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Management assignment determining the application of EFQM model to analyse the food supply of KFC


Task: How does the application of EFQM model benefit the food supply of KFC? Can you explain in your management assignment the approach undertaken by KFC to meet its supply needs?


The EFQM model is a management framework that has been recognised globally. According to Nenadál (2020, p. 25) in his management assignment, the EFQM model facilitates management of change and improvement of performance by organisations. The EFQM model has been accepted and recognised by thousands of global organisations, which has helped the model to sustain over the past thirty years. In this management assignment, the aim is to apply the EFQM model to KFC. The model is relevant in the current scenario and also sets the agenda for management of organisations who are looking forward to a sustainable future and long term growth. The EFQM model will be applied in this management assignment to analyse the food supply of KFC. The model is based on logical and simple questions, including why, how and what. The ‘why’ tries to enquire the reason behind the existence of an organisation, the reason behind choosing a specific strategy and the purpose it fulfils, i.e., gives direction to the organisation. The ‘how’ finds out the way, the organisation plans to deliver the purpose and strategy, i.e., execution. The ‘what’ enquires what has been achieved by the organisation till date and what they aim at achieving tomorrow, i.e., the results (Fonseca, 2021, p. 15). The management assignment will further analyse the strengths and areas for improvement, stakeholder engagement and performance transformation.

Company Background
The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food restaurant chain based in America. The company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky (Global KFC, 2022). The food business of KFC mainly specialises in fried chicken. As per the findings of the management assignment, the company has successfully captured the global food market and emerged as the second largest restaurant chain in the world, when estimated with respect to sales. KFC ranks just after McDonald’s. The company has its food business spread all over the world. It operates in 24104 different locations across the globe. KFC is presently operating in more than 150 nations around the world. KFC is a subsidiary company of Yum! Brands, which is a restaurant chain company that owns WingStreet chains, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. In 2020, the company earned a revenue of 27.9 billion US dollars (Global KFC, 2022).

Management assignment on EFQM Business Excellence Model for KFC
The EFQM Business Excellence model can be applied to KFC for identifying the areas of improvement and scope for innovation. The EFQM model will provide KFC with the blueprint for developing a culture that fosters innovation, creativity and improvement (Turisovaet al, 2020, p. 5591). The EFQM model in the management assignment enables defining a strong purpose. It inspires the organisational leaders to take the organisation to the next level of excellence and motivates them to develop a culture where everyone would be committed towards enhancing the performance. The company mentioned in the management assignment is expected to remain adaptive, able and agile for evolving towards a better future. The EFQM model is appropriate for KFC as it is a growing organisation.

Defining the purpose: The lifebloodof an organisation is its purpose. The mission or purpose of KFC is to maintain its brand position as a globally renowned food chain, increasing its business and maintaining the quality of food (Periañez-Cristobal et al, 2021, p. 1851). The application of EFQM model to KFC as per this management assignment strongly emphasizes on the vision, agile strategies and significance of purpose for creating sustainable value.

Creating the culture: The EFQM model will help KFC to create its culture which fosters value creation, innovation, etc. Through this culture, the company can value its core beliefs of quality and try to achieve its shared goals (GiménezEspín, Costa & Jiménez, 2022, p. 15). The workforce is also committed and connected to the vision if the company become a proactive culture creator.

Forges leaders: The EFQM model makes strong leaders as the leaders can execute the actions and drive the organisation towards its vision and true purpose. Leaders at each level can make effective decisions, collaborate and coordinate the team work (Rodríguez-González et al, 2020, p. 710). This will help KFC to grow as an organisation.

Transforms the organisation: The EFQM model is a framework which is tried and tested over the years and facilitates the change management to be effective, resistance-free and smooth (Dobroviet al, 2019, p. 50).

Management assignment addressing the organisational challenges: During Covid-19 the business of KFC has deteriorated. The lockdown period imposed huge loss on KFC. Every organisation is different and the same approach does not apply to every organisation or situation. The EFQM model mentioned in the management assignment will suggest the most appropriate approach to KFC, which would be situation adaptive and enable overcoming the unique organisational challenges, like drop in fast food industry sales, preference for healthy foods over fried chicken, inclination towards vegan foods, etc. (Pandey et al, 2021, p. 100).

KFC Food Company Analysis
The food business of KFC as per the management assignment has been operating successfully over the years. As per Hall et al (2018, p. 530), the major strength of KFC is that the company is the pioneer in creating the specific taste for fried chicken. KFC has captured the global food market with its unique food taste and strategic market approach. The company as per the management assignment has been utilising the push and pull strategy for attracting more consumers towards its products. The company has been popularised through its jingle, ‘finger licking good’. The brand slogan has created an influence on the consumers and also informs the consumers about the products (food) they offer for sale.

Strengths and Areas for Improvement
The strength of KFC lies in its brand position. The companyas per the management assignment is the second best brand in the world operating in the fast food industry. KFC is establishing its strong footing in emerging markets like China. They are the pioneers in fried chicken based fast food products in the world. They can explore new opportunities by offering healthier food, providing home meal delivery and diversifying their product range beyond chicken (Omer, 2018, p. 6).

The weakness of KFC as per the management assignment, however, is attributed to its untrustworthy intermediate product suppliers. The brand has often faced negative publicity due to its unhealthy food items. The company also faces problems of high employee turnover and lacks strong branding and marketing approach. Therefore as per the management assignment, KFC needs to improve in these areas. The company must make their supply chain stronger and closed, handle its lawsuits effectively, offer better opportunities to employees to reduce the high attrition rate and invest in strong marketing strategies (Uddin, 2020, p. 175).

Sustainable Relationships with Partners & Suppliers
The food company KFC has planned to make the packaging that is delivered to the consumers would be reusable. This is one of the goals of the company. It is a long-term plan that KFC was wanting to implement. The company was wanting to create a strategy for sustainable packaging in their restaurants by using and developing options for sustainable packaging and eliminating those items that are packed with plastics (Peng et al. 2020, p. 69). Across the globe, KFC is been partnering with the major franchises and suppliers in order to recognize the alternatives to plastic in every market (Zhang & Peng, 2019, p. 012111). The chain is performing an audit of the present system with the franchises in order to recognize the opportunities for the reduction of plastic waste. As per the management assignment the company is even partnering with the suppliers in order to recognize the alternatives of sustainable packaging for the items such as plastic bags, straws, cutlery along with lids (Global KFC, 2022). They are setting targets for each and every market in order to decrease, reuse as well as recycle materials. The company engages with its suppliers positively, therefore it becomes easier for both the company as well as the suppliers to cooperate with one another and mutually achieve the goal of making the environment plastic free and green. The mutual respect and understanding among the suppliers and partners as per the management assignment help the organization to build up sustainable relationships. The parent organization of KFC - Yum! Brands have targeted to source packaging of the fibre-based from the recycled sources or else from the certified sources. It has even collaborated with the NextGen Consortium, in order to work on alternative packaging systems for foods. In a few countries as per the management assignment, the company has already started to remove plastic bags, and instead of that, it has adopted the use of sustainable alternatives and substitutes for plastic straws, cups, and bowls (Miriam et al. 2021, p. 012057).

Creating Sustainable Value
The service value of the company is to have a passion for the food item as well as to serve it as to serve the food item with immense pride. It is the belief of the company as per the management assignment that its employees must be coming to work in their best version and they would be treating their guests as their friends. It is the task of the company to make sure that each and every consumer who comes to their stores must happily leave their restaurants without any sorrow. As per the management assignment another thing is that the food that the company provides is craveable. They make sure that the quality of the food is maintained and it is at its best while the food is being served to the consumers (Global KFC, 2022). The items that the company made are all unique and distinct. The materials and the products that the company uses in order to make the food items are of higher and excellent quality. Additionally as per the management assignment, the company even uses natural products in their preparation of the dishes. In their restaurants, they create an ambiance that is lively as well as friendly. Due to such a friendly environment, the guests can even enjoy themselves while having their food. Such a kind of environment makes their guests happy and it even creates a positive feeling for the consumers to visit their restaurants the next time (Chun &Nyam-Ochir, 2020, p. 7435). The company has been constantly trying its very best to innovate and create something completely new. It is on both - for their dishes as well as for their restaurants. As per the management assignment new items engage and attract both new and prevailing costumes. In spite of the fact that it makes its new and unique food items, it still does not forget to treat its consumers like their own friends. On the operational and strategic standards, the company can get a huge long-term value. The company could create a supply chain that would be transparent, water should be conserved, and packaging should be done on the basis of keeping the environment clean and green via eco-friendly packing of its food products.

Driving Performance & Transformation
KFC is regarded to be one of the best chains of fast food across the globe, and it has prepared a strategic plan in order to run its operations of performance management to accomplish the aim with two departments. The first is the department of human resources and the second is the department of quality control. The department of human resources as per the management assignment aims to make sure that the performance of the employees achieves the goal of the company. On the contrary, the department of quality control is responsible for the maintenance of the products’ quality along with the services to the consumers (Song et al. 2022, p. 59). As per the management assignment the company has utilized technological advancement to expand its business to a greater extent. It has explored several ways to connect with individuals while they are deciding what they would eat. The organization had introduced programs on loyalty so that it could deliver much more personalization. As per the management assignment the approach of KFC towards digital transformation was customer-centric. KFC planned to implement in their business a platform of click and collect (Westminster research, 2018). This approach made the company attract those consumers who were more in the digital place. Modern consumers used this approach of click and collect as they could easily place their order via the internet and could collect it at any place without any major effort. This new platform teamed up with better kiosks. As per the management assignment it provided a catalyst for an experience that reverberated with a much more digital-savvy customer. By combining the better kiosks and the platform of click-and-collect, the company utilized the data and they were able to make its decisions in a better manner (Bryson et al, 2020, p. 206). The organization implemented geo-fencing at a huge range in order to get to customers when they were craving and hungry. The digital transformation worked best for KFC. But it is to be noticed in the management assignment that the company implemented the transformation and used the advanced technology in the correct way in order to get this huge success.

Recommendations through RADARframework
In order to pursue greater excellence in the business as per the management assignment, the company - KFC should implement the strategy of Product development. By applying this strategy the company could create new dishes as well as introduce a few fusion dishes and can combine them in their own unique style. Customers are always in search of new items and products in the market and they usually want to try those new things. This is also applicable to the food companies as well. Those individuals who are always in search of new food items do not waste their time getting reviews first and then trying the dish. Rather, it is the other way out. They want to be the first ones to eat and write reviews on the new food item. If the company could create a really innovative and creative recipe, then there would be good reviews written by the customers. This way the company could reach its goal. It is even another strategy where the consumers are providing their reviews. As per the management assignment good and appreciated reviews would let the brand name be under the limelight. The company can attract more customers via these popular good reviews. It is not mandatory that all the time the organization would invent something new. Rather to some extent, it is neither possible to create new dishes at frequent intervals. Therefore, it is recommended in this management assignment that the company should use the approach of modifying its existing products (food items). This approach is going to be better for KFC as at this time they are not creating any new food items completely. Rather they are just introducing the same food in a distinct manner. Sometimes the presentation manner of an item could be changed so that the customers are not bored with the same looks (Pearson et al. 2021, p. 115).

Application of RADARframework


The source used in the recommendation possesses very relevant content regarding the product development strategy. Moreover, it is derived from the European Journal of Cancer.


Pearson, A. D., DuBois, S. G., Buenger, V., Kieran, M., Stegmaier, K., Bandopadhayay, P., ... & Vassal, G.


March 2021


The article is properly researched with the usage of multiple sources to give better clarity to product development.


The reason for taking this article is due to extra-ordinary portrayal on the mentioned subjects.


Figure: RADARframework
(Source : Created by learner)

By applying this strategy, the company could be more successful in terms of making new customers and product development . The company must continuously follow the strategy for a few months to visualize its results in a clear manner. The most significant thing that KFC must consider is that the new food products that they are creating must not match with some other companies. Duplicated products would not let the company be successful. The company should also make sure that the presentation of the dishes is also unique. As per the management assignment, KFC can learn from Mcdonald's as this company is also one of the largest food companies in the globe and its products are even unique and distinct from other food companies.

To conclude the management assignment, it could be seen that one of the leading food companies - KFC has taken huge responsibility to make the environment a better place to survive. In order to achieve this, the company has collaborated with its franchisees and suppliers as well as tried its best to reduce the use of plastic bags, straws, and other products made up of plastics. The company is even very proud as a supporting partner of the NextGen Consortium. In some nations as per the management assignment, sustainable packages have also been introduced whereas others are soon to be introduced. KFC integrates performance management as well as makes strategic planning in order to accomplish its aims and goals. This makes the company one of the fullest chains of fast food companies all over the globe. KFC incorporated the digital transformation in order to attract more consumers, especially those who were constantly on the digital platform. As per the management assignment the company introduced the platform of click and connect and get immense success in its business. The company constantly tries to make something new that their customers would be liking. Apart from this, those new food items would also bring in new consumers to their restaurants or even on the digital platform.

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