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Mental Health Assignment; Reflection on Nagging Problems



Prepare a mental health assignment reflecting on decrypting the Nagging Problems through Deep Mental Insight.


The study developed in this mental health assignment signifies that every person has problems. Finding solutions to the issues is the main secret linked to achieving personal satisfaction in every situation. While certain people may hate encountering problems, I observe problems as tests for finding solutions. The attitude of dealing with a problem is the crucial element linked to resolving the issues I face; this also makes it a critical aspect of my successes and failures. The human mind has always been revered for its intense power, but few have taken time to tap into their mental abilities. While the whole brain is utilized, only around 10% of the brain's capacity is harnessed, leaving the majority of the brain's capacity dormant. With practice, the unused power can also be harnessed and used to perform many operations and functions. This has happened to me in person and should never be mistaken for magic. It is a capability all people have, but it requires focusing on the right opportunity and circumstances. Each person can tap into this vast reservoir of information and knowledge, but it requires intense concentration and dedication towards achieving results to nagging problems.

Changing the Way One Observe Problems
It is noted in the mental health assignment that my attitude towards facing problems is a major benefiting factor linked to developing my cognitive abilities and strength. I have managed to harness the extra capabilities of my brain by being highly dedicated to finding solutions to problems even during the grimmest moments. Only through developing the right attitude have I been able to create the right skills to resolve the pressing issues. I only seek guidance once through which I learn to be independent as this helps me to remain independent. Observing a problem as a starting point to finding a solution changes the perspective linked to the situation turning it from negative to positive. Being able to comprehend that all situations will have both positive and negative driving factors allows a person to content with the negative aspects which will help develop possible solutions to projected problems before they happen. This is important as it allows the person to remain one step ahead and prepared to deal with such problems.

How I observe and deal with a problem is very important towards resolving or finding solutions to the problem. It also requires me to be 100% dedicated to the work or situation. Only after I have spent adequate time thinking over a question would I find a long-term solution. Problems are part of life, and it’s essential to be prepared to find the answers to the issues and eliminate the concern of them arising in the future. Problems are never-ending and will continue being experienced throughout life. Rather than avoiding them, it’s best to face the issues which will deliver long term solutions. Mental strength and the ability to map problems in my mind are essential aspects noted herein—mental health assignment linked to my success as a problem solver. I have always been prepared to dedicate all my strength to resolve the issues I face. It has led my brain to work on sleep problems and deliver answers to some nagging issues. It doesn’t happen always, and I have experienced this type of subconscious problem solving on three occasions where solutions to significant problems were decoded.

The role of Subconscious identified in this mental health assignment

The human brain can resolve practically every problem, and humans have persevered to find answers to issues they face. This makes interlinking of interest and profession vital as it helps improve understanding and knowledge, thus delivering more results. Each of my visions has been closely linked to a problem associated with my personal and professional life, which has led me to determine that the two must be interlinked to stimulate the brain. Developing a personal Interest in a subject prompts me to think about the problems in my subconscious while sleeping, which allows my brain to explore the issues and eventually find a solution. There is no duration or practice needed since the brain will deliver solutions to an individual as long as they seek the solution keenly. As outlined in the mental health assignment, solving sleep or dreams problems has been a good experience. Although I have found answers to specific questions through dreams, the solutions are spontaneous and not controlled. Problem-solving through the plan is a skill I have developed, but I am also highly dedicated to my interests and profession, which are the same. Further investigation of mental health assignment brought to my awareness that the brain develops solutions to the problems framed in our subconscious. The brain never stops working but does drift off into dreaming, allowing the body to rest.

Traditional Ways of Solving Problems
Problem-solving continues to be a primary concern among most people. I also need to turn to traditional problem-solving approaches to seek solutions to the majority of my problems. I have come to realize that subconscious problem solving is a skill that must be mastered. While it may offer solutions to problems, it cannot be relied on as an option to find every answer. It is linked to the brain, forcing me to think independently, thus keeping my average problem-solving capacity intact. Today there is a primary concern related to seeking solutions to different problems. Unless I am willing to explore other options, I will continue experiencing serious complications where I would continue repeating the wrong approaches. To find long-lasting solutions, I need to think outside the box and consider adopting new techniques to resolve problems which will help me improve over the long term perspective. While many people believe that they require special qualifications to fix specific issues, it’s essential to understand that every person can find solutions to their problems from within. To find the answers to any question, herein mental health assignment, I must understand the problem I am facing, thus allowing me to identify the most appropriate solutions.

Seek Inspiration from Oneself
A major hurdle one needs to consider developing is self-motivation and inspiration; many people seek alternative sources. Each person must develop self-motivation and inspirational skills if they are to achieve success. Being able to inspire yourself is very important; I have learned to motivate myself, and it has helped improve my performance without expecting others to praise me. Over the years, there have been significant developments promoting personal perspectives linked to problem-solving. Each person must develop their independent approach coupled to solving problems but developing a profession from a personal interest significantly increases one’s understanding. For this reason, as stated in the mental health assignment, parents and guardians need to consider advising the younger generation to join professions linked to one’s interest. This helps them develop the required knowledge and setting in the field.

In this mental health assignment, I would like to mention that personal interest is an essential factor linked to my success both professionally and personally. This makes it very important for me to have the desired interest in a field as it helps me perform more efficiently. Personal interest is a significant factor linked to any professional's success as it eliminates the requirement to seek professional guidance from others. Instead, I have developed my skills in the work; this has helped boost my performance. It has also made me develop an independent approach linked to resolving problems I may be experiencing.

Role of Imagination to Skill Development
As discussed by David Shields in his book Reality Hunger: A Manifesto considered in this section of mental health assignment, every person needs to develop both fictional and non-fictional approaches which boost skill development. It is very important as it allows me to create the required skills to help boost my performance by developing realistic solutions using unconventional approaches. Problem-solving is highly dependent on my capability to research and resolve problems using conventional and unconventional methods. Only by infusing the two will I develop the skills needed to resolve issues I experience in a field. To do this, it’s critical to make sure I create a personal interest linked to the profession, which allows me to pay close attention to certain areas of the field, requiring modifications and improvements. It is very important as it allows me to observe specific criterion which would have been otherwise missed if I lacked a personal interest in the field. This has made it critical for me to join a profession consisting of my interest as this helps boost my knowledge and improves the results I can expect.

As per the research on mental health assignment, problem-solving is an aspect every person must consider to improve their profession. Only when I am capable of developing a personal interest linked to their work will I be capable of brainstorming solutions. The approach in which problems are solved will mainly depend on my understanding of the situation, making it essential to join a field or profession which allows me to develop a personal interest. Problem-solving is a significant concern explored in the above sections of mental health assignment that requires constant improvement and development; every person must develop the skills to improve their understanding of the field.


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