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Networking Assignment: Proposing a Framework For Calasanz Institution


Task: This assignment is designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills related to the following learning outcomes:

  • Explain human factors in achieving business and technical goals through planning and design.
  • Investigate and develop an architectural internetworking design for the business and application domains.


Introduction: The networking settings is among the main necessity of shifting the introduction of the data and developing the extension in the functions. The networking administration will be accomplished for allowing the advancement in the access to the internet and growth. The data position will be designated using the continuation from the sensible and efficient handling of networking improvement. The positioning will be marked regarding the constant administration in the functions. The positioning might also generally be marked for developing the efficient improvement of the networking framework for Calasanz institution. The networking assignment will give the summary of the task opportunity determining the functions which are required to be performed regarding the conclusion of the networking settings. The positioning will be carried out with the specific data positioning and improvement [3].

Opportunity in the Task: The opportunity of the task range from the positioning of the functions for allowing the improvement in the services. The finalization in the task will be noticeable for allowing the continuation in the services. The evaluation in the functions will be used for allowing the continuation efficient data administration [2]. The task opportunity requires the usage in the efficient and quick administration in the data regarding the setup in the networking configuration within Calasanz institution. The networking settings regarding the task given in this networking assignment will be carried out making use of both TL-SF1048 routers in order to connect EIGHTEEN classes of high school and FIFTEEN classes of primary school building. The modern range administration will be carried out for developing the development in the services for developing the efficient administration of functions.

Problems: The main challenges in this assignment for networking is Calasanz institution facing issues in connecting their entire operation process in a single network from which they can access required information. From the given case study, it is identified that there are several restriction on accessing information which is necessary. Also, there are no centralised server that can be a efficient as well as cost effective technology for Calasanz institution.

User Based Layout Principle: To cover both the two for example secondary school and essential structure, creating of a concentrated systems administration arrangement is basic. To introduce all remote passages, it is fundamental that it is introduced in spots where might be no issues of obstruction as it affects execution of system by debilitating the flag quality. In request to enable clients, to contribution to be handled even after a framework disappointment, repetitive gadgets must be conveyed which would then enable auxiliary gadgets to finish the procedure.

The planning might consist of the usage of one primary switch linked to two Wi-Fi routers one for primary and other for high school. In each one of the classes, a wireless point will be placed for allowing the accessibility of the net. The use of networking enhancement will be carried out for allowing the continuation in the functions for encountering progressive information alignment. The type of management of functions will be used for making sure the confinement in the efficient work technique [5].

Project Hardware Needs: The networking position of Calasanz institution as referred in this networking assignment will be designated by using the primary wireframe router settings . The use of the networking advancement will be carried out for allowing the continuation in the functions for enduring the progressive data positioning. Listed here are the equipment needs for the networking setup.








RJ45 ports

TL-SF1048 Ethernet Switch

48 10/100M Auto-Negotiation

All 48 ports support auto MDI/MDIX



Quantum QHM6633 4-Port USB Hub (Multicolor)



4 USB ports

Standard A type up to 100mA current per port

1 USB Mini B type female input connector



Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini N300 Mini Wi-Fi Extender/Access Point/Wi-Fi Bridge


EW-7438RPn Mini can work as

Access point or

Wi-Fi extender

Wireless bridge


D-Link DGE-528T Network Interface Card


Installable in a PC equipped with PCI expansion slots

Maximum 2000Mbps full-duplex speed

D-Link DGE-528T high-performance PCI card

Range of 10/100/1000Mbps copper Gigabit for desktop PC

Turns a desktop computer into a high-bandwidth Gigabit workstation or a server running


Rrimin PCI-E for M.2 PCI-E SSD (NGFF) SSD 2230 2242 2260 2280 card M Key PCI-E X4 NG (119756)


“Adapter card support Socket2 (Gen2) B

M key PCIe x2 M.2 NGFF SSD

Socket3 (Gen3) M key PCIe x4 M.2 NGFF

SSD to PCIe x4 slot (the PCI Express graphics card slot)”


Cisco WAP150-A-K9-NA Wireless AC/N Dual Radio Network Access Point


WAP150 access point

Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Improved coverage on mobile devices

Prioritize bandwidth-sensitive traffic for voice over IP (VoIP) and video applications. 

Reduce cabling and wiring costs

Intelligent quality-of-service (QoS) features

Support flexible installation

Uses concurrent dual-band radios [1]

Network Design

Network Design assignment

According to the necessity suggested in this networking assignment the clients must login to their separate office for utilizing the web administrations, in this system structure six switches are exhibited for six unique divisions where individual clients can interface with their area of expertise switch.

Outcomes: Following are the outcomes -

  1. The effects of the networking might allow the improvement in the efficient and smart positioning in the networking configuration regarding the Calasanz institution.
  2. The planning might range from the utilization of one primary switch linked to two wireless routers one for primary class and high classes building.
  3. Within each one of the classes, a wireless position will be maintained for allowing the accessibility of the net.
  4. Both TL-SF1048 routers will be utilized for linking [3].

Limitations: Following are the limitations given in this networking assignment -

  1. The constraints in the networking configuration will be noted for the improvement in the smart as well as efficient structure in the functions for net connection for Calasanz institution. Safety set up is incredibly convincing for impact the introduction of the job to make the management in the workplaces.
  2. Development of wireless network with a centralised system is one of the biggest limitations of this network

There exists a probability of data inaccessibility due to the specific problems are extremely affordable that may make effects of the information development [1]. The set up will be achieved for making certain the data could be reached through each of the homerooms in the effective data the panel. The set up in the data source on remote control accessibility will be achieved regarding the skill in the functions for strengthening the publishing of the functions. Crucial problems in gathering the limitation in the enhanced development functions for the panel of information.

It may be came to the conclusion through the research in this networking assignment that this inference in the networking parts will be completed with the appropriate and efficient administration in the network methods and concepts. Both TL-SF1048 switches will be useful for combining the 18-study place of secondary institution and 15 study place of primary school building will be placed apart using the usage of the main wireframe switch layout. It is referred in this assignment for networking that the program might include the use of a single guideline change related to two remote buttons one each institution building. The data positioning described in this networking assignment has been specified with all the continuation in the smart as well as efficient handling in the networking improvement. The positioning has been carried out with the particular data positioning and improvement. In each one of the research halls referred in this networking assignment, a remote-control point will be held for running the access of the net. Networking assignments are being prepared by our computer networking homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable homework assignment help online service.

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[3]"Network Design news, help and research - SearchNetworking",, 2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 28- Apr- 2019].

[5]A. Nahir, A. Orda and A. Freund, "Topology Design of Communication Networks: A Game-Theoretic Perspective", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 405-414, 2014. Available: 10.1109/tnet.2013.2254125.


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