdadi, 2019).

Different type of quality services helps to increase the profitability of Qatar Airlines. Based quality services help to increase customer satisfaction Scales. In that case, profitability totally depends on the creative activities same as the quality services. Depending on the quality of services also helps to increase the profitability of the company. Based on the 4 years 2017 to 2022 FY data accessed during this operation analysis assignment research, the company increased its revenue to around 29.289 billion. That is known as the huge profitability of the company. That is totally mentioned that the quality services assist to increase the profitability of the company(Sulistya and Ginaya, 2020)

Operational Challenges
The managers at Qatar Airways face several operational challenges. There are certain issues which are prevailing and few problems might arise in near future. The current operational problems faced by the managers at Qatar Airways include reduction in the total number of fliers who are frequent. This has happened over the recent years due to the impact of recession. The operation analysis assignment investigations also show the operational costs have escalated for the airlines industry in the recent times (Cho and Min, 2018). The passengers today are very demanding. Due to the availability of several options for airlines services, the passengers are demanding better amenities at lower costs (fares). The managers at Qatar Airways is also facing tough competition from various airports. They are facing another challenge due to unavailability of skilled crews. The company is facing various risks as well as uncertainties which is impacting the manager’s at Qatar Airways, making it difficult to manage the operations. The problems exist in operations and maintenance aspects of the company. The challenges which the managers at Qatar Airways are facing today include pressure of government regulation, non-compliance with existing regulations, challenges of poor infrastructure, strong competitors entering the airlines industry, unrest among the staff, failures of information technology, etc. As per Wang(2021), the potential problems of Qatar Airways include the swift fluctuations in the oil prices, fluctuations in interest rates, currency fluctuations, threat of terrorism, security issues, debt funding, natural disasters, tensions in the Middle East regions, etc.

operationanalysis assignmentRecommendations
The service operations of Qatar Airways can be improved through various measures. The experience which the passengers are getting should match the service price which they are paying for flying with Qatar Airways. The passengers face various problems regarding their flights and travel. The airlines should attend immediately to their customer issues and give a positive resolution (Carvalho and Medeiros, 2021). The company should aim at giving the customers omni-channel experience. This enhances the customer loyalty towards the company. Qatar Airways needs to understand the needs of the customers. For instance, during festive seasons the passengers are mostly travelling back to hometown. Therefore, they should have a warm travelling experience. The operation analysis assignment research shows The passengers in such flights can afford a little high fare. On the other hand, during emergency situations like the sudden announcement of lockdown, the passengers are in a messed up mental state. All they need is affordable flights to reach their destination. The company in such cases needs to be sensitive and empathetic towards their passengers.

They need to offer them affordable rates. The airlines should also provide the best available tools to their customer service agents. The company needs to ensure that they have efficient and modern aircrafts. Qatar Airways is trying to work towards reducing their carbon emissions (Keselova et al, 2020). This would focus on the aspect of green initiatives and promote sustainability. The customers these days are attracted to sustainable organisations. Therefore, the airlines company can capture larger market share by planning sustainable actions. They are trying to be fuel effective and reduce their usage of fuels. They need to adopt effective measures for controlling the emissions at the airports. The company should use electric vehicles for handling the ground department. Qatar Airways is also trying to minimise their waste generation. They are aiming at incorporating recycled and reusable items into their system. Qatar Airways should become proactive in reusing and recycling so that they attract sensible and eco-friendly consumers. The operation analysis assignment also shows the company can also take up measures like making contributions towards charitable trusts so that they improve their brand reputation and brand image.

It can be concluded on this operation analysis assignment that Qatar Airways is operating successfully in the airlines industry for years. The airlines industry has evolved and changed a lot with the advent of better technology and digitalisation. Qatar Airways has kept up with the pace and developed adapting to the changes. The company has tried to meet the value propositions of the airlines industry, adding value to their customers. The company has not tried to reach profit goals at the cost of their customers. They have not compromised with their service quality to earn higher profits. They have been implementing innovative solutions to reach their organisational goals. The managers at Qatar Airways face various challenges regarding their operations. However, strategic planning and efficient execution enables the company to overcome these operational challenges. theoperation analysis assignment recommends the company needs to change with time and enhance their services to maintain their market share, revenue level and customer base.

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