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Networking Assignment: Q&A Based On Wireless Networks And Communication


Task: Through the networking assignment, you are required to answer the following questions:

Question 1
Consider an IEEE 802.11 WLAN setup that uses Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) to handle frame collisions. Network administrator has not enabled RTS/CTS on this setup.

Draw a diagram to show three WLAN devices A,B and C, competing for access to the medium. Assume all three devices have one data frame to send out. Initially, the random backoff counters for these devices are 7, 4 and 5 respectively. Further assume that device A’s frame gets corrupted by an external interference and hence no ACK is received. The corrupted frame will be retransmitted, following DCF rules.
You diagram must include all events up to the receipt of three ACK frames.

Question 2
Comment on the correctness of these statements. Provide arguments to support your point of view. No credit will be awarded for simply stating true or false.

a. Free space optics (FSO) is a superior alternative to fiber-optic cables.

b. IEEE 802.16 specifications do not address the reliability of wireless transmissions.

c. Roaming is the process of transferring an active mobile connection between cells within the user’s home area.

d. Microcells and femtocells allow better frequency reuse.

e. Geosynchronous satellites are an ideal choice for telephony applications.

Question 3
you should perform data capture at two opposite ends of your home. Most people will be able to get WiFi signals from several neighbours' access points. As long as you have at least three access points visible at each capture point, it is fine. If you see less than three APs, you can create additional ones using 'WiFi hotspot' feature of your smartphone.
Use one of the following WiFi scanning apps to collect data about available WiFi networks:
• Netspot Free Edition for Windows and Mac
• Acrylic WiFi Home for Windows
• Linux users should check with lecturer

Next, you should critically analyse the collected data. Choose any three of the following points for analysis.

• Channel utilization
• WiFi bands
• Presence (or absence) of extended service sets (ESS)
• Coverage area of different access points
• WiFi security methods
• Signal strength vs distance

Simply summarizing the information from screenshots is not enough. You should have a critical outlook. For example, you may discuss performance implications or explore reasons for the observed behaviour. The data collection can also be done by 2-3 students in a group. In that case clearly mention the name and student IDs of all group members. But data analysis part must be done individually.

Question 4
Write a research report on any one of the following emerging technologies in wireless communication. Your report should provide a big picture of the said technology.
• Fog Radio Access Networks (F-RANs)
• Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
• Terahertz band communications
• Non-terresterial Networks
• Fluid Antenna Systems
There is no strict template to follow, but a suggested report format is: Executive Summary, Introduction, Technical Details, Applications and Limitations, Current Research, Future Trends, and Conclusion. Your report should be based on at least three peer-reviewed journal articles published 2016 or later. Other sources may be utilized but the core content should be derived from the said scholarly sources. You can search for relevant journal articles on CSU Library (Primo Search), IEEEXplore, ACM Digital Library and Google Scholar.

Expected word count is 1300-1500 words (excluding references).


Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2
Analysis of point a

Herein networking assignment, the answer to the context explored over the specific areas of discursions consideredroaming defined the process of transferring an active mobile connection over the cells with the user's home area. The present statement is considered valid. FSO intended to be less expensive as providing one of the alternative options using the fibre optic cable lines that permit efficient voice, video with the necessary execution of the framework (Shah & Ashraf, 2018).

Analysis of point b
The above statement considered not true as the reason behind the selected technological framework closes the first mile gap while allowing the users to work on the specifications over the determining aspects of multimedia application. As the reason behind this, the selected technological considerations integrated well with the core framework with IEEE 802.11™ wireless LANs, IEEE 802.16a base stations executed with excellent candidates towards linking hotpots to the internet (Mrunalini & Manoharan, 2017).

Analysis of point c
In order to be specific with the question, roaming defines the core technical perceptions that refer to the ability of a cellular customer for making the best use of the data over various terms that explore the related and necessary considerations (Hill & Cruickshank, 2019). The above statement is considered true as the reason behind the ability of the user while communicating effectively over a specific network justified accordingly.

Analysis of point d
The present statement is confirmed as the reason behind Femtocell architecture allows the placement of using multiple antennas around the space with the view towards providing the necessary connectivity without making any distractions over the network and simultaneously opposing the effects of interfering barriers. On the other hand, Picocell extended wireless services over the connectivity to build interior or other areas that cannot be reached by other networks that serve more enormous cell towers over the specific areas of considerations. (Arya, Bhadoria & Chaudhari, 2018)

Analysis of point e
The present statement is considered not valid because geosynchronous orbit allows satellites to match earth's rotation located above the equator that defines an advantageous position proved ideal for monitoring weather, communications, and surveillance. It is one of the advanced levels where telephonic applications essential communication (Bensky, 2019). The present context defines advance level integration where the best determined over the ways accordingly.

Answer to Question 3
I have two wifi signals that is picked up by NetSpot Discover


Both these signal uses WPA2-Personal (Wi-Fi Protected Access Version - 2) as the security encryption.

Both these signals uses 2.4 GHz Wifi Frequency the signal strength of them are the following -

network and communication in networking assignment

network and communication in networking assignment

Signal Strength over 5 minutes of these connections are the following -
• Green - Zombie Got Pogo
• Blue DIR-615-24EF

Answer to Question 4
Terahertz band communication

According to Arya, Bhadoria & Chaudhari (2018), the terahertz band defines the next frontier in wireless communications establishes the ability to unlock more defined and broader segments of unused bandwidth. According to Hill & Cruickshank (2019), with effective radio, channels above 100 GHz determined over the where the fundamentals of the elected technological framework proved to be effective with the view towards considering the specific point of discursions where high-speed terahertz communication linked while making the necessary communication link created in the recent time. On the other hand, going with the determined perceptions with the view towards considering the specific point relates the overall industrial parameters currently preoccupied with mmWave frequency band (30 to 300 GHz) to offer multi-gigabit per the second Gigabit per second (Gbps) data rates for the 5G technology and spectrum with mobile devices (Mrunalini & Manoharan, 2017). On the other hand, terahertz communication takes the necessary communication with the view towards considering that the problem that mmWave bands are currently facing to an entirely new level that explored over the ways towards getting the loss of propagation required caused by a tremendous amount of single attenuation with electromagnetic waves (Shah & Ashraf, 2018).

With the core application of the technological framework in the recent time used for mobile backhaul in wireless communications, with the view towards transferring significant bandwidth signals between the communication stations (Mrunalini & Manoharan, 2017). On the other hand, the most significant perceptions explored how the use of the selected technological framework was employed over the methods in close communication over radio application. According to Olenewa (2013), the process includes the ways where the application of chosen technical framework defines the context for making the necessary considerations of using high-resolution spectroscopy. However, imaging and communication aspects to determine over the ways while using short-range communication in the form of massive bandwidth channels with zero error rate in casual areas over any network such as coding, redundancy, and frequency diversity (Shah & Ashraf, 2018). Therefore, the contribution made while using the selected technological determined the best and core contribution in wireless communication.

network and communication in networking assignment

Figure 1: Terahertz Technological Framework
(Source: Mrunalini & Manoharan, 2017)

Reference List
Arya, K. V., Bhadoria, R. S., & Chaudhari, N. S. (Eds.). (2018). Emerging Wireless Communication and Network Technologies: Principle, Paradigm and Performance. Springer. Bensky, A. (2019). Short-range wireless communication. Newnes.

Hill, M. D., & Cruickshank, D. B. (2019). Ceramic materials for 5G wireless communication systems. Networking assignmentAmerican Ceramic Society Bulletin, 98(6), 20-25.
Mrunalini, S., & Manoharan, A. (2017). Dual band reconfigurable graphene based patch antenna in terahertz band for wireless network on chip applications. IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, 11(14), 2104-2108. Olenewa, J. (2013). Guide to wireless communications. Cengage Learning.
Shah, S., & Ashraf, M. (2018). Signal path loss measurement for future terahertz wireless propagation links. vol, 5, 193-197.


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