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Marketing And Advertising Of Woolworths Business Process


Task: For this assignment you will do a literature review to gather information about business processes and sub-processes used in a specific functional area of an organisation. The area you will investigate will depend on the group number you’ve been assigned to (see below).  You can discuss any interesting aspect of the processes and sub-processes in the relevant area and include at least the following:

  • A general discussion of the use and importance of business processes in this area of the business.
  • Provide examples of different (at least 5) processes in this area.
  • What is the purpose of each process?
  • What are the steps/activities in each process (you can describe these narratively or draw a flow diagram/model)?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the development and execution of the processes in this area and what are their roles?
  • Discuss how the processes in this area have been/can be improved with the use of technology/automation.
  • Discuss how an organisation’s general process maturity in this area can be measured.
  • End the assignment by adding your own insights.


The entire paper has been compiled with general significance to marketing and advertising of Woolworths business process as the fundamental learning point. The paper further takes into account various peer-reviewed journals and articles to gin intricate knowledge over the mentioned Woolworths business process. Additionally, the consideration of Woolworths Group, an Australian establishment, has allowed harnessing the practical knowledge and implementation for better understanding. The paper considered various aspects such as understanding the purpose and identification of various stakeholders related to the same for a detailed analysis.

Woolworths business process
While discussing various processes and aspects of a business, the fundamental of all is to gain the necessary knowledge about the Woolworths business process. Hence, it could be stated that the BP is an assortment of numerous joint functionalities. This helps in observing the potential conclusive aspect in the operational flow of assistance of the entire Woolworths business process or services offered to a consumer base. In simpler terms, it could be mentioned that the entire would be the conjuncture or the propagation of flow of various functionalities that allow the organization or the establishment to achieve its objective (Weber et al., 2016). The procedure must take account of unmistakably characterized responses and proposed outcomes. The potential resources as mentioned helps in gathering the elements that constitutes the entire progression of the flow, thus, resulting in tangible variables. The mentioned variables could be arranged into the aspect of policymaking formats, systematic operation and reinforcement of business standards. Therefore, it is understandable that for achieving a particular goal, the Woolworths business process needs to be followed in a systematic manner. Such flow could be be basic or difficult depending various aspects such as the work standards, hierarchy and the complexity of the establishment (Rosa et al., 2017).

Understanding Marketing and advertising
It is well established that marketing and advertising are one of the most essential and effective BP used by several organizations, however, it is mandatory to mention that the mentioned are not the same (Malthouse, Maslowska and Franks, 2018). Therefore, understanding the aspects of marketing and advertising, individually, is important.

Marketing: It could be defined as an aspect where a practise that potentially needs a various activities to be executed in a specific order to achieve a prominent or proposed goal. Similarly, they could be rudimentary or multipart depending on the interlined actions, the various rules and propaganda included by the establishment for meeting the fundamental goal.

Advertising: The aspect of advertisement is all about getting the information about a product or a service to the target market with the use of various tools and techniques. This includes making a battle that lines up with the needs of the forthcoming consumer base (Malthouse, Maslowska and Franks, 2018). An incredible publicizing effort utilizes a blend of media to create anticipation for an item. Additionally, it could be stated that advertising is a part of marketing; hence, they are an interdependent Woolworths business process.

What is the role of marketing and advertising as Woolworths business process?
It is specifically important to take note regarding the transmission of various activities related to the business establishment and its workflow. It is important to understand that marketing and advertisement has been a significant part of the business to be successful. However, their significance would be stated to be compiled with potential complexities and utilization of various research tools that needs to be integrated within the organizational background for optimal results. Additionally marketing is a term that allows the entire organization to understand its market in accordance to the potential target of the organization, where the aspect of advertisement assists the organization to reach its target market in an intimate manner (Budak et al., 2016). Additionally, the mentioned aspect of advertisement contains various tools such as print media, paper media, and digital media and similar that allows the organization to make a group of potential buyers into their prominent consumer base. A similar aspect of the marketing mix could be observed in the functionality of the Woolworths Group, which has used various marketing and segmented methods for addressing their market. In the same or similar aspect, various techniques such as digital and individual advisement have been used to let people know about their retail chain all over Australia.

Identified Woolworths business process and purpose
While investigating into the various methods and processes used for achieving the goal by the stated organization, some of the essential steps could be observed to be internal and strategic (Hatzithomas et al., 2019). However, the fundamental aspect has been further observed that advertisement is directly dependent over the various Woolworths business process completed by the marketing strategy of an organization. Additionally, while investigating the marketing and advertisement strategies of the mentioned organization, it could be observed that the fundamental five steps include the following processes:

  • Identification of mission
  • Situation analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing mix
  • Implementation and control
    • Product analysis
    • Alternative controls
    • Optimization advertisement

The identified processes for the BP and their purpose are as follows:



Identification of mission

This potentially allows to understand the ultimate objective of the organization

Situation analysis

Several internal and external analysis tools are used for achieving an acute understanding of the market

Marketing strategy

Assists in attaining and planning a profound intervention to the stated market

Marketing mix

The use of 4Ps to established the target base is the fundamental objective of the mentioned Woolworths business process

Implementation and control

The action is applied to understand an implement needed changes in the flow for achieving the market accordingly

Product analysis

Assists in understanding the product or service in consideration

Alternative controls

Alternate routes of advertisements are taken into consideration and planned, in light of the applied plan

Optimization advertisement

Understanding the market and accordingly modifying it for maximum advantage is done with the mentioned

Therefore, with the help of the mentioned processes, it could be observed that the processes serve a definite purpose of identification of the mission for the organization. This relates to the fundamental objective of the organization and its perseverance to the consumer base.

Woolworths business process

Figure 1: Woolworths business process
(Source: Smartsheet, 2020)

Steps related to the Woolworths business process
While discussion about the various Woolworths business process by an organization, it is specifically important to note that every single process would have complied with the help of various sub-processes. Such sub-processes summon up potential ways that would help the growth of market associated to the organization. It is a systematic arrangement of various steps and rules that must be followed for a process to be executed efficiently; thus, resulting in completion of various milestones needed for achievement of goal. Apart from the mentioned, the mentioned allows the segmented handling of a vast procedure that would potentially be providing a general direction to the entire organization.

Woolworths business process

Figure 2: Business sub-processes flow
(Source: Smartsheet, 2020)

Significantly, it could be observed with the help of the mentioned flow that marketing mix follows the general principles of the four P to addresses the issue. Whereas, the market analysis of the entire consumer base was done with the assistance of various internal and external analytical tools. Therefore, it could be stated that the marketing aspect of the entire organization leads the way into the monitoring and control process, which involves various elements of advertising. The Woolworths business process concludes with alternatives to product analysis and feasibility of the advertisement factors chosen by the organization.

Identification of stakeholders
While discussion prevails about the business organization and the associated processes for the potential business, it is important to discuss the stakeholders. However, it is necessary to understand who a stakeholder could be. They or a stakeholder could be defined, as a partner or an individual from bunches without whose help the association would stop to exist. Their action contains the power affect the flow of the entire business with the potential to pulverise the entire system. Following is the basic stakeholder group of a retail organization as Woolworths group.

Woolworths business process

Figure 3: Identified stakeholders
(Source: Yu, et al., 2020)

Innovation and improvement
While investigating the aspects of marketing and advertisement it is specifically important to understand a reply accordingly to the consumer base. Possibility of having an option to modify, as per the needs, with potential buyer although maintaining a prominent business relation with the well-established consumer base. Being able to construct an unfathomable consumer experience resonates with the offer of providing the unexpected to the consumer, that would allow the consume to feel a significant essence of royalty and novelty (Scuotto, Del Giudice and Carayannis, 2017). An organization such as IKEA and L’Oréal has been able to use new and innovative technologies to include the consumers into their culture of innovations. The example could be observed in their localised mobile application that has helped individuals to use their mobile devices as reality augmentation applications where a consumer would be able to apply makeup over their photo in real-time to understand if they want the product or not. Similarly, IKEA has taken to the same path with their real-time virtual reality application allows consumers to see how a product or piece of furniture may look in their surroundings and help upselling of product.

Measurement of general process maturity
Most organization who are a part of the competitive market, are well aware of the fact that if they were not able to offer the best with progression of time they would be able to compete in the market. Thus, the organization has established international and domestic standards in their industry, which resonates with the quality of the product, and the process in the form of a tangible asset, for example, accreditations like

  • PCMM
  • ISO standardisation
  • ITIL

Similarly, the incorporation of the same would help in tangibles aspects of process maturity. The aspect denotes as the intervention of a creating the required services and processes that are changed and modified over time with the help of positive criticism, allowing the entire Woolworths business process to mature over time. Maintaining the aspects there are six levels of maturity, which a service or a process must reach to achieve the next aspiration of the organization. This potentially includes five levels of tangible assets as follows:

  • Person-Dependent Practices
  • Documented Process
  • Full Deployment
  • Measured and Automated
  • Continuously Improving

Woolworths business process

Table 1: Process maturity levels of Woolworths
(Source: Process Maturity Model Can Help Give a Business an Edge, 2010)

Woolworths business process

Table 2: Business growth of Woolworths groups
(Source: Process Maturity Model Can Help Give a Business an Edge, 2010)

Throughout the entire paper on Woolworths business process, it is important to understand that various processes and sub-processes constituting the marketing & advertisement aspects of Woolworths group has been taken into consideration. The essential part of the entirety of knowledge gained would be the fact that advertisement allows reaching the consumer base in an explicit manner (Krishna, Cian and Sokolova, 2016). However, without the strategic planning and market analysis, which constitutes the entire work process, is an integral part. Additionally, the paper had been able to dive deep into the understanding of the entire aspect with the help of various innovations and various measurement strategies, which helps to fetch a tangible value to understand the success and maturity of processes.

The paper reflects upon the various aspects of marketing and advertisement in consideration of the considered organization. Additionally, the implementation and purposes of the identified Woolworths business process allow the paper to reflect the entire aspect with details and understanding. Woolworths group was unable to catch the trend has is far away from such application of technology, however, their new innovative technology and digital campaigns have helped to gain loyalty among the several online shoppers over Australia.

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