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Neoliberalism Assignment Exploring The Different Usages Of The Term And Their Meaning


Task: how to prepare a Neoliberalism assignment that uses a wide variety of ways to clarify the analytical and political work that the term indicates with different usages


The uses identified during this Neoliberalism assignment
In discussing the uses of neoliberalism, the reading is based on various analytical as well as political works. From this reading three primary themes that came out are as follows;

  • Neoliberalismassignment and the role of basic income
  • The impact of food aid and cash transfers
  • The changing need of neoliberalism

In this paper, the discussion will be based on each of these themes along with their respective articulation by the various other authors critically as well as expand them for the further context of understanding neoliberalism.

The role of basic income identified on this Neoliberalism assignment
Neoliberalism in general understanding can be considered as an approach that primarily favors free-market capitalism then deregulation along with the reduction in government spending (Ferguson). But some scholars have their conclusion regarding Neoliberalism as it is bad for the poor along with the working people and for that this needs to be changed(Rodgers). There are also views that due to neoliberalism the basic income of the people is getting disrupted. According to theNeoliberalismassignment, the case of South Africa where there were basic income grants that is a BIG campaign for people clearly show that it is a progressive policy but at the same time, it has numerous sides and complex like social cohesion then stimulating the demand of the people and much more (Ferguson). Some scholars say this idea of universal basic income or the BIG campaign in South Africa is the plot to make people poor because every single person despite their age and income level will receive an equal basic income which will eventually make a huge difference among the income level of the people(Rodgers). It can be also seen that there is no guarantee that the basic income will be sufficient for the actual need of the people.

The impact of food aid and cash transfers
The article provides the view that the present international food aid system is primarily based on the subsidized overproduction of crops from the countries like the USA and distributing them to the country like Africa to deal with drought then natural disasters and much more. In this situation, some of the scholars presented their view that this situation will not solve the problem rather than the temporary crisis will become a permanent crisis for the country. In the process of cash transfer and avoiding the destructive effect of food aid within the country there are some pilot projects like cash for the relief program in Ethiopia (Ferguson). In this program, the cash is not only provided for food but also to rebuild their assets as well as regenerate their livelihoods. According to some of the scholars, it can be argued that cash transfer provided flexibility to the people regarding their needs their about goods or services that are available within the market(Peck, Brenner, and Theodore). It is a critical fact that cash transfer provides power in the hand of the people who knows the best usage of the cash rather than afflict hunger. In every situation encountered during this Neoliberalismassignment, it creates some negative impact on the people to perform their activities.

The changing need of neoliberalism
The situation and the phase need to be changed for the betterment of the people as this will help to create a better world with lots of facilities and food resources. Many will argue that it is not the same thing as changing the world but it will help to improvise the situation. Numerous scholars on neoliberalism have diverse views because it changes according to the situation which creates numerous impacts on the world(Alderson). It becomes quite effective to make progressive arts of government which could be turn out to be the considerable interest for everyone in the world. Close attention to the various techniques and activities need to be done for maintaining the condition of the present world (Ferguson). The political factor in this situation could be more effective to deal with and also to provide some of the suitable working functions to the people in the world. According to most scholars reviewed on this neoliberalism assignment is quite effective for globalization which is kind of true in some cases for maintaining the activities and working function of the people throughout the world. It is highly essential to understand the need of the people and develop policies that will eventually help them.

It can be effectively concluded that neoliberalism is the approach that primarily favors free-market capitalism then deregulation along with the reduction in government spending. It can be also concluded on this Neoliberalism assignment that in some cases the activities primarily creates some serious problem in the society if they are eventually implemented but at the same time, it is also doing some good things for the people throughout the world like it helps to boost the globalization. The fact is clear that the government needs to understand the situation and the condition of the world before improvising any innovative idea or campaign for the people.

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