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(NSG2EHP) Nursing assignment on microteaching session critique and evaluation


Task: Critically evaluate in your nursing assignment the teaching and learning facilitation used in your microteaching video. Critically evaluate the facilitation used in a peer’s microteaching YouTube video. (Choose from one of the videos posted for purpose of this review)


One of the most widely used teacher-training methods, microteaching, shows teachers how to sharpen their teaching skills by practicing and refining a slew of basic activities (Reddy,2019).The evaluation in the nursing assignmentaims to critique the teaching performance of own-self and a peer. There are two videos in evaluation; one is my teaching video, and another is my peer’s teaching video. I have to apply strategies to analyze my way of teaching. There will be a discussion in the nursing assignmenton lesson progression, the reason for changes, analysis of learner's behavior and engagement, strong and weak points, andareas of improvement for each of the lesson videos.

Nursing assignment evaluation of the the teaching and learning facilitation used in the microteaching video
In the videoof Takoory(2022), learners can see that I have started by greeting the viewer and asking about his background, which is to make the viewer comfortable with me and get an ice-breaker in our conversation. Ice-breaking is the very first step to starting a conversation (Irani, Chalak& Tabrizi, 2021). As it was aninsulin administering (through self-injection)nursing assignmentlesson, I did not use a running set-up. Also, I came to know from the student that he was never familiar with injecting himself. So, I made the nursing assignmentset-up easier to understand. I have also used visuals (for example, the injection points on the belly) for a better understanding of the learner about the context and presented some mannequin objects to denote their original existence (for example, the trash container).

I did not change anything in the nursing assignmentlesson plan because the lecture was proceeding as I expected, and,according to the viewer’s response, my teaching seemed to be understandable to the viewer.

First of all, it was an online session and the learner of thenursing assignment had nothing to perform. Moreover, it was a demonstration lesson rather than a practical task,so the learner just had to observe and listen carefully to my lessons, and that is exactly what the learner did. He responded to what I said and showed signs of understanding (like “hm,”“okay”). At the last of the nursing assignmentsession, he thanked me and asked no questions. It meant he had totally understood the lesson.

The strong areas of my lesson were – (1) I used a sitting posture to not confuse the learner; (2) I used visuals and metaphorical objects; (3) I used hand gestures; (4) I used a lower tone and slower speed of speech.

The weak areas of my lesson were – (1) I did not use an anatomical model to show how much the injection should enter into the body; (2) I did not ask questions to understand if the learner had totally understood the lesson or not; (3) my way of teaching is slightly dominating like I did not give the student a chance to query about any step.

Next time, if I have to give thisnursing assignment lesson (self-administering insulin injection) again, I will use “Transparent Anatomical Models” (rubber-made) of the body parts where insulin administering can be done. I will categorize my lesson into parts, like greeting and context, introducing the equipment, process in detail, Dos and Don'ts, and Q&A. After each part, I will pause for the learner to get a complete understanding and a chance to ask something about that particular part.

The ethical considerations which I followed in the nursing assignmentwere:
• I did not ask about the racial background of the learner before starting the lesson.
• I did maintain a gentle and patient attitude toward him and showed a respectful endeavor.
However, I shouldfoster some courage about the process of insulin administration and show him empathy for his health issue.

Evaluation of the the facilitation used in a peer’s microteaching YouTube video
For peer teaching nursing assignmentevaluation, I have used Hollanda (2021)'s lesson on Breastfeeding. It was a 4.21-minute long video presenting slides on Breastfeeding of prenatal mothers. If I personally compare this lesson to minenursing assignment, I did not really like Hollanda’sway of giving the lesson. It is like a student presenting his first seminar PPT in front of an auditorium. Hollanda gave it a good start by introducing herself in front of viewers on-screen and proposing the topic that she was about to give the lesson.As she startedreading the nursing assignmentslides, learners got bored and became uninterested in her session. Throughout the session, Hollandajust went through the slides line-by-line, word-by-word. She did not elaborate on any point, nor did she highlight any significant aspect that learners should remember.

Moreover, a teacher should be fluent, slow, steady, and clear when providing knowledge about some nursing assignmenttopic to the learners (Liu & Read, 2020). Hollanda was softly speaking, but she was rushing just to complete reading the content of every slide. Therefore, the result was obvious; she fumbled many times. A teacher should be idealized by the students for the teacher’s professional attitude, communication skills, and knowledge (Koenen, Spilt &Kelchtermans, 2022). Hollanda’s“news reading” method and fumbling may generate doubt on her learners' thoughts about whether she actually had knowledge about Breastfeeding.

Although she kept a manikin model of BREAST, perhaps intending to showcase it, she did not showcase that prop to the viewers in the nursing assignment.It was an object which could help the viewers to get a visual understanding. Hollanda could use the manikin model to show the learners (prenatal mothers) how to use hand pressure in Breastfeeding or some massages that prenatal mothers can do while breasts are sore etc.
In terms of ethical considerations in the nursing assignment,Hollanda could use informed consent and confidentiality. She could use real-life examples with maintain the anonymity.Also, she could ask voluntary participation (Muflihet al., 2020) of learners.With these ethical conducts, Hollanda would be more understandable and interactive to the viewers.

In the above nursing assignment, I had done two things, a self-assessment and a peer assessment. In self-assessment, I have demonstrated my teaching skills by evaluating through a video of the insulin administering session. In peer assessment, I reviewed another demonstrator's lesson through her video of the Breastfeeding session as a part of nursing assignment. Not being self-centered, I have found my microteaching capabilities very much straighter and more emphasized than those of my peer. In the nursing assignment, I have also assessed my weaknesses in teaching and strategies to resolve those in the future. In addition, I have also recommended Hollanda, my peer, how she can improve (establish) her lesson-giving skills and engage learners.

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