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Mental Health Assignment: Building Of NewAccess Information System


Task:NewAccess is a mental health intervention which initially targeted youth aged 17 to 25, and is in the process of being expanded to young people as young as 12, and also to Indigenous youth. Headspace is one of several organisations trialling this new system. NewAccess particularly targets depression and anxiety. One of the problems identified was that a young person with a mental illness might see multiple professionals before getting the help they need. Each time they need to re-tell their ‘story’. Soon the young people clam up and say very little, making it harder for professionals to help them. Initially they might see a Headspace case worker, then medical staff in a hospital emergency department, perhaps a General Practitioner, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and others.

Imagine that you are the analyst tasked with building a system that will capture the ‘story’ the first time it is told. This will give access to successive professionals, so that case notes and the story can become enriched, and the young person can be assisted more appropriately. An evaluation of the initial NewAccess trial is available under the 'Resources' tab of the subject Interact2 site. Complete the Following

You are a Systems Analyst that is part of a project that is being currently being proposed. Your task is to develop a Vision Document for this project.

You are to describe the problem in your own words, and the capabilities and benefits. You need to create a Project Vision Document which contains:

  • Problem
  • Capabilities
  • Benefits

Specific analysis techniques have not been taught yet, so this assignment does not require technical descriptions.


Introduction: NewAccess, an innovative health organization, this mental health assignment outlines the development of an effective information system. It has been seen that young people have rushed to various places for their treatment purpose and fails to tell their story repeatedly. This assignment discusses a new information system which helps them to narrate their story in a proper way.

Problem: The demand for mental health in on the rise and this is resulting in increased demand for mental health assignment. According to Laudon & Laudon (2015), most of the young people from 17-25 have faced serious issues with the problem regarding their mental stability. In this age, they are trying to solve the problem by visiting various places where they found the proper treatment for their problem. Mental health issues are not a simple disease which can easily be solved. Every mental problem has a long story behind the situation. According to Zoteyeva, Forbes & Rickard (2016), sometimes, young people are so frustrated to decide where to go for the better treatment. General practitioner, medical staff, psychiatrist, psychologist are their first choices for the treatment purpose. Sometimes, they have running to various medical center to diagnose the problem. This particular situation has given the birth of a new problem. Every single time they visit a doctor, they are not able to tell the full story to every doctor, and the problem arises from here. As mental health intervention always consists of many circumstances behind this, it requires a long time to tell the complete story. It is very important to hear the full story because without hearing the complete story, doctors are unable to start the treatment. As explained by Kerker et al. (2015), it becomes a problematic situation for the young people to tell their story again and again to every medical practitioner and this particular situation results in a loophole in the treatment process. There is another organization named ‘Headspace' who are completely trialing the new system. They are basically working on specific situations related to anxiety and depression. It has been seen by the organization that the young people completely clam up and also they say very few words which create a very problematic situation for the professionals to identify the main problem.

Capabilities: Different problems with mental issues of young people are the main concern of this particular generation. Young people from 17-25 are the main affected people who need proper treatment for their severe problems. Not only are this people, the young people from 12 onwards also the sufferer with several mental health issues. According to Montagni et al. (2016), Frustration over different issues related to their daily life is the main problem which is identified by the doctor. This mental health assignment explores new formation of the mental problems namely anxiety and depression. There are various methods of treatments which they actually need for the betterment of their issues. The problem regarding the storytelling situation is the main issue regarding the mental health problem. According to Headspace, a proper planning with the help of an information system is needed for them which help the young people in an innovative way. A mentally ill young boy needs to consult a caseworker at first and after that; the whole process is followed by the medical staff, general practitioner, a psychologist and lastly a psychiatrist. Sometimes the diagnosis process is longer than this. A new documentation system is required which will actually mitigate the problem related to storytelling. Wahlbeck (2015) opined that it has been observed that young people are very excited to tell their entire story in the very first time in front of the caseworker. A highly skilled mental health assignment writer is needed in that place who will record the whole case study in his own style. The document writer must have to be medically skilled which will help to document the whole story in a proper manner. This one-time documentation will be the final document which will assist different doctors for the whole diagnosis process.

Benefits: An information system is mainly constructed for the defining problems of a particular issue. Information system helps an organization to mitigate the issues strategically by both technically and manually (, 2018). Construction of different systems related to organization, collection, and storage is the key criteria of a structured information system. Repetitive storytelling is the main issue occurred with the young people of this generation. This particular problem needs a solution which helps both the young people and doctors in a proper way. A case file generation process has been proposed which will be formed as documentation. There will be a mental health assignment writer in front of the caseworker who will thoroughly hear the story and will document it in a proper way. This particular documentation process will be constructed in a medical manner which will be helpful for all the doctors to analyze the case in a detailed form. Initially, the whole idea will reside as a trial version under the tab called ‘Resources'. This particular process wills permanently in work if the proposed system is executed in a perfect way. If proper documentation will be followed by every doctor, the way of the diagnosis will be proper.

Biringer et al. (2016) opined that mental health problem needs a long procedure to make a success for the particular problem. Proper care and exact medical views over the problem is important. The mental health assignment process will be further be constructed by technical components. The collaboration of manual documentation and technical implementation will surely minimize the severe issue related to the mental health problem of young people.

Infomation System Requirement Model

Figure 1: System Requirement Model
(Source: Created by Author)

Conclusion:The above assignment is discussed a severe problem of storytelling which is occurred with the young people who are faced with a mental health problem. Anxiety and depression are the main problems which need proper treatment from several consultants. The mental health assignment proposes how doctors to diagnose in a proper way and also helps the young people to convey their long story only one time in front of the doctor.

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