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Medical Assignment Focusing On Mental Health & Illness


Task: 1. This task is not a formal essay, so a brief introduction in which you identify the clinical issues in the case study and nominate which of these you will use as the focus of your research questions will suffice.

2. Briefly explain what type of questions quantitative research is used to answer. Develop a quantitative research question related to the clinical issue you have nominated. The wording of the question should demonstrate your understanding of quantitative research.

3. Undertake a literature search to find relevant literature that contribute to answering your research question. Detail the search engines and search terms used. Briefly discuss the outcome of this search and the process used to determine which articles you include in the subsequent discussion.

4. Discuss relevant material from the literature you found that contribute to answering your proposed research question.

5. Briefly explain what type of questions qualitative research is used to answer. Develop a qualitative research question related to the clinical issue you have nominated. The wording of the question should demonstrate your understanding of qualitative research.

6. Undertake a literature search to find relevant literature that contribute to answering your research question. Detail the search engines and search terms used. Briefly discuss the outcome of this search and the process used to determine which articles you include in the subsequent discussion.

7. Discuss relevant material from the literature you found that contribute to answering your proposed research question.

8. Provide a brief conclusion highlighting the difference between the findings from both og your research questions.


This study of Medical Assignment is focused on the clinical condition of the family handling Violet, who is suffering from type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and a lower left leg ulcer. Medical conditions play an essential role in changing the behavior, life routine, and needs of the patient and family members as well.

Along with the medicines, family care and support also play the equivalent role in the medical condition of the person. Due to Violet’s medical conditions, the other family members are also equally disturbed not only mentally but financially as well. This situation is leading towards clinical depression problem in the whole family./p>

Quantitative research questions
In order to understand the clinical conditions, it is necessary to apply rational and critical thinking. Since it is seen that after Violet in the family, the financial management disturbed and also several factors came across. The whole family is suffering from a clinical depression problem. In order to get relevant research results, the quantitative research will help out(Lawrence et al. 2015). The questions that must be taken into consideration while doing quantitative research are:

  1. Does Violet presence in the family affect the financial management of Gemma, and Matthew?
  2. How to manage the financial issues so that the situation becomes less stressful?
  3. How can Gemma manage her time so that she can be with Violet and her family as well?
  4. How Gemma’s husband can help the family in coping up with the situation?
  5. Is there any method available through which the financial problems can be resolved?

Literature research
Violet is an aged woman and also suffering from type 2 diabetes, faces, and lower left leg ulcer. Hence she is not able to walk correctly, and she needs a lot of medical attention and care of the family as well. According to the case study available, Gemma family is living in a two-bedroom townhouse, and she is not so much financially stable as her husband is unemployed and she worked in night shifts. It is a quite stressful situation for the whole family and Violet as well.

On the other hand, while Violet is suffering from the medical conditions but along with her, the family is also going under severe pressure and clinical depression issue. The significant reasons due to which this clinical depression is occurring in financial management. Without using appropriate finance is that it is not an easy task for Gemma to take care of her mother and the family as well. Due to the financial issues, there occur conflicts between the family members as well. Even Violet also argues with Gemma’s husband due to his unemployment and drinking habit.

The given literature review of the present Medical Assignment shows a glimpse of the full case study, and it also helps in proposing the questions that must be researched to understand the reason behind the conditions going on. The Research question proposed was related to the financial management of the family. Without having proper financial management, it is not easy for Gemma and the family to take care of their mother and have a happy life. Since, due to all these factors, children are also suffering. They are sleeping in the lawn and not even having their Enjoyable life (Pilgrim, 2017).

On the other hand, Gemma’s husband is also unemployed. Due to unemployment and having a stressful condition at home, he started drinking. Even he says that he finds it very troubling to control his temper but and now he controls it with the help of his drinking habit. The evening starts drinking at 10:00 a.m.

After analyzing all the factors, it is recommended that the problems should be controlled in such a manner that Gemma and her family, along with Violet, can lead a happy life. The recommendations that can be proposed after going through all the circumstances are:

  1. Gemma should take a better job for herself.
  2. Gemma Husband should quit drinking
  3. He should start searching for a job
  4. Violet should be less annoying and should not argue with Gemma and her husband
  5. Gemma should also take care of her children
  6. Both Gemma and her husband must visit a consultant so that they can understand and handle the situations better (Triguero et al. 2015)
  7. Without solving financial matters, it will not be possible to live a happy and less stressful life.
  8. Additionally, Violet should start spending her some time with the children and Gemma Husband so that every one can understand others easily.

Qualitative research questions
Along with quantitative aspects, qualitative research also plays an essential role in completing the study of Medical Assignment. The quantitative aspects include all those factors that can be counted or seen but apart from that, several other factors should be taken into consideration (Olfson et al. 2015). The clinical issue that has been nominated in this Research report is clinical depression that From which the German and her whole family is suffering.

Additionally, to solve the issues, it is necessary to decide that what type of qualitative questions are required to be searched and answered, so that is right and appropriate result can be drawn(Thornicroft et al. 2016).

  • Some of the essential qualitative questions that should be considered are:
  • How should Gemma deal with her mother?
  • How should she handle her children as they gave up their room and sleeping in the lawn?
  • How should she deal with her husband and inspire him to do a job?
  • What are the measures that Gemma’s Husband must be taken into consideration?
  • What should Violet so that a peaceful situation can be maintained?

Literature research
Medical conditions are not only dependent on medicines but also on the family conditions and family care and love. Along with the financial issues that are measured in the quantitative aspects, several other factors should be taken into consideration. It is necessary to deal with everyone in such a manner that the problems can quickly be resolved (Crowe et al. 2015). Stress is not an answer to any question. To deal with the situations, it is necessary to take proper measures. After completing the qualitative research, it is found that several factors have to be taken into consideration for leading a less stressful and peaceful life (Clement et al. 2015). Gemma’s mother is not well, and due to this, her irritating behavior leads to conflicts between her and Gemma’s husband (De et al. 2016).

Additionally, the children are also going through a sort of depression as they have to give up their room and sleeping in the loan, and their parents are not happy, and arguments are going everywhere. Since Gemma’s husband is unemployed, and due to such a stressful condition, he started also drinking (De et al. 2015). This is also leading towards the disrupted situation. Along with Gemma, her husband needs to take proper measures like looking for a job and avoiding the habit of drinking. Apart from all the family members, violate who is so ill and the aged mother of Gemma must also have some control over anger. She should not argue with Gemma and her husband. She has to understand that others are also going through some situations that are not in control (Zeanah, 2018).

In order to control any situation, it is necessary to take proper measures. After going through the literature outlined in the Medical Assignment that was founded by considering the case study, it is proposed that several factors can be taken by Gemma and her husband to take care of the family and getting rid of the stressful situation (Worden, 2018).

The factors that should be taken by James and her husband into consideration are:

  • Gemma should talk to her children and make them understand about the situation that is going on in the house.
  • Gemma and her husband have to be united together and deal with the situation along with each other
  • It is essential for Gemma’s husband to understand his responsibilities and look for a new job for himself (Curtis, 2016)
  • Since, financial resources play an essential role in German husband should not waste them on drinking habits
  • Violet, who is the mother of Gemma, must also understand that the family is going through a stressful clinical depression problem so she should support them if not financially then mentally as well. She should talk to her and her husband politely. She should not argue with them.

Finally, after going through the qualitative and quantitative research questions illustrated in the present study of Medical Assignment, it is concluded that both the qualitative and the quantitative factors are essential to be taken into consideration. Along with handling the financial situations, it is also essential for Gemma and her husband to control all other emotional and mental conditions of the family members and Violet as well. The situations that are occurring in the family will lead towards a highly clinical depression order, and if they are not controlled immediately, then it will lead to a huge medical issue. The qualitative research leads the study towards the financial matters while on the other hand; the quantitative research leads the report towards those factors that are quite more important than the financial matters.

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