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Nursing assignment on Abusing Health Workers


Description: Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a 1000-1200 word paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e. the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised (approx. 300 words) and then, propose ways to address this challenge (approx. 900 words) in your professional community, locally and especially globally. Emphasis is on your proposed ways of addressing the challenge because some of the critique will have been covered in Assignment 2. Your discussion must refer explicitly to the common good.


Critique of abusing health workers within the nursing assignment
The areas evaluating the association of common good, nursing and other healthcare professions certaintyreflects the common good as a motivation for action; fields unfolding the common good as an idea of application to nursing and healthcare is considered to be limited. Although, health care is reviewed as encouraging the common good. Additionally, the increment of nursing as a separate profession shed light on societal identification, which the constellation of operations offered by nurses is helpful of the common good (Audi, 2012). Though, nursing research on nursing assignment does not identifies the common good from a theoretical standpoint; this generally underlines associative matters like concerns for the entire individual in the community as well as result related with the common good like distributive justice. Reliable with the Catholic view of the common good; healthcare has also been underlined the requirement to balance the outlook of personal dignity and respect compared to societal integrity. The extra value of the common good to present nursing concepts might be developed by reviewing examples of ethical misconduct in the clinical study; and the evolution of the healthcare delivery process (Mortensen, Bech & Godrim, 2017).

National discussion exists on the system of the heath-care and nursing system. Recently, in the USA, a tiered private or public party process exists. In the process, permission to health-care as well as the series of operations offered is based on the capability to pay. The research on nursing assignment signifies that the operating ineffective derives the least effective as well as has low-quality nursing than do those with social safety effectiveness (Hanvey, 2011). In comparison, the worldwide, lower price, or free nursing provided in other countries is more in performance with the common good as delivered in Catholic theology. Like; healthcare and nursing originate from processes, which stress sharing, equality, and sacrifice on the level of some for the effectiveness of others (Wadman, 2015). ?

Suggest ways to talk over the challenge in the professional community, locally and particularly globally National
It is stated in the nursing assignment that the importance of common good as a concept for application in the development of nursing practices and theory should be developed. For instance, this might have contended that a prospect of the common good concept should drive main public health developments, involving wider immunization as well as effective access to antibiotics (Clark & Zalewski, 2015). Standards, or indications of development to attaining health-associated and nursing objectives relating to the common good, should be transferred from the minimization of ailments and the continuation of nursing care to safeguard of ailment evolution, preservation and development of healthcare quality of life (Mortensen, Bech & Godrim, 2017). Besides, the common good concept should have implications for those nurses who operate with people locally; however, whose operations would influence social groups. For instance, researches have pointed out that societal violence through assisting children to increase communication as well as anger control capabilities. The communication among the common good as a paradigm in the theory context as well as operational disciplines with a varied context; and the process through which the common good concept could be associated to knowledge increment (Clearyet al., 2019).

For example, over 85% of the cases have been reported regarding exposure to violence and abuse of healthcare workers. As per the investigation on nursing assignment, the significant cause for abuse could be recognized ineffective medical services and absence of hospital supplies, which is around 22.1% (Lafta & Falah, 2019). Most doctors were generally exposed to abuse, specifically verbal. An important relation was seen among exposure physical abuse, precise time of experience and male gender. The most important level of violence was the patients’ relatives. There is a developing surge of abuse against nurses as noted in the nursing assignment, which might negatively reflect on the performance.

Though professional entities in the nursing have not precisely involved the common good in the nursing theories, it should be understood that a clear identification and demonstration of the common good as an idea in the nursing and other local health care professions should be effective to people, patients and society (Matney, Avant & Staggers, 2016). The common good might be considered as a conjunctive process accepted by different professions and therefore, the main concept to aid the society. Incorporating the common good in the nursing care happened when efficient ambiguity presents, which the nature of common good is not clear (O’Brienet al., 2017).

The initial global challenge should deal with the understanding process in which the common good, as separated from other principles, play a role in developing the modification of the nursing professions and practices.Nursing as a profession in the global context exists as of societal supports as well as the perception that nursing is significant for the preservation of health issues of the common good (Roy, 2018).

As per the instance provided in the nursing assignment, violence against the nurses and healthcare workers is more general, which most people understood and administrative groups say it is time for strategy makers to act on the developing but under realized problem. Around 75% of around 25,000 workplace abuse happens yearly in healthcare; almost 30% of nurses and around 26% of emergency physicians have accounted cases of violence (Lockhart, 2020).

The societal forces should develop nursing through supporting the professional education of people, and offering the conceptualization, application and increase of developed nursing practice duties like that of the nurse practitioners. The societal forces should also shape and share funding urgencies for nursing study, like the recent stress on the interplay of behaviours, genetics, disease prevention and others. Therefore, the study developed in the nursing assignment mentions that society should increase those parts of the common good, which nursing selects to understand, and nursing as a dignified profession manages in societies, which deem this an element important to offer both the societal and common good (Bollig, Gjengedal & Rosland, 2016). Equally, was society not to observe nursing as a component of both societal and common good, nursing as an occupation can become out-dated. Thus, thought of the common good, additionally to societal good, has important to reinforce the control-base of nursing and its effectiveness to the society.

The discussion on nursing assignment signifies that if nursing fails to correspondence its effectiveness to society by the promotion of the common good, expert nursing with the elements of concern, compassion and caring can importantly be substituted by technology and controlled by technicians and machines. Initially, society is gradually accepting the application of other paraprofessional teams, which have associatively effective autonomy to do traditional nursing operations (Clearyet al., 2019).On the second level, various operations and processes in the scope of operation of one health worker have then been assumed through another profession. For instance, nursing-oriented operations associated with public health and risk minimization should be adopted by medicine; equally, specific medical processes should have assumed by nurses (Offersen, Vedsted& Andersen, 2017).On the other hand, it is also stated in the nursing assignment that there seems to be developed in non-discipline-certain duties among the health occupations (Offersen, Vedsted& Andersen, 2017). For instance, physical evaluates might be performed through a wider different of people. In the end, the importance on price and evidence-based operation, by significance, is reductionistic and might fail to attain the innovative contributions of nursing, and by implication to the common good.?

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