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   Free sample   Network architecture and design assignment for drop and forge manufacturing firm

Network Architecture and Design assignment exploring communication network up gradation for Drop and Forge manufacturing firm


Task: How can communication up gradation for Drop and Forge manufacturing firm be outlined using Network Architecture and Design assignment research techniques


This Network Architecture and Design assignment explored strategies to upgrade existing communication networks and equipment for Drop and forge manufacturing firm. Drop and Forge is a huge manufacturing firm that uses a communication network to run its operations. The firm may expand its production lines and workforce numbers in response to rising consumer preferences. However, the company's existing network infrastructure must be replaced with more modern system architecture. All of the basic organisational requirements will be recognised in this paper, and the organisation will be provided with appropriate network architecture.This Network Architecture and Design assignmentwill present both the logical and physical network topology. For this work, all of the relevant networking devices will be specified. However, the industry's potential business gains from effectively deploying the network configuration will be explored. On the other side, a few of the privacy problems and concerns will be highlighted in this assessment, which will aid the company in taking adequate security safeguards. This Network Architecture and Design assignment, on the other hand, will supply the Drop and Forge organisation with a thorough network architectural design.

Task 1: Logical design analysis using Network Architecture and Design assignment techniques

Network architecture component
The network infrastructure can be used to categorise the infrastructure into different layers and description of all the steps that are required to set up a network. The following are the various components of the presented networking approach: E-commerce edge:This layer gives access into all the information related to the daily activities and operations of the company. Internet access:Users will get internet access through this layer and all the networking resources will be connected through this layer.

Data centre:It will be made up of the company's servers, such as Web servers, DHCP server, and database servers. The main building will have a physical server with physical safety for being interconnected, as well as a comprehensive database for handling all data associated with continuing corporate activities (Yazdinejad et al., 2021). Core layer:In order to enhance the internet performance between the two major building structures, this component will establish connections within the server. It will be made up of switches that interconnect the structures and will handle more information than the foundation structures.

Distribution layer:The communication will be dispersed across the end devices utilising LANs at this tier. Devices can be used to distribute the connection to various parts of the company infrastructure (Junges, François and Festor, 2021). Access layer:In this layer, users will be able to get access into all the network resources and information storage of the system.

Application system
In the below table, all the necessary network applications have been illustrated.

Sl No.

Network traffic

Name of the application

Utilized networking protocol

Data storage device

Network users

Network bandwidth


Client/ Server




Company staff



Client/ Server

Mail transfer


Mail server

Company staff

258 kbps


Client/ Server

File Transfer



Company staff

50 mbps


Client/ Server

Invoice generator


Database server

Accounting department

0.8 mbps


Client/ Server

Web Browser



Company staff

8 Mbps


Client/ Server

Online video application




15 mbps


Client/ Server

Android application



Smartphone users

50.5 kbps


Client/ Server

CRM Application


Database server

Marketing department

320 kbps


Client/ Server

Financial management application



Admin Panel

310x20 mbps

Network users
Primary users of this Network Architecture and Design assignment proposed network are the company staff and users. During the network information sharing between the internal and external users, this could be considered as the secondary network users.Drop and Forge, based in Toledo, Ohio, is a significant manufacturing enterprise. There are two important sites on these premises, an office complex and a production plant. The campus employs approximately 200 people including working staff and management staff. All individuals and corporate management have accessibility to a network connection that allows them to share data and use the computer.This will help to improve network infrastructure as well as data and information administration. The maintenance portion will be used by the management, who will have increased access to the device. The system administrators will have accessibility to all network broadcasts and transactions. To minimise consumption and stabilize the network, different committees will need to be on different networks.

Categorizing network needs
The campus now has approximately 120 computers and 12 printers. However, the older network architecture must be replaced by an advanced network architecture that will help to enhance the business productivity and performance. In this section of the Network Architecture and Design assignment, all the major requirements of the company have been identified that must be fulfilled through the new network architecture:

• Capacity of the existing network traffic needs to be increased by at least 50% that will increase the network speed also.
• All the data communication paths and routes must be secured from external users illegal intruders.
• For future purposes, the network should be made scalable to expand branches at the same campus or other locations (Tokarz et al. 2020).
• All the current networking components must be updated or replaced with latest technologies or devices based on the business requirements.
• Wireless facilities should also be introduced by installing wireless access points in each VLAN to provide a flexible working environment to the network users.
• A separate server room or data base storage must be introduced into the network architecture of the company. The mentioned factors have been demonstrated to show the company's essential organisational and technical requirements. All essential network improvements could be made based on the firm's needs, and a sophisticated network infrastructure could be supplied to the organization.

Logical design
In the below figure, a logical network design has been developed for Drop and Forge manufacturing company.


Figure 1: Logical network architecture
(Source: Author)

This Network Architecture and Design assignmentprovides a logical network infrastructure for the Drop and Forge organization as represented in the figure shown. The communication system was built using a variety of network equipment, such as a router, switch, work station, wireless devices, web server, wireless router, and others. The corporate personnel and users might benefit from an increased data transmission and communication experience to the developed network architecture. The consumers could use all of the industry's technical requirements through the developed infrastructure.The Wi-Fi connectivity has been enabled on each level of the office complex. The production site, on the other side, has been equipped with an access point that will give working flexibility (Athab and Saheb 2022). The data centre, on the other side, is located in the midst of the two units in the Toledo campus.

A firewall has also been implemented for network security purposes, which will analyse network traffic and safeguard the enterprise server from harmful activity.

Task 2: Physical design identified on this Network Architecture and Design assignment

Designing client and server
Windows 2016 server could be utilized to install all the networking devices. This server will be able to provide all the necessary features that could be utilized by the users.

Designing circuit
A physical network structure presents an overview of a company's full network infrastructure including the outer locations or client sites. The physical network design of a WAN network provides an amazing picture of the complete data transmission. The physical network configuration of the company is shown in the following diagram. Both the Toledo, Ohio, site and the client location could be seen from this structural perspective. The below diagram illustrates all of the networking architecture's components. The network's core structure is identical to the logical routing protocol (Hang and Kim 2019). The physical system architecture can provide a fundamental overview of the network.At the network interface, Cat 5e Ethernet port will be utilised to provide communication between the various PCs. Fibre optics could be used to create a high-speed connection between building designs, allowing for better communication. Access points located within a specific distance on different levels can be utilised to create a wireless connection for the various hosts. At the network interface, the STAR topology will be employed to distribute the network.

Network design tools
In order to design the network architecture to be proposed on this Network Architecture and Design assignment, MS Visio network diagramming tool could be used by the users. All the networking components are associated with the given tool that will help to develop the network architecture.


Figure 2: Physical network architecture
(Source: Author)

By using MS visio network diagramming tool, the above physical network architecture has been developed.

A few assumptions have been taken to develop the network infrastructure of the company. The main assumptions of the project are the physical network architecture of the company. At the same time, the server room and storage devices have been installed by assuming the organizational need. On the other hand, the network topology has been selected by assuming the company’s building infrastructure (Gu, Zhao and Johnson 2019). Here, the best approach on the information communication development can be considered as the scalable network infrastructure. Additional networking components could be implemented into the network through the network scalability.

Network infrastructure architecture has been built after examining the Drop and Forge company's organisational requirements. The communication system was created using all of the relevant network equipment. This undertaking necessitated the creation of logical and physical system architecture. A brief examination of the data or information connected to the network infrastructure was undertaken based on the task criteria. All of the necessary networking devices have been identified in this study.The firm's prospective business benefits from successfully adopting the communications system, on the other hand, have been explored. On the other hand, this Network Architecture and Design assignmenthas identified a few of the security difficulties and obstacles that will aid the company in implementing effective security measures.

Athab, O.A. and Saheb, A.M., 2022. Design and Implementation of Electronic Infrastructure For Academic Establishment. Network Architecture and Design assignment, arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.03801.
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