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Object Modeling Assignment: System Architecture Design for iDine


Task: Object Modeling Assignment Instructions:
In this phase of the project, you need to perform the following design activitiesiDine system:

1. Design the system architecture, describing the important hardware and software components (servers, clients etc.) and their role. Justify your design decisions that involve a choice of technology or choice of software components. It is strongly recommended to draw one or more architecture diagrams to better illustrate your designs.

2. Choose two distinct use cases and draw their user interface mockups in the form of storyboards. You should confirm the principles of good UI design as taught in the subject. Storyboard diagrams should have sufficient details and annotations to give a clear idea of the proposed design.

3. Perform use case realization for two most important use cases from the case study. Choose two important use cases for the system and elaborate on them using sequence diagrams. Maximum word count is 2000, excluding the diagrams.


In this object modeling assignment, a discussion has been made on the system which is named as iDine. It focuses on different benefits which are provided to help out the restaurant. By the flow procedure, use diagrams have been prepared to discuss the use cases in all verified details. It will be providing an in-depth analysis of the whole system. Also, the paper provides a system architecture diagram for understanding how the system works by considering the software interfaces, servers, and hardware interfaces. All the significant functionalities and capabilities have helped to reach out to the discussion. It will also need all resources for development in this system information. The report also comes up with storyboard descriptions.

All details regarding the system in this above-mentioned business will provide tangible services and other good services to various consumers. It also proved as most vital in near future. A restaurant named Vallee de gout which is especially French cuisine, located in Australia needed these types of systems which help to continue for providing the same sort of experience. It also provides some type of luxurious experience to all their consumers. They kept their business by not getting hammered and stressed in that high crowd also. At that time, some confusion regarding reservations, bills, orders, and customer feedback was increased. As a result, there was the risk of losing their existing consumers was also getting increased. The systemisnot maintained properly leads to various issues. Most of these problems were solved by ever-changing the present venue to some extent of a bigger place. Their accommodation of more people had been done easily. Other remaining problems had been solved by processing all details of the systems which would be a better experience for their entire consumer.

In this section, an online ordering system has been proposed which is simplifying all of their ordering procedures for both the restaurant and the consumer. An up-to-date and interactive menu has been presented by the system which provides all option which is available on that time. They will be shifted in the cart. Consumers are allowed to view all information regarding the order in the cart. After that, consumers will get confirmation of their order details. While the order is placed, all data are provided to the database. They can be also retrieved easily. It is allowing all employees of the restaurant to quickly view all their orders which are received. All processes are done effectively and most efficiently by considering minimum confusion and delay.

System architecture

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: System Architecture for iDine
(Source: created by the learner)

The main goal of this design is to provide a valid understanding of web architecture. All concepts are getting involved to pick the appropriate technology and architecture while designing the app. Software architecture denotes all relationships, components, and the interaction among them. It assists as a blueprint. It serves abstraction for managing the complexity of the system. Also helps to establish all coordination and communication among all these components. To design the architecture it will be involving all intersection of the requirement of the organization. They also require the help of the development team (Yeo et al., 2017). Every single decision will be considerable and have an impact on maintainability, quality, performance, and others. This architecture also helps to define the solution for all operational and technical needs. Their main goal is to optimize security and performance.

The system architecture is mainly used for defining the higher-level components and the skeleton of the system. It also denotes the procedure of working together. The system architecture of the iDine uses web-based applications. This architecture involves the three most important areas of the restaurant like the kitchen, the server, and the cash counter. This system is built using the following components: a database for storing all information regarding orders, a presentation layer and a map web service has been provided for tracking location. The restaurant owner's device will keep track of all records of the consumers(Kapoor&Vij, 2018). It customizes its menu by issuing the server application. The central database has been used by the owner of the restaurant for storing order details and updating their menu.

Hardware components
The developers need to focus on the basic hardware requirements. They require at least 1 TB space of hard disk for running and storing data collected during the application development process. Processor plays a significant role in any operations. It enhances the speed of devices. So Pentium processor is required. RAM of 128 GB (min) is a must.

Software components
Various software packages like .NET, C#, SqlServer are used for the application development. Microsoft has supported and designed .NET that is a software development framework used for web application. There are various reasons for a developer to consider the software for this project. .NET being one of the most popular and free platform provides programming environment for the several phases of application development. It is suitable for this project as the system architecture is consisted of various web-based services, cloud services and more. On the other hand, C# is quite popular for online application development. The basic concepts of this programming language help the developers in building an interactive environment and providing functionalities needed for the dynamic web platform. SqlServer is used for storing and managing database. This particular software package is capable of storing huge amount of data. Also the developers need to focus on Web browser and Operating System. Developers must have the access to Windows (7 or above) for designing and developing the iDine system. Also they must be having Google Chrome or IE 10 or above for various operations.

Use Case 1
The initial use case states about the login process. Users are it, customers, managers, chefs, and waiters are capable of logging into the system by providing their login details. Once the login is successful, the users will be directed to their respective homepage. Customers need to go through the registration process prior to login into the system. Also, users get the options of reset password and forgot password.

Use Case 2
The second use case is about the food order operations of iDine. The customers are capable of checking the menu before ordering food. Once the order is placed, the customers proceed with payments. Also, the customers are capable of making customizations to the food, if they wish to. Managers, on the other hand, are capable of adding new items to the menu and deleting some items from the menu(Suhartanto et al., 2019). They can also edit the prices. Chefs check the order confirmed by customers, and the notify waiter about the order details. Waiter checks payment and orderId for the food ordered by customers.

Storyboard 1
A storyboard is basically a graphical organizer used for planning a narrative. It is considered a significant option for presenting any information visually. The linear direction for the cells or story boxes is perfect for storytelling as well as explaining a process. The storyboard illustrated below shows how a customer login to the system.

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Storyboard showing how user opts for Login
(Source: created by the learner)

Storyboard 2
The storyboard presented below shows how a customer orders food. The processes are shown here stepwise(Kahn, 2017). After login in waiting for food to be delivered, a customer needs to go through different steps.

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Storyboard showing how customer order food
(Source: created by the learner)

Use Case Diagrams

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Use Case Diagram for Login
(Source: created by the learner)

Use Case Description

Use Case Name


Use Case ID





Manager, Consumers, Waiter, Chef

Use Case Description

Restaurant managers and consumers (Users) can enter email and the giver password for login purposes to this system. Users will be directed to the homepage after the login has been done successfully(Saputro et al., 2019).


Login Option



Normal Courses

Managers, Customers, and others to the Admin

Alternative courses


Post Condition

Information of the restaurant


Restaurant managers and consumers can cancel to log in the system

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Use Case Diagram for iDine Food order operations
(Source: created by the learner)

Use Case Description

Sequence Diagrams
The concept of sequence diagram states that it denotes the interaction among objects in sequential order. Some terms are used for event diagrams and for other event scenarios for referring to a sequence diagram. Sequence diagrams are used to describe the order of the objects in the system function.

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Sequence Diagram for Login
(Source: created by the learner)

The sequence diagram for login operation shows that managers are capable of logging in to the accounts as per the credentials. The user will be capable of managing several operations after login. The various operations are checking the menu, making an order, clearing bill payment, etc. Customers are usually secured. Users are capable of accessing the various pages like menu, order, payment once they are successfully logged in to the system (Alalwan, 2020). Also, auser will not be given access without a verification check.

System Architecture for iDine in object modeling assignment

Figure: Sequence Diagram for iDine Food order operations
(Source: created by the learner)

This app is helping the restaurant Vallee de Gout in each aspect and every manner by making food. They also help if anyone requires the recipe or the material will be out of stock. It decreases the work so the worker can able to focus on their primary job. They also help by providing all details of the material which is used. The ultimate advantage of using this system is that it will simplify all procedures regarding the order for the restaurant and the consumer. It also helps to reduce the load of the restaurant. All processes would be taking automated. The main benefit is that the system will be reducing the cost of all labor. They also minimize the number of employees at the counter.

Alalwan, A. A. (2020). Mobile food ordering apps: An empirical study of the factors affecting customer e-satisfaction and continued intention to reuse. International Journal of Information Management, 50, 28-44.

Kahn, B. E. (2017). Using visual design to improve customer perceptions of online assortments. Journal of Retailing, 93(1), 29-42.

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Suhartanto, D., Helmi Ali, M., Tan, K. H., Sjahroeddin, F., &Kusdibyo, L. (2019). Loyalty toward online food delivery service: the role of e-service quality and food quality. Journal of foodservice business research, 22(1), 81-97.

Yeo, V. C. S., Goh, S. K., &Rezaei, S. (2017). Consumer experiences, attitude and behavioral intention toward online food delivery (OFD) services. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 35, 150-162.


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