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Narration of Moortown Sports And Leisure Centre


Write a report on the current issues faced by the Moortown sports and leisure centre.


PAMS Analysis
In this report, a detailed analysis of PAMS and the mind mapping is conducted. In this context, the PMS represents the analysis of ‘Purpose, Audience, Message, and Style’. When starting the analysis of the topic one can observe that ‘purpose’ helps in determining the outline of the paper. There may raise a genuine question in the reader of this article that what is the main motive of writing an article? The main dilemma in the mind of the reader will be about how to; create and draft a report. By understanding the purpose of the assignment the type of documents required for the planning to the execution of the project is determined. The purpose plays a significant role in shaping the tone, the structure of the language, writing style of the report. Purpose helps in identifying the crucial areas which are connected to the certain interest of the readers (Zhang et al. 2016).

The factor ‘purpose’ is not totally disconnected from the idea of ‘audience’. It is the characteristics and preference of the audience which determines the purpose of the report. It will affect the key determinants of the writing like the style of writing, format, and tone of the report, etc. The ‘purpose’ represents the totality of the report defining its style of framing and the impact on readers. Since the audience is the one who is the primary customers of the book, the audience is considered as one of the essential aspects.

‘Message’ is one of the significant parts in the document which is the writer tries to convey through the report. It is the most important part of the document from the perspective of the writer since all the researches and analysis is done to deliver the message (Singh and Aggarwal 2014). The message given by the author should be simple and appealing. If the message is not being interpreted by the audience because of its convoluted characteristic then the work remains unappreciated and unacknowledged.

In any form of literature, the style of writing is the most significant facet. The style adopted by the writer decides the ‘purpose’ of the literature written by the author. Among all, it is the predominant factor which is the vital part of the article. It is the tone, body, language and the format of the literature which demonstrates the style.

It is using these influencing factors in the PAMS analysis that the below report on Mooretown sports and leisure center is written. In this paper, the purpose of the report documentation is made clear. The objective of the Mooretown sports and center is to make aware the global audience of its outreach program and the programs conducted by it. The targeted population by the Mooretown is the younger generation from schools and colleges who are active physically and take part in the sports competitions. Along with it, the sports center is also encouraging the executives and the rich guys to enroll in the club. A significant amount is being conducted by these members to carry out many social welfare and community service programs.

Mind Mapping
The operational time of the above said Mooretown sports center is formed morning six to nine o clock in the evening. The rush hour for the sports center is between 12 PM to 2 PM from Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 2 PM every Saturday. The canteen of the club is staffed by the volunteers from the University of the Moortown. The students of the Moortown sports and leisure centre voluntarily engage in many activities like managing the event, working as a lifeguard, assembling a social gathering, etc. (Denicolo 2013) A communal get together organized by the Moortown is always being attended by the efforts variety of products like supplements, fragrant oils, fashion dress, etc. are sol there. In these social gatherings, there is a huge demand for refreshment coolers.

Clubs and Program of Centre
The Moortown sports and leisure centre is very meticulous in arranging social gatherings and sports events. In spite of this, the majority of the gathered population have no knowledge of the programs conducted by the game center. Only around 30% of the people had knowledge of more than two tasks. It is a matter of concern for the game center that there are only 10 clubs active at the current time and the service is utilized only by the 2% of locals.

The 13 clubs which are now are active in the game center are

  1. MSLC Table Tennis Team
  2. Central cycling
  3. Lake Moortown Rowers
  4. Lake Moortown Rowers
  5. MSLC Squash Club
  6. Moortown Soccer Club
  7. Moortown Athletics
  8. Moortown Handball Club
  9. Moortown Volleyball club
  10. The Moortown Climbers
  11. Moortown Bowlers
  12. Moortown cricket club
  13. Moortown Basketball Club

In the present scenario, there are no more space and amnesties to admit a new club in the game center. The basketball court and the pool are already engaged in many places.

Structure of Operation processes in the Moortown sports and leisure centre.
Chairman: The Chairman of the Moortown has all the responsibility of the funds related to all the expenditure like transportation occurred in the center.

Coordinator: All the events carried out in the game center should be organized by the coordinator. It is the duty of the coordinator to ensure that all the activities are done according to the plan and all the rules of the organization are followed.

Administration: The administration unit is the most crucial and significant unit of the organization. The administration unit of the sports center is responsible for the smooth and lucid conduction of the events.

Owners of Club: Over ten clubs have an active presence in the game center. The activities of each of the clubs are being managed by the owners or the proprietors of the club.

Correspondence: The correspondence structure of the Moortown game center is a very robust one. Many issues and problems have occurred in the period of peak season. The communication is manifested by the message book in the mid-process of the operation. The book is updated by the outfit receipt data of the clubs by entering the data in the online forum. This method has strengthened the correspondence process of the Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre (Singh and Aggarwal 2014).

Publicizing: The Moortown sports and leisure centre should make more publicity for its campaigns and programs. The game center should advertise the programs conducted by it and make aware the masses in the city. The Moortown is very developed place and the local residents are very conscious about their health. But still, the majority of the population are not aware of the service provided by Moortown game center (Zecchin et al. 2013). The center should provide daily commercials in the newspaper and install flyers to make aware the locals about its service and products (Olatunji et al. 2015). The new clients who are now approaching the center are being attracted by the reference from other people and gathering information from advertisements.

Risks: Since the Moortown sports and leisure centre is the junction of the city, it faces some typical problems which need to be addressed and solved. The major issue faced by the center is the arrangement and segregation of the data. The data like contracts, account books regarding various departments are being handled distinctive way and all the data is converted into a single record book later (Villalpando et al. 2016). The game center needs to organize the employees in order to make daily activities effortless. The Moortown has not provided a plan for reservation in BBQ Lawn (Sellam et al. 2014). Among all the clubs, seven of the clubs are very active and utilize the sources provided by the center to its maximum. The center has built six new health aid centers and it is used by around 35% of members in its zenith time (McKay et al. 2014).

In this report, I have conducted a detailed analysis of the present condition of the Moortown and have observed many issues and strategic strengths of it. Regarding the issues, I have strategized some recommendations which will enhance the present condition of the center and ensure a better future for it. The Mooretown club should settle the long-standing and outmoded contracts and engage in new strategic contracts with other partners who will suffice the new demands and condition of the game center. There is an urgent requirement of the automated process in the center. Because of its absence, the staffs of the center have to put double effort in keeping the record which is very strenuous and subjected to human error. The process like booking for the event should be made online instead of the current process of manual booking. This helps the center in maintaining customer satisfaction. The management of the center should make the correspondence and support department into a free body. The principle of non-interference will help the department to work more efficiently. The center should devise a robust strategy to boost advertisement programs. This will make the local residents more aware of the services provided by the center. These recommendations will help the company to enhance its present pace of the process. The management of the company should take a better look at these recommendations and should take strict actions on it. Management assignments are being prepared by our online management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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