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Marketing Communication Assignment: Advertising Tools Of Morning Fresh


Task: Write a marketing communication assignment discussing the various aspects of marketing communication of Morning Fresh.


Executive Summary
In this marketing communication assignment, Morning FreshCompany is selected whicha leading dish washing liquid brand is operating in Australia. The core purpose of this paper on marketing communication assignment is to explain the marketing communication process of Morning Fresh. In order to conduct this research on marketing communication assignment only secondary data have been collected from reviewing authentic websites. The findings of the research on marketing communication assignment suggest that the company uses all most all type of effective marketing tools such as social media platforms, direct selling, advertising etc. the findings also suggest that the marketing communication tools are effectively integrated with the organizational objective. Overview of the Product and its Market within this marketing communication assignment Morning fresh is the leading dish washing liquid manufacturer in Australia since last 30 years. The brand is delivering true value to the households of Australia. Only one squirt of this Morning fresh dish wash is able to deliver a cutting edge performance and removes all the grease from the dishes in few seconds. From the last 30 years Morning Fresh has proved that in Australia it is the trust worthy Dish Washing liquid brand (Morning fresh, 2020).

In the Australian market there are only two dish washing liquid which are standing separate from the other products, the first one is morning fresh’s Ultra Concentrate Ultimate Dishwashing Liquid and the second one is Aldi’sTandil Ultra Power Soak N' Clean. There was a test conducted where the cleaning power of both these brands tested. The results reflected that Morning Fresh scored 82% and on the other hand Aldi scored little low that was 75%. So, it can be seen in the marketing communication assignment that the difference between these two scores were very low. This result basically indicates that the customers have to scrub little bit hard with Aldi (Choice, 2020). In the Australian market, the revenue of Dishwashing segment is $237 million in 2020 (expected) and with this the market is expected to grow by a percentage of 2.8% (Statista, 2020). So, basically in the Australian dishwashing market Morning Fresh holds the first position and then Aldi and then rest of the products.

Communication Mix of Morning Fresh Dish Wash
Integrated marketing communication Mix is a matrix through which an organization connects its marketing communication tools and uses them for communicating their messages with the target customers. The matrix developed in the marketing communication assignment basically targets to assure the continuity of the message and the complementary use of media. Integrated Communication Mix is basically a collection of all kinds of communication tools, resources and approaches within an organization, which focuses on engaging its maximum consumers with its product or services. Now it’s time to analyze how Morning Fresh uses its marketing tools to communicate its messages to different aspects of the target customers.

Advertising is the first tool which Morning Fresh uses as a primary medium of communication, through which it communicates messages with the consumers. Basically advertising refers to any kind of paid and non-personal promotional activity. There are different forms of advertising medium Morning Fresh uses. Basically there are two broad categories of advertising mediums Morning fresh considers, such as traditional mediums and modern advertising mediums. Within traditional medium the company uses print media platforms like newspapers, magazines etc. Apart from print media platforms the company also considers broadcast media platforms like TV and radio as well. Apart from these approaches, when it comes to modern or electronic advertisement platforms, then the brand also considers Facebook as the medium of advertising and brand promotion (Facebook, 2020). This advertising medium mentioned in the marketing communication assignment directly targets those consumers who pursue a positive attitude towards the use of social media platforms and also targets those who use internet so much.

Sales promotion
Sales promotion is another important marketing tool Morning fresh considers kin terms of communicating its message with the target customers. Sales promotion is basically a combination of multiple short term incentives in order to encourage consumer purchase of a product or service. It might involve consumer promotion. Consumer promotion is significantly focused towards the consumers. Herein marketing communication assignment, the consumer promotional strategy may vary with different types of consumers. For example, Morning Fresh mainly targets middle aged parents and old people who are self-dependent and love to keep their used utensils clean and fresh. In this case the consumer promotional strategy will be according to that. Just like other brand morning Fresh also has its own consumer promotional strategies, for example the brand provides several offers like discounts, coupons, free product offers etc. These offers are promoted through both online and offline platforms (, 202). On the other hand the brand also has strategies regarding trade promotions. In Morning Fresh’s trade promotion strategies the brand provides its partner retailers offers like volume discounts, merchandising allowances, pay for performance incentives, incentives to the sales persons etc.

Personal Selling
Personal selling is another important marketing communication tool discussed in the marketing communication assignmentwhich effectively communicates messages through the sales people to the target customers. In personal selling companies deliver their messages through the sales persons. In the case of Morning fresh also the sales people go to the retail stores like Woolworth, Coles and Chemist Warehouse and they explains the product features, true value of the product to the store personnel, so that they (store personnel) can transfer this message to the customers. Personal selling is very effective tool when it comes to transmitting brand’s message to the customers.This particular methodprovided within this marketing communication assignment is targeted to those consumers who love to visit stores to buy Morning Fresh Liquid. So, the perception of those customers usually stays positive towards offline shopping.

Direct Selling
Direct selling is another useful marketing tool used by so many organizations. As per the research on marketing communication assignment, direct marketing includes communicating marketing messages through emails, phone calls, SMSs etc. Just like other companies Morning Wash also uses emails and SMSs for direct marketing purposes. Companies like Morning Usually have a vast storage of consumer data, which they use at the time of direct marketing activities. Through direct marketing process not only Morning Fresh but its partner retailers also send marketing materials to its customers in the digital platform. Sending digitized marketing materials is easier than distributing marketing pamphlets manually.

Alignment of Communication Mix
The integrated communication mix of Morning Fresh is consisted of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and direct marketing. With the rapidly growing use of technology and Internet, advertisers now undertake social media marketing along with traditional advertising (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). Through traditional advertising in the form of newspapers, radio, television and magazines, Morning Fresh has been successful in reaching the local audience. Furthermore, the familiarity with the dishwashing liquid product has helped the brand in attracting more customers from the local market. This marketing strategy has helped in providing a great exposure to the brand due to its brand association with the local people. On the other hand, social media and internet marketing have further proved to one of the most effective tools of the communication mix (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). In recent days, people remain active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and others. Besides, the 24/7 internet connectivity in smart phones or tablets helps the brands in reaching the customers in shortest possible time and at minimum costs (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). With the help of mobile and internet marketing, Morning Fresh company selected in the context of marketing communication assignment was able to carry out survey and gather information about the customers’ tastes and preferences, their perceptions about the products and expectations about the services. Besides, data can be collected from a vast set of sample respondents, which further helps in gaining detailed information about the customers. This also helps the brand in modifying its products and enhancing its services based on the gathered information (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). Furthermore, within this marketing communication assignment ad on clicks, search engine optimizations, online ads and others through the websites and social media platforms have resulted in more inbound traffic for the brand. This in turn, has enabled the marketers to increase the conversion rates to actual sales from the prospective ones (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). In addition, Morning Fresh has been able to enhance its brand loyalty and improve its customer satisfaction. The brand undertakes various sales promotional strategies such as merchandise allowance, discounts, trade discounts, coupons, incentives and others for encouraging the sales people to incur more sales and attracting more customers to buy the products (Familmaleki, Aghighi and Hamidi, 2015). This has further strengthened the customer involvement and loyalty towards the brands. Furthermore, modifications can be easily made to the existing products and new ones added for engaging the customers (Fam, et al., 2013). Besides, the sales promotion strategies targeted towards the sales personnel has reduced the inventory and expenses for the company. Moreover, Morning Fresh also depends on personal selling for its promotional activities. This has enabled the brand in establishing personal relationships with the customers by providing them customized products and meeting their expectations (Paesbrugghe, et al., 2018). It has also undertaken word-of-mouth marketing through the existing customers by delivering quality service that has further attracted new customers. Besides, personal selling provides a two-way form of communication. This has helped Morning Fresh in gaining feedback through online surveys from various customers and modifying the products accordingly (Paesbrugghe, et al., 2018). In addition, this marketing strategy enables the company in reaching far away customers who cannot be attracted through advertising, sales promotion or social media marketing. Morning Fresh has also been using direct marketing for reaching the customers. This has taken place mainly through Internet for attracting potential customers. It has been successful in targeting specific market segments for this purpose, which has resulted in increased sales and profits (Csikósová, Antošová and ?ulková, 2014). Furthermore, it has enabled Morning fresh to better satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

What are the strategic recommendationsbased on case scenario of marketing communication assignment?
Herein marketing communication assignment, the three strategic recommendations for improving the communication mix can be ensuring consistency in advertising message, leveraging different marketing channels and identifying accurate target market. Customers often get confused when several marketing channels are used for communicating about the products or services (Delgado?Ballester, Navarro and Sicilia, 2012). Morning Fresh explored in the segments of marketing communication assignment must ensure that the advertising message across all channels of communication remain consistent and clear so that it can effectively reach the target customers. This would help the company in maintaining its brand equity and enhancing the brand familiarity for the customers (Delgado?Ballester, Navarro and Sicilia, 2012). Besides, different communication messages across different marketing channels reduces the effectiveness of the entire marketing mix, which in turn, leads to losing of customers. Thus, Morning Fresh must focus on developing a single distinct brand message that would be communicated across the various channels of marketing for gaining the attention of the customers (Delgado?Ballester, Navarro and Sicilia, 2012). This would help in connecting the target audience towards the product or service in a more credible way. Furthermore, Morning Fresh must leverage on the various marketing channels for increasing value creation and brand commitment of the customers. Since, majority of the marketing activities are taking place over the Internet, it would be easier for the company to build an online brand community and consequently, increase their loyalty and commitment towards the brand (Zhang, et al., 2015). This can be enabled through different channels of social media platforms, mobile marketing, sales promotion, personal selling and direct marketing. The study developed within the marketing communication assignment signifies that the main objective would be to focus on enhancing purposive self-discovery, increasing interpersonal relationships, providing entertainment value and ensuring social attachment towards the products (Zhang, et al., 2015). Leveraging the various channels would further help morning Fresh in increasing its brand loyalty, creating positive brand perception, ensuring consumer-based brand equity and improving relationship satisfaction. This, in turn, would help to create an online community helping to increase sales and customers (Zhang, et al., 2015). Lastly, Morning Fresh must emphasize on identifying the right target audience for its products and services, otherwise, the entire marketing communication mix would be in vain. Target audience must be selected based on various demographic, psychographic, economic, social and other characteristics of the customers (Luo, et al., 2019). Recognizing the potential customers would enable the brand to focus its marketing strategies only to them, saving both time and expenses. Besides, communicating the products to customers randomly would not be helpful in generating leads or prospects, which would wastage of resources of the company. Identifying a target market would also be dependent on the customers’ personality types because this would help the marketers in using the channel accordingly (Luo, et al., 2019). Furthermore, having a definite target market would also enable Morning Fresh to effectively identify their needs, requirements and preferences and consequently, the products would be modified for satisfying or meeting their expectations. In addition to this point of marketing communication assignment, identifying a target market would help the company in devising suitable strategies for interacting with them to turn them into actual customers from prospects.?

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Appendix Appendix 1 Facebook Profile of Morning Fresh

Appendix 1 in marketing communication assignment

Appendix 2 YouTube Account of Morning Fresh

Appendix 2 in marketing communication assignment


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