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NDIS ASSIGNMENT: Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability


Task: What governance, ethics, and sustainability issues are revealed by the scandal involving the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS ASSIGNMENT) in Australia, and what are the implications for the agency's long-term sustainability?



* I am an MBA student

* My country of origin is the UK

* I used to be very active in organising school events like annual sports and annual cultural programs

* Both elements have increased my leadership abilities

I can handle multiple tasks at the same time and it describes my multitasking and time management skills. Analysing the overall case study of NDIS ASSIGNMENT people trafficking is the primary purpose of this starting.

Defining stakeholder and corporate governance failure assignment

* Stakeholders are considered as an entity individual or group which has a concern within the operations activities as well as outcomes of a business (Shaikh and Randhawa, 2022)

* Stakeholders can be categorised into two parts such as external stakeholders and internal stakeholders

* Corporate governance failure assignment recognised as the system of practises, processes and rules by which a business organisation is controlled or directed (Naciti et al. 2021)

Corporate governance failure assignment includes the relationships within the management team, board of directors, shareholders as well as other stakeholders and it highlights a structured method to run a business or set the objectives. Ensuring fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency of a business organisation and its stakeholders is the primary purpose of corporate governance failure assignment.

Describing a scandal

* The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) had to pay a fine of $700 million for failing to monitor transactions properly for potential money laundering (, 2019)

* CBA failed to monitor as well as report suspicious transactions

* Customers of CBA, the Australian government and the whole Australian community affected by this scandal

The government authority of Australia lost millions of dollars in revenue for money laundering due to this scandal and the customers of this banking institution were at high risk of having their financial security stolen or utilised for multiple criminal activities.

Introducing the case study company

* The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is a government agency of Australia

* It offers support as well as funding to the individuals with disabilities

* NDIS ASSIGNMENT was introduced in 2013 (NDIS, 2023)

The primary purpose of NDIS ASSIGNMENT is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It provides skill training programs, financial funding to improve the overall independence of the individuals with disabilities. Improving the overall quality of life of the individuals with disability is the primary purpose of this organisation.

Briefly describing the scandal

* The NDIS ASSIGNMENT has been criticised for exploiting as well as abusing participants

* The service providers of NDIS ASSIGNMENT have abused participants mentally, physically and financially (, 2023)

* The scandal of NDIS ASSIGNMENT can be compared to human trafficking as the providers were trafficking the participants for financial gain

The regulator of NDIS ASSIGNMENT has no information regarding the care providers of the participants. Providing proper care facilities and security to the individuals with disability is the primary purpose of NDIS ASSIGNMENT. However, this organisation has failed to provide adequate facilities and it has been also accused of misusing government money. Most of the exploited individuals have psychological disabilities and they have histories related to drugs as well as alcohol addiction. They acquired brain injuries and they do not have family support. It indicates that the providers played a crucial role to integrate drug as well as alcohol addiction within the participants.

* NDIS ASSIGNMENT can be recognised as a government agency

* The corporate governance failure assignment principles of this agency are similar to the other government organisations (Nadeem, 2021)

* These principles generally include accountability, ethical behaviour and transparency

Lack of transparency of NDIS ASSIGNMENT can be categorised as the major corporate governance failure assignment failure. It provides less attention towards publishing enough information regarding its providers and it is hard for the participants to report in-depth information regarding abuse. Lack of accountability is another major corporate governance failure assignment failure of NDIS ASSIGNMENT as it has a poor system to hold providers accountable for their overall actions. NDIS ASSIGNMENT have gained multiple reports from the participants regarding mental as well as physical abuse. However, it is slow to respond to the allegations and it highlights the poor ethical behaviour related characteristics of this organisation.

Affected stakeholder group

* Individuals with disabilities who were abused as well as trafficked suffered the most from the corporate governance failure assignment failure of NDIS ASSIGNMENT

* Disable individuals have been abused, financially, physically and emotionally

* They did not get basic human rights like the right to freedom of movement

Australia is considered as one of the most impressive developing economies across the globe and it is continuously working towards ensuring the overall sustainability of its citizens. For instance, the NDIS ASSIGNMENT is recognised as the first national scheme across the globe for individuals with disabilities. However, the agency failed to ensure basic human rights of the participants. For instance, the residents did not get the right to live in a secure as well as safe environment. Family members of the individuals with disabilities were also suffered in this context as it has affected the overall mental health condition of them. NDIS ASSIGNMENT providers who were not involved in the abusing method were also affected as it has affected their overall integrity as well as reputation. It is important to mention that the providers have misused tax payers’ money and it has affected the overall financial sustainability of the whole Australian community.

* The quality as well as safeguards commission of the NDIS ASSIGNMENT has been criticised

* The Australian government lost millions of investment in the sector

* The trust between government authority and common people has been broken

It is important to mention that ensuring the safety of common people should be the primary concern of the government authorities across the globe. However, the Australian government has failed to ensure the overall sustainability and integrity of the homeless individuals with disabilities. The providers of supported residential services in Victoria have misused their authority as well as power and it has affected the overall health related condition of the residence.


* Ensuring ethical governance is important in both public and private sector organisations

* Enhancing the overall transparency of NDIS ASSIGNMENT is crucial to ensure its long-term sustainability

* Increasing is regarding accountability within the involved, stakeholders might be effective to ensure ethical practises

NDIS ASSIGNMENT failed to fulfil its role and responsibilities during the recent time period and the government organisation can increase its transparency related characteristics for sustainable development.


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