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Management Assignment: What Makes New College Graduates Employable?


As you begin composing your essay on management assignment, consider who the target audience of the text and what the author's overall goal are. Then, examine what strategies the author employs to achieve their purpose. Is it an emotional appeal meant to tug at your heartstrings? Is it a "black & white" article filled with facts and statistics? Is the author reinforcing their credibility through techniques like personal testimony, well-known organizations, and important scholars? Use the "Basic Questions for Rhetorical Analysis" to help guide you through the process of deciding whether or not the author has chosen effective and appropriate appeals for their text and audience.

Note: Each of your paragraphs must provide evidence to support your belief that the author has successfully or unsuccessfully achieved their goals. DON'T simply summarize the article.

Your grade will derive from your abilities to identify the message and audience of the article, to argue a clear claim/thesis that states whether or not the text successfully communicates its message, to support that thesis with specific evidence and direct quotations culled from the article, and to organize your thoughts in an effective, thoughtful manner to help your reader clearly understand your argument.

You are required to prepare an essay concerning the given scenario.


The current management assignment is focusing on college students who complete the internship program often secure their position in a job role, and there’s a general belief that is associated with the new graduates are, mentorships, internships, and certificates are considered as good ways in terms of building a skill inventory. As per the current scenario, many college students struggle to find out jobs due to a lack of professional and practical skills.

As per this research, the target audience is all the new graduates who completed the study and began to start their careers within the professional field. At the same time, the target audience for this research is also the new graduate students who aim to secure their position within the professional spectrum.

The basic goal of the author is to understand the specific skills and qualities that make a new graduate in terms of securing their position within the professional spectrum.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, the strategies that are mostly followed in this area are focusing on the new graduates’ employable skills and understanding the employability strategy and skills development program that helps an individual student in terms of securing the position within the job market.

Rhetorical analysis is considered as the individual procedure of evaluating the components of a text and understanding how these components affect the overall success and failure of that argument.

As per the rhetorical situation, the high level of unemployment rates is often linked with the massive failure of the global education system and lack of job experience and skills gap amongst the college students are some of the major reasons for the high level of unemployment.

In terms of the author, according to (Vázquez-Ingelmo, Andrea et al. 240), lack of employability skills (knowledge, competencies, and skills) is one of the major restrictions that reduce the employability opportunities for the new graduates. As per the information provided by the Federal Labor Data, approximately 45 percent of graduates were still unemployed in the year 2020. Within the US, approximately 5.4 percent of students are still unemployed in the year 2021 (Pham et al. 400). As per the data provided by U. S. Bureau of labor statistics, the unemployment rate amongst the bachelor degree holders is still higher than 3.8 percent in May 2020, and for high school diploma students, the rate was 7.4 percent (Shivoro et al. 220). Young college students might have a high level of technological qualities; however, the college students have lack adaptability and problem-solving qualities that restricted their job opportunities within the professional demand. In order to develop the potentials amongst the college students, the Australian Government conducts an employability skill development program that can help the college graduates in terms of understanding the changes of the workplace scenario.

Within the College and higher education institute, the graduates are also assisted on the changing scenario of the global market, and in order to make them more skilful within the job market, the universities focus more on different soft skills programs. For example, universities in England now focus more on training activities and practical knowledge-based program that increases the employment values and problem-solving capacity amongst the students.

As per the article of the “The Washington Post” amongst the college students, there has been a remarkable shift in the types of jobs and degrees that students are seeking. At the same time, college students require job security and financial stability over their career development program and job security and financial stability are considered as the personal fulfilment amongst college students.

On the other hand, research conducted by the “NACE Center for Career development and Talent Acquisition” college students need to practice the employability skills at a basic level and need to apply the skills within a professional setting even before making an entry within the workforce. In other ways, college students who complete the internship program have the capability to secure a sustainable position within the professional field after the graduation program because in most cases the organizations where they interned, decided to hire them in a responsible position (Jackson et al. 730).

As per the report provided by Northwestern Mutual, a leading financial organization in America claims that college interns have the massive opportunity to learn real job experience within the financial sector, and later these interns have all the qualities to secure a position within the financial sector.

From the above study, it can be concluded, that college students face major challenges in terms of securing a position within the job market due to a lack of practical knowledge and skills.

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