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Marketing research assignment on changed customer behavior towards Australian made products


Task: Draft a brief marketing research assignment based on the questionnaire and data of “Australian Made survey”. Define the market research problem. Provide a brief justification for your MRP. Write the Research approach and hypotheses. Briefly describe the data based on the information you have and provide a general description of how the data was collected for your survey sample. You are required to report the results of your statistical tests. This includes both the SPSS output as well as the interpretation of the test/regression/segmentation analyses. Discuss the managerial implication of your main findings.


Involvement of market research analysis strategies enable organizations to directly communicate with the customers and involve approaches that can increase the sales rate in future along with impacting the future decision making process. Analyzing the market demand and customer purchasing behavioris essential for organization to ensure the growth of business. The marketing research assignmentresearch has focused on evaluating the demand of Australian Made products in the Australian market so that companies can focus on involving strategies that strengthen their in-house production facilities. The AMCL(Australian Made Campaign Limited), aimed to promote the products that are manufactured in Australia and they have conducted surveys to understand the potential customer preferences so that proper market segment strategies canbe utilize to increase the sales rate.

Definition of the research problemfor the marketing research assignment
Globalization has increased the availability of global products to the Austral market that has changed the preference of Australian customers. The marketing research assignmentresearch has focused on analyzing the key drivers that change customer behavior towards Australian made products. Involvement of the descriptive analytical model enables the researcher to present information that helps in understanding the preferences of Australian customers.

Problem statement: To identify the key drivers that act as the behavioral variable and affect the customer purchasing pattern.
Increasing the association with the local products of Australia can directly boost the economy of the country and support the local business to grow that also creates job opportunities and increases the employment rate. Conducting the marketing research assignmentresearch can help the understanding the behavior of Australian customers towards Australian made products that allow the local organizations to alter their business strategies and increase the rate of customer association. Enhancing the association level of customers with the Australian made products enables organizations to circulate the money within the local economy that can ultimately increase the tax revenue and reduce the cost of welfare (Weissgerberet al. 2018). On the other hand, it is found in this marketing research assignment that investing in the local companies will also provide opportunities to skilled workers to stay in the country and take part in the economic development. Developing local manufacturing bases also reduce the complexities in the supply chain system and lower the chance of supply chain disruption. Delivery of products can become smooth and faster that can increase the customer satisfaction level. Based on the marketing research assignmentresearch of Al Adwan (2019), domestic shipping rate is comparatively cheaper than offshore shipping that controls the business expenditure rate. Utilizing the SPSS analysis technique allows the research to identify the important variables that significantly influence the purchasing behavior of Australian people and help in recognizing the potential customers whose association with local business can improve the overall outcome of the business.

Research approach and hypothesisfor the marketing research assignment Research question
What is the preference of Australian customers?
Do people in Australia feel more attached to Australian made products?
How Does purchasing Australian made products help the Australian economy?
What type of strategies can be involved to enhance the demand of Australian made products?
What is the difference between Australian made and made in Australia products?

Research hypothesis
H1: Australian people feel more attached to Australian made products.
H0: Australian customers do not feel associated with Australian made products.
H2: There is a significant difference between Australian made products and made in Australian products.
H0: Australian made products and made in Australian products are similar and there is no such difference.
H3: Increasing sales rate of Australian products can boost the Australian economy.

Formulation of the marketing research assignmentresearch questions and research hypothesis has covered all type variables that have been identified in the research problem segment. The research questions have helped in understanding the difference between the Australian product and made in Australia products. On the other hand, the marketing research assignmentresearch hypothesis focuses on analyzing the attachment level of Australian people to the Australian made product that can inspire the local organizations to emphasize on the involvement strategies that can increase the level overall sales rate. However, before incorporating strategies within business, it is important for organizations to evaluate the purchasing preference of customers. Conducting the survey has also helped in recognizing the buying behavior of the customers as it has formulated relevant questionnaires for the target population.

The marketing research assignmentresearch has involved SPSS analysis techniques to evaluate the collected data. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) helps in analyzing the complex set of data and provides the best solution that adds value to the end result of the research (Denis, 2018). One of the benefits of involving SPSS analysis in the survey analysis process is that it generates visual representation of the results that are easy to understand for the readers. Other than developing visual presentation of the data, SPSS software is also capable of generating customized results by automatically importing designated variable data. In this marketing research assignment, SPSS data analysis techniques combine with ANOVA, Regression and Correlation techniques to present equivalent results.

ANOVA technique is one of the popular statistical methods that help in separating observed data into different components to add additional value to the result. One way ANOVA is used to analyze three or more groups of data that contribute in recognizing the relationship between different independent and dependent variables. On the other hand, the Correlation analysis technique in the SPSS data analysis helps in measuring the strength of the relationship between two variables (Abu-Bader and Jones, 2021). Linear association can be measured through the involvement of correlation analysis. Multiple regression analysis is the extension of the linear regression that helps in predicting the value of the variable based on the value of other involved variables. In this marketing research assignmentsurvey, different vaarble have been introduced such as age, occupation, living situation to analyze the affordability rate of the customers and their preference level towards the products.

Key Descriptive Statistics
a) Target population is referred to the broad group of people that the marketing research assignmentresearch intervention intends to conduct research and draw analysis. The target population for the survey sample is the Australian customers, who are attached to Australian made products. It depends on different types of market segmentation such as gender, religion, education, family size and even income (Putri et al. 2021).

Demographic: A higher proportion of women in Australia hold positive attitudes towards Australian products than men and are purchasers of Australian made products than products made in Australia.
Geographic: The target population is concentrated mostly in the urban areas, where 90% of the individuals are the inhabitants of the cities, around the coastal areas.
Psychographic: It appeals to a luxurious lifestyle by choosing one product over another due to variations in behavioral perspectives.
b) Sample size is an estimated feature of empirical study that draws inferences about a group or population from a sample. The sample size for the marketing research assignmentstudy is 26 focusing on the Australian customers, who prefer Australian made products rather than made in Australian products. A representative sample of 26 customers is taken to indicate a subset of total customers preferring Australian products over others.
c) It is analyzed from the questionnaire that the preference for Australian-made products is higher across all the age groups than other products. As the products meet some of the world's safety, business, stringent labor and quality control standards, the customers highly respond towards the Australian-made products. The customers have a positive behavior towards locally sourced and produced products in Australia. In terms of demographic information for the marketing research assignment, it is reflected that women are concentrated mostly on Australian-made products instead of men (Pirc Bariet al. 2021).




18-45 years




Women more than men

Customer preferences

Australian-made products

Customer behavior

Positive behavior towards Australian-made products


Statistical Analysis Resultsof the marketing research assignment
Statistical analysis is the investigation of trends, relationships and patterns of variables using quantitative data. It helps to gather and evaluate large amounts of data that have common features and draw out meaningful information through a scientific tool. There are different statistical tools such as SPSS, regression and correlation, t-test, anova and segmentation analysis. The Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) is a comprehensive data analysis software that uses quick actionable insight to solve out business research and problems through advanced analytics and data management. Application of SPSS analysis is quite significant for the marketing research assignmentresearch as it has allowed us to understand the customer insights deeply and target the right customers for choosing the right product over Australian-made products. A segmentation analysis was performed in the SPSS statistical output by the following steps:

? Confirming the data in metric system
Scaling of data
Selection of segmentation variables
Defining of similarity measure
Visualization of pairwise distances
Number and method of segments
Profiling and interpretation of segments
Robustness of analysis



Standard deviations

Standard error mean


SPSS value

Differences in the preferences of Australian made and made in Australia products







According to the data view responses through quantitative theoretical analysis, the SPSS value of 1 has a profile score 10 depending on the number of variables (Yi, 2019). Out of the 50 variables, the value of SPSS ranges from 20-80 that estimates the SPSS statistical output of 1 and 2. It can be indicated from the marketing research assignmentstatistical analysis that the mean value between the preferences of Australian made and made in Australia products is 0.50. This helps to analyze that the mean value is not acceptable as it should have to be closer than 0.00. In terms of measuring the strength of age and gender on the basis of customer preferences over Australian products, it is clear that non-negative values close to 0.00 are better. It can be assumed from the marketing research assignmentthat regardless of the origin of the ingredients in Australian-made products, customers highly value the Australian based products more than the made in Australia products. On the contrary, the variable view indicates that questions such as age factor, ratings on Australian-made products, gender and preferences on Australian products were asked to the customers. It can be assumed from the marketing research assignmentdata that most customers were female nearly the age of 40 years and have mostly responded to negative or 1 as a value for preferences.

In consideration to the correlation and regression analysis in the marketing research assignment, it quantifies the strength of linear relationship between different variables. Application of this analysis is significant as correlation coefficient between Australian-made products and made in Australia products is estimated to be between 0.5 and 0.7 and has a moderate correlation (MAIDIANA and Hidayat, 2021). Due to positive correlation value, it can be assumed from the ANOVA test that age, occupation, affordability rate of customers are largely integrated with the correlation coefficient of purchasing behavior of Australian customers.

Discussions of the managerial implication of your main findings in the marketing research assignment
There are different factors that affect modern customer satisfaction such as service, value and customer perceived quality. Application of statistical tools has evaluated the effectiveness of customer satisfaction that primarily depends on the company's objectives and specific situations. Through the insights of SPSS and ANOVA test conducted for the marketing research assignment, it is clear that customer satisfaction varies greatly by income as higher levels of customer satisfaction indulges proportionate level of customer loyalty that is utmost important for higher profits in terms of business decision-making. Investment in the local companies of Australia is significant to provide opportunities to skilled workers that greatly revolves around the income of customers and their behavioral perspectives towards the defined products and services of Australia. As satisfied customers increase profitability through positive word-of-mouth and new referral communication, there can be an increase in the employment rate and tax revenue of the Australian organizations (Wang et al. 2019). On the contrary, decision-making for a business is an integral approach for influencing the purchasing behavior of Australian people that vary directly with gender and preferences on Australian products. It is found in this marketing research assignment that females are most concentrated on Australian-made products and share a positive attitude towards the organization during purchase and delivery.

From the aforementioned marketing research assignmentanalysis, it can be concluded that involvement of the descriptive analytical model within the research has provided opportunity to the researcher to collect relevant information that helps in addressing the research problem. On the other hand, involvement of the data analysis technique recognizes the relationship between different variables of the research.

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