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Personal Reflection On Management Practice And Theory Essay


Task: Write a reflective essay on 1000 words (+/- 10%) on management practices and theories which you have come across during your time at La Trobe University. Your essay must include at least five references from peer reviewed articles in Harvard Referencing Style.


Management practice and theory essay have become a significant academic as well as business requirement that is maintained in all business ventures. Motivating employees or students, negotiating deals, making decisions are part of management practice and theory (Hayes, 2018). I am studying in La Trobe University where management practice has significant role and purpose to analyse the experience through effective and perceived practice of self-evaluation. This Management practice and theory essay will explore the key significance of management practice and theoretical implementation in management practice and implications. The Management practice and theory essay will focus on reflective ways to describe the management operation and practice within the university.

Management practice and theory essay on La Trobe University

La Trobe University is an opportunity to study graduation or post graduation course based on arts, social science and communication, business and commerce, health, education and teaching, law and criminology, IT and science courses (, 2019). This University has purpose to deliver and offer an extreme and unique level of education system for both local students of Australia and New Zealand as well as international students. It is important to respond and justify the research to evaluate organisational effectiveness and scope for its operations (Geisler & Wickramasinghe, 2015). This university offers students to get scholarships and other facilities for both National and international students. The scope of its operations is to measure the management operations and industry development in order to continue the current trends in business (Anderson, 2016). University dramatically develops theories which are consists to gain understanding of management theories and applications. I have found that this university evolves an industrial revolution to manage the students and processes in a unique way. While studying in this university, I found that management operations and systems of the venture were effectively included to the theories and applications to inform and achieve the organisational goals.

The organisation offers standardizing process, which is effective to develop the criteria and responses to shape the individual growth (, 2019). As per my experience as a student, I can say that the effectiveness of the organisation can be depicted in both negative and positive way. I have faced such experiences in this college from both negative and positive perspective. From my personal responses in this university, I can reshape my own experiences by critically thinking which is involved in processing the information and learning process, which takes place through my journey (Anderson, 2016). While developing my management course within this university I have faced some issues regarding self-effectiveness and others influences in my learning. From developing the logical and excellent development of my course, I have focused to gain and interpret the managerial development and processes through increased requirement of managing the operations daily. I have found that group discussion and presentation are more effective than individual learning. According to Hibbert & Cunliffe (2015), it is quite effective that the stakeholders of any organisations have the importance to evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation as achievement criteria towards a target audience. While evaluating the organisational success and profit level, it is needed to some of the positive and negative consequences of individual experiences while interpreting the approaches to organisation and evaluate the approaches (Geisler & Wickramasinghe, 2015). It may be quite effective that I have experienced through my journey with this university. Effective learning needs the application of management concepts and theories, which can be reshaped as per individual development and responses.

As per the view of North & Kumta (2018), learning experience through management in the journey and learning styles is important to examine individuals beliefs, attitudes, values and understanding towards the subject. I can evaluate the organisational effectiveness and main aim to evaluate the Management practice and theory essay as well as the applications. Stakeholder groups of the organisation can be identified as teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The stakeholders group have been identified while developing responses to explore the subject value at the base for the practical activity. It is quite effective that teaching staff have a duty to teach and develop the process and way to communicate with students and other stakeholders in order to validate the effectiveness of the course (Geisler & Wickramasinghe, 2015). Other non-teaching staffs have the responsibility to handle all the back office works and operational development behind the teaching and learning process in a university. Both have different perspectives to validate the function and understanding behind the main operation. I found that non-teaching staff help the teaching staff and the students from back to support the entire system and develop our experiences with this course.

In my learning experience I can say that stakeholder group including the staff, students, management, administrators and includes the belief and attitude regarding own development. I could include and describe the stakeholder analysis to focus on effective implications and coherent approaches for organisational effectiveness. I can say the reflective thinking regarding the analysis of affective perspective of different stakeholders is included differently to describe an assessment to conclude. Several stakeholders in the University has been focused for significant interactions with the teachers and students while it is a more effective technique and evaluation power to manage a team of students for achieving the objectives (Anderson, 2016). I have experienced several instances regarding management origination and Management practice and theory essay to implement and understand the management theories, which the applications regarding process, people and information are attached in the concept.

This Management practice and theory essay has been emphasised on the management practice and the theories, which is an important part of the student while pursuing their management courses from the university. The learning experiences in La Trobe University in Australia have been identified to describe individual experience to pursue the management course and development of the theories for practical implications. It has been found from the Management practice and theory essay that reflection is important to evaluate and develop the effectiveness of management operations and applications for own belief and perceptions. In the context of stakeholders of the organisation, it is important to develop their perspective with individual perspective for concluding a common point of view and decisions.

Reference List
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