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Music Appreciation Assignment: Biopic Of Marvin Hamlisch


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


Music appreciation aids in the development of aesthetic appreciation and allows people to think and enjoy themselves thoughtfully. As per the present music appreciation assignment, listening to music improves focus, self-discipline, and social skills such as the capacity to listen, be patient, and speak effectively. It's a significant part of their lives, and it satisfies a want or needs to make music. Music appreciation classes usually contain knowledge about instruments, composers, and music ensembles from a certain era. Non-music tertiary students are frequently enrolled in courses centred on this content. In this assignment, the researcher will be discussing the biopic of Marvin Hamlisch.

Marvin Hamlisch was born on June 2, 1944. He was an American conductor, pianist, composer and a great musician. He has a remarkable versatility because every audience had admired his scores for the theatres and films("Biography | Marvin Hamlisch"). The music composer is more encompassed with more instrumental adaptations like ballad-like solo, rock, songs, disco music and other orchestral compositions that are all classically oriented. aLl of his music styles are encouraged by his father, an immigrant and accordionist from Austria.

The composer had able to display his musical ability from a younger age. He was accepted as a student in Juilliard School at age 6. In this school, he had studied piano under a strict precollege program since the year 1965("Biography | Marvin Hamlisch"). After completion of the music school, he was being enrolled in Queens College located in New York. From this college, he had received a bachelor degree in the year 1967.
His professional music career has been progressed well while studying as a student in school and college. During his teenage years, he worked as the rehearsal pianist for the televised concert series name Bell Telephone Hour. Through the series, he showcased all the classical music and Broadway tunes to his audience("Marvin Hamlisch Obituary"). He also worked as the vocal arranger for Funny Girl's musical stage performance, where the lead vocalist was Barbra Streisand. The composer also had a breakthrough as a songwriter in 1964 when one of the popular singers, Lesley Gode, made a huge hit on her recording of “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. Hamlisch had started hisperiodic of film scoring with Swimmer's music name in 1968, which had spanned over three decades total. One of Hamlisch's most popular original music was in the year 1973 name "The Way We Were". The music arrangement was being copied by the majority of popular musicians like Scott Joplin("Marvin Hamlisch Obituary"). As mentioned earlier, the composer had written the music on the songs, and the lyrics were created by his friend Howard Liebling. He had received Academy awards for creating the best original composition, musical adaptation and dramatic score. He had also received Grammy awards for the best song mentioned above.

During the mid-1990s, it was seen that he had written music for more than 40 movies. After that, he took a break from film scoring, which was a major setback. He did not return to the arena since 2009, where he had created a music piece for "The Informant!". Apart from film work, the composer had able to arrange music for television and theatre. One of his written score names, “A Chorus Line, " won nine Tony awards, including the best musical score and production. He also received a Grammy award under the best performer category in a pop instrumental and new artist.

For his contribution to "Barbra Streisand's" televised concerts and the American Film Institution's anniversary of 100 years completion in their film, Hamlisch earned multiple Emmy Awards. The composer also produced theme music for various regularly aired television programmes, like “Good Morning America" almost smaller(Doarn, 2021). Hamlisch did not leave the musical instruments in something he had received his Juilliard education. He wrote "Anatomy of Peace", one of the popular compositions for chorus and orchestra and includes listeners and upcoming musicians.
Marvin Hamlisch founded the International Music Awards are on the continuing legacy of one of America's most celebrated composers, intending to recognise and help the next generations of diverse music composing abilities. He partnered with jazz trumpeter Wycliffe Gordon and performer Angela Lansbury to develop an animated adaptation of the famous children's story "Zin! Zin! Zin!" in 2010 as a dedication to orchestral music and improvisation(Petropulos,2021). With over 501 applicants, including over 51 countries and celebrities, the virtual global awards event in 2021 was a big success.
Marvin Hamlisch's exceptional musical talent and contagious charisma endeared him to people from all walks of life. The organisation's objective is to promote a fresh era of composers by hosting a world music contest to identify talent and create a varied network of young musicians worldwide. Marvin’s are lasting impact lives on all who enjoy and produce music because it is a worldwide music competition is a great homage to him. He had been incredibly proud among these young artists, including those who provided them with such a significant platform to present their work.

His father, who performed the accordion and headed his band, had instilled in his child a tremendous musical gene that was born with perfect pitch. He also began learning the piano at the age of 6. Hamlisch is a frequent chat show guest, using his wit and storyteller abilities to complement his musical abilities. He used to incorporate it in a mashup of "all the finest songs which have missed the "Academy Awards" during concerts.

From the overall analysis of the report, it could be seen, students can contrast the influence of renowned composers' previous influence on new emerging artistic traits by investigating significant composing aspects and technological breakthroughs from each era. Students will understand the significance of historical changes, including the discovery of new musical instruments from mentioned music composers. Even the concepts are appropriately describing their musical development and its applications in a variety of music. The Baroque period encompasses works written between 1601 and 1751. Increased musical sophistication and experiments into are part of complex composition methods will define this period's elements.

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