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Marketing Strategy Assignment Analysing Virtual Team Functionality


Task: Your boss, the Marketing Director of Company ABC, is deciding whether to introduce a new virtual marketing team with staff located in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Bangalore. The alternative is to keep things the way they are and continue to use the central more traditional face-to-face (F2F) marketing team based in the Melbourne headquarters.

The purpose of this assignment is to write a short report seeking to persuade your boss of your position.

What will your advice be to the Marketing Director? Will you argue for the creation of a new virtual marketing team or argue to keep the central more traditional face-to-face (F2F) marketing team in Melbourne?


this marketing strategy assignment shall explore how marketing is changing its contour in modern business world. The present case provided for this report focuses on the marketing strategy that is to be selected for this firm. This assignment on marketing strategy reviews the companies are adopting for the fulfilment of their organisational goals are hugely inspired by the marketing demands and new technical interventions. This marketing strategy assignment examines the possibilities of virtual and face to face marketing strategies and will try to find the most effective way for the firm ABC.

Virtual Marketing
The markets of Australia has gone through various changes in last few years and therefore, understanding the marketing strategies and demands is important from every point of view. Among all the other marketing strategies, virtual marketing is getting its popularity rapidly. There are various strong reasons stated on the marketing strategy assignment which shall be closely reviewed. According to Barnes (2016), the virtual networking works with the help of using various social media networking for the marketing purposes. Creating brand image and proposing a sustainable planning for various aspects of marketing. The implementation of the social media platforms in the business purposes are not new (Gottlieb and Bianchi 2017). Gloor et al. (2017) argued that the virtual marketing has also gained its popularity after invent of industry 4.0. The virtual marketing tools are now dominating traditional marketing. The establishment of a virtual team for the marketing purpose can benefit a company from various perspectives. The company ABC could enhance its business marketing through the introduction of new virtual team in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Melbourne and Bangalore. The company had its head office in Melbourne, at the same time, if it establishes its virtual marketing team for the said places, the company profits could be elevated through this.

Benefits Marketing Plans
There are various benefits to the virtual setting of marketing process. Saving money in Office space is the primary benefits the virtual marketing team could operate through the online portal, therefore, it is not necessary to found a new office in the places the company wants to develop its market. Kumar et al. (2016) has argued that the research and implementation of the plans could be done through networking platforms. The advertisements and promotions could generate better results if it is done in the networking sites like websites, Facebook, twitter and other. On this marketing strategy assignment is identified this could help save the money office space and time effective process. It is advisable for the company to employ virtual marketing team, so that the company could get access to more potential employees. The employees are not confined within a country or a specific market (Sheth 2017). Like as the company ABC is thinking of establishing its virtual markets in Bangalore, Melbourne, Shanghai and Los Angeles, it can hire the efficient employees from these countries as well as other. The perspectives could be shared and better results could be achieved. Marketing through telecommunication is a increasing trend now. The companies are adopting these process as this give them a huge amount of flexibility. The assignment on marketing strategy outlined the working time is flexible as the time of work could range from anytime to any. This is much better than the fixed office hour. As the countries that are concerned is situated in different time zones, the flexible work hour is always a positive thing. The deadlines are met better and the productivity is also increased for the flexible working time (Gloor et al. 2017). The virtual marketing therefore, ends all the restrictions that the traditional companies have in their working process. The quality and the quantity of the work increase in the virtual marketing process. The above marketing strategy assignment discussion sheds light on the benefits of adopting a virtual marketing strategy and all its positive aspects than the traditional approaches.

F2F Marketing
On the other hand, Gloor et al. (2017) has stated that the F2F marketing is a traditional approach that involves direct communication with the customers. This type of marketing needs the operation to be done through a office and requires more man power and resources. The campaigns as per the marketing strategy assignment are done through product demonstration, client meetings, event arrangement. The company is trying to expand its new markets in various countries. This is why there could be some problems in managing the whole thing at once.

The above assignment on marketing strategy shows that the virtual marketing is much more relevant and time efficient than the traditional approach of F2F. the money invested in the virtual marketing is much less and the results are more direct and effective. Therefore, this marketing strategy assignment outlined how ABC Company needs to follow the virtual marketing to get better results in their work production. marketing strategy assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable cheap assignment help service.

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