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Nursing E-Portfolio: An Approach For Better Career


Task: Students will consult with their facilitator regarding how they intend to proceed with the development of their e Portfolio and submit a written plan.


A specific type of portfolio that is created by nurses to represent their best professional work and identical attributes is called an E-Portfolio. Here, in this study, it will be discussing about the portfolio developing in nursing career. All the nurses should maintain a specific portfolio to represent their own developing over time knowledge skills and presenting evidence by marketing themselves while applying for careers in nursing. A professional e-portfolio consists of materials which document the experiences and competencies by illustrating the career path. Portfolios in nursing career have the purpose in which they represent their backgrounds and expertise skills in specific field. The articles explains professional portfolios regarding nursing how to maintain and develop one (Chang et al., 2017). The portfolio provides a monitored way of professional development of nurses. In order to review the portfolio nurses can assist their progress in professional and personal aims so that they can plan better career in nursing domain. This e-portfolio does not make changes in curriculum vitae or resume but provides those information which are not concluded in these documents.

Types of e- Portfolios: E-portfolio in nursing has two types, one is “best work” and another one is the “development and growth”. First one provides the evidence of nurse’s expertise and competencies. These specific portfolios are used for career promotions, application of jobs, accreditations, situations and annual performances.

On the other hand, development and growth portfolios are specially designed for nurses to maintain their progress in professional learning and personal meting goals (Nash et al., 2018) Nurses mainly utilize this type of portfolio to analyze their own development and learning and not for others to review it. The nurses can choose the materials from this portfolio document for the development in profession.

Utilization of e-portfolio in Nursing
Nursing e-portfolio is utilized for development in profession, appraisal for annual performances and the job applications for documentation of staff’s performances with accreditation surveys while applying for education programs and document continual competencies.

Professional Development
E-portfolio enables the nurses to maintain the development of competencies over the timescale. The document provides evidences of accomplishments of both professional and personal requirements in targeting career goals (Dening et al., 2018).

The e-portfolio serves several plans for development in profession environment which constitutes a learning plan and log of complete continual activities of profession with documentation support and analyzation of learning outcomes.

Career Leader promotion and Mobility in Job
This portfolio provides a justification for promotions in career in clinical setting and supports documents for the career progression. With this type nurses can easily market themselves by illustrating their value by fulfilling the requirements of positions. An advantage is that this portfolio style is already available for transition in career (Smith et al., 2018).

Appraisals in Annual Performances
Addition to professional development and self-growth, this type is really valuable tool for the appraisal in annual performances. The portfolios while are in utilization is referred as formative evaluation. This evaluation type provides the feedback to the nurses about the progresses in developing practice for competencies. It identifies the long-term learning and required development.

Summative evaluation certifies the competencies of the nurse at a particular point in time that affects the placed documents in a portfolio.

Survey Accreditation
These types are utilized for accreditation surveys which mean dominating performance of staffs and providing extra data supporting the standards of accreditation. With the With Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations surveys, the complements of human resources documents that contains validate competencies of all nurses (Hickey et al., 2016).

Applications for Nursing Education Programs
Some programs of nursing which is submitted through the material application. These types can be utilized to sum up the work experiences and educational basis for placement in advance nursing programs (Migl et al., 2016) While getting accepted in the programs, a nurse can extent the portfolio to conclude new skills and knowledge acquired in the program.

In this study, it has concluded that the e-portfolio required for nursing programs are essential for the nurses to accommodate, accomplish and achieving the goals in a suitable career platforms. The nurses go through several annual programs and shows performances according to the skills they acquire. This study has concluded about the types of e-portfolios which need to be acquired by the nurses to fulfill their career targets and for providing better services to patients in hospitals so that a perfect monitor based platform can be maintained. Nursing e-portfolio assignments are being prepared by our nursing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable online assignment help service.

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