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Management Assignment: Strategic Transport Plan for Leicestershire Country Council


Task: Prepare a report on management assignment on the topic “Great community, achieving the vision and Strategic transport plan” considering the organization of your choice.


1. Background Information of the Organisation
The organization Leicestershire Country Councilselected in this management assignmentis the best performing council throughout the UK but the key problem of the organization is low funding. Nevertheless, the organization has focused on the implementation of new technology and commercial approach to fulfil its objectives. Among various strategic outcomes, Great communities are the important strategic outcome of the council the organization focuses on the community development process. The main objective of the organization is to enhance the lifestyle of the people of Leicestershire(Rushton, 2020). The Leicestershire community people are helpful and supportive of each other and it would help the council to enhance community development easily. The council has control over the strategic performance of the organization and they want to develop their leadership position based on implementing a new strategic plan including strategic transport planning.

The key vision of the organization is “working together for the benefit of everyone” and it would be easily achieved if effective strategic planning can be implemented. Hence, it can be stated that strategic transport planning would help the organization to achieve the key vision. In addition to that the vision of "working with others in partnership" can also be achieved based on strategic transport planning. Hence, the key reason for adopting the transport plan is to ensure effective partnership working and community development. Communities of Leicestershire Country Council always try to develop an integrated place and supporting people for working together. Under these circumstances, Strategic transport planning would help to develop the leadership role of the organization. The most important matter is diversity has been maintained in the communities of Leicestershire and hence, the transport construction project based on the planning of strategic transport board would increase diversity and integrity among community people.

2. Management Issues that would be researched
The key issue in the case of Leicestershire Country Council has been identified that a low funding option and it is the vital management issue of the organization. However, the council has overcome the issue based on a commercial approach including optimum resource utilization and so on. The key area of the research is fair and sustainable financing for implementing strategic transport planning successfully. The importance of transport planning to the community development in the Leicestershire would be discussed in the study. Hence, the impact of the transport construction on great communities in the Leicestershire would be properly evaluated considering the estimated timeline and resources of the project. Hence, key research themes for the project are Key theme: Essentiality of Strategic Transport planning to the great communities of Leicestershire Other themes

Theme 1: Evaluating fair and sustainable financing to implement transport planning successfully
Theme 2: the impact of the construction project on the community development in the Leicestershire
Theme 3: Implementation of the project and fulfilling the vision of working with others in partnership
Theme 4: Analyzing the leadership role of the council through the successful completion of Strategic transport planning

The development of great communities is the key motive of strategic planning and considering the above themes, the council would measure the success of the project.

3. Objectives that would be achieved and how it would be achieved
Objective 1
• To identify the current landscape of the client organization and key achievement area of the project
The method that would be used to achieve the above objective is the secondary data collection technique. This is because it would help to get data regarding numerous aspects from different sources. In the case of the secondary data collection method, the researcher would consider documentary and multiple sources. As opined by Collis and Hussey, (2014), the documentary method helps to get practical project information and based on this information future planning regarding a specific project can be prepared. In order to get information regarding the current landscape, the researcher would consider the council's memos and the organization's website. The reason is it would help to get the required information easily and the project plan can be implemented successfully.

Objective 2
• To identify effective financing policy for implementing transport plan successfully and enhancing community development
In order to identify financing options or funding options, the researcher would consider secondary data as it would help to select the best alternatives among various options. In this case, the multiple source technique would be followed by the researcher for identifying different alternative options. According to the view of Johnston, (2017), multiple source-based secondary information can be classified into two categories including area-based and time-series information. The researcher would follow area-based information and time-series information both for fulfilling the objective successfully. In case of area-based information, the data would be collected regarding similar projects or any other project in the Leicestershire area and time-series data would be collected from different books and journals regarding the success of a transport planning project.

In the case of achieving both the objectives, ethics would be considered as it would ensure that proper standard has been followed by the researcher to conduct the project. For instance, in the case of the data collection process, the confidentiality of information would be maintained and information would be collected from valid sources. According to the view of Chanet al.,(2016), ensuring the reliability and validity of a project is important in a research project for ensuring a valid outcome. The researcher would try to avoid infringement of privacy and deception to conduct the study successfully.

4. Timeline of the completion of the Project

Timeline of the Project Developed by Author

Figure 1: Timeline of the Project
(Source: Developed by Author)

The above timeline reveals that 9 key areas are needed to be completed properly within 15 weeks and the time might be increased maximum of 2 weeks. The total cost identification and methodology are key areas to conduct the project successfully.

Chan, K. C., Fung, A., Fung, H. G., and Yau, J. 2016. A citation analysis of business ethics research: A global perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 136(3), pp.557-573.
Collis, J. and Hussey, R. 2014 Business Research: A Practical Guide for Undergraduate Birkinshaw, J. and Mark, K., 2017. 25 Need-to-know MBA models. Pearson

Johnston, M.P., 2017. Secondary data analysis: A method of which the time has come. Management assignmentQualitative and quantitative methods in libraries, 3(3), pp.619-626.

Rushton, N., 2020. Available at: [Accessed 11 April 2020].

Appendix 1

Data Source for objective 1

Documentary Data from organization’s website and Council’s Memo

Data Source for Objective 2

Multiple source Data


Figure 2: Data Sources
(Source: Created by Author)


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