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Mobile Computing Assignment: Introducing Price Checking Trolley In Coles Supermarket


A Mobile Business solution for customers can represent an expensive and complex proposition for a company to implement. Assume management has contracted you to consider such an implementation for their business. Write a report on mobile computing assignment discussing the technologies, platforms, success factors, and enablers for a successful implementation. Discuss the different cost factors and key components of a mobile solution that will influence these costs. You should use case study examples (from literature searches) to support your arguments where appropriate and to provide examples on different experiences.


Introduction to mobile computing assignment
In the recent era of rapid digitalization, it has been evaluated that the use of mobile business solutions is mandatory. The effective inclusion of the strategic execution of the services is considered to be vital for the business to grow in the recent time of globalization. The concern study revolves around the introduction of a unique trolley in stores of Coles that is having the facility of price checking. The management team has evaluated that the customers are facilities with the solution of easy calculation of the process. The aim of the businesses is to elevate the satisfaction rate of the customers and thus enhance the profit margin of the company in an effective manner. The proper use of the arguments is done to ensure that the recommended mobile solution to the business is helpful for the Coles to expand their rate of target customers. This at the same time is effective in maintaining the market position by the retail supermarket of Coles within the competitive Australian markets.

It has been identified that the customers are facing issues in purchasing their basic needs within their ranges. The introduction of an effective technology is helpful in the auto calculation the prices of the products they put in the trolley. This software will be helpful to ensure that the customers end up purchasing their needs within their process range and there are no issues in the billing counter of the counter (Liao et al., 2017). The technology will be at the same time helpful for the management team as the miss calculation of the products purchased by the customers can be done. The satisfaction level of the customers can be elevated in this process influencing the sales rate of the super market efficiently.

The use of advanced software is done in the trolleys that are used by the customers in the super market of Coles to purchases their products. Once the customers pick up a product and put it in the trolley the sensors in the trolley will scan the bar code of the product and calculate the price of the products (Wellalage and Fernandez, 2019). It will keep adding the price of the products the customers keep in the trolley. On the other hand if the product is taken out of the trolley the will deduct the price from the total prices. This will help the customers to keep track of the total amount that they are spending on purchasing in the super markets. The financial stability is identifying with the help of the proposed technologies. It has been evaluated the mobile business solutions such as Self check out are produced to the customers of the leading retail stores such as Wesfarmers and Woolworth in the markets of Australia (Liao et al., 2017). The inclusion of the effective technologies on self-scanning practice on the trolleys is beneficial in providing huge profits to the company and the super market will be helpful in attracting the customers in an effective manager (de et al., 2016).

The sales department of the supermarket coals is the best available platform for the proposed mobile business solutions. It has been evaluated that the company has been effective in introducing the digitally innovative trolleys. The easy access of the trolleys will attract the attention of the customers. The poor calculating power of the customs during the buying of bullock products is commonly seen. The customers run out of cash when they come to the billing counters (Herreros et al., 2018). This trolley will be helpful for the employees to reduce the level of confusion during billing. The cash counter can match the trolley among and they easily take the payment from the customers. The elevation of the satisfaction rate of the customers will be profound. It has been evaluated that the same technologies are used by the business of ASDA. The company has registered a satisfaction level of the customers by 15% in the last years. This has been profound in the increment of the revenue generation of the business by 2.5% in the year 2019. Thus it can be satisfied that the use of this platform in the business of Coles can be beneficial in the elevation of the strategies of managing the employees as well as satisfying the customers in an effective manner (Herreros et al., 2018).

Success factors
Inflation of efficient success factors along with profit margin elevation is essential. In recent times it has been evaluated that the business of Coles is operating in a tough business environment (Wesemann et al., 2018). The adaptation of the effective measures in attracting the customers is needed. In a recent time of the rapid digital growth, the retail stores are taking up effective measures dealing with the strategic measures of attracting customers. The business such as Wesfarmers as well as Woolworth is taking up effective measures of mobile solutions. It has high time when the managers team of coals needs to adopt the profound solution of self pricing strategies with the trolleys. The unique approach is estimated to elevate the customers based on the customers. The customers will be able to keep a proper track of the products they are buying and the price they have to incorporate in the entire process (Graf and Scholz, 2017). The high tech trolley will help the customers to avoid the shameful situation at the billing countered when they run out of the cash. It has been evaluated that the success factor of the business has been profound. The company has the ability to increase the annual revenue generation of the customers in an effective manner. The main success factors associated with the proposed solution contributed to elevating the employing the workers. It has been effective in the up-gradation of the tool and influential in enhancing the capacity building.

The inclusion of effective management staff is the main reason for the execution of the services in an effective manner. It has been evaluated that the team has been profound in understating the issues that are faced by the customers. It has been evaluated that the main issues that the business of Coles is facing in the present time is the tough market condition within Australia (, 2020). The caustic situation at the billion countries is a major issue that is faced by the employees. The scanning of the bar code of the products in the counter has issues such as negotiation with the products from the customer’s end is by confusion. The employees are unable to maintain a stable situation with the stores. The inclusion of the innovative trolley will help the customer to have a proper track of the price they will have to pay for the products they are business. It has been evaluated that the buses of ASDA using a similar mobile solution has been beneficiated in elevating their marketed customers range.

It has been evaluated that the business of Coles will be able to include the innovative software in the stores and thus incorporating satisfaction among their customers (Warrian and Southin, 2017). The trolley can be easily made with the help of a core team of efficient software and mechanical engineers. The use of workers to manufacture the products can be done under the supervision of the eminent engineer. Nominal raw material is needed for the formation of the trolley. The business will be using the old trolley of the stores and install profound software to the trolleys with the help of strong JAVA coding.

The code will be scanned and the senses will be installed in the trolleys so that it can scan the price of the products easily. This technology does not even need employee or customer training. The customers do not even need supervision as they themself can understand the application with the use of the trolley (Jaaffar et al., 2017). The calculations are quick and the employees will love the application as it will make the shopping process easier and happier.

Cost factors
The cost of the strategic implications is considered to be effective and is in need of advanced technologies. It has been evaluated that the team members of the managing group need to develop an efficient strong financial background (Wonglimpiyarat, 2016). It has been profound to enhance customer satisfaction can be achieved with the proper cost estimation for the introduced solutions.

Capital investments: The main sources of the revenue for the mobile solutions are considered to be beneficial. The business can incorporate around 20% of the total revenue they are generation in the introduction of effective solutions. The solution has the ability to attract a wider range of customers that will become easier for the management team to attract a wider range of customers (Akinwale et al., 2017).

Revenue from the banks: The back revenue will be helpful for the company if Coles. As the business is having a good reputation in the Australian market thus the access to bank credit is easy (Khalid et al., 2018). This at the same time is helpful in enhancing the stability rate in the financial allocation of the cost that the solution will need.

Investments from the shareholders: The promising nature of the proper solution has the ability to attract the shareholders. This at the same time is having a tremendous facility to attract the attention of the key partners of the business. It is estimated that the business of Coles will be making 12% of the profit with the help of the mobile solutions of self pricing strategies.

Cost estimation



Total cots




Software engineer



Mechanical engineer











It can be derived from the above table that the proper inclusion of the price estimating trolley will be needed around $50900. The proper investment in the innovative measures is considered to be profound in the elevation of the profit margin in a well organized manner. The cost stabilization is needed by the financial team of the Coles. The effective execution of cost management strategies with the proper evaluation of estimated profit margin is done. The inclusion of the measures in the elevating of revenue generation is estimated (Saka, 2019). Cost plays a profound role in ensuring the fact that the business is having the ability to attract the customers within their budget. The proposed solutions are within the financial budget of the company and the business will be able to attract the customers in competitive environment.

Key components
The main concept of the propped self pricing mobile solution to the business of Coles is effective. The recent statistics showcase the reduction in the satisfaction level of the employees. It has been evaluated that the customers are not much happy with the management of the super market (Khalid et al., 2018). It has been at the same time identified that in most of the cases the close movement of the building counters in the super markets are the main reason for the increasing rate of dissatisfaction. The use of the self pricing strategies is an innovative measure in the execution of the strategies of satisfying the customers in a competitive environment.

It can be concluded from the above arguments that the business of Coles needed to adopt advanced digital technologies due the elevation of the satisfaction level of the customers. The inclusion of mobile business solutions of self price calculation trolley is considered to be an effective measures used by the management team. The proposal is beneficial in reducing the time and cost of employee training. It at the same time is effective in reducing the un-satisfaction level of the customers and they will be able to increase the sales rate of the super market. The solution is profound in introducing a key to success for the business of Coles and the strategies benefits in attracting the attention of the targeted customers. The process is helpful for the business and thus contributed in the elevation of self esteem of the company.

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