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Marketing Management Assignment: Digital Communication issues experience by Weetabix UK Limited


Your aim in this assessment is to analyse 2 separate marketing articles in around 600 words for each analysis. You need to write in a professional manner even for short pieces of work. However, there will be little (if any) need for tables, etc., and there is no need to write an executive summary for your article analysis.


Introduction: Weetabix is a kind of breakfast cereal, which is produced by Weetabix Limited. It is one of the famous cereal brand used by the public in the United Kingdom. Moreover, Weetabix cereal is made up of grain wheat (Fleming, 2018). At present, the management team of this company has found a decline in their cereal sales. Therefore, for this reason, the company is starting a marketing campaign for resolving the issues in the company. The main motive of Weetabix Company is to encourage their customers to personalise their breakfast for reducing their declining sales in the market.

1. Marketing issues: For the last past years the company has found a decline in their cereal sales, and for this reason, the company is facing downfall in their business. Out of 100%, only 13% of their breakfast cereals were eaten in 2017. All this proves that the peoples who are staying in the UK are no more interested in having their breakfast cereals. The peoples are not much interested in buying their cereal products so for this reason the sales of their cereal products have been declined (Dagevos , 2016). Moreover, the company is facing the huge competition of different supermarket brands that are producing better breakfast cereal products in the market. Eventually, company famous cereal product name Weetabix cereal is also not selling in an appropriate way. Therefore, for this reason, the company is facing a major loss in their business. In the 7ps model, the company has found an issue in the promotion model. Apart from these, all these issues are important for the marketing manager of the company because changes are important for implementing growth in the company. With the help of the marketing issues, the marketing managers can bring changes in their marketing strategy.

2. Important Stakeholders
Stakeholders: it is a group and a party that has a concern and interest in an organization. The organizational policies, actions, and objectives can affect the stakeholders. Moreover, main stakeholders involved in a company include employees, directors, creditors, owners, government, community, unions and the suppliers. With the help of stakeholders, the company draws their resources (Khan, 2014). Main stakeholders involved in the Weetabix Limited are employees, investors, sales handlers, financial advisor, customers, and shareholders.

List of stakeholders and the potential impacts to their stake.



Positive Impacts

Negative Impacts


Their job

If their plan succeeds than definitely, the company will provide incentives to them


If the plan will not succeed than employees can lose their job.


Invested share in a company

If the plan succeeds definitely, the shareholders will get their profit.

Shareholders will not get their money back.


their capital, trusts, and belief.

A large number of customers will attract.

The company will lose their customers. Moreover, the customer will also lose their money while buying their products (Henisz ,2017).


3. Recommendations: Weetabix is one of the famous food products brands in the United Kingdom. Moreover, they are producing different breakfast cereal, which includes Alpen, Ready Brek and Weetabix in the market. Even the company is also producing Puffins Cereal or Snackimals snacks. In some past years, the company is facing downfall in their business. Due to the large of competition or declining in their cereal products, the company is facing a major loss in their business. According to the marketing research, Weetabix sales declined up to 4.3%, and their volume sales were down up to 7.9%.

7ps model is the best method through which various marketing issues can be identified in the company (Arif, 2016). For the growth of the company, it would be beneficiary if the company use Ansoff Matrix. Main elements include in the Ansoff Matrix are:

Market penetration: In this strategy, the company tries to enhance their market shares. Moreover, the company also seeks to increase their sales in their cereal products.

Market development: With the help of this strategy, the company will try to expand their business in the global market (Gurcaylilar-Yenidogan & Aksoy, 2018).

Product development: In this strategy, the company will produce good quality cereals products for achieving growth in their business.

Diversification: With the help of this strategy, the company will enhance their market share and will introduce new offers related to their products in the market (Dawes, 2018).

Arif, M. Z. U. (2016). Using the 7Ps of Booms and Bitner as Controllable Tactical Marketing Tools: An Exploratory Study on Selected Super Shops in Bangladesh. International Journal of Trade and Commerce-IIARTC, 5(1), 12-29.

Dagevos, H. (2016). 15 Beyond the Marketing Mix: Modern Food Marketing and the Future of Organic Food Consumption. The crisis of food brands: Sustaining safe, innovative and competitive food supply, 255.

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Henisz, W. J. (2017). Corporate diplomacy: Building reputations and relationships with external stakeholders. Routledge.

Khan, M. T. (2014). The concept of'marketing mix and its elements (a conceptual review paper). International journal of information, business, and management, 6(2), 95.


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