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(NRSG367) Nursing assignment providing a case study analysis of Harry


Task: Using a case study write a nursing assignmentidentifying potential challenges for new graduates and propose evidenced-based recommendations to address the problems.


To offer protected and quality care to the respective individual, patient, and society nurses have come to assemble a corpus of information focusing on evidence-based practices (Gimenes&Faleiros, 2014). However, providing quality care is not that much easy indeed nurses are forced to tackle a range of challenges that limits them in providing adequate care and transforming available knowledge. The nursing assignmenthas aim to discuss professional and personal challenges faced by Graduate Registered Nurses (RN) based on the provided case scenario of Harry. Three questions have been answered in the nursing assignment by analysing the case of Harry for better understanding and information.

Answer 1: Roles and responsibilities of RN defined in the nursing assignment
Registered Nurses according to the Australian Government Department of Health, (2021), are the ones who have completed a 3-year Bachelor of Nursing to attain the RN standards for practices. Thus, they become more responsible for their duty compared to enrolled nurses (EN). Some of the scopes that count under the responsibility of RN are mentioned in the nursing assignment:

• Assessing patient
• Creation of nursing care chart
• Administration of medicine
• Working with cross-sectional groups.
• Maintain leadership qualities and roles
• Consistent professional development etc.

In the case of Harry, it can be seen in the nursing assignmentthat even after doing his best Harry is not able to meet the RN standard while providing care during his shift. Harry seems to be struggling even in his personal life. Although it was his duty after being an RN to contribute quality care to his aligned patients he failed miserably even though he was not satisfied with his work. Firstly, he did not put more concentration on Mr. Somersby a patient with a urinary tract infection with increasing confusion. In addition to that, he was reluctant to ask for assistance from the Nursing in charge. It seems that standard 2 of NMBA was not attained. The standard states "engagement in a therapeutic and professional relationship" (NMBA, 2016). Effective communication is encouraged through this standard and it was not evident with Harry in this nursing assignment. Harry hesitates to discuss with his in-charge which demonstrates no understanding, relationship, and communication between them as encouraged by NMBA standards. It is also evident in the nursing assignmentthat Harry was not provided with adequate support and no direction has been provided to optimize health-related decisions.

Secondly, during handover time Harry realized that he had not given IVAB to one of his patients (Mrs. Williams). Although it is seen in this nursing assignmentthat he placed an observation machine to manage his time for automatic observation he forgot to recheck the patient for the last three hours. It was his biggest mistake being an RN and it should be avoided in future nursing interventions.

Standard represents a level of quality work in every aspect and achievement of practice that can be expected (Cashin et al., 2017). Nursing standard as a whole is a crucial policy system to express the proficient position and help out in defining exercise and deeds for instruction purposes. Furthermore in this nursing assignment, standard-7 of NMBA states "evaluation outcome to inform nursing practice", which states that the patient's outcome needs a regular monitoring practice that can help in developing an adequate treatment plan. However, Harry just missed the practice of monitoring the outcome and informing it before handing it over after his shift. It has also been found in the nursing assignmentthat no adequate information was further passed by Harry to the relevant person. He also forgot to give IVAB which was necessary for enhancing Mrs. William's health condition. These were the two key responsibilities that Harry failed miserably in attaining being a Registered nurse.

Answer 2: Recommendation
ICN code of ethics: It provides a podiumfor reflection on dissimilar essential responsibilities nurses have in their working places. The code of ethics is developed based on global ideology and values that aim to exhibit rational proficient duties and prospects (Stievano&Tschudin, 2019). On the other hand, it also serves as fundamental for discussion associated with health policies that improve and harmonize awareness of principles of morals for nurses on a greater range. This code as per the nursing assignmentwill assist the nurse to make the practice workable in reality health care practice in particular settings. The health care settings need to make the nurses aware of the code and understood the main aim of the code and guide them in developing local and national codes (Stievano&Tschudin, 2019). This will help in creating a deep understanding of ethical practice among nurses (Harry). Unless the nurses are deep root in ethical practice it will not reflect on their work thus it is recommended to make nurses understand the ICN code of ethics for better practice. It is recommended in the nursing assignmentboth for Nursing In-charge and Harry takes the ICN code of ethics under consideration for better care to their respective patient with different illnesses.

Effective communication: Communication according to Sibiya, (2018), is a process of exchanging information between different individuals and transferring adequate information. To become a better nursing staff, effective communication skill is highly appreciated however it was not evident in the case of Harry in thisnursing assignment. For instance, Harry did not communicate with his Nursing In-charge and ask for help as he was not comfortable asking for help. It demonstrates in thenursing assignmentthat the act of communication between senior and junior nurses was not efficient and the patients have been suffering eventually. Harry was not able to handle a single patient assigned to him adequately and was not even able to get assistance because he hesitates to ask for it. Therefore effective communication was required from the end of Harry and the implementation of communicative practices could reduce redundancy, save time efficiently and considerably help in enhancing patient safety aspects. Team satisfaction is also one of the most important added benefits of effective communication which can help in smoothening the transition phase of nurses like Harry in the hospital settings (Woo & Newman, 2019). Communication can be made more effective in thenursing assignmentby the proper implementation of structure tools and techniques that help in transferring required relevant information from the end of the nurses to the patients or their family members. It also helps in creating a positive patient experience and ensures maximum safety for the patients.

Perceived level of support and development by colleagues: A significant amount of support is needed or required by Harry from the other senior colleagues to facilitate the better implementation of transitional plans for the journey as registered nurses. The initial training phase and the session in thenursing assignmentshould be prioritized by the medical and hospital for enhancing the professional development skills and attributes of the registered nurses during their transition period. The increase in the amount of professional support can boost the functionality and productivity of aspiring nurses like Harry and can help in motivating the registered nurses (Laari et al., 2021). They should also be provided effective support in times of emergency duties or crises which can effectively help in uplifting their moods and help them manage the work-life balance. Harry as per the discussion in the nursing assignmentcan manage his work-life balance and commitment to his profession and family or leisure by getting enough support from the senior staff of the hospital in terms of patient management. Nursing staff development can also be enhanced by the proper facilitation of educational and training programs related to awareness of responsibilities and duties in times of crisis or emergency requirements.

Answer 3: Evidence-based strategies to help in a smooth transition from Graduate to Registered nurse
The transition of services in the case of nurses is considered an integral part of their professional journey that can help them develop the required skills and attributes for enhancing the autonomous nursing practice within the clinical or hospital settings. Various evidence-based strategies in the nursing assignmentcan significantly help in the transition from graduate nurse to registered nurse. Educational preparation and hospital orientation are considered two of the most important evidence-based strategies that can help nursing students like Harry indulge in a smooth transition to a registered nurse in the hospital setting. The implementation of these two strategies can significantly promote resilience and build capacity for Harry (Camicia& Lutz, 2016). It can also help in supporting the work and life balance for him which can eventually help in managing the duty timing and roster. As per the nursing assignmentproper educational preparation can help students like Harry to manage their work and life balance which can boost the mental health of nurses who are on the verge of transition. Proper educational preparation based on practical and theoretical implications can help in creating a strong educational and academic background for the nurses like Harry who can reflect on their professional practice after a transition period. Educational preparation can be enhanced by becoming clear with the various types of objectives of daily work in the hospital setting and working towards completing them within the stipulated and estimated time of duty. Registered nurses as per the nursing assignmentshould also be knowledgeable about the conditions of the patients they are looking after and revise or get regular updates about their present condition, medications, interventions, and other types of care plans and regimes. Prior educational preparation can help the transition period from graduate to registered nursing. Harry can also become more involved and focused on daily work if he gets proper educational preparation related to the type of services he needs to offer the patients (Church et al., 2019).

Communication and reflection in the nursing assignmentare the two most important parts of educational preparation related to the transition from graduate nursing to registered nursing practice within hospital settings. Proper education can help Harry to prioritize his daily tasks and act according to the situation. Hospital orientation is also an important evidence-based strategy that can help to transition nurses like Harry to promote resilience and build self-capacity which can eventually help him gain work-life balance. Proper orientation in thenursing assignmentcan help graduate nurses to help them gain recognition for their performance of serving patients efficiently within the hospital settings. Hospital orientation can also help the new aspiring registered nurses to support the work and practice empathy for the various associated challenges of nursing within the clinical and hospital settings (Kreedi et al., 2021).As per the discussion in the nursing assignmenthospital orientation also helps nurses to become more patient and positive which can help them become more competent during their professional services. Orientation can also help the transitioning nurses to become more connective and encouraging for the other aspiring nurses who can help them enhance their job propositions and become more professional in their approach in the future.

As per the nursing assignmentthe roles and responsibilities of a registered nurse can be attributed to the proper care and intervention for patients in an acute hospital or other forms of clinical settings. In times of crisis or medical emergencies, the quality and patience along with the experience of registered nurses can become crucial for the patients. Harry is a graduate nurse on the verge of becoming a qualified registered nurse for whom knowledge, skills, and attributes are an important concern as he needs to balance his work and personal life due to the extreme pressure of the nature of his work. As per the findings of the nursing assignmentevidence-based strategies can assist in the smooth transition of the journey of Harry as a registered nurse from a graduate nurse. Resilience, capacity, and work-life balance are also considered important factors for the transition period of nursing in the clinical and hospital settings.

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