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Marketing Assignment: Identifying Effective Advertising Activity ForFabADS


Task: Prepare a detailed and well-researched marketing assignment addressing the following sections:
1. Research Company Information
• Identify a company that has been involved in a marketing activity, e.g. the launch of a new product, advertising, or other communications such as sponsorship announcements, press releases, strategic changes, distribution and marketing channels, response to competitor activities, etc.
• Look through your textbook and a week's content to make sure this type of marketing activity has been discussed and relevant.
• Check that there is enough public information available about the activity and what the company has done in response. Local Australian businesses may be easier to find information about. Make sure you have some sort of evidence that shows the activity is recent (e.g. link to company website discussing activity, annual report, industry report, image/screenshot, link to advertisement etc.).
• To help make your decision look at the company's web pages, annual reports, articles in the press, etc. and find an activity that must have occurred in the last 6 months.

2. Selection of activity, topic, company
Example of activity and company:

A new store is opening in Adelaide. There have been several articles and media releases about it in the newspaper and online. You could relate this event to Segmentation and Targeting (geographical location or type of person the merchandise is aimed at) or Advertising (the way news about the new store was communicated to the public).

Summarize the overall analysis
Please note that COVID-19 is not a marketing activity or course topic. However, in response to COVID-19, if a company has used or changed a particular marketing strategy (e.g. reduced pricing, adopted new form of advertising), that can be considered as a marketing activity. Your report should focus on the activity and its' outcome/effectiveness based on knowledge gained from course, rather than COVID-19 itself. If you have chosen Marketing Environment as a topic, you can discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the activity but your majority discussion should be about whether the company could have done this activity differently or better.


FabADS, selected in the present context of marketing assignment, is an advertising agency in Australia that has built a long-lasting stature and has been in the press for more than a decade. The marketing agency fabADS, incorporated with the fashion of HR, advertising and their marketing experience is over with years of experience in the marketing industry. Their primary mission is to implement the PR base and create a different ground of the segment by applying different strategies to enable the brand with various competitors and the priceless coverage for the client across the country. The PR marketing activity is not new in the company of fabADS. There is a different strategical application which is applied for the growth of the company, and this is relatively worked under the Marketing Environment. The brand is all experienced with 16 years of experience in this PR marketing strategy. Still, the experience keeps a track record of creating the process through PR and advertising campaigns to exceed the client's goals.

Description of the Marketing Activity
In this fast-emerging world with depending on the hyper-connectivity of the technology, the advertising and the PR integrates with the social media involved with the marketing creation and the content creation and also engaged with word of mouth, which is recommendations and the experiences of the brand (Pride et al., 2017). At fabADS, they employ relationships with the creativity, strategy and technical smarts also which delivers the exceptional and the results that can measure the words of every client. The professionalism with the basic PR skills in DNA is all about influencing the influencers with multiple channels. fabADS provides different marketing strategies, and the PR implementation is one of the new experiences that the nourished for the longs and give a perfect shape to it. Advertisement of the PR engages audiences and raise brand awareness of the company. There are different types of public relations such as social events and the brand experiences which esquire about the other services which help the business for the content creation. The PR marketing also accelerates the brand growth to the targeted lead system, which combines the media, the organic growth and the conversion of the website, which optimise the rate with a different process that suits the level of the business.

Different PR marketing strategies ignite the glimmer between the customers and the brand. PR Marketing is one of the most well-known marketing activities that turn the heads, draw the eyes, distract and also disrupts the engagements to get the attention of the customers. It helps to approach, and the approach becomes the trademark for fabADS. It is growing with competitive advantages and has captured the imagination of all the unique brands in the years (Gbadamosi, 2019). They are the roots of Adelaide, Australia, the city is their home, and the business is their playground. Their primary focus is on award-winning skills that lead the industry towards the approach and the creativity which helps to elevate and showcase the clientele, which advances the position of fabADS in the world-leading city.


Figure 1: Marketing Strategies of FabADS
(Source: Gbadamosi, 2019)

Comparison and the Recommendations
Effectiveness of the PR Marketing on the marketing environment

The consumers of fabADS have the right to select and purchase the best products which accomplish the needs of the alternatives produced by the opponent companies. There is always a competitive situation that meets the needs of the consumers who are concerned along with the different companies that are associated with fabADS to draw the attention of many such goods which are needed by the consumers (Chautard and Collin-Lachaud, 2019). PR Marketing is an advertisement, a source of the message which is used for the announcement in different circumstances to the public and with also the help of the vast media that are paying to the public with a high price. In fabADS, PR Marketing is a good presentation with different objectives of each advertisement that campaign to the expenditure. Other targets determine the marketing strategies followed by the brand, and the PR manager specified the details of the efforts of the purpose.

Key differences of PR marketing and advertisement
PR communications provide various information’s about the clients wherever the advertising agencies work along with the media coverage for the advertisement that created a benefit for the consumers. The ad shows without any changes; those were designed to increase the visibility of the company. For example, the employee of fabADS can fix a publication or public relations communication tools to release the announcement regarding any product (Moravcikova et al., 2017). There are the agencies like fabADS that have control over the advertisements owned by fabADS.


Figure 2: Difference between PR and advertisement
(Source: Moravcikova et al., 2017)

Reason of the differences between PR marketing and PR advertisement
PR advertisement is the gear that pushes the sales of a new product. It helps to reach its target audience. PR marketing focus to maintain the reputation of the company in the media just because many audiences keep a good eye on the advertisement (Dzogbenuku and Keelson, 2019). There are the media who spread the positivity into the organisation for the public eye that it subtly promotes everything. But both the advertising and the PR help the brand to communicate with the audience. There are fundamental differences that are involved with both of the marketing avenues are the target that implies on both the PR advertisement and PR Marketing; there are different goals and objectives which help the advertisement and PR in another way and help to increase the reputation.

Effectiveness of the action of fabADS
There are different public relation tools that fabADS apply to promote positive attitudes and the behaviours of the company. As per Kotler et al. (2021), the actions help to convert the interest into the consumers and the customer. As an effect of the process, the degree control is broadly targeted to the advertising campaigns. There is different part in PR Marketing which helps the action that is effective for fabADS such as:

Relation with Media
As per von, and Cuffe (2020), different media strategies focus on circulating the message through other channels that manage the business through the media. fabADS use media tools that help to release media statements and the sheets to offer the on-site tours of the press to the journalists to report the positive messages.

Social media
Social media is one of the other PR Marketing tools that let fabADS bypass the media and go straight to their customers. As opined by Kurthakoti (2019), there are different social networking sites of which fabADS allows to follow by the traffic, manage various issues and drive web traffic which also allows addressing the problems according to the criticism the negative perception.

Outcomes of the theories
There is different evaluation and measurement evolves the components of the public relations in the marketing field which helps the communication in fabADS. Professional organisations like fabADS emphasis measuring and evaluating the effort to the transition into the public relations profession, which is an art for the greater reliance on scientific methodologies. As an outcome of the report, the demand for marketing disciplines is to measure the public relations which gain the insights enables and refine to improve the programs which effect with different approaches. As a result, it the theories assure an excellent return to the investments. As per the statement of Palmatier, and Crecelius (2019), there is different recognition according to the programs that can be measured according to the value. The common public relations of fabADS counted the technique of media analysis; assessed the quantity and the quality of the media coverage. The innovation helps into the public relations in which the other marketing disciplines are beyond to emphasise the outputs of the effects. Also, the outcomes, design the relative effectiveness and the value that is done with the public relations in the marketing of fabADS.

The overall conclusion of the report analyses, the evaluation of the communication of the field includes with the public relations, which justifies the activities those carried out to the marketing professionals to assess the objectives that set out to meet and provides an insight that gives shape to the future movement of fabADS which led with better decisions and the improvement of the outcomes. The main activity of marketing strategy is digital marketing, which helps to reduce the pricing of their marketing tools and is considered as one of the new marketing tools to reach the target audience. Digital marketing in fabADS provides more significant insights with better outcomes. Digital Marketing weaves the seamless ground of communication and becomes a part of a customer's life. fabADS believe that digital marketing is the brain mix of behavioural planning that emerged with creative planning. In this COVID-19 scenario, digital marketing help fabADS to create a sustainable form with the customer with an online approach that provides access to innovative technical practice and allows delivering the success of every piece of work. The conclusion also helps to state that the general marketing principles are combined with different marketing factors, and among those, PR marketing is one of the effective ones. The whole study emphasis the action of PR marketing in fabADs and the different outcomes of the theories that fabADS applied for the growth of the business.

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