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Network Assignment: Tailback Conditions Of Advanced Medicos Ltd


Task: Advanced Medicos Limited (AML) is a digital health company, which sells healthcare products. Their main product is system (hardware) which provides a variety of health services. AML now intends to provide the health services through the web in addition to the system they sell so customers do not necessarily have to buy the system. In view of this, AML needs to upgrade their network. The company needs your expertise to upgrade their existing network. Their current network is old and will need to be replaced. The managing director has asked for a “software development company of the future, using the latest technologies with a network which can accommodate the load now and for another five years and leaves room for further expansion”.
AML’s headquarter (HQ) is located in two adjacent three-story buildings (Buildings A and B). The distance between the buildings is 20m. AML has currently about 150 employees. The organization has five departments:

Software Development and Marketing are in Building A with the other two departments are in Building B. The network is a simple switched network with no wireless support. All the workstations, printers and other devices are connected through the wired network. There is no support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The server farm (3 or more servers) in located in Building B. Currently, there is no direct connection between the two buildings and the two buildings access each other’s networks through a web portal. The edge router (router that is connected to the internet and provides internet access to the organization) is located in Building
A. Future
The future aspiration is to change the culture of the workplace. The employees and management particularly want to enable working from home for the software development team. In this regard, it is expected that all software developers (80) will be issued with Laptops/MacBook Pro which they can take home. AML will also need to increase their resources to support the new online services. The production process will also be updated. The production team will need 60 new computers to control the 3D printers. The administration CSC00240 Assignment 3 S3/2019 department will be adding 8 more workstation and 2 printers to handle the extra workload. AML also wants to be more open and allow BYOD but it does not want to compromise on security. AML also needs to connect with a WAN at a branch office which has just been opened in another city. The new branch has only two departments: software development (25 hosts) and marketing (6 hosts). This branch is located approximately 100 km from the HQ of the company. They need to be linked to the existing software development company’s HQ network.
Important objectives of the Future Network:
The main objectives for the proposed solution are:
• A modern network for the company
• More accessibility without compromising on security
• Support for online services
• To ensure that these company has videoconferencing between the main office and their branch. The network is proposed to achieve the above objectives considering the company’s following business and technical goals.
Business goals:
• Improved communications, wireless, videoconferencing, etc.
• Spare no expense,
• Protect company information,
• The company of the future will have over 400 employees,
• Be excellent in technology.
Technical goals:
• The current network, computer rooms are to be upgraded to a modern network (campus design) to meet developers and employee’s needs,
• Scalability – remember they want to expand for next five years,
• Availability – Wireless network access is available in all employees as well as some outdoor areas for software developers and employees,
• Employees have access to company resources from both company and home (different servers),
• Performance – network performance must be high,
• Reliability – no single point of failure,
• Security – protection of company information and other IT assets,
You are required to design a recommended network for AML’s HQ (main branch) LAN based on the current and future user network requirements. What you need to do You are required to design the network you would recommend. Remember the goal of building a new network is that it will support the company needs for the next five years. Your recommendations are to be submitted as a formal report containing your analysis of the present situation and your recommended network solution. You are free to make any further assumptions you wish. In your report, you are required to:
CSC00240 Assignment 3 S3/2019
i. Analyse user network requirements. ii. Suggest a type of network architecture that is suitable for the organisation. You will need to identify all the media (circuits), network hardware necessary to build the network(s) you are proposing and to justify your choice, i.e., you will need to explain the function of the hardware and network choice in your solution and to justify your choice by value for money, Quality of Service (QoS), security, etc. iii. Explain IP address plan for the proposed network iv. Explain logical network design with diagram(s) for the proposed network. v. Draw physical network(s) diagram that shows how you connect the hardware you have chosen in (ii). The company was assigned the following IP address range to use for their networks:
IP: 172.16.1XY.0/21
XY is the last 2 digits of your student ID.
You are expected to provide an optimum address allocation solution with the following details:
• IP address requirement for each sub-network
• IP address allocation plan for each network/sub-network including network address, subnet mask, broadcast address, default gateway address and valid host address range.
• IP address allocation plan for key network device and interfaces e.g., servers, printers, router interfaces, etc.
As part of your report, you are required to write an executive summary explaining why your design meets the business and technical goals. Presentation and referencing are important. Remember that it is a company, and access to the internet will need to be controlled and some sites blocked.
Your report must include explanations justifying the design decisions you have made. To help with these assumptions the following information is available:
IT Platform: Windows Server 2019
Switches/routers (Cisco/Huawei)
As the HQ needs to be connected to the branch office, you will need to show how the HQ is connected to the branch office. Your textbook has this information shown as Best Practice Design for LAN (campus).


Executive summary
AML is required to improve its present network for achieving its objective and gaining growth in the upcoming five years. This network assignment will shade light on the condition of the present framework of network of the building. The evaluation is conducted for analysing the requirements in the design of new network in terms of components security and other factors for removing the current bottlenecks. This network assignment also provides suggestion for improving the usage, performance, security and cost of the network so that company can perform its operations in an effective manner.

The purpose of this network assignment is to recognise the present tailback conditions of the prevailing Advanced Medicos Limited network. The network assignment will also provide suggestions as a solution so that these tailbacks can be removed along with the advancement of the present infrastructure of network. The objective of the organization is also assessed for the generation of new framework of network.

Part A. Analysis of User Requirements
Advanced Medicos Limited is a well-known organization of healthcare sector that perform its operations digitally. The company offers an array of the healthcare products and the main products of the company involves hardware which is used for delivering various health care services. The organization is required to advance its network so that it can expand its network in the upcoming five years. The network is developed after analysing the expected requirement of network in future so that the employees of company can use it from the various geographical locations.

What is the scope of the project examined in the network assignment?
The development of the network can be used in developing various plans among which IP addressing plan is also one. It is developed after analysing the increment in number of the users for every department of the company. It also involves the analysis of the wireless requirement and the users that uses the wireless solutions for developing a distinct subnet for network. It enables the users to link their wireless devices with AML network and advance their performance. The hardware and data transmission media which is required for creating framework of network can also be evaluated by using this work. The performance and efficiency of network can be improved by improving the security of network so that the critical data of organization can be secured. This work will help on evaluating security of network and eliminating the menace of an unauthorised access.

Analysis of User Requirements
Adhering to current day working paradigm as discussed in the network assignment, a flexible form of service mechanism through ‘work from home’ is a convention. AML addresses the future oriented proposition to meet this working flexibility requirement through software development effectiveness. With the utilization of 75 MacBook Pros and Laptops embedded with innovation software team features allow home usage. It is found that 70 different machines shall be required for normal way of production support which regulates with 3D printers. 2 printers and 8 additional workstations are necessary posed by the admin.

BYOD necessitates connections to establish by avoiding cyber security where WA is the suitable link for connecting branch office in different city located at 100 Kms distance. There are marketing approaches through 6 servers and software development through 25 different host servers addresses 2 departments of the new office branch.

Following include new requirement:

New Office Requirements

Current Numbers

New Requirement

New Office (WAN)

Software Development Workstations






75 Laptops/ MacBooks


Production Workstations





70 machines to control 3D printers


Marketing Workstations







Accounting and Finance Workstations






Administration Workstations








Objectives and purpose of AML mentioned within this network assignment as discussed below:

Creating optimized security across cyber activities with uncompromised protocol is the present aim identified in AML. Online services enable the organization to enjoy video-conferencing through branch head office facilitation. Delivering business oriented perspective established in a technical network manifestation is aimed to be delivered. Cost compromising avoided for extended protection measure being secured. Effective technological solution in generating scalable support system of future 5 years is proposed by AML. With wireless accessibility high availability of tech-support is attempted to continue the high-end performance services. AL tries to maintain high reliability in offering secure software services. With this purpose orientation AML ensures to extend access even in remote locations to enhance employee experience prospect.

Design of Network for Recommended Network
Media for Data Transmission
The development of network as illustrated in the network assignment requires a medium which can be used for adjoining every adjacent building along with replacing the current connection of web portal. This medium is established by using cable of optical fibre. The distance among the adjacent building is 40 meters so it is important to keep the size of cable of optical fibre to 50 meters (Siriwardhana, et al., 2019). While making the estimation of cost for cabling the network the charge of installation must be included along with the cable cost. The cables that are used for adjoining the nodes are the UTP category six cables (Fisch, White and Pooch, 2017). This interconnection is established in a local area network for every department of building.

The replacement of VPN connection and utilization of link for linking every building or department results into improved efficiency of the shared resources (Willlner, 2019). The reliability and efficiency of the shared resources as discussed in the context of this network assignment plays crucial role in achieving the objectives and goals of a company. It is the main requirement of the team which is developing the software in company to exchange information and data at a higher speed for improving their productivity. The present VPN of the company provided herein network assignment is causing tailbacks due to the slow speed of internet by which data is transferred. The reduction in the network performance is occurred as the exchange of information is conducted through current bandwidth (Sadiku, 2017). The increasing growth of organization reflects the increment in the requirement of improved network. The exchange of information is established among the various departments of all three adjacent buildings by using a consistent communication. The optical fibre link is used by data centre which enables the enhancement in bandwidth up to 10 gb per second for every floor of building. The use of category 6 cable can provide support to gigabit ethernet which connects each department of the company (Bonde and Rissvik, 2018). It also prevents the project from the extra cost of replacing the existing cable with the new ones.

Requirement of hardware (Network and Users)
The present setup of AML network depicted in the network assignment has layer 2 switches. These switches are required to be change with the layer 3 switches in core layer. It helps in managing the routes along with efficient distribution of VLAN information with layer 2 switches. Layer 3 switches must encompass 48 ports. It should be replaced with main switch of every floor of building (Rahmani, et al., 2018). It also plays the crucial role of mainstay switch of data centre therefore the installation of SFP module is required for establishing the link among the fibres. The SFP module is required to install for every layer 3 switch so that each switch of every floor can be linked (Khamaisee and Ganor, 2019). The user request load is handled by virtualization which can be conducted by using High End servers. The Hardware which is used for establishing high end server are following:

  • Motherboard – Socket: FCLGA3647 Type: NSBM
  • Server Model – Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Tower Workstation
  • Memory – 16 Gb DDR4
  • Processor – 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon Gold 5118 12-Core
  • Storage - Minimum 500 Gb or above
  • NIC - 2 x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2016
  • Virtual OS – vSphere VMWare

The installation of the high-end server also requires shifting of the existing services along with the relocation of the building of data centre. The installation of secondary server plays crucial role of disaster recovery along with providing support in adjoining the business. The various department of the organization can use this server for recuperating their data.

The present network framework discussed in the network assignment has ports that are not effective in terms of scalability for the expansion of network in the future. Therefore, for the further growth of company the installation of the additional switches is required. Since the increasing use of layer 3 switches has caused reduction in the cost so they can be installed in large quantity for improving the performance and capacity of the network (Koganti, et al., 2016). The improvement in productivity requires selection of appropriate technology. The implementation of additional switches provides support in enhancing the scalability of proposed infrastructure of network.

For achieving the objective of the company, it is necessary to improve the performance of network which is achieved by establishing redundant link for adjoining every department of company with its datacentre. For reducing the interruption in transmission, it is important to reduce the jitter and loss of data packet (Kancherla, 2019). It will also improve the availability of network. For improving the performance of every department and removing the impact of increasing usage of network by one department on another as mentioned in the case of network assignment, the distinct channels can be used in various departments of company. The separate VLAN is installed for enhancing the security of network which is constituted with WPA2 PSK encryption. It will eliminate the unauthorised access inn the network (Noh, Kim, Kwon and Cho, 2016).

Network’s Logical Design
The network is developed by using extended star topology. The below figure illustrates the outline of every floor of the building along with grouping as per the departments of company. The redundant link is used by those departments which uses the high bandwidth. The below figures provided within this network assignment also illustrate the interlink among the buildings. The usage of a star organizes topology and the utilization of switches for each floor encourages investigating and fixing broken wires. Furthermore, it disseminates traffic among three unique switches and in case of a switch disappointment; it would just influence the subnet associated with the gadget and not the whole system.

As in each association, AML essential security concerns have to do with information secrecy, respectability, and accessibility. To address the issue of information classification, system will incorporate a space (AML) and all stations, and client will be a piece of the area. Using dynamic catalogue, clients will be allowed access to the association assets, in light of their capacity and jobs in the association.

Network’s Physical Design
The present designed network discussed in the network assignment which is used by company is unable to provide growth to the organization because of which the company is required to design and develop new network which is illustrated in figure 3 and 4. The newly designed network is segmented into three parts that are core, distribution and access. The red colour cables are called backbone cables that are used for joining the hardware components. The various departments are divided as normal users and high traffic. Among three layers of network, the core layer links all three buildings. The study developed in the network assignment signifies that the link between the departments is established by using distribution layer and access layer is used for connecting the host with assigned switches of department.

IPv4 Addressing Plan
The identification of the present users that are working in various departments presently in the company along with the expected increase in the users of various departments is required for creating the Ipv4 addressing plan. The major network of the project explored in the network assignment is categorised as follows:

Major network –


IP subnet and subnet mask

Network Address

Default Gateway Address

Broadcast Address

Key IP Address

Software Development Data

Software Development Wireless

Production Data

Production Wireless

Marketing Data

Marketing wireless

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Administration Data

Administration Wireless

The network can face different errors which are generated by using application that causes reduction in the performance of network. The Advanced Medicos Limited chosen to prepare this network assignment is a digital healthcare organization that provides a range of hardware and other support for delivering healthcare services. The reduced performance of its network is influencing the performance and efficiency of the company. Therefore, the company is required to minimise the time taken for responding to the application along with making sure that the real time application must remain updated in terms of information and data. The various channels are used for transferring the data to data centre along with replacement of current communication by the web portal for generating a direct link. It will improve the efficiency of the network of the company. The present network is also facing the issue of restricted bandwidth because of the application of web portals. It is removed by establishing a direct link among the various departments and data centre of the company. The firewall is also installed for improving the security of network from the unauthorised access along with managing the outgoing and incoming traffic. The network also has disaster recovery which preserves the loss of data and improves the efficiency of network. The network assignment has also shown the cable outline plan which is required to be annulled for achieving the goals of company along with providing support in online services of it. It is also helpful in setting link with headquarter to every branch by using direct link. It also reduces the jitter and delay in network. The proposed designed network will be helpful in improving the quality of network and services of the company.

Following information provided in the network assignment are the recommendations for AML to implement new network –

  • The company can swap its mechanism of file transfer with the help of present server. It can also use the direct link for exchanging information among departments that are location in the different buildings. The reduction in bandwidth and latency is required for improving performance and removing limitations.
  • The present switches can be replaced with the layer 3 switches which supports the gigabit Ethernet. The main network can be segmented into subnet for reducing the IP address wastage. It will also helpful in prioritizing the traffic as per the requirements of every department of company.
  • One of the main recommendations based on the case of network assignment is that the constructed service and numerous servers are also required to swap with a high-end server for resolving the software issues and improving the compatibility of network.
  • VPN connection is necessary to set up which enable the distant users to link with local network along with managing the files.
  • The company is also required to invest in cloud solutions for storing data in cloud servers. It provides access to the distant users without influencing the performance of network.

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Willner, A. (2019). Optical fiber telecommunications (Vol. 11). Academic Press.


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