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Analyzing The Managerial Roles In Entrepreneurship Essay


Task: The purpose of this task is for you to demonstrate your ability to critically analyse, synthesize and evaluate information and present that information in a written format. A list of articles will be available on the unit’s Moodle site for you to choose from. You will then write a critical article review based around your responses to the following questions.
Critical Analysis
• What is the background of the research? (Background)
• What is the research objective?
• What are the core research questions the article addresses? Why are they important to address? (Research questions)
• How was the research conducted? (Methodology)
• What where the major findings? (Findings)
• What are the significance of the findings for future research or management practice?
Critical Evaluation
• Critically state what you agree and do not agree about the article and explain why? (with specific examples from the article)
• What are its strengths and weaknesses?
• In your view, what is the overall value (e.g. contributions, advances, impacts, etc) of the


Managerial roles are the central part of the entrepreneurship. Without managerial skills, it is challenging for entrepreneurs to obtain goals. The entrepreneurship essay focuses on analyzing the effects of managerial roles on entrepreneurship. Young Entrepreneurs always look for proper managerial skills that they can implement in their organization. The research will help both the young and senior entrepreneurs to adopt sustainable managerial skills for their organization.

The objective of the research on entrepreneurship essay is to evaluate and analyze the managerial roles in entrepreneurship.

The research question raised by the researchers is: What are the effects of managerial roles in entrepreneurship?
Researchers have used a deductive research approach to perform the research. The research is mainly based on testing the existing managerial skills in entrepreneurship. For doing thorough research, the sampling process has been done by the Quantitative research method. The quantitative research method includes the collection of data from existing works of literature. Existing papers will provide sufficient information to the researchers to work on the research.

 Time horizon- As the research is conducted in a short time, the cross-sectional method has been used. The cross-sectional method helps to collect data in a short time. It also helps to collect recent and appropriate data from the researchers. 

The findings of the research on entrepreneurship essay are done based on secondary research method. 10 journals have been analyzed to understand the managerial roles in entrepreneurship. The findings suggested that research has been studied in different sectors, namely- hospitality entrepreneurship, senior entrepreneurship, restaurant entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and etcetera. All the findings summarize that for becoming a successful entrepreneur, proper entrepreneur skills need to be developed. Entrepreneur skills are a part of managerial skills that is important for every organization. The findings also suggest that developing proper managerial skills helps in planning, making decisions, making budget, and etcetera. Every business must include these properties so that the business can proliferate.

The research on entrepreneurship essay will help to provide ethical managerial skills to the leaders of the organization. An entrepreneur can follow this research thoroughly to implement proper managerial roles. The research aims to provide proper analytical thinking to the entrepreneur for choosing managerial skills. Future researchers can follow these research to research specific fields. The research motivates the entrepreneur to make sustainable decisions for its organization. A responsible leader of an organization can follows this research to adopt proper planning goals. Proper planning helps the organization to proliferate in a highly competitive market.

Researchers have used ten peer review journals to survey the research authentically.

entrepreneurship essay

The first peer review is- The paper discusses the relation between entrepreneurship levels of teachers and critical thinking dispositions. Authors have used the 'Relational Scanning Model' to analyze the relationship. The paper shows the main factors of entrepreneurism are 'novelty', 'flexibility', 'alteration', 'taking risks', 'dynamism', 'creativity' and 'focusing on growth' (K?rba?lar & Özsoy-Güne?, 2015). These factors made a person a perfect entrepreneur. The entrepreneur always aims for the high, and it has a clear relationship with critical dispositions. The authors have chosen these factors as demographic variables and evaluated the relation. The drawback of this research on entrepreneurship essay is that the research is fully sample-based. The sample may be or may not be fake. The paper will have a great impact on the research. The variables will help the person to become a great entrepreneur.

The second peer review is- The paper used to prepare this entrepreneurship essay shows that getting a degree is easy, but getting a job is a challenging task. A good degree no longer assures an excellent job. That is why today's generation is looking to become a successful entrepreneur in the future (Edelman, Manolova, Shirokova, & Tsukanova, 2016). The paper used herein entrepreneurship essay has discussed the effect of family support from the social perspective. The main drawback of this paper that it did not have focuses on the other aspects to start a business. Family support is not enough to start a business. The paper tells a significant impact on the research as it shows the importance of family support in an entrepreneur's s life. It will motivate future entrepreneurs hugely.

entrepreneurship essay

The third peer review is- The paper discusses the slow market penetration in Australia due to economic inflexibility. The dataset from 2002-2015 shows that market penetration has decreased by the passing years. The dataset of this paper examined in this context of entrepreneurship essay has been strictly collected on the Australian entrepreneurial landscape. The dataset indicates the main drawback of the paper (Bakhtiari, 2019). It shows that there is any negligence found in the dataset. All the sectors are adequately covered. The paper will have a significant impact on the research. It will help the researchers to warn the upcoming entrepreneurs for investing tactfully.

The fourth peer review is- The paper has examined its research by surveying four big firms and their entrepreneurship goals. The authors have investigated the corporate and social responsibility of the firms. The study prepared within the entrepreneurship essay mentions that proper entrepreneur skills and managerial roles can bring substantial opportunities to the organization (Alonso & Austin, 2018). The main drawback of this paper is that it has used a very smaller number of datasets. The research should have done more extensive. Then it will give an accurate result. The discussion of managerial roles fell a significant impact on the research. It will help the researchers to find out the proper managerial skills best for an organization.

The fifth peer review is- In today's world, hospitality entrepreneurship has gained a vast area in the market. The paper mainly discusses hospitality entrepreneurship. The paper aims to develop a conceptual framework that will analyze talent management, hospitability, and human resource management (Muskat, Lockstone-Binney, Ong, & Andresen, 2019). This framework illustrated in the entrepreneurship essay will help a person to become a successful entrepreneur regarding hospitality. The main drawback of this paper is the present scenario of hospitality entrepreneurship is not discussed. The hospitality entrepreneurship has not yet got a prominent leader who can improve this sector. The paper gives a new field of entrepreneurship to the researchers as well as the entrepreneur.

The sixth peer review is- The paper discusses the relationship between entrepreneurs Skills (ES) and Entrepreneurship Education (EE). The paper includes different aspects of EE and ES. It will help an entrepreneur to know about the different skills in an entrepreneur's world (Almahry, Sarea, & Hamdan, 2018). The main drawback of this paper is that the research is entirely done on the secondary research method. Including primary samples will give a more thorough education to the entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Education is very much crucial for an entrepreneur to analyze its managerial roles. Thus, it will have a significant impact on the research.

entrepreneurship essay

The seventh peer review is- The comparison between Corporate Decision Makers and Family owned Firms are discussed in the paper. The comparison has been studied on the perspective of Strategic Entrepreneurship. In family-owned businesses, it is often seen that due to nepotism, the firm's performance gets deuterated (Chandra & Mathur, 2017). Implementing intrapreneurship in firms can improve managerial skills. The research approach is the main drawback of the paper. However, the paper has felled a significant impact on the research. It has suggested a new trend of entrepreneurship.

The eighth peer review is- Senior Entrepreneurship is the central area of discussion in the paper. The paper analyzes the different entrepreneurial themes of senior entrepreneurship and how those skills can enhance one's entrepreneurship quality. The research on entrepreneurship essay has been done on 90 respondents of Australia (Maritz & Eager, 2017). The barriers of Senior Entrepreneurship are not discussed, which is the main drawback of the paper. The paper will help the researchers to focus on the managerial skills of the aged and how it can be used. The managerial skills from senior entrepreneurship will motivate both the aged and young to become a successful entrepreneur.

The ninth peer review is- Restaurant Entrepreneurship is trending entrepreneurship and has motivated much young personnel to join in this sector. The paper has been conducted by determining the response from 198 participants in Australia (Lee, Hallak, & Sardeshmukh, 2016). The main drawback is that it does not discuss the leadership skills as well as managerial skills required to run an organization. The paper will fell a significant impact on research by motivating young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs need to be educated on entrepreneurship skills so that they can give their best performance.

The tenth peer review is- The paper outlined herein entrepreneurship essay has used a teaching model framework to examine the relationship between pedagogical methods and their specific outcomes. One hundred fifty-nine articles have been analyzed to study the impact of EE in higher education (Nabi, Liñán, Fayolle, Krueger, & Walmsley, 2017). It will help the current research by suggesting many theories on Entrepreneurship education. The main drawback of the paper is that it has no numerical findings from the participants. The impact can be examined when there is a tremendously positive response from the participants is received. 

Managerial Skill is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship. Many future pieces of research can be conducted on this topic of entrepreneurship essay to provide thorough knowledge to the upcoming entrepreneurs. Managerial skills help persons in different positions to adopt sustainable methods. Managers use managerial skills to implement various planning methods in the organization. Leaders or entrepreneurs use managerial skills to implement different organization development methods. The future study by researchers will help to flourish this sector smoothly.

The effects of managerial skills can be analyzed by studying the other related sectors to this. Managerial skills help a person to develop its interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills can further get advanced by doing thorough research. It helps the person to develop entrepreneurship skills in them. As per the research on entrepreneurship essay, family support is also an essential factor other than interpersonal skills. Thus, future research must include social surveys to examine the effects of family support in entrepreneurship.

Almahry, F., Sarea, A., & Hamdan, A. (2018). A review paper on entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurs' skills. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education.

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