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Nursing Case Study On Urgent Risks And Mental Health


Questions 1

  1. Using the case study prov dedi identify an urgent risk area. Ensure your ansNver details why you have identified this risk area Including specific information about the client and current literature.
  2. Identify one nursing / midwifery intervention you would immediately undertake With your client to address the risk area noted in question Ia and include a rationale for the intervention.

Ensure the Intervention includes Who and when you would actually carry out the Intervention. Your rationale should state how and why you muld carry out the particular intervention Ensure literature is included.

Questions 2

  1. Using the case study provided. identify a mental health concern. Ensure your answer details Why this is an area of concern, Include specific information about the client and current literature.
  2. Identify one nursing midwifery intervention you would undertake with your client to address the mental health Concern noted in question 2a and include a rationale for the intervention.

Ensure the interventions includes how. Who and When you would actually carry out the intervention. Your rationale should state how and why you would carry out the particular intervention. Ensure literature is included when you discuss the rationale

Question 3

  1. Using current literature. identify and discuss
  2. Two legal, ethical or professional issues a nurse / midwife may need to consider when working with the client in the case study


Answer 1
We are providing some sample solutions of nursing case study, to help you in building up a concept plan in drafting the solution yourselves.

(a) Urgent Risk Areas: The urgent risk areas include in this nursing case study the over anxiousness which Chung has been feeling over the past two months because of this long shift hours of work. He has a high pressure in his office as he has been working in the Accident and Emergency department.

  • He could not able to manage up his office and he felt like a defeated person. He has a high increasing pressure in his office and he has to work 24 hours a day, which is not normal to a human being. (Wahlbeck, 2015).

(b) One Nursing Intervention: The step, which should be taken immediately in this nursing case study, is to lower the pressure of the work in his office.

  • The one nursing intervention, he has to take suggestions from a reputed psychologist for developing his mental strength as well as consulting with the physicians to stay energized for taking care of his family. Psychologist will increase his mental strength and thus will impute him for doing the things in a good fashion. The workload can be managed by the advices of the psychologists and he has to follow the doctor’s every guidance to get himself cured. (Clarke, Kuosmanen & Barry, 2015).

Answer 2
(a) Mental Health Concern:

  • Chung has been facing a serious mental illness over the past six weeks and he has been feeling mentally low. He has a high work pressure in the office and that is why he has been tired off in doing the same task everyday for 22-24 hours. The doing of same thing hampers the mental condition of a normal human being and so he got mentally tired up. (Weare, 2015).

(b) One Nursing Intervention : One nursing intervention, which is very important for Chung is to consult with a reputed Psychiatrist to develop his mental condition. The doctor will suggest him to do certain exercises and he will give him the motivation speeches for enhancing his mental condition.

  • The serious mental issue, which he is facing an issue is a thinking of committing suicide. The issue is very serious and it must to be cured. A man can only think this for a prolonged frustration and depression. For this issue, he needs to consult with the doctor.

Answer 3
Two Professional Issues: Harriet gave birth to a three-week-old baby, Charlotte. She was born in caesarean section as she had a lot of complication at the time of birth. Her mother had an infection and that is why she has experienced a lot of pain and frequent dressings (Gu, et al., 2015).

(a) Technical Issue: The nurses in the hospital should implement new technological advancements while operation and they must keep Harriett in inspection for few days in the hospital.

(b) Behavioral Issue: The doctors are responsible to take care of the patient, even if she has a physical problem in her body. Nurses are also responsible to take the newborn baby in baby care unit for further caring and inspection. Nursing case studies are being prepared by our nursing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

Clarke, A. M., Kuosmanen, T., & Barry, M. M. (2015). A systematic review of online youth mental health promotion and prevention interventions. Journal of youth and adolescence, 44(1), 90-113.

Gu, J., Strauss, C., Bond, R., & Cavanagh, K. (2015). How do mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction improve mental health and wellbeing? A systematic review and meta-analysis of mediation studies. Clinical psychology review, 37, 1-12.

Wahlbeck, K. (2015). Public mental health: the time is ripe for translation of evidence into practice. World Psychiatry, 14(1), 36-42.

Weare, K. (2015). What works in promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health problems in schools. London: National Children’s Bureau.

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