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(7114SOH) Nursing assignment regarding convincing a schizophrenia patient to take medications: An Annotated Bibliography


Task: How can you convince a schizophrenia patient to take medications in your nursing assignment? Explain with the help of an Episode of Care.


This particular nursing assignmentis structured as a case study on the topic “Convincing a schizophrenia patient to take medications” in detail. The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code, popularly known as NMC Code, deciphers the importance of fundamental care for patients while treating them with adequate care, by nurses (Gelling et al. 2021). At the same time, it is also necessary for the nurses to maintain necessary confidentiality of the information of patients while sharing necessary information about them with doctors (Pezaro et al., 2022).However, keeping in mind this particular norm, this nursing assignmentstudy will showcase a schizophrenic patient's treatment by means of using a pseudonym which will be Molan.

Setting the scene/ Patient details/ Condition
In general terms, Schizophrenia refers to a chronic as well as a psychic disorder which makes a considerable impact on the behaviour, feelings and contemplations of a particular individual. With regard to Social history, in Molan’s case mentioned in thenursing assignment, it was observed that Molan's Grandfather and Grandmother both were schizophrenic patients which had developed in Molan’s body as a genetic effect. Added to this, his father had died at a very young age which Molan did not bear with initially, thereby proving to be a significant event in his life. It resulted in structural as well as chemical changes in his brain functions. As per his medical history of Molan mentioned in the nursing assignment, he had the tendency of suffering from delusions and hallucinations which also is a major reason for becoming schizophrenic. His mother consulted with doctors about this and in spite of giving medicines, Molan did not feel sociable enough like any other individual which was his main issue. Additionally, Molanin the nursing assignmenthad the problem of disorganized thinking which was reflected in his speech and made an impact on his anatomy and physiology. It caused an illness in the mental health of Molan which acted as a serious multimorbidity related to schizophrenia.

Assessmentin the nursing assignment
There are several tools for assessing schizophrenia in the nursing assignmentsuch as the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, (PANSS), Clinical Global Impression Scale, (CGI), Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) etc. Effective utilization of these tools will be helpful to treat schizophrenia patients (Ventura, Hayes & de Freitas, 2022). Although it will be the responsibility of nurses to look after the patient's condition on a regular basis and give timely doses for recovery. At the same time, communication skills also played a vital role in the case of Molan where the nurse was keen to understand his condition and wanted to know what was going on in his mind. The nurse in the nursing assignmentfollowed a humble as well as a friendly approach by involving the patient followed by a genial conversation. The nurse used Myepad during the assessment period of the patient where it was recorded as minutes in written format. It helped the nurse to record the process of self-learning so that the nurse could be able to make out the extent of knowledge acquired by him or her during Molan’s treatment.

Planning of Carein the nursing assignment
Being a patient suffering from Schizophrenia, the planning of care was vital for Molan as it would help him to follow a systematic approach in order to get recovery. It has been observed in the UK that most people having Schizophrenia get treatment by the Community Mental Health Teams alternatively known as CMHTs (Gomes & Grace, 2021). The primary goal of the team members as per the nursing assignmentwill be to render effective quality support on a regular basis to Molan. At the same time, a Care Program Approach or CPA was carried out for Molan because of his complicated mental health conditions. As per the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), there will be four distinguished stages of this approach for Molan such as Assessment, Care Plan, Appointment of Key Worker and Daily Reviews of his condition (Mc Glanaghy et al. 2021). As per the information in the nursing assignmenta Multidisciplinary team was made for the effective treatment of Molan so that he could be recovered effectively. Effective collaboration would convincingly assist the healthcare professionals to understand the progress of Molan in a systematic manner.

In terms of recording the plan of care for Molan a special team consisting of five members including one specialized doctor was formed. The nurse in the nursing assignmentenlisted the necessary details regarding Molan’s treatment and condition in Notepad, seeing which the specialized doctor of the team took the necessary decisions for proceeding with further treatment. The entire episode of the treatment along with the review process which was included in the planning of care of Molan went well. All the time, the nurse was trying to build an effective relationship with him so that he should cooperate with them instead of being panic-stricken (Goff, 2021). However it can be noted in the nursing assignment, the aspect that the student nurse could have done in a deficient manner was telling the significance of daily exercise to Molan which could prove to be more beneficial for keeping his body and mind fit and healthy.

Lifestyle Choices
In this regard, Molan’s lifestyle choiceswere not good because he was addicted to smoking at a very early age which made a significant impact on his life.At times,he had the habit of suffering from delusions or hallucinations too often. For nursing assignment, previous doctors prescribed medicines to him but that did not suit his body accordingly In addition to that, due to disorganized thinking, he had the issue of getting stammered which created issues for him (Siskind et al. 2022). He had the opportunity of adapting to other lifestyle choice namely leading a smoke free life. But, he was unable to quit the habit of smoking. Though he was admitted in a rehab center but that did not work well.

Delivery of Carein the nursing assignment
The delivery of care was fairly straightforward in nature according to the nursing assignmentwhere Molan was asked to follow a treatment plan by healthcare professionals. This was in the form of personal needs where Molan was prescribed several medicines for schizophrenia such as Asenapine, Cariprazine, Luracidone, Clozapineetc to lead a healthy life (Galderisi et al. 2021). The student nurse in the nursing assignmentwas very instrumental in understanding Molan’s needs from a doctor along with a healthy and friendly behavior that was tried by the student nurse to give Molan. In this way, an effective cooperation was formed between them.

Evaluation of Carein the nursing assignment
The overall care activity proved to be good for the student Nurse where the nurse got the opportunity to build a strong relationship with Molan, the individual suffering from schizophrenia. The nurse in the nursing assignmentwas very keen on maintaining the dignity of the patient throughout the process. As per the NMC code of conduct, it is necessary for a nurse to be honest and open while doing conversation with the schizophrenia patient. Like this the student nurse also tried to be honest and open to Molan so that the dignity of the patient needs to be maintained. In fact, the nurse was very cooperative with Molan in understanding the patient very minutely which helped the nurse to maintain the dignity.

Thus based on the above discussion in the nursing assignmentit needs to be stated that the care was good enough for the patient named Molan who was an unfortunate victim of schizophrenia. In fact, the entire ' 'Episode of care” for the parent was killed in a systematic manner where all the necessary stages related to the treatment of schizophrenia were maintained perfectly by the student nurse singing with other healthcare professionals. Each and every instruction provided by the healthcare professionals in the nursing assignmentwould be necessary for Molan to exercise in an effective manner to learn a better life.

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Please the whole idea of this nursing assignmentis to demonstrate an episode of care that happened during my placement at the hospital as a student nurse. In other words, a particular care I offered a patient whilst I was on my nursing placement. Thus, we shouldn’t be using future tenses like would require instead it should be ‘required’ because we are writing about something that has already happened. Also, the chosen topic for this assignment is ‘Convincing a Schisophrenia Patient To Take Medication’, however, you did not demonstrate how you convinced the patient to take his medication as a nursing student.Before a medication is administered, the student nurse must do certain checks called the ‘5 rights’. This involves checking that it is the right patient, the right medicine, right route, right time and right dose to avoid medication errors, and YOU HAVE TO CITE IT. Thus, it is very important that you read thoroughly about medication administration before writing thenursing assignment. There should be a particular medication you administered( I will recommend using clozapine), clearly state how you gained the patient’s consent first(PLEASE PROVIDE A CITATION FOR GAINING A PATIENT’S CONSENT), your knowledge about the side effect of that medication (include them in the work), how you convinced the patient to take the medication(you could probably state that the patient was reluctant to take it because of the side effect and how you managed to convince him to take it as per our chosen topic) and how you monitored the patient after he took the medication to ensure he was okay and was not having any side effects. Please provide more citations by in the nursing assignmentreading more around the work. THANK YOU


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