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Marketing Assignment: Case Analysis Of BPTS


You are required to select a business and prepare a marketing assignment addressing the following parts:

Part One: Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and specific Data Analysis

Part Two: Strategy Assessment and Evaluation

Part three: Future Growth Strategy 2020 / 2021


Executive Summary
The first part in this marketing assignment discusses the market segment that BPTS will target to improve their online tutoring service during the pandemic. The research also studies the financial requirement of the company to understand how much investment they require to initiate the online teaching service for their customers or students. The researchers also study the legal requirements of the BPTS to improve their online teacher successfully.

The second part focused on implementing several strategic planning tools and mandated the creation of a business model and a compelling value chain. The BMC enabled identifying the customer segment as students (5-18 age group) and focusing on product development strategy. The marketing plan of the BPTS concentrates on a social media marketing strategy for generating better accessibility to the target market.

The third part focused on the company's growth strategies and ensured that enough attention had been paid towards understanding the scope of BPTS in the market. The medium and long-term goals of the organisation are to permit domestic and international expansion while increasing its employee base and increasing awareness among students. The internal and external environment analysis depicts a favourable condition for the company to conduct business and focuses on strategic acquisition as an exit strategy.

The business is a private tuition services in Birmingham, which provides teaching services and additional support to students. The tutoring centre is supporting students to prepare for SAT exams and assist students with their schoolwork ensuring they succeed. All the 11+ students gain support from their skill development. All the kids getting admitted in Birmingham private tuition get special care to their students successfully. School processes affected many students in Birmingham. The effective use of the internet is becoming the most popular teaching medium where the pandemic has sparked an overnight transition to interactive learning resources. Private tutoring is increasingly transitioning to interactive networks. Many parents prefer different choices, such as online tutoring and micro-schooling with a small number of students, to guarantee the consistency of the educational experience.

2.Part One: Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Specific Data Analysis

Market Analysis
Industry Analysis
Large online tutoring companies typically provide proprietary expert tools that can help students maintain their curiosity. Furthermore, major corporations have their teaching and testing departments, are more diverse than colleges. Some Asian parents are looking for tutors in other countries. Several tutoring providers have seen a significant uptick in demand for online tuition from both local and English ex-pat parents in recent years. Even after COVID-19, investments in e-learning technology are essential because they are interactive tutoring, language applications, and video conferencing are expected to increase (Walker, 2020). Personalised instruction, increased incentive, and improved academic success are all advantages that can prop Birmingham el private tutoring to new heights. Students can access a global network of tutors who are qualified in various subjects and grade levels.

The students admitted to the Birmingham tutor centre now learns through online tutoring programs. Online tuitions remove any need to drive and commute to remote learning sites instead of travel to tuition centres during pandemic situations. This is a significant advantage for students in developed countries with insufficient mass transportation and road networks

(Mills et al., 2020). Test planning facilities for exams such as the ACT, SAT, GED, GRE, and ASVAB are also available from the vendors.

The inadequacy of standard education systems creates a huge pressure on graduates to boost overall performance using self-paced academic tutoring programs. The Birmingham private tutoring service needs to acquire competency and technical skills to succeed in the difficult and challenging job market are all factors that will continue to drive development in the pre-pandemic timeframe (Johns and Mills, 2021). The student needs to be met especially for growing understanding of education in human resources with payoffs in well-paying employment, higher remuneration, and achievement in professional life for business development.

Market Positioning and MVP
Marketing Positioning
Apart from other competitors, the Birmingham private tutor centre has a customised learning environment unique to each child's learning styles. It provides more flexibility in adopting personalised study techniques for the students. Birmingham students gain a positive learning environment and a better way to match tutor skills with student and company requirements because improved performance in mainstream exams states their centre are good. The increasing number of household incomes spent on education and the gradual evolution of school curriculum are significant factors that help drive Birmingham private tutor canter (Choi and Sethi, 2021). Increased broadband penetration, fast access to high-speed internet thanks to declining mobile service tariffs, and increased smartphone and tablet purchases have all contributed to the growth of online tutoring.

The value put on academic success is done by society and parents, improving educational spending cuts by deficit-ridden policies. It provides support for public schools and education programs. Increase spending on private lessons among the growing base of the educated and wealthy middle-class population, skilled labour migration into developed economies (Grey and Osborne, 2020).


MPV in marketing 1

Figure 1: Interface of BPTS
(Source:, 2021)

An MVP aims to test this hypothesis to learn more about the overall path present in the product to be competitive. MVPs must validate ideas on a small scale while still limiting the potential consequences of launching an experimental product. MVP has to be fast in demand for Birmingham private tutor centre to keep up with the changing business demands and circumstances (Thurston et al., 2021). The MVP of these private tuition centres was characterised into four features: an online meeting tool, online course materials, an assessment test is taken online, and a chat interaction system. The Birmingham private tuition services I am launching their online application and tablet device for their students. It will help the students while sitting at home more efficiently.

Primary Research and Target Market
Birmingham tuition service has defined several target markets to follow students' requirements because they make up the biggest group. The university and school students from Birmingham must have strong working relationships with most of the management program's instructors, helping him tailor mentoring to course content and collect references from them (Raby, 2020). There will be three subgroups under this business segment: non-quantitative clients, quantitative customers, and international students. Undergraduate students from the nearby colleges will be served by Birmingham private tutoring service. Tutoring has existed for as long as there have been teachers.

The private tuition service needed to understand Birmingham's customers. The private tuition centre had created a survey analysis to find the potential students who want admission to private tuition centres (Xu, 2020). However, although there is a need for tutoring, most tutoring is small and unorganised. The history of this business and the attention paid to individual student needs set it apart. It operates to assist students and teach more creatively and imaginatively than for the students. The new Birmingham model always allows students to engage with the material they require to learn (Zheng et al., 2020). Their learners gain the skills they need for long-term success in their areas of study through customised and focused teaching practices.

Consumer Profile
Survey analysis of two customers:
Customer 1:
1.What is your Age group?

  • 18-25
  • 25-35
  • 35 or more

2. Gender?

  • Female
  • Male

3.What is your Nationality?

4. Do you use Tutoring Service?

  • Yes
  • No

It is /YES what the main benefit is by receiving tutoring?
Please give three examples

  1. __Package price is less comparing to other competitors ______
  2. _Teachers are from best faculties_____
  3. Online application is easy to use__________________

5. Why wouldn't you use a tutoring service?
________ Sometimes, the tutoring service does not keep the promise provided by the Wellington tutoring service for their customers.

6. How often do you use tutoring service?

  • Daily
  • Once a Week
  • Once a Month you prefer one-to-one, face-to-face tuition or online tuition?

  • One to one face to face tuition
  • Online tuition

8. How long have you been using the tutoring service?

  • Less than a month
  • 1 to 6 months
  • 6 months to 1 year

9. How did you hear your Tutoring Service?

  • News
  • online
  • Friend

10.Did you feel the tuition helped make progress in your child learning?

  • Yes
  • No

If yes, give three examples

  1. _Improved my child grades in schools____
  2. Activities followed in tutoring service provides lots of benefits to students for learning new things
  3. Students can interact with schoolteachers more easily.

11. How much would you pay for tuition service?

  • £20 per hour
  • £28 per hour and half
  • £35 per two hours

12.Are the operational hours of the Tuition Service is enough and convenient for students

  • Yes
  • No

Justified your answer if is yes/No

13.Have you ever use another Tuition service?

  • Yes
  • No

14.On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with the tuition service?
1= Strongly agreed, 2= Disagree, 3= Neither agreed nor Disagree, 4= Agreed, 5= Strongly Agree


Strongly agreed


Neither agreed nor Disagree



Strongly Agree







Not satisfied






I prefer not to say






MPV in marketing 2

Figure 2: Survey of customer 1
(Source: Created by author)

Competitor Analysis

MPV in marketing 3

Figure 3: Competitors analysis
(Source: Created by author)

The requirement to succeed in exam preparation in UK countries is pushing parents to employ the services of private tutors. Increasing pupil enrolments, intense rivalry among pupils, a shortage of teaching assistants at colleges, and insufficient education infrastructural facilities meet the need and excel in competitive examinations, causing parents to promote the services of private tutors (Liu and Li, 2020). The BPTS is one of the company's most successful that other competitors. The inadequacy of the traditional educational system to suit each pupil's particular needs is primarily to blame for the emergence of the private tutoring business. (Chabbott and Sinclair, 2020)

MPV in marketing 4

Figure 4: Market Study of BPTS
(Source: Chabbott and Sinclair, 2020)

Financial analysis
Net Profit and Revenue Streams

MPV in marketing 5

Figure 5: Net Profit of BPTS
(Source: Chabbott and Sinclair, 2020)

Birmingham will fund this venture with his own money. He only needs a small amount to get him through the first month's rent. A whole variety of academic subjects are available via the private tutoring program. Private lessons can be established where students can join tutoring groups. Private sessions provide intensive individual support for their group's sessions may also be helpful due to lower costs and the company program's encouragement of a team-based solution (Lowes, 2020). It contains many previous examinations, which are very useful for both teaching and test planning. With the increase of the Covid-19 pandemic, total sales of the tutoring service are increasing at a higher rate in the online platform.





Direct Cost

£ 3,500

Gross Margin


Gross Margin %


Revenue Streams












Total expenses


Net Profit


Justification and Identification of start-up costs
Students are taught a system to solve all topics they face in school using this problem-solving approach. This method aims to give students a greater understanding of how to solve their respective problems. Unlike other tutors who are mainly concerned with responding to all the students' immediate questions rather than supplying them with essential knowledge for potential applications, this scheme takes a different approach. The tutoring service will also serve undergraduate students (McGill et al., 2020). Even their relationships with the numerous undergrad teachers and schools will be less personal. A steady influx of students will be provided by several schools, both public and private, and community colleges. The opportunity to train students for upcoming exams and have practice testing has proven to be a successful service, and it is expected to increase in popularity in the future.

Justification of sales
Private tutoring is a profitable industry, as shown by the figures above. In reality, according to a recent survey, an hour of tutoring can cost as much as £40. Hampshire has the most significant average hourly rate for private lessons in the UK, which is at £39.76, followed by London and Manchester, where both the city has hourly rates above £36, which is lesser than Birmingham. Tutoring has many advantages. In addition to assisting students academically, tutors may assist students in acquiring new skills and broadening their knowledge base (Olulowo et al., 2020). However, there is a problem with tutoring advertising in essential organisations. Today, with the government's announcement of a £1 billion tuition grant, private tuition in more places is becoming more affordable.

Investment and start-up funds required
The total investment required by the Birmingham private tuition service is equal to £25,000. The company can use social media like Youtube or Facebook to promote their tutoring service successfully. An increasing number requested tutoring of children from other countries. It didn't take long to realise that most of these students genuinely understood the math principles underlying the various subjects being taught (Solé-Beteta et al.,2020). They must go along with the lectures are comprehend the complex explanations presented in class. Tutoring classes for international students concentrate on the significant focus, which is more on developing the language skills needed to review the topics discussed by their professors.

Data Analysis
Legal Requirements
A growing percentage of children from other countries sought tutoring from Birmingham. It did not take long to learn that the vast majority of these students grasped the mathematical concepts underpinning the different subjects being taught. Anyone from the UK who works with persons under 18 is advised to have a DBS certificate. Every tutor working in private tutor centre they require DBS certifcate. The certificate is demonstrating that they are unrestricted in their work with children. It's worth noting, though, that private tuition isn't limited to educating children; many individuals have adult tuition in various areas (Wong and Rao, 2020). Class 2 National Insurance premiums are required for all the private tutor centre to pay their taxes in Birmingham. However, they may be able to postpone the National Insurance premiums, which is depended on tutor wages because it even be excused from paying any tax at all. Tutors also instruct in the home and may come across personal knowledge that is only known to the family through visits to the home. The NDA guarantees that the teacher would not reveal any sensitive details obtained while tutoring or providing services for the agency. While the NDA may be between the student and the teacher, they may wish the tutor to register one for them and the client. However, Birmingham private tutor centre has to be the size of an institution then they will need to get a trade licence and pay taxes on the money you make. If the annual revenue reaches 15,000 pounds. Then the company must be registered and service tax must be paid within 30 days.

Partnership and Supplier relationships
Finding students to teach can be challenging at first, particularly if you don't have much experience and the company is not well-known in the community. The finer points of marketing as a private tutor are deserving of their blog post for conventional marketing approaches such as shop window advertisements, posters, and leaflets work well for tutors are successful means of advertising the tuition company is online (Dirksen, 2020). Tutoring agencies help in connecting students with private tutors in exchange for a fee. After that, they owe a commission for each course, generally in the range of 10%. It is crucial to have a social media strategy for Birmingham private tuition service because the advertisement will inform the tutors who are accessible to the general public.

Clients can access the Birmingham private tuition service using an innocuous message to friends who present on Facebook or Twitter. They can hurt the tutor service reputation if misinterpreted by a client. Judicial matters are necessary to avoid committing anything unethical or entering into a lawsuit, but the reputational importance of taking care of the corporate relations (Gupta, 2021).

Market restrictions
Every tutoring agency is a little different; some let tutors set their prices, while some have a price system in place that makes more seasoned tutors more costly. The most reputable tutoring companies go through a rigorous recruitment process before hiring their tutors. If you want to develop yourself as a trustworthy entity will need to file as an employer to do DBS checks which will be more than 100 checks per year (Wu and Gao, 2020). The cost of registration is £300 must meet the DBS code of conduct. Credible agencies also hold online meetings with most of their tutors and interview people with prospective hires. The company's offerings are distinguished from rivals by the consistency of Birmingham instruction. Furthermore, the tutoring centre one-to-one emphasis is focused on the particular circumstances of each pupil.

Birmingham recognises that people learn in different ways, but lessons are conducted at different stages. Where appropriate, board screens and other visual aids are used to reach people who understand visually (Schoon, 2020). For audio learners using an online teaching model, they allowed students to get a lot of hands-on time during the covid-19 situation to understand education faster.

Part Two: Strategy Assessment and Evaluation
2.1 Business Model Canvas
The use of a business model canvas would be effective for the company to ensure that a plan has been formulated to better their operational capacity. BMC is considered highly effective and structured because it enables communicating the business idea effectively to the stakeholders and identifying the strategy enabling long-term success of the organisation (Sparviero, 2019). The application of BMC on 'Birmingham Private Tuition Services' comprises of the following outcomes:

  • Key Partners: The key partners consist of suppliers, tutors, marketers, landlords and more
  • Key Activities: The essential activity is to provide private tutoring services to children and teach a new language (Spanish).
  • Key Resources: The essential resources consist of interior designers of the office space, human resources, social media platforms, and company websites.
  • Value Proposition: The value proposition of 'Birmingham Private Tuition Services' is to guide the children through doing their homework, investing extra time in grasping the school/college learnings, and learning a new language.
  • Customer Relationship: The customer relationship would be maintained by using CRM software and acquiring feedback from them about the tutors from time to time.
  • Channels: The use of both online and offline classes would be available. At present, due to the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic, online one to one online classes would be encouraged. Once the pandemic is over, the option of offline classes would be added to increase accessibility.
  • Customer Segments: The use of demographic segmentation is more feasible for the company. The ideal target market would be the 5-18 age group for high school students belonging to different cultural backgrounds.
  • Cost Structure: Inventory, employee salary, rent, marketing costs and more.
  • Revenue Streams: Primarily, the revenue would be generated from online tutoring services and the high school students.

For the initial operation of BPTS, attracting high school students would be more feasible for the continuation of services. It can be said that Birmingham Private Tuition Services (BPTS) and its ability in providing value-oriented services would increase the operational functionality of the business.

2.2 Product/Service Strategy
A product/service strategy is incrementally beneficial for an organisation because it enables defining the product ecosystem and identifying a system that effectively identifies the proper product positioning (Fayvishenko, 2018). Given that the customer segmentation has been already conducted, it can be said that the service has to be positioned to appeal to the target market. The services of BPTS are targeted at the young demographic, implying that it has to be cost-effective.

MPV in marketing 6

Figure 3: Positioning Strategy of BPTS

The venture BPTS aims to provide affordable services to their customers; hence, positioning their services of low price and high quality would be effective in creating a good product ecosystem that offers additional benefits of teaching Spanish.

2.3 Strategic Direction and Market Entry Strategy
Using Porter's Generic strategies for the strategic direction of BPTS and the use of Ansoff Matrix as a market entry strategy would be incrementally beneficial for the company because it would ensure that the target market is satisfied with the options provided by the company.

Porter's Generic Strategies
The use of Porter's Generic strategies is beneficial in determining the competitive positioning of an organisation and provide affordable services to the customers while obtaining market shares (Islami et al., 2020). There are four essential strategies and among them, one or two would be beneficial for BPTS.

MPV in marketing 7

Figure 4: Porter's Generic Strategies
(Source: )

The use of cost leadership strategy would be beneficial for BPTS because it can be easily achieved by reducing costs while charging industry average prices for their services and reduce operational costs that enables them in charging low prices for their services (Gorondutse and Gawuna, 2017). In the case of BPTS, the chances of low-cost services are higher because they have minimum operational costs, and the inventory costs are limited to acquiring books and electronic gadgets. It indicates that there is a fair chance of the company developing market share while maintaining profitability. The Differentiation focus strategy is also beneficial for their competitive advantage because tutoring services are rare in Birmingham. The use of the differentiation focus strategy is highly effective when a company attempts to compete and outperform its existing rivals by offering a product or a service that is highly superior to its competitors (Semuel et al., 2017). In the case of BPTS, tutoring services are scarce in Birmingham; Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the opportunity has increased because of the complete shutdown of schools. Online tutoring services would be effective in giving the students more opportunity to learn and grow.

Ansoff Matrix
Ansoff Matrix is popularised for being used as a market entry strategic planning tool because it enables growth opportunities for a company (Loredana, 2017). For the existing strategy of BPTS, there is an option of choosing one of the four strategies for effective company operations in Birmingham.

MPV in marketing 8

Figure 5: Ansoff Matrix
(Source: Loredana, 2017)

The product/service development strategy is more optimal for BPTS. According to Yang and Hsu (2019), the product development strategy enables an organisation to focus on their existing products/services, which can be used to target the consumers of the current market. As a start-up venture, the use of this market entry strategy would be more viable for the company because it would ensure that Birmingham residents are attracted to the offers and deals of BPTS. After sufficient popularity among the city's consumers, the company can further review its strategic plan and change its growth strategy.

2.4 Operations Strategy
The use of value chain analysis indicates analysing the activities that change the inputs for a product or service into something that is valued by the customer (Fernandez-Stark and Gereffi, 2019).

MPV in marketing 9

Figure 6: Value Chain Framework
(Source: Fernandez-Stark and Gereffi, 2019)

The primary activities of BPTS would only be delivered effectively with the help of support activities such as technological development. The tutors providing the services would be dependent on BPTS for providing them with technical equipment to ensure a contact establishment between the centre and the students. Partly, the primary activities of marketing and sales would be responsible for developing the connection between the students and the tutors for guaranteeing that the service delivered has sufficient value. The value chain optimisation would only occur when the company is not affected by market volatility, competitive pressure and fluctuations in demand (Marschinski and Turégano, 2019). The operators of BPTS would continue to remain relevant among customers with the help of their primary activities.

2.5 Marketing Strategy/Plan
Marketing Mix

The use of marketing mix permits identifying the key activities that an organisation must undertake to promote their business venture and ensure popularity among the target market (Dadzie et al., 2017). The use of 4Ps would be beneficial in understanding the critical strategies of BPTS.

4Ps of Marketing Strategy



The tutoring services would be provided by the tutors hired by BPTS via video calling apps. The tutors would conduct an almost hour-long session to navigate through the courses and homework of the students. The infrastructure would be provided to the tutors, but it has to be guaranteed by the management that the students have the necessary gadgets.


BPTS intends to maintain an affordable position for the students but has to cut their operational costs as much as possible. However, the use of a penetration pricing strategy would be more effective for BPTS and its future growth. The use of penetration pricing strategy indicates that a company initiates its business operations with low prices and gradually increases them as it gains traction in the market (). BPTS would benefit from this strategy, and it would foster their financial growth as well.


At the initial stage, the services would be limited via online video calls. However, BPTS would expand to offline tutoring services once the covid-19 pandemic is over. The offline stream of tutors would be different and would be effective in earning a sufficient amount of money for the company.


BPTS would focus on social media marketing for promoting their services. Social media platforms for marketing purposes are highly beneficial to the entrepreneurial venture because they enable cost-effective marketing and attract young demography (AlJazzazen, 2019). The target market of BPTS is the young teenagers, who are the highest social media users, indicating that the chances of this strategy being successful are more elevated. Furthermore, radio advertisements, print media and influencer marketing would be encouraged for the social media boost of BPTS.

Table 1: Marketing Strategy of BPTS

Associated Costs
BPTS has finalised the following budget for marketing for the betterment of their business:

Marketing Expenses

Budget Allocated (in £)

Social Media Marketing


Influencer Marketing (Choose 1 influencer)


Brand-Related Expenses


Radio Advertisements


Print Media


Marketing Employees (Recruiting and Selecting 1 Employee)


Marketing Analytics (Tools & Software)




Table 2: Allocated Marketing Budget for BPTS

With the inclusion of miscellaneous costs, it can be said that the BPTS would invest almost £4000 for their marketing campaign to popularise their services among the target demography. However, it is also expected that the entire amount of £4000 will not be required for the social media campaign of BPTS.

Timeline and Individual Responsible
The expected timeline for the marketing campaign has been expected to be of 10 weeks, and within this time, the entire campaign would be ready to be presented on social media and attract consumers.

Individuals Responsible

Marketing Activities















Creation of a Marketing Plan



Assistant Marketer

Contacting Influencers




HR Manager

Recruitment and Selection of Marketing Department Employees




Social Media Content Creator

Creation of Social Media Content




Social media handler

Posting the content on social media



Table 3: Estimated Timeline of Completing the Marketing Plan

The table provided above highlighted some of the essential marketing tasks to be undertaken by the BPT marketing team to ensure that enough attention has been paid towards achieving the key objectives of the marketing plan.

2.6 HR Strategy
The use of HR strategy is important for an organisation. Especially in the case of an entrepreneurial venture like BPTS, it is vital to have a team of qualified individuals who can contribute towards the better operational functionality of an organisation. The purpose of an HR strategy is to identify how the processing would occur in the organisation and how human resources would be utilised to achieve the professional objectives (Ulrich and Grochowski, 2018). In return, the management of a company must provide the necessary beneficiaries to the company's employees.

The learner intends to hire 3 tutors at the initial stage of BPTS's services because the tutors would be the primary source of income for the company. The tutors would teach the kids as per their batch allocation and the designated time allotted. The tutors would have to invest 5 days every week to teach the kids and have to make sure that the courses asked by the students have been addressed. From the primary research conducted, it was found that more than 72% of the UK's population have approached private tutoring services. An average parent pays around £40 per hour for the tutoring services, and BPTS intends to teach at least 10-20 kids for five days a week. For the initial services provided by the tutors, they would be paid the minimum wage, which is £8.21 for every hour and depending on the feedback acquired from the students' increment would be offered to them.

2.7 Risk Assessment
The following risks have been identified in the case of BPTS:

  • Risk 1: Exceeding the start-up budget
  • Risk 2: Unsuccessful in hiring experienced employees
  • Risk 3: Marketing Strategy fails in attracting the target market

The inclusion of a risk assessment plan is of primal importance because they create awareness about the potential hazards or failures that could be witnessed by an organisation and formulate a mitigation strategy (Kelemen et al., 2019).


Impact (H/M/L)

Likelihood (Likely/Unlikely)

Mitigation Strategy

Risk 1



BPTS would have to apply for loans to deal with the budget issues.

Risk 2



Specific requirements would be presented in the job description to ensure that qualified individuals have been hired.

Risk 3



The marketing plan of the company must be reviewed from time to time to ensure that the efficiency of the results has been guaranteed.

Table 4: Risk Assessment Plan

Part Three: Future Growth Strategy 2020/2021
3.1 Medium- and Long-Term Strategies

The medium-term strategies of BPTS consist of the following:

  • The company intends to increase their investment towards attracting more tutors and enhancing their employee base within 1-2 years.
  • The company must be willing to raise £10 per hour as per the tuition fees in continuation by a student for more than a year. The rates should be raised if students prefer acquiring tutoring services from the same tutor for more than one year.
  • The company must review their marketing plan every year and increase its investment in marketing strategies. Also, influencer marketing must be discarded within one year because that would not bode well in the company's long-term strategy.

The long-term strategies considered by BPTS consists of the following:

  • Engage in expansion across different England cities and ensure that the management in each city is competent in achieving the key objectives.
  • If the company works effectively in the domestic market, then BPTS can expand the services to other European countries.
  • BPTS would indulge in teaching more than one foreign language to expand their operations to different European countries.

3.2 Ansoff Matrix
During the applicability of Ansoff Matrix initially, the implementation of product/service development was beneficial. However, for future growth strategy, the use of market development and market penetration would be more helpful. According to Martini et al. (2017), the market development strategy indicates identifying new markets for existing products and services of the company. BPTS would first expand to domestic markets and then proceed to grow their businesses in European countries. In the meantime, BPTS would continue to attract consumers belonging to Birmingham and other cities in the UK with the help of an elaborate marketing plan

3.3 SWOT and PEST Analysis
SWOT Analysis

The use of SWOT analysis is considered beneficial because it enables understanding the organisation's internal competencies and capability (Vlados and Chatzinikolaou, 2019). The following is the SWOT Analysis of BPTS.



·         The company provides services 5 days a week

·         The tutors are highly qualified

·         Teaches the Spanish language outside of existing courses

·         Lack of Brand Awareness

·         The services are limited to only Birmingham for some time.

·         The number of tutors would be limited to 2-3



·         Domestic and International Expansion is viable

·         Teaching new languages outside of Spanish would popularise their language department.

·         The use of social media marketing would enable targeting the necessary demography.

·         There is extensive competition in the market, threatening the position of BPTS.

·         The free online tutorials and blogs providing explanation and learning opportunities dilute the capacity of the tutors of BPTS.

Table 5: SWOT Analysis of BPTS

PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is beneficial in understanding the external environment for a company and how the competitive advantage can be influenced (Cox, 2021).

External Environment Factors



UK's political condition is not suitable due to the challenging situation witnessed by the covid-19 pandemic. The UK government had to declare shutting down schools and colleges, making it difficult for students to seek practical knowledge (Atchison et al., 2020). This is a viable opportunity for BPTS to enhance the learning opportunity for the students. The online tutoring classes provided by BPTS would be beneficial in imparting extra knowledge.


The economic condition of the UK is not feasible either because of the mandatory lockdown imposed by the government. The unemployment rates have increased, and small businesses have been affected (Mikolai et al., 2020). The economic situation for BPTS might not be suitable.


The personal disposable income of the population has decreased, indicating that they are only focusing on purchasing the needful for their families. Education is mandatory for children showing that parents are willing to pay for extra tuition classes. Thus, BPTS would witness profitability in such a situation.


Due to schools preferring zoom calls for teaching, almost all students have access to internet facilities and electronic gadgets such as laptops or smartphones (Fotheringham et al., 2020). This would be beneficial for BPTS to continue their classes and attract students.

Table 6: PEST Analysis of BPTS

3.4 Exit Strategy
The use of exit strategy indicates that a contingency plan has been created by an investor, trader, venture capitalist or even the business owner to liquidate the company's position in case of extreme losses or has been declared irrelevant in the market (Ran and Weller, 2021).

From the overall analysis of the report, it could be found that the use of strategic acquisition would be considered a suitable choice for the company because it would increase the chances of keeping the company's reputation intact instead of focusing entirely on dissolving the operations. The management of BPTS would have to ensure that the company is acquired by the market leader that can encourage relevant changes. The market penetration strategy would be applicable here because the awareness of services offered by BPTS would increase among the students of the UK. This would further extend the opportunity of providing additional services to the consumers, such as teaching new languages entirely.

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