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(NURBN 3032) Nursing assignment in relation to transition to the workplace for graduate nurse


Task: How do maturity, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills, and personal accountability affect new graduate nurses’ ability to transition effectively? Write a critical nursing assignment on this topic.


In the field of nursing, nurses need to have the maturity to handle any kind of situationand write nursing assignments (Combrinck, Van Wyk, & Mogale, 2022). There are occasions when nurses cannot behave or act immaturely, they need to be handled themselves as well as the situation with proper maturity. Transition is a process of moving from one state to another and it is usually associated with important changes in responsibilities, roles, and goals (Johnsunderrajet al., 2020). For the graduate nurses, the transition is really important to be competent enough for their respective job as the industry belongs to emergency services. Several factors in the nursing assignmentcan confirm the transition of the graduate nurses in an effective manner where maturity, communication, accountability, and teamwork skills are very important (Mukaihata, 2018). considering emergency service, a graduate nurse needs to be mature to act as per the situation where communication would play a significant role to convey the necessity of the particular situation. Without teamwork skills and personal accountability, proper addressing of the situation cannot be done in the nursing assignment. Accountability can confirm responsibility for her behaviour, and activity which is very important in the concerned industry and teamwork skills eventually address the situation correctly to confirm effective transition on her part (Sibiya, 2018). Thisnursing assignmentanalyses the maturity, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills, and personal accountability affect upon new graduate nurses’ ability to transition effectively.

Findings from the nursing assignment
According to Rachelet al. (2019), emotional Maturity is a process in which the personality is continuously striving for a greater sense of emotional health both intra-psychically and intra-personally. The author of this nursing assignmentperformed an analysis of how emotionally mature nursing student is during their years of practice. Maturity on the part of the nurses, confirm preparedness for any situation (Mahindrakar, Jat & Varghese, 2021). The emergency service sector demands varying addressing from the nurses as per the degree of severity and maturity helps the nurses to behave accordingly to adopt the transition of being successful professionals in the field. Mukaihata, (2018) in their nursing assignment paper also discussed Career maturity. It is a concept which is related to career development, roughly speaking, it refers to a person's preparedness to handle career advancement duties and their capacity to choose wisely and maturity level in professional selections. The author in the nursing assignmentmentions that nurses need to be motivated for their role in a medical institution. If the nurses are not motivated and do not have the basic job security then there are problems regarding their career maturity (Kelly et al., 2022). The author also mentions in the nursing assignmentthat all nurses are required to have career maturity to progress and transition in their nursing careers.

Communication is important for a nurse during their time of practice in any medical institution. Sibiya(2018), mentions in their research the importance communication skills have in the field of nursing. The author talks about the purpose of communication in this field and mentions in the nursing assignmentthe different types of communication get used in this field. The author focuses on every aspect of communication in nursing and discusses the implications that improper communications have on Nurses. The nursing assignmentmentions how conflicts and cultural differences are common in medical institutions and nurses need to have proper communication skills to handle that effectively.

According to the study performed by Aase, Tjoflåt and Urstad, (2021) they mention “teamwork” is an important skill among the nursing student. The nursing assignmentmentions that teamwork among nurses increases efficiency and effectiveness during an emergency. With teamwork, nurses can operate better and faster. The paper made it clear that nurses are required to follow proper teamwork while handling a patient with care (Rudrappan, 2019). Nurses should not hesitate to ask for help. The nursing assignmentshows that if students are taught to work in a team during their graduation years, then they can be more effective during their practising time in a medical institution.

Rubio-Navarro et al. (2020), did a study which aims to determine the professional accountability of a nurse in an emergency. The nursing assignmentalso focuses on many other aspects like Decision making, Nurse–patient relationships, etc. The authors found that in the complicated set of an emergency unit, nurses deal with questions regarding personal accountability and whether it impacts their medical practice daily. Therefore, nurses' experience can offer essential knowledge regarding the choices and challenges faced by patients and health care providers equally in clinical settings. The authors in the nursing assignmentmention that it is important for nurses to have proper accountability for their services to provide better healthcare services to their patients (Noshili et al., 2021).

Nursing assignmentanalysis
From the findings in the nursing assignment it is clear that maturity, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills, and personal accountability are important for any nurse during their time in graduation and on-site practice. For the new graduate nurses who passed nursing school and are currently working for any medical institution, they must have the necessary skills and traits to transit properly from one situation to another. Nurses need to be mature and think before they do anything (Martinez, 2021). Maturity helps the nurses to accommodate the transition process more logically so that they can confirm the transition in their way by the end of the course. Without evolving maturity, a nurse cannot attain transition.

Maturity is really important for a nurse after they graduate. It is really important that they think about the situation and surrounding rationally before making any kind of decision. There are chances that nurses might take up decisions in a haste but that must not as it might have a serious implication on their career. There are times that nurses are not prepared or do not have the required amount of knowledge to handle a certain situation during those times most nurses make decisions in an immature manner (Kim & Lee, 2020). As seen in the literature of this nursing assignment, graduate students must receive the necessary knowledge and practice to handle a patient with utmost sincerity and maturity.

Maturity does not end just with the handling of patients and senior healthcare professionals. Maturity is also necessary for Graduate nurses during their time practising nursing they need to think about their career progression (Hartiti, Poddar & Bhaumik, 2020). New graduate nurses need to know about the importance of nursing assignmentand career growth in their lives for which transition matters a lot. There are times when the nurses can practice for a certain role which they think would be the best for them. Rather than sticking to one place nurses can change their institution whenever they feel the need for career development which transition evolves. Nurses should learn and practice different things to confirm transition which would help them in their career progression and try to do so till the time they are practising nursing (Kuruvilla & Menezes, 2019); so that transition would be easy.

Communications and teamwork go hand in hand in nursing (Perveen, Parveen & Afzal, 2021). For the new graduates who would be practising on-site nursing and nursing assignmentin any medical institution, they should try to improve and learn all kinds of communication and teamwork skills. A medical institution is a place where people from different cultures and mindsets come and to handle them with care communication is important. To help a patient and keep the family calm, a nurse has a lot to do. Most new graduates have difficulty in writing nursing assignmentand managing such situations but if they are trained and become capable of communicating properly with the patient and their families it becomes easier for them to handle any chaotic situation (Khademian, Pishgar&Torabizadeh, 2018).

Communication and teamwork are not limited to just patients and their families but also the day-to-day operations in nursing. New graduates need to keep up with the health care professionals and inform them about the patients regularly (Mirza et al., 2019). While handling patients, it is important that the nurses coordinate well otherwise there may be certain implications. Nurses need to communicate through their nursing assignments as well as coordinate with other fellow nurses in the medical institution. The nurses would need to work on their teamwork skills while they are on-site training (Allert et al., 2022). To increase the chances of working efficiently in any situation proper reporting must be practised among the nurses. Health care professionals have it easy when the nurses are coordinating well and communicating adequately.Without maturity, it cannot be justified and maturity comes through justification and writing nursing assignments.

The final thing that helps in transitioning the new graduates into nursing is personal accountability. Creating and maintaining a relationship between the nurse and the patient is deemed essential to providing care that meets the patient's needs (Alshahrani, 2020). The nurses must take full accountability while handling a patient or any other situation in an institution. There is nothing wrong with accepting the wrongdoings while writing nursing assignments. Blaming or putting accountability on someone is not accepted in a medical institution. The new graduates need to take responsibility for their behaviour and actions (Devine & Chin, 2018). Though from the literature it is found that even if there are potential workload imbalances, nurses tend to work together and did not try to blame each other for mistakes.

From the nursing assignment, it can be concluded that Emotional and Career Maturity are important for new graduates during their first few years of practice. The new graduates need to be aware of the situations around them and act accordingly. New graduates need to look for opportunities all the time to have a career progression. The nurses can make a proper decision if they are mature while taking any kind of decision. Communication and teamwork go hand in hand in the nursing assignment; it helps the nurses to manage any situation. New graduates having the proper communication and teamwork skills would help in career development. Communication and teamwork also help the new graduates to work effectively and efficiently in any situation without worrying about anything else. Personal accountability is something that all nurses who are newly graduated need to follow. Nurses need to hold responsibility for something written in the nursing assignment. Overall, new graduates, who are going to practice nursing on-site need to know what they are doing and how they are doing it. To adopt transition from one thing to another or for career development or for writing nursing assignmentthey need to have all the necessary traits and skills in their life.

Liawet al., (2020) recommend that in nursing to have the proper teamwork and interpersonal

communication skills, new graduates need to have proper training sessions during their years of study. The author in the nursing assignmentsays this because as discussed earlier interpersonal communication and teamwork help the nurses handle any kind of situation instantly without any kind of issue. It is important for the students after they graduate know about the basics. Through training and development, they would be able to know about the on-site situation better. This would also help the new graduates to understand how they should act in any situation that arises in the medical institution (Karlsen et al., 2022).

Kleib, Jackmanand Wisnesky (2021), recommended in the nursing assignmentthat interpersonal simulations can help new graduates get a better understanding of real-life situations. Through these interpersonal simulations, it becomes easier for the nurses to know how they should act or behave in any situation on the medical premises. Interpersonal simulations enhance team coordination and communication skills which are effective for new graduates. Also, it helps the new graduates to know what they should do if such a situation arises in real life.

Through several factors like (1) stability, (2) predictability, (3) familiarity, (4) consistency, and (5) success the transition among the nurses can be accomplished positively. The transition can make the nurses effective for the role. Stability can make the nurses accountable for their activities; predictability can confirm team spirit whereas familiarity and consistency can justify communication to achieve success. The factorsmentioned in the nursing assignmentcan confirm the transition for the nurses by justifying those qualities which are important for the nurses.

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