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Networking Assignment : Report & Proposal for M2M


Task: In your role as a Solutions Architect at M2M Solutions, you are leading a team of several system administrators. M2M solutions is a medium sized organisation and is currently expanding its operations.

The company has acquired six sites across Sydney to accommodate its various departments.You have been asked to design a network by utilizing private IP address. The network should span six buildings with a router in each building to join the networks. It is assumed that each building will have its own single subnet .Company expects approximately 1200 workstation across all the sites with approximate numbers in each building as follows:

  • Finance Office - 260 workstations
  • Transport Office 130 workstations
  • Research Office - 120 workstations
  • Sales Office - 40 workstations
  • Information technology - 520 workstations
  • Head Office - 60 workstations

Task 1 - Write a 1000 words (+1- 10%) report explaining:

  1. The detailed design of a simple addressing solution (with diagram(s) and step by step workout of the calculations) that leaves room for growth, is easy to administer and has the minimum wastage of available IP address space.
  2. .Explain what happens to your design if the number of hosts per network jumps to over 1,024 per building.

TASK 2 - Currently the company policy does not allow the use of network analysers on the organisational network. You have recently had a team meeting where all the staff are of the view that the use of network analysers can bring more efficiency in troubleshooting processes.

Write an 800 words (+1- 10%) report for the board of directors proposing to allow the use of network analysers for diagnostic purposes in new proposed network architecture. Your report should include:

a. Brief explanation of protocol in the context of communication networks and the role of network analysers. Explanation should include example of a situation where network analysers can be used in the context of Task

b. An analysis of currently available network analyser tools. The analysis should contain:

  • Benefits, associated costs, ease of usability
  • Recommendation from you, as to what tool would you prefer to use and why.


Report Explanation
1.a) A Detail design of proposed network architecture for M2M
It is mentioned that the M2M is dedicated to open and expand the business of their organization keeping in view all computer organization and design of the computer process. This process-design is related to the software and hardware design. It means that there should be followed some special kind of facilities at centre. As a consequence of this, the organization has established a networking system of computer. The offices will have the same desired functioning of the computer system. There is no doubt I have been provided all essential elements of the organization and I shall fulfill the dreams that organization has set up. The computer organization in this company should be designed by me related to network design(Brasch, 2011). Firstly, in the company I should explain about what the network design is all about through this Networking Assignment. The company has also provided some of the insights that make one capable for organizing the network design and it explains how the network design should be made. The insights in this Networking Assignment have indicated about the subnet the network that has the six branches that would be implemented in such a manner that will facilitate the around 1200 workstations. In any network, workstation is PC and this means that there should be followed six branches of the network. The Internet Protocol should be used and in the network is about, 2007). We are providing some sample solutions of Networking Assignment, to help you in building up a concept plan in drafting the solution yourselves. Using the format given below will help you in drafting the Networking Assignment in a descent way.

Network Diagram for M2M

Figure 2: Proposed Network Diagram for M2M
(Source: Created by author)

  • There is no doubt that there is wagga office and this includes the workstations that are 300 in total numbers.
  • There is no doubt that there is wagga office and this includes the workstations that are 300 in total numbers.
  • There is also the albury office and with this there are 125 workstations that work with the common server. In the classification of computer it is divided into the basis of the size and data. The mainframe computers are associated with other computers.
  • In temora office, there are also workstations that are 215 in number. These workstations work on well founded principles of networking
  • In culcarin office there are 150 workstations, it means that there is large number of computer system and the number of workstation shows how they are connected with ach other. The main function of the workstation is that there should be proper care of the system and the networking should be followed with some grid. In my point of view, there should be made some networking site that should support the same. In this way, all the process will be required to be established in this way.

The network topology is used to determine the IT solutions company or the organization. With this there can be seen that how the workstations is connected to three different desktop PC and how server provides a interface to the computers(Hagan, Demuth, Beale & De Jesu?s, 2016). There is also smart phone and wi-fi that is connected through the workstation that is passing through the terminal. The company is dedicated to give the workstation to multi numbers of the computer. But, the main source of every connection or network design is that of the internet and it also provides the same.

Simple addressing solution: For the main purpose of establishing the addressing solution is that related to the network design. It is /21 network that has been used in the development of the solution and there are 1100 hots that well accommodate the network system. In some time, the servers will be directly responsible to connection of network that is explained as below.

  1. Major Network:
  2. Available IP addresses in major network: 2046
  3. Number of IP addresses needed: 1130
  4. Available IP addresses in allocated subnets: 2036
  5. 100% of available major network address is utilizing
  6. About 68% of subneted network address space is utilizing

From the above information it is clear and evident that network addressing solution will result in no kind of the wastage of IP address (Lakervi & Holmes, 2007). It means that the IP address is stored and saved in the logical manner. The organization is also committed to development of suitable address IP to be sued at the workstations. In the meantime, it should have better building of the infrastructure that will

Subnet Name

Needed Size

Allocated Size



Dec Mask

Assignable Range


Finance office



/23 -

Transport Office



/24 -

Research Office



/25 -

Sales Office



/26 -

Information Technology



/22 -

Head Office



/26 -

1.b) Explanation of design when the hosts number per network jumps to 1024 per building
In the above diagram of this Networking Assignment, it is clear that the addressing table has been sued in order to have /21 networking grid. It has been sued to explain the same with different factors(Oppenheimer, 2011). The most common factor is that related to the number of hosts in the network that has been explained and increased about 1024 per building the total addressing table. The network sometimes need to be changed and this means there should be descriptions of IP addresses as mentioned above.

Therefore, the network design should be implemented in such a manner that the network that is connected to several computers should be carried forward with different ways so that the company gains momentum and transaction becomes easy between hardware and computer users. The computers users will deny access to what is not applicable through their own computer. It is with this that IP address plays an important role in this company(Pop, 2012).

Proposal to Board of Director for M2M
2a. Protocol in communication networks context
Network protocol can be stated as the set of guidelines that can allow the network management in better and secured way through controlling its characteristic such as: types of cabling, allowed physical topologies, speed of data transfer, and access method (Hu et al., 2018). The network analyser should be considering these facts while establishing the network between the different offices of M2M and allow the users to avail the best services. For example: Local Talk, ethernet, FDDI, ATM, and Token Ring.

b. Network Protocol Analyzer
Following are the six best approaches and tools those could be utilized as the protocol analyzer for the proposed organization’s network solution:

  • Ethereal
  • M2M IT solutions
  • Network Instruments' Observer

The above mentioned network analyzer tools will be playing an effective role in network protocol analysis of the established network and find out the reasons behind the proper or improper functioning of the devices being used in this network. These analyzer tools are suggested in this Networking Assignment to expose the data and sniff the traffic and the applied protocols that passes along the wire. The recommended network analyzer tool is the ethereal that could be applied in this network for the identification and management of the proper functioning of the network (Sija et al., 2018). This can be cost effective than other tools and very easy for the user to operate and provide commands. Following is the list of applications those could be delivered through the application of this analyzer tool:

  • For the problems those might be hard to solve can be eliminated through troubleshooting option
  • Identify and detect the virus or malwares those could possibly influence the network and data being exchanged for network
  • Collect data and information related to network – utilization metrics and traffic patterns
  • Analyse the unused protocols in manner to remove and utilize them for the establishment of a secured and much applicable network.
  • Traffic can be generated for the purpose of penetration testing
  • Utilize it with the honeypot or with an IDS (Intrusion Detection System )
  • Identify the location of “locate unauthorized Instant Messaging—IM—traffic or wireless Access Points—Aps” eavesdropping on the traffic
  • Explore the concept of networking

You can observe that in this networking assignment a detailed analysis is being conducted which helped us to arrive at this conclusion.

In this sample solution of networking assignment a detailed analysis is done by referring to the academic theories which helped us to arrive at an accurate inference.

Brasch, N. (2011). The Internet. Mankato, Minn.: Smart Apple Media.

Gaffin, J. (2007). Internet protocol 6. New York: Novinka Books.

Hagan, M., Demuth, H., Beale, M., & De Jesu?s, O. (2016). Neural network design. [S. l.: s. n.].

Hu, Z., Shi, J., Huang, Y., Xiong, J., & Bu, X. (2018, May). GANFuzz: a GAN-based industrial network protocol fuzzing framework. In Proceedings of the 15th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers (pp. 138-145). ACM.

Lakervi, E., & Holmes, E. (2007). Electricity distribution network design. Herts: Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Oppenheimer, P. (2011). Top-down network design. Indianapolis, Ind.: Cisco Press.

Pop, P. (2012). Generalized network design problems. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Sija, B. D., Goo, Y. H., Shim, K. S., Hasanova, H., & Kim, M. S. (2018). A Survey of Automatic Protocol Reverse Engineering Approaches, Methods, and Tools on the Inputs and Outputs View. Security and Communication Networks, 2018.


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