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Nursing Assignment: Action Plan To Initiate Change Management Processes In Health Service


Nursing Assignment Case study:
You are a health manager of a general practice clinic within a regional hospital and health service (HHS). You have been asked to head a project that involves setting up a COVID-19 clinic at the health promotion centre located adjacent to the largest regional hospital within the HHS. In collaboration with the hospital, the new clinic will manage the COVID-19 testing and vaccination services for consumers within your health service region. You have been informed that the COVID-19 clinic will need to be operational within a month, and the vaccine you will be supplied is the AstraZeneca vaccine. You have been provided with two staff members from the hospital to manage each of the COVID-19 services: the nurse unit manager (NUM) of the outpatient’s clinic and a community clinical nurse consultant (CNC). You must determine who will manage what service. The manager of the health promotion centre will support you with the transition processes to accommodate the new clinic.

You will also be provided with a pool of other resources that will include assets, personnel, budget, and policies to operationalise each new area of the clinic. You do not know the extent of these resources. The finer details such as the expected budget, the impact on personnel, the type of assets and supplies, or governance have not been determined however, you are informed that the following key areas are a priority in this project:

  1. Budget: There will be a new budget for the clinic that will be funded through the state and federal government pandemic funding allocation and the HHS. The budget will be substantial to allow for adequately qualified staff, unique resources, and tight timelines particularly associated with the Australian government vaccine rollout program.
  2. Personnel: There will be a range of personnel required to staff the new clinic: (administration, nursing, medical, service support and housekeeping). Unless necessary, these personnel must be those already employed within the hospital and health service. If additional staffs are required, the rationale for their employment must be provided.
  3. Resources: Assets and supplies will need to be prioritised and some changes in the structure of the wound care clinic to accommodate the unique functions of three different services, running simultaneously from the one location and sharing resources. The current wound care clinic operates on two levels and provides allied health services to support their clients.
  4. Governance: Staff in the new unit will be responsible for implementing new policies and creating a new governance structure, the most important being infection control measures and vaccination protocols and procedures.

Whilst nothing has been released officially from Executive, you are aware that some staff has heard ‘whispers’ about these changes, and anxiety and uncertainty has begun to filter throughout the hospital. Finer details such as the exact impact on personnel, the expected budget, assets and supplies, or governance have not been decided at this point in time.

PART 1: Action Plan
Create an action plan that outlines your plan to initiate change management processes to manage the required change in the health service.

Content: Your plan would outline the main area of concern (as listed in the case study description above) and the key issues you consider need to be addressed for that area, followed with (in the next column) the strategy you plan to use to address the area of concern. When outlining the strategy, provide a brief rationale or explanation for the strategy. In the next column, list the specific actions you will take to implement the strategy. Your plan will then have a column that outlines the potential barriers to the success of your strategy and a column for the timeframe to implement and complete the strategy. The final column of your plan will be used to outline the evaluation methods you would use to measure the success of the strategy - that is what methods you will use to know if the strategy you used to address the issue worked to address the issue.

Layout: The action plan will not exceed two A4 pages and should be presented in a table in landscape layout with a title and page numbers. This will allow you to include the necessary columns required for your action plan. In your table, in this instance, size 8 font, bullet points and single spacing is acceptable. References are not required in the table. Ensure each element of your plan is labelled clearly and is logical to read and follow.

PART 2: Written Paper
In this written paper, discuss the importance of using effective change management strategies to manage the impact of the change on the people involved in a change process. Select two strategies from your action plan that you believe best demonstrate your understanding of this and justify why these two strategies are effective change management strategies.


Nursing Assignment Part 1- Action Plan

Area of Concern

Key Issues to be Addressed

Strategies to Address the Issue

Actions to Implement the Strategy

Barrier to Strategy Success


Evaluation Methods to Measure Success of the Strategy


·          There is adequate budget to finance the vaccine program.

·          Adequate funding is received from state and federal government pandemic funding.

·          Develop a clear plan that clearly states the vital areas of the new covid-19 vaccination clinic such as when and how the clinic needs to be developed and the benefits it will provide.

·          Effectively communicate with the funding bodies such as the government and the HHS about the impact and urgency of the change.

·          Effectively align the change with the goals of HHS.

These two strategies would help in attracting attention of the government and give them a clear vision of the new xovid-19 clinic program.

·          Conduct face to face meeting with the HHS management to discuss the objective of the new clinic and the way it aligns with their goals.

·          To make a written plan demonstrating the ways the new project aligns with government funding program objectives and apply in the official government funding website.

·          Difficulties in getting support from the management of HHS for funding.

·          Inability of the leader to align the objective of the new covid-19 clinic program with government funding program requirements.

Within one week.

Quantifiable performance measure will be implemented to measure the success such as the amount of funding received from both the government and HHS and whether it has met the targeted budget and the financial gap that still exists.


·          To reduce the resistance to change among the two staffs of the hospital who have been asked to shift to the new covid-19 clinic.

·          To fill the gap in the human resource required for managing the covid-19 services effectively.

·          To ensure that all the staffs are efficient enough to manage the covid-19 patients.

·          Develop a communication strategy that will help in communicating with the staffs of HHS about the importance of the change in their work role and the benefit they might receive from the change.

·          To recruit four contractual staff members in administration, service staff and doctors with experience in testing and vaccinating covid-19 patients.

·          To provide effective training to the staffs on testing processes, new technologies and vaccination care.

Hiring new staffs is important because HHS has only provided two staffs for the new covid-19 clinic and thus staffs are needed for other areas. Moreover, experience personnel in covid-19 is necessary for vaccination and testing processes.

·          Invite participation from the employees to take part in the change planning and engage in open discussion.

·          Develop online recruiting advertisement.

·          Inadequate response from the staffs of HHS to involve in discussion.

·          Lack of interest from experienced clinical staffs to participate in critical covid-19 center due to high risk and contractual work.

Within next one week.

Implement quantifiable measures that will analyze the number of newly recruited staffs.

To identify the number of staffs resisting from the change or showing lack of interest to join the covid-19 clinic.


·          To adequately locate resources such as equipment and supplies in the new covid-19 care unit.

·          To ensure that the resources are adequate to serve the covid-19 patients at all levels.

·          To develop resource planning in all levels of the clinic.

Monitor and measure the areas that requires different equipment and resources such as laboratory, vaccination areas.

·          Lack of knowledge about equipment and failure to identify required equipment.

·          Difficulties in finding required assets for the clinic.

·          Inadequate availability of vaccination required for the center.

Within two weeks.

To implement quantifiable measures such as identify the number of equipment available and number of vaccination received.


·          To ensure that an effective governance structure is formed to manage the change.

·          To ensure that the ethics and effective work environment is maintained in the new clinical division.

·          To ensure that vaccination protocols and infection control measures are being implemented in the new clinic.

·          Demonstrate strong leadership that help inspire the staffs and ensure effective flow of service.

·          Implement a support structure that can essentially assist employees and help them adjust to change.

·          To reduce conflicts among staffs and patients coming to the center.

·          Develop covid-19 protocol and written guidelines.

·          Implement democratic or transformational leadership traits in the change implementation plan.

·          To implement effective conflict management model to reduce conflict such as Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument.

·          To form code of conduct for staffs.

·          High chances of misunderstanding.

·          Inadequacies of staffs to adopt to code of conduct and policies.

Within next threeweeks.

Key performance metrics will be used to measure success:

·          Extent of conflict in teams.

·          The level of ethics maintained in the clinic.

Part 2- Written Paper
Importance of Effective Change Management Strategies

Implementing change management strategies is important in an organization to manage the impact that change has on the people involved in the change process because a change is successful with the help of the people or staffs of the organization. Alballaa & Al-Mudimigh (2011) has stated that change help the organization to increase their resilience against any crisis. This means that by implementing effective change management strategies a business will be able to implement change effectively and increase their chances of survival in the crisis environment. This is because change management will help in bringing positive adjustment to current adversity and strengthens their capability to overcome future challenges. With change management strategies the business will also enable the staffs to survive in the advent of the crisis and uncertainty bought by it and reduce the negative impact of the change on the staffs. Belias & Koustelios (2014) has noted that change management strategies will also help equip effective financial, structural and technological resources and communication network that can help the people involved in change to effectively facilitate the change without much issue. Teo, Lee & Lim (2017) has further stated that developing effective change management strategies is impact to manage the impact of change on the people involved in it because it reduces the difficulties of the people to implement change effectively and generate enormous benefits to the organizations in quality management, productivity, cost reduction and decision making. Moreover, change management strategies play a crucial role in preparing the employees and people responsible for the change by introducing them to the new systems, reduce resistance towards the new system and influence positive attitudes towards change. This makes implementation of change management strategies an important activity at the starting of the new project phase.

The most evident impact of change seen on the people involved in it is their resistance to the change process and this acts as a challenge. Implementing a change management strategy helps in eliminating the resistance and implement the change in the most efficient way so that it is accepted and adopted by people.

The change management strategies can be of different types that help address different areas of change implementation and reduce barriers such as leadership, governance, employee’s resistance and others. The two strategies from the action plan that best demonstrate my understanding of the importance of a change management strategyare to ensure that all the staffs are efficient enough to manage the covid-19 patients. and develop effective governance structure in the new covid-19 clinic. The strategy of ensuring that all staffs are efficient and capable enough to manage the covid-19 test and vaccination process through training is important because it helps in managing the impact of the change on the staffs involved in the change process. The training will help the staffs to safely provide covid-19 clinical service to people Imran et al., (2016) has stated that organization knowledge management strategy is important for successful change implementation. This is because training helps in building change readiness and weaken the negative effect of the change process. In the second strategy it is stated that effective governance structure should be formed in the newly developed covid-19 clinic including leadership structure. This is because leadership play an important role in change and a positive leader demonstrate emotional intelligence in nursing practice and will make the people involved in change to comfortably implement their healthcare service (Carragher & Gormley, 2017). Further, Belias & Koustelios (2014) also pointed out that effective leadership utilizes its relationship and activates resilience to change. Likewise, Termeer et al., (2015) has stated that governance capabilities are essential in deal with multiple issues in the change and respond effectively to uncertain changes. This is because a capable governance assists the people involved in the change such as the hospital and its staff to observe the situations using various lenses and this enables the people to implement effective strategies that can help them manage the change need. They also implement various policies and procedures to deal with the change process and allow the people to adopt to be flexible to changing processes. Based on these claims it is seen that these two strategies, which is stated in the action plan is important and effective for change management strategies.

Alballaa, H., & Al-Mudimigh, A. S. (2011). Change management strategies for effective enterprise resource planning systems: a case study of a Saudi company. international journal of computer applications, 17(2), 14-19.

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