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Critical Evaluation On Nude By Nature Marketing Strategy


Task: Individually, you required to write a 2000-word report based on the scenario provided in the assessment
Assessment Description.
This assessment is a culmination piece, in which you will be given an opportunity to combine the information you
have accumulated in Assessments 1 and 2. More importantly, you will need to showcase an understanding of
marketing issues related to consumer behaviours such as attitudes, group influences, culture, social class,
consumer learning processes, and personal buying decision-making processes.
Assessment Instructions
Your task is to imagine that you have just been employed by the company of your chosen product or service that
you analysed in your earlier assessments and that the marketing department of this company has asked you to
prepare a 2000- word report in which you must:
1. Write a concise executive summary that covers all of the significant findings of your report (not included
in the word limit of this submission)
2. Provide a concise overview of the product or service and its market performance (300 words).
3. Critically examine the company’s current marketing communication mix by considering how it targets
consumers’ attitudes, group influences, culture, social class, consumer learning processes, and
personal buying decision-making processes. Please note that not all of these topics may apply to
your chosen product or service (600 words).
4. Critically analyse whether or not the communication mix demonstrates a strong alignment to your findings
in assessment 1 and 2 (600 words).
5. Provide at least three strategic recommendations that either address previously identified misalignment
OR proposed ways in which identified alignment can be strengthened. Please incorporate recent peerreviewed literature to justify your proposed recommendations (500 words). Recommendations should not
include manufacturing or operational improvements.
6. Include Appendices (optional and not included in the word count) and Reference List (mandatory not
included in the word count)


Section 1: Executive Summary
The cosmetics company named Nude by Nature is one of the leading brands of Australia, who provide products full of minerals. One of the plus points of Nude by Nature marketing strategy is that they always avoid harmful chemicals and toxic materials in their products. The main motive of Nude by Nature marketing strategy is to provide high-quality world-class products. Therefore within some few days, they can bale to create a target market and expand their business in Canada, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

The parameter maintained by that organisation in Nude by Nature marketing strategy is to maintain the demand of the customers, follow up the feedback of customers towards the organisation and increased level of customer engagement through offline and online process. Knowledge gained from that research studies is the psychological effects of consumers towards the organisation.

The detail discussion of the overview of the company, performance of Nude by Nature marketing strategy along with the target market, annual revenue and growth cycle are demonstrated here. Moreover, marketing mix communication, critical analysis and recommendations are also representing here.

Section 2: Overview of the Product 
Nude by nature is a cosmetics company of Sydney Australia, which was created in the year of 2008 (, 2020). The main motive of the organisation is to become more conscious about health, environmental choice and lifestyle. The organisation believes that skincare routine is one of the hotly discussed topics such as the quality of food, diet routine and exercise. The main mission of the organisation is to serve quality products as per the demand of the customers (Do Paco et al. 2019).

Market performance
Industry: the industry considered by the organisation named Nude by Nature is the cosmetics industry of Australia. As the organisation serves products which avoid the toxic materials, the company is considered as Australia's number 1 mineral make up brands. According to the market demand, the organisation gives the collection of makeup, which is formulated by different minerals and natural products (, 2020).

Business: Nude by Nature gets huge success in the country Australia. Therefore the organisation expanded its business in New Zealand in 2012 (nude by nature, 2020). In 2015, the company also launched its products in the country Europe and UK. In the year 2018, they also launched in Canada (, 2020). Therefore it is easily said that, through this cruelty-free makeup collection, the organisation expands its business throughout the world as the retailer business of cosmetics (Ladsawut and Nunkoo, 2017). 

Growth cycle
The growth cycle of the business considers the quality of the products they served. As the organisation gives high-performance products, therefore, with the help of successful Nude by Nature marketing strategy they can able to expand their business in an overseas platform like Europe, UK, Canada and New Zealand (nude by nature, 2020)

The value considered by the organisation is to serve products full of minerals and natural ingredients.

Annual report
As per the research conducted on Nude by Nature marketing strategy, the organisation generates the revenue near about $228.3K per employee. The main competitors of this organisation are Revlon. The estimated annual revenue of the organisation is $14.6 (, 2020). 

Nude by Nature marketing strategy

Figure 1: Comparison of Annual revenue
(, 2020)

Section 3: Marketing communication mix of the company
Marketing is considered as a broad platform of business where the development and the research activities are included.

Consumer attitudes: Consumer behaviour under Nude by Nature marketing strategy is defined as the felling of unfavourableness or favourableness towards the buying object. Consumer attitudes primarily consider the belief towards the utility of the product, feeling towards the products after buying it, and the behavioural intention over those particular products. Therefore the functions of customer attitude give the organisation Nude by nature to understand the representation and quality of the products (, 2020). The organisation considers three components before taking any decision over consumer attitudes. The cognitive component, the cognitive component and the affective component are the three main components considered by Nude by Nature. The cognitive component helps to understand individual knowledge as per personal experiences.

Group influence: Group influences are defined as when two or more individuals share their opinion with other individuals along with the beliefs, values, and trust over any products. They also share some common goals as per their needs and requirements. There exist three types of influencing criteria and they are information influences, normative influences and identification influences (, 2020). Informational influences help the organisation to understand the decision of the buyers. The normative influences develop values over any kind of purchasing of products. The identification influences give a process through which customers can able to express their attitudes, norms and actual behaviour towards the products.

Culture: Culture is considered by the organisation named Nude by Nature is as per the location of the store. As the organisation has expanded the business, in Canada, New Zealand, and Europe and so on by implementing Nude by Nature marketing strategy, the culture of those particular countries must is maintained by them (, 2020). As per the taste and level of choice over colour, the organisation launches its products.

Social class: Class of customers is also considered as one of the important parameters in the marketing communication mix model as the pricing strategy is considered by the organisation after detecting the class of their target market. Generally, thee exist four types of class in society and the upper class, middle class, working-class and lower class (, 2020). Every class is interconnected worth the socio-economic factors and unique behaviour towards the products of the organisation. Socio-economic factors consider the occupation of the customers, education of the customer’s income and the ownership of them. However, as per the socio-economic factors and the social standing of the customers considered in the study of Nude by Nature marketing strategy, the preference of their choice is changed (Funk, 2017). The consumption and communication also depend on that special class of the customers.

Consumer learning process: Consumer learning process considers three types of processing and they are a cognitive learning process, behavioural learning process and modelling learning process. The cognitive learning process helps to lean the consumers through the problem-solving decision and processing information (, 2020). Behavioural learning process considers the learning process through reinforcement and association. Both are maintained by the organisation Nude by nature because of the quality of the products and the schemes under Nude by Nature marketing strategy gives such examples of adaptation. 

Personal buying decision making process: Buyer’s decision-making process in the organisation Nude by Nature is processed by five steps. At first there present the recognition of the problem. After that, searching over the information is present there. Next, the evaluation of the alternatives is decided by the consumers ( 2020). The purchasing decision comes after that and lastly it is the evaluation of post-purchase situation over the customers. The factors which are considered during any kind of buying decisions are cultural factors, social factors, individual factors, and psychological factors.

Section 4: Critical analysis
Nude by nature is a cosmetic brand and generally famous in Australia because of its skincare products. It is seen that the company produces products which are toxic-free and do not impact on the skin negatively. In Australia, it is seen that the brand “Nude by Nature” is not as famous as such. However, the people in social media and the people who tend to do online shopping are generally visiting the site of the company for their skincare products. However, after all of these facts in Australia, there are very few people who recommend this brand to other people (Ramya, and Ali, 2016). Before launching any kind of new products in the market the companies have conducted complete research about the customers' need and have tried to fulfil the requirements of the customers and also need to have an effective Nude by Nature marketing strategy. Nude by Nature organisations always avoid chemicals like parabens, silicone, talc and bismuth. Therefore it is said that the organisation serves nontoxic makeup materials which are good for health and pet certified. The finishing and the shades covered by the organisation gives a flawless look after use (Funk, 2017). 

According to Wang, and Gan (2017), the company also collects feedback from their regular customers about their products and show their importance in modifying their products if neededHowever, still, the company is not able to increase their customers and many of the people in Australia cannot get complete information about the company. Therefore the trust of the customers cannot be gained by the company due to the failure of Nude by Nature marketing strategy. A reason behind this situation can be the limitation of the company in the social media boundaries. “Nude by nature” is mostly activated on social media platforms and hence the company can reach the customers who are active in social media. The people who are not associated with social media in such a way cannot collect information about the company and the brand products. Hence many people, especially the people ranging from 50 to 70 years old, cannot show their trust in the company. Those people like to choose old traditional companies for skincare products in Australia (Customer, 2020). 

Moreover, there are some factors which are also impacting the “customer buying behaviour” and in the case of this brand it is seen that the factor which impacts on the consumers is the "post-purchase satisfaction". In many cases, it is seen that if a person has ordered a product from the company just for trial and he gets satisfied from the product then he will again order products from the company (Ramya and Ali, 2016). Apart from the product quality the company “nude by nature” is also able to win the heart of their customers by their good and attractive packaging techniques. Therefore it can be assumed that the company is able to satisfy the customers with their useful Nude by Nature marketing strategy who has ordered products from the company. However, the person who has never tried the products of the company cannot easily be satisfied or go for that company because of the lack of information. This is the reason why the number of satisfied customers of the company is still less than many of its competitors. In the present time the companies which provide strong competitions to “Nudes by Nature” are ModelCo, Kevin Murphy, Kora organics and many more. Therefore, by analysing the company it has come to know the major limitation of the company is their restriction towards social media. There are not such outlets of the company found in the site of Australia hence many people who are not using social media cannot reach the company (, 2020).

Section 5: Recommendations
The company is not available to people of all ages, which is the key issue for the company. It is seen that the company is selling their products and advertisement by following only the social media platform but they do not have any kind of external outlets so that the people could reach them outside the social media. Therefore they have to build up some of their outlets in the cities of Australia so that everyone can reach them. The recommended Nude by Nature marketing strategy or strategies which can help the company to increase its growth is as follows -

1.Create exciting events and campaign to launch their products
Events and campaigns are generally able to attract the eye of various customers. Through the campaigns, the members of the “nude by nature” can directly come and meet with multiple people. On the other hand, those campaigns being a part of Nude by Nature marketing strategy will help them to increase their fame among the people who do not have any idea about the company (Pappas, 2016). Now if the fame of the company spread among the people then the company will be able to increase their number of customers outside from their social media accounts. There are many other companies like Maybelline sometimes have conducted various events where the people can directly come to the contact of the various makeup artists and get a service. Through those events, many companies have earned their fame (Ramya and Ali, 2016). Hence the company “Nude by nature” is highly recommended to organized such campaigns or events so that they can easily come in contact with many other people who do not have any idea about the company and provides them free products for use.

2.Direct selling
Another recommended Nude by Nature marketing strategy is the direct selling of the products because through the direct selling of the products the consumers are able to come directly contact with the salesperson and have provided their queries or any feedback to the person and also able to get an immediate response on their queries (Afonso et al. 2017). This strategy provides a good impact on the company on the mind of the customers and increases the buying behaviour of the customers. Many famous companies like AVON have followed these strategies and it is seen that due to the use of direct selling it has become easier for the company to get reach to the local people of any area. Hence if the company “nude by nature” have opened different outlets in the area where the people are not familiar with the brand can help them to increase their fame (McDonald, and Oates, 2016). 

3.Loyalty program
Using loyalty programs are another Nude by Nature marketing strategy which is used by many of the entrepreneurs and managers to ensure the loyalty of their customers. In many cases, it is seen that the Companies have provided special offers to the customers who have paid a particular amount of money on the products of the company. If the company has started to maintain this Nude by Nature marketing strategy the number of the customer can reach.

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