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Nursing Assignment: Case Scenarios Based on Medical & Healthcare


Task: Prepare a nursing assignment addressing the following questions:
1. Identify five (5) different health practitioners who are legally able to prescribe medications.

2. Name three (3) key features of a legal order for administering medications.

3. Scheduling is a national classification system that controls how medicines and poisons are made available to the public.

What is the difference between a Schedule 2, 3 and 4 medications?
4. According to the Poison’s Regulations Act 2008 what are three (3) requirements relating to the storage of narcotic substances?

5. For each of the forms of medication listed below, describe how they are handled, calculated, administered and stored.

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Wafer
  • Powder
  • Drops

6.What is the difference between an enema and a suppository?
Include in your answer how they are handled and stored.

7. Describe how you would administer these types of medications (referred to in Question 6).

8. What is the difference between lotions, creams and ointments?

9. What are the key requirements when handling and administering each of these forms of medication?

  • lotions
  • creams
  • ointments

10. How should the medications be stored (lotions, creams and ointments)?
11. Name two (2) medications that may be supplied as a patch.
12. What is the term for the route of administration of this form of medication?

13.How should you handle patch medications in order to administer them safely?
14. How should patches be stored?
15. If your patient was ordered a Buprenophrine Patch 20, what is the dose that the patient would be getting per hour?
16. Canestenclotrimazole belongs to a group of medicines called azole antifungals.
What is the pessary used to treat?
17. How is Canesten administered?
18. Describe how you would safely administer paracetamol liquid via a PEG and NG tube, including the storage requirements of liquid paracetamol.


1. Five different health practitioners identified in the present context of nursing assignment who are legally able to prescribe medications are nursespractitioners, midwives, optometrists, dentists, and doctors as they are approved for prescribing medicines through the National Health act 1953 (Raghunandan, Tordoff, and Smith, 2017).

2. 3 key features of a legal order to administer medications are the right dose, right time, and right medicine. The three key features are linked with each other to serve the purpose of medication, as the right medicine with the right dose needs to be given to the patient to remove his or her difficulty at right time to confirm recovery.

3. Schedule 2 is for pharmacy medicine which is available at pharmacies in their stock. Schedule 3 is for pharmacist-only medicine, where medicines are available to a pharmacy though cannot be availed without restriction (Scheduling of medicines and poisons, 2021). The medicines are usually stocked behind the pharmacy counter. Schedule 4 is for prescription-only medicines, where medicines can only be availed by the prescription of authorizedhealthcare professionals like the doctor. The medicines can be supplied to the hospital or can be there in the pharmacy which can be taken with prescription 4. As per the poisons Regulation Act 2008, three requirements for storing narcotics substances are that thesubstances that need to be stored apart from any other goods with the approval of the secretary. While the substance is not being used need to keep the enclosure locked to confirm security. Further, the key of the lock needs to be kept in a place that is not readily accessible for any other person

5. Tablet needs to be stored in a dry and cool place. For example, it can be stored in a dresser drawer or kitchen cabinet, which is away from the sink or stove, or in a storage box of a shelf in a closet. It is usually taken orally, but can also be administered buccally, sublingually, intravaginally and rectally. Capsules need to be stored in the original container in secure dry cool play. It is swallowed with glass of water commonly, or with milk and juice. For the wafer, it needs to be in the blister pack until it is time for taking them. Further, it needs to be placed in a cool dry place of 25 degrees centigrade out of direct light and not in the bathroom or sink. It can be taken directly on the tongue, where it will dissolve. It can also be taken with milk or food in some cases such as upset stomach. Powderneeds to be administered with water or other suitable liquid or can be swallowed directly (Mankar, Biyani, and Umekar, 2019). It can be multi-dose preparation or single dose. The powder needs to be stored in a tightly sealed package; it would be better to store it through the sealed plastic bag and place it in a clean hermetic container or in a box. Lie down or tilt back the head or look upward using the index finger and thumb gently pulling and pinching lower eyes to form a pocket drop can be given in the eyes. Drops need to be stored in a cool, dry place and cannot be used more than 1 month after opening the bottle and can be administered directly 6. For getting relief from constipation rectal laxative is prescribed to have immediate relief. A good alternative for someone is an oral medication. Enema can be effective within five minutes or less than that, where the suppositories start working within an hour. Suppositories need to be stored in any cool place like a refrigerator so that they would not melt. On the other hand, enema needs to be stored at room temperature, not in a heated or cold environment.

7. Enemasrequires solution of salt and water, which is placed in a bag of one side of the tube. The other portion is placed directly into the rectum. In order to have an effective response, it is better to follow the instruction of administering it, which usually is by hugging your knees to the chest by lying on the stomach can be best. The suppository gently needs to be inserted in the tapered end into the rectum. If that steeps out it cannot be inserted. It is better to lie down for a few minutes by holding the buttocks together to give the suppository space for dissolving in the rectum.

8. The difference between ointment, cream, and lotion is their formulation of the over-the-counter product (Geara et al. 2018). An ointment is 20% water and 80% oil, the cream is 50% water 50% oil, and lotion is similar to a cream but lighter formulation.

9. Small amount of cream for lotion needs to be gently spread using gloved hands. For cream the same process is effective. For ointment, the cream needs to be provided evenly for the effective area with gentleness.

10. Ointment needs to be stored below 25 degrees centigrade to protect it from moisture.It needs to be stored keeping aside from sunlight. The cream needs to be stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator. Lotions even need to be stored in the fridge with eggs.

11. Nicotine and fentanyl opioids are two medications that may be supplied as a patch.

12. Transdermal, which is diffusion through the skin for topical distribution is the term for the route of administration of patch (Latha, Selvamani, and Prabha, 2018).

13. Applying the patch to unbroken, dry, clean skin to be sure that the patch is applied firmly. It is important to wash hands after applying the best and it is better to use one patch at a time unless there is further instruction

14. The patches need to be stored at room temperature by keeping them aside from excess heat or cold. It is better to dispose of any unused or used patches which are outdated.

15. Patient who has been prescribed with Buprenophrine Patch 20, the patient would be getting 20 Mcg/per hour of dose for 7 days.

16. Canestenclotrimazoleis from the group of medicine referred to as oral antifungals. The pessary gets used for treating fungal infections in the valve or vaginal area. The cream offers relief from the symptoms of external irritation.

17. Canesten antifungal cream needs to be applied 2-3 times every day with gentle rubbing (Anju et al. 2018). The strip of cream can be enough for treating the area similarly withhands.Treatment needs to be continued for one month in the case of dermatophyte infection and for two weeks in candidal infection.

18. To administer paracetamol liquid with the help of PEG tube, the liquid will be inserted into the stomach through the nose. It needs to be stored cool, dry place approx. 5-25ºC and also far from the direct sunlight.

To administer paracetamol liquid with the help of NG tube, the liquid will be inserted into the stomach through the abdominal wall. It needs to be stored in the refrigerator


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