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Marketing Management Assignment: Factors Influencing Voluntary Customer Interest


Task:Students are required to select one electronic article, that have been published on either of the following marketing news websites, relevant to marketing issues and/or concepts:

  • Marketing Week (2018) - or
  • American Marketing Association (2018) -

Each article submission must not be longer than 600 words and address the following three questions:

  1. What are the marketing issues illustrated in this article?
  2. Who are the important stakeholders? ie Who will benefit or otherwise from the issues discussed in the article?
  3. 3. How would you respond to these issues and why? In answering this question students need to justify their proposed responses by using marketing theory of 7P's(any one P of marketing mix 7P's ).


Introduction: The study shall be aligned with the article named as “Enabling customer journeys is more powerful than dictating them” that has been written by Wil Lynch the perceptions of the marketers that have contradictory aspects related to the trends of marketing that prevails all across the globe. The particular study shall be projecting the marketing issues that has been discussed in the given article as well as enumerate the essential stakeholders that have been included in the same. The overall issues that have been demonstrated in the particular study shall be backed with some recommendations, so that the marketers are able to have some generalisations associated with the demonstrated issue.

1. Marketing Issues: The particular study has enumerated some issues that relates with the promotional mix strategy of the 7P’s of marketing mix where the marketers are having contradictory beliefs regarding the marketing trends that prevails within the entree globe. It is found that the marketers of the leading as well as small organisations all across the globe think that the personalised experiences of the customers are driven by branding strategy of the respective organisations. However, in reality, the particular aspect is barely true, as the overall marketing procedures and the corresponding profitability of the same depend upon the individual perceptions of the customers all across the globe (Lynch et al., 2018).

The article states that over the past 15 years along with the aspects of globalisations, leading brands existing all across the globe are projecting their sale and promotional objectives through the advanced branding strategy that barely have allowed them to attract the customers towards their respective brands, products and service offerings all across the globe (Habibi, Laroche, & Richard, 2016). The article has able to enumerate solutions to the organisations that have considered initiating their branding strategies through advanced promotional strategies.

Wil Lynch in his article have said that mapping the customer experiences over the product and sale operations of the their respective organisations, shall allow them to have keen perceptions associated with the demands and preferences of the individual customer target groups that exists all across the globe (Tuten & Solomon, 2017). In order to allow the mapping the customer journeys more effective, the article have enumerated there areas where the organisations shall be able to achieve their respective promotional objectives (Schmitt, 2016). Creating external links through dimensional touch points, proportioning their value regarding the quality of the deliverables, and significantly considering their time towards shopping experiences are the among those.

2. Important Stakeholders: The particular article has highlighted two of the major stakeholders that significantly deliver the leading brands as well as the SMEs to expect high returns of profitability. The overall workforce within the organisation including departmental managers, boards of directors, sale executives and market researchers are among the one of the stakeholder and customers all across the globe falls in the second category of stakeholders (Smilansky, 2017).



Positive Impacts

Negative Impacts


Promotional and branding objectives

Identifying customer journey enhances positive branding and attraction towards organisational deliverables

Time consuming in identifying the critical aspects of customer experience journey


Interests and Satisfaction

Visibility increases

Negative feedbacks



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