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Important Questions Which Answer How to Manage Operational Plan


1. Define the term operational plan? Provide better examples that imply enhanced methods to be a successful team.

2. Concerning the operational plan, analyze the significance of the strategic plan.

3. Enlist the methods in which the consultation process could be conducted.

4. Give an account of criticism conducted in the consultation process.

5. Deliver any two relevant factors of KPI.

6. With regards to your position and perspective draft a KPI. Also, draft an operational goal that you think is relevant to the circumstances or provide a short note on the task for which you are writing the KPI.

7. Define the contingency plan.

8. Explain each step to be followed in developing a contingency plan.

9. Enlist the factors which should be included in the contingency plan.

10. Explain the steps to write a successful and effective business proposal in your own words.

11. Explain the reason why it is vital to acquire specialist advice while writing a proposal.

12. Make it clear, what info and evidences you include in the business proposal while drafting it. Provide better examples to signify when the new data should be introduced via various methods.

13. Provide a flowchart that depicts the process of approval consigned by the relevant parties in your organization. Also, illustrate the way you could make it certain whether the team was enlightened the reason for the approval.

14. Provide a SMART target for your job.

15. Provide a list and description of the important zones, utilities, or functions that should be focused on the Human Resources of an organization.

16. Illustrate the term supplier relationship.

17. Explain the significance of Total Quality Management and Just In Time on supplier relationships of an organization.

18. Define internal suppliers.

19. Explain the reason why the idea of the relationship cost is very significant while handling customer relations and interaction with suppliers.

20. Provide the factors which have the potential to influence the supplier choice made by the organizations.

21. Discuss the process of installing a quality monitoring system.

22. Explain why it is imperative to consider the influences like measurement changes, adequate performance threshold, and the correct level of quality while analyzing the performance-related information.

23. Deliver the importance of analyzing the discrepancy in the actual to budget financial performance.

24. Consider the situation of dissimilarity in production you have identified in the production line in your office concerning the quality. Depict the flowchart which is used by your organization to recognize the relevant issues in the quality. Also, discuss the consequences of refusing the estimated variation in strategy.

25. It was observed that there was a gap occurred between the actual and expected level of performances. Help your team by providing some valid recommendations by explaining every step in the process very meticulously.

26. Explain why the principle negotiation is considered more effective than hard and soft negotiation.

27. Put in plain words on how the firms maintain sustainability in the negotiation practices.

28. Enlist and support the performance-related documentation which should be needed by you for the application of an operational plan.

29. Please provide the significance of recording operation plan performance with regarding to the operational procedures.


1. The term Operational Plan signifies a strategy that is formulated by the factor sustaining inside the organization that describes the steps which should have been taken to sustain the tactical objectives together with the campaigns of higher authority. If taken an instance, the factors that are responsible for the success of the firm are the employees in the organization (Gokhman 1975). Communication among the employees and management is a very significant factor. The coordinated teamwork will enable the members of the organization in efficiently communicating with each other as well as sharing and identifying various unique ideas that ensure the effective participation of a member in the group. The operation plan should be of very short and to the point since the entire procedure relies on the previously set disposition and the strategies.

2. The strategic and operational planning is connected with the factors like decision making and several other procedures that are deliberated against to back each other and spread awareness to bring out the efficient and operational management of the strategies. Thereby attain the target of augmented performance in business whether it is a profit or non-profit organization. If the strategic plan is well organized and executed, it would provide the company with a very clear far-sightedness, positive course and other targets for the operational plans of the organization and its implementation, and also it is very clear that the operational planning would transform the whole target into smaller day to day implementable targets that will eventually increase the efficiency and production of the form.

3. Below are provided the method to be followed in a consultation process: -

  • Conducting proper discussions with the employees in concerned workshops in which the members are chosen arbitrarily to enhance the communication in the organization.
  • Conducting One to one interview which consists of a person who has provided the details regarding appropriate standard clusters of queries against each employee in the organization (Brown and Atkins 1985).
  • Providing the employees of the company the facility to utilize the office or eve the project site which is not generally open for them.

4. The company should seek for the recommendations and advice of the employees before arriving at a decision. Every opinion and the recommendation of the employees should be taken seriously in the official discussions and should be entertained further to provide relevant suggestions (Norouzian and Farahani 2012). These relevant opinions of the employees will aid the organization in making relevant decisions and improve the relationship among the management and other workers.

5. The KPI of an organization should signify the target and intentions of the organization. The company which has intentions to achieve the target of being the most beneficial one in the operative market should maintain the KPI value that is estimated to be profit plus concerning the monetary measures. Generally, KPIs are implemented for durable periods. The generated KPI should be very significant to the attainment of the organization and have measurable and quantifiable (Yao and Li 2014).

6. While conducting the processes of the business in an organization several factors should be kept accurate and operational to attain it's objective and target. Critical achievement factors are to be considered in these circumstances meticulously. Instead of focusing on a large target altogether the company management should concentrate on achieving small and day to day targets. However, if the critical achievement factors are missing and if the targets are not being achieved daily there is a very small probability in attaining success (Brethower 1998).

7. The Contingency plans are the imperative backups that are drafted to cope with the difference in the targeted outcome with that of the real target. The main idea of drafting the contingency plan is to manage the risk since an unexpected risk has the potential to affect productivity in a very tremendous way. Mostly the governments and the organized companies rely on contingency plans and funds to deal with the threats (Payne 1999). For example, think of a situation that some employees in an organization are traveling together in an airplane that happens to crash and thereby killing its travelers. If a company has no any contingency plans regarding this situation, it would have to face the critical condition of the drain in the human resources because of this accident.

8. Below is the list of processes to be followed in a contingency plan

  • Start the process of generating contingency plan by setting up a contingency planning team.
  • Note down every process followed in each department on a catalog.
  • Prepare a meeting with the team leaders of each department and note down their opinion for the proposed plan.
  • Make a thorough analysis of the opinions and recommendations provided by the team leaders and check whether it plugs a negative impact on the processes of a company (Lewis 2012).
  • Noting down a prioritized list of the activities the organization is intending to perform.
  • Design the plan for contingency in a very optimistic way.
  • Make a thorough and fine revision of the drafted contingency plan again.
  • Make a trial of the contingency plan.

9. An appropriate contingency plan is the one that provides relief and acts like the shock absorbers for the organizations when a negative circumstance arises to stop the downfall or demise of the organization (De Silva 2013). Some of the quality-oriented strategies of the company also comprise of the contingency plans which are not merely applicable for the sole stratagem but to a whole subdivision or a department.

10. Steps to build up an effective business plan are: -

  • Analyze the requirements- The procedure begins with acquiring an understanding of the consumer's requirements.
  • In the next stage a better empathy and understanding of the targeted market and its customers in an efficient way (Floyd 2000).
  • In the third stage a very relevant Methodology is outlined.
  • In the following stage, the assessment of the required solution along with the management team is done.
  • Plan to surpass the rivals.
  • Trafting an appropriate proposal
  • Revise the drafted proposal and look for any hidden errors and make some finishing touches by checking whether all the requirements are fulfilled.

11. The modern corporate business environment is very harsh and aggressive. The decision of drafting and recording the proposal could also decide the demise and success of the company. If the companies sought the aid from any service providing company in drafting the plans for the business the process will become very simplified and it becomes very easy to present the relevant figures and data which will provide emphasis on all the required areas. (Kapp 2004). The sort of services sought will decide the fate of the company in its success and attainment of all the set targets in the decided plans of business.

12. In a fitting and suitable plan and some of the major undertakings, there should be some significant features that keep the set targets and objectives in a synchronization. When the foresightedness of the company outcome is given as a written document, the management team should put some extra effort into sustaining the prolonged viability in the business of the organization (Whalen 1986). When an appropriate business plan is ready, the team should conduct a test or mock drill of it to evaluate whether there is a presence of any crucial issues which may lead to the exhaustion of the revenue.

planning in manage operational

On the way to safeguard that my team had recognized and apprehended the approval very well I will perform a primary research in which a small sample of the employees would be interviewed. In the interview, the employees would be provided with the questions about their grasp on the set of objectives. The questions would be like What is the primary target of the approval, Does the approval seem to be advantageous for the company, its associates and its employees. The direct questionnaire method would be used in this interview in which the participants would be provided with a certain set of survey questions.

14. Specific- The goal set by me would be very concise and to the point. The goal would be achieved rather than a very difficult one. The quality would be given more priority rather than the quantity.

Measurable- The set goals must be measurable. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to assess the progress and hence determine its success or failure.

Achievable- I would take special caution in setting the target which would be challenging, although it is achievable and not over-ambitious.

Result-oriented- A special effort would be provided on my presentation skills, which would be a result of increased involvement and contribution in the group discussions in the workplace. Time Specified- here should be very clear and strict deadline which would provide at least a minimum of one-week time and in extreme cases only would be extending to a period of one month.

15. An appropriate code of conduct which would reflect the anticipations of the firm and other guidelines to be followed to maintain proper office conduct (Collings 2012).

Payment and compensation of the employees which is a very crucial strategy in Human Resource management.

Differences in the interest policies which would tackle and overcome the conditions in which an employee’s interest and opinion are in contradiction to the interests of the institute (Lansbury and Niland 1994).

Job evaluation, which us a very organized and demanding process and subject all the processes in the business for quality analysis.

16. The term Supplier relation management signifies a very complete and thorough approach to handle the communication of the organization with other firms that provide the required goods and services. Maintaining healthy purchasing practices is a very crucial section of success in business. Many other dimensions also make an influence on the basic principles of buying, such as sorting out suppliers providing high-quality products (Fast 2012).

17. TQM- Any institute operating in a competitive market, spends a lot of revenue in buying raw materials and other subsidiary services. The quality delivered by the suppliers would significantly impact the total price of the product (Khan, 2008).

JIT- It is the philosophy or the principle followed in the process of manufacturing which the organizations constantly follow to reduce the wastage. It is imperative that the receiving of raw materials and the release of the manufactured process should be done very punctually. This attitude would help up in building a good relationship between the company and the suppliers.

18. A supplying agent which works under the same company as a part of it is considered or termed as internal suppliers. The internal supplier could either provide the company with the goods or services according to their designation. Although they work inside the company, they may possess more potential than a standard supplier. Not only the supply of raw materials but also the supply of tools and machine parts for the daily operations also come under this division (Feldmann and Olhager 2008).

19. If taken the instant of cost relationship, the total details regarding the quality and cost assured by the suppliers should be acquired before entering into a bond or contract with them (Hauser, Simester and Wernerfelt 1996). The analysis of this factor would provide the higher authorities and the management team the fact whether it is practicable to enter or continue in the relationship. Since a considerable and high amount is being paid to the suppliers they should provide quality materials that should be crosschecked regularly. The management should verify whether it is worth to enter in a contract with a certain supplier.

20. Factors which may influence the selection of the suppliers for the organization are: -

  • Knack and proficiency in providing the firm with quality products with provided specifications.
  • Actual attributes and quality of the service or goods.
  • The endurance of the supplied material.
  • The reliability of the supplier and his products.
  • The practices followed by the supplier in the quality analysis.
  • Proficiency of the supplier in technicality and management.
  • Ability to deliver very unique products with a brilliant concept of design (Casaburi and Minerva).
  • The market reputation and the financial ability of the supplier.
  • The compatibility of the company with the products of the new supplier.
  • Availability of the replacement and spare parts.
  • Period of warranty and insurance provided by the supplier on its products.

factors in Manage Operational Plan.JPG

Source: (KR consulting 2015)

22. Time- This factor would specify a clear deadline for the assigned. A proper deadline would aid the team to complete the task efficiently in a time-bound manner.

The ceiling of the performance- The limit for the performances will make the expectation of the firm clear to its employees. This will reduce the confusion and make the associated people like various suppliers and the employees in an expected manner (Newsome 1992).

Variation in the measurement- This factor also provides transparency in the policies of the company and the variations made to enhance the processes and performances of the company.

Quality parameter- A clear and strict stricture for the degree of quality makes it clear the below-par products are not appreciated and are bound to be rejected (Tanimoto, Hagishima and Sagara 2008).

23. The major advantage of calculating an appropriate estimate of the differences in the actual budget concerning the targeted budget would help in assessing the performance of the company and the unusual expenditures. This calculation would enable the company to focus on the processes which are lacking behind and divert the company towards the direction of success. The obtained figures would help the company to avoid the hidden risks and back itself by using previously planned strategies (Ball, 2009). The major objective of the annual financial statement review is to draft the intended strategies along with the action plans for the betterment of the business.

action plans in Manage Operational

Source: (Žiogelytė 2014)

If the company denies to calculate and acknowledge the difference, it would have to suffer various risks and concerns in the market and would suffer to maintain its relevant existence in the market. The major issues which the company may have to face are the misappropriation in the production which roughly means that production has not met the decided parameter both qualitative and quantitative.

25. The management of the company must recognize the present process in the organization and by proper observation and examination, find the factors which have caused a gap in the expected performance.

The organization should be well prepared to cover the gap caused by the means of alternative methods like motivating, promotions, appraisal in the performance, and appropriate training (DEBOER 1968).

All the alternative solutions should be contemplated and a suitable one that is most appropriate should be chosen.

Some more strategies should be formulated to advance in the course of development and achieving new targets and the way to attain them.

Applying the strategy: Make a repeated analysis and review of the results and determine whether the gap could be covered or not (Kelley 2008).

26. Certain parameters entailed the process of making the Principal negotiation makes it more relevant and significant than the hard and soft negotiation. These factors are enlisted below:

  • The principal negotiation isolates the concerned individuals from the main issue and thus it is a very user-friendly and stress-free process.
  • Unlike the hard and soft negotiation, it majorly concentrates on the subject and interest rather than the figures and positions. Which makes it easy for the management to retain the efficient employees of the company (Atkin and Rinehart 2006).
  • This approach would reveal may potential opportunities in the market and make it possible for the company to utilize it for the benefit of all.
  • The principal negotiation clarifies the significant objective parameters which would eventually aid the organization in achieving the individual along with the team targets (Maynard 2010)

27. If considered the process of negotiation in an organization, the factor of consistency i.e. the so-called consistency principle signifies the strong psychological obligation to sustain with the expectations and the conditions provided in the contract. This eventually helps to maintain trust, sustainability, and balance in the business processes. It also impacts the overall behavior, approach, ideology, and preferences of the company (TAYLOR 2009).

28. For a general administration of the performance the responsibility for the present and forthcoming execution targets would be of the employees.

Improvement plan: The officials managing at the first level of the hierarchy and the processes are responsible for every document contained in the Project Improvement Plan.

Assessing the performance: Whenever the Project Evaluation Procedure starts, the quality supervisors are held responsible for recording every data.

Agreement of Performance: Performance agreement has a crucial part to play in the analysis of the efficiency of the business plan.

Performance Improvement plan: All the relevant data and records are kept in the performance and accomplishment files, which are later dispensed after the use.

29. The comprehensive recording and documentation of the plan would provide complete specification and details regarding it. By following this principle the need for further alterations could be avoided and any sort of errors could be avoided from the operational plan. This would help in augmenting the company performance and the security of the sensual data. The major benefit of the documentation is that it could avoid unwanted changes and fraudulent activities during which the execution phase. The process of documentation would make the performance of the firm very sharp and efficient.

Consider the condition that you have bee appointed as an employee to develop a new subdivision for the Training and Development of Administrative and Sales Team in a private staffing organization. Because of the increasing requirement and claims they have started two further offices, of which one is located in Melbourne and another one in Adelaide. This sudden and unprecedented expansion had escorted the company in a situation of a very tight budget for the current financial year. Your task is to keep the financial statement of the organization to its least possible limit.

The premediated target that the company has demanded to focus on is the 8% increase in the overall sales by the end of 2019.

In the outlet, 5 employees manage the queries and abstract request for information relevant to the sales of both products with permanent and temporary character.

To find the hidden opportunities and to locate other leads in the market ten responsible recruitment personnel are being appointed there.

The Excel Personnel is a well-established family business that follows the ideology of focusing on customer satisfaction through customer relationship management and hence attaining and sustaining new customers for the products of the organization.

If considered the quality and excellence factor of the institute, it had successfully managed to sustain their experienced employees. As contemplated the data of the previous six months, many new clients have opted for other recruiting companies. The company's Board of directors had developed an awareness and training program for its employees to control the downward trend in their business because of the increased drain of their customers.

For this project

  • The aims, objectives, strategies, and suggestions may show the tendency to vary in the due course of the project.
  • While executing and implementing new plans, it is very common that the officials would have to adopt different targets, ideologies, and suggestions. Make a very detailed study of the variations occurring while the business in the organization progress. These variations could be expected by the officials constantly while a strategy is being executed. Whenever a new strategy or a plan is introduced into the business process a change is bound to happen, which would require the authority to adopt a different operational plan.
  • As this is the primary plan for the business operation, the use of concise and relevant points are more viable.

In this task, you have to draft an operational plan. The major deliverable of the manage operational plan report listed below.

1. Provide the operational goals and the mode through which they are associated with the strategic plan lucidly in this manage operational plan report. The major operative target of the above-provided case is to provide the employees with effective training along with technical growth which would enable the workers to carry out the tasks efficiently with augmented performance which would also contribute to their personal growth by various guidance programs. The programs to enhance the results from the employees by the means of various training and awareness programs, which also enhance them at the personal level should be adopted by the management very seriously since it has the potential to impact the revenue of company considerably and provide long-lasting benefits to the people associated with it. It should be noted that the performance of the employees is very significant in the survival of the company. Presence of even a little number of dedicated and skilled employees has the potential to push the company to an innovative height and guarantee the endured performance of the company. The process of managing the performance of the staff could also be observed as an official sub-scheme of employee progress training program which intends to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the workers by focusing on the individualistic and personal growth. Carrying out very efficient training for the employees would provide a very crucial and potent advantage to the organization. For example, an appropriate training program would generate a section of skilled and efficient labors who may even replace the existing lesser efficient workers and would dedicate themselves to the betterment of the organization.

2. List of resources and funds to attain the targets

The organization could make use of various sources to attain the projected goals of the organization.

  • The organization would require to implement an effective human resource and a team of experienced workers to bring into line the objectives. This would enable the workforce of the organization to attain the intended objective and target of the guidance program. The management should initiate this program by training the new employees of the organization.
  • A group of well-versed professionals would be needed to handle and manage the training program of the employees.
  • Several analysis tools would be required to assess the progress of the undergoing training process by the organization. Besides this, the professionals should know the most modern evaluation techniques and could utilize it to its maximum for attaining the expected result (Hoechle and Schmid, 2006).
  • The organization could also make the use of some evaluation and incentive tools for this purpose.
  • Some basic tools required by the firm in this respect would be a classroom of required size, an illustration or presentation board, and other small technical and mechanical tools like papers, relevant documents to training and development of the human resources.

3. Recognize the appropriate official that you may consider relevant concerning the expected operational goals and provide the consequential action plans to attain the operational target of the company as mentioned in the manage operational plan report.

In this circumstance, I ought to take guidelines from an efficient and experienced Human Resource Manager and the person in charge of the Human Resource Management Department. They would be very capable enough to provide me the information regarding each employee who will be subjected to the training program and other employees who have the potential to perform very well after participating in this program. Above all, I would have to seek advice from the board of managers on the behalf of authorizing the training agenda and granting the permit to carry out the training program on the premises of the organization. In the series of progression, I would also seek the certification of the finance department and its chief to get the required revenue to perform each stage in the program of training.

4. Recognition of relevant methods of communication that would be suggested by you to sustain the smooth conduction of the consultation process. Also, provide the reason for your choice.

The required guidelines would be delivered through different modes and methods of communication
a) Oral Communication- The employees who are selected to undergo the training program would be notified by the verbal methods like phone calls or and the more so by direct conversations.
b) The method of mails could also be utilized for notifying the employees or even the notifications could be provided via the website of the company about the processes of training which would be conducted on the premises of the organization to enhance the development of their skills.
c) Some customized brochures would be provided to the employees providing all the relevant pieces of information.

5. Point out and explain the recommended processes of feedback which should be executed as the case study provided in this manage operational plan report.

The organization could go along with a specific type of process in collecting the feedback of the program whether it is relevant and effective for the future of the organization. This process would aid the company in identifying the level to which the sales of the organization have raised and to ascertain whether the company has achieved the expected objectives and targets because of this program. a)Questionnaire- In this process, a certain number of questions could be organized to prepare a questionnaire that would be thereafter circulated among the employees who have been selected for the process of training. The questionnaires would be attended by the participants and would be submitted to the team who is handling the training program. A thorough analysis of the answers provided in the questionnaire should be conducted that would throw light on the efficiency of the current program.
b) Sales analysis – A detailed analysis of the organization’s sales would have been conducted and its trend should be analyzed whether it is positive or negative. If the trend seems to be positive then it would signify that the training program was successful.

6. Suggest the list of KPIs to calculate the level of organizational performance with relevance to the provided training. (Provide at least 2 KPIs)

  • Permeation rate and relevance of the training program- This parameter would aid the organization in calculating the percentage of employees who have finished the course (which includes the questionnaire and other activities) with that of the total number of employees in the institute.
  • The average number of staff turning p in the training program- This figure would provide the information regarding the appearance and the involvement of the employees in the program.
  • Amount sent on each employee for training- By calculating this aspect the organization could assess the amount of money spent on each employee by dividing the whole sum by the number of employees who have participated in the training program.
  • Percentage of time spent in the training program by the employees by considering their whole working hours.
  • The disbursement on the training program done by the institute which includes the salary and wages given to the employees.
  • Funding capacity of the whole training process- This criterion would provide an estimate of the expenditure commenced on the total training program.

7. Prepare no less than 2 contingency plans if the staff of both the departments fails to meet the KPI Simply relying on the performance of the employees would some times result in a below-par result for the company. For example, the environment of the company attracts a lot of investors towards its business processes and working techniques. The increase in the level of sales and the development of the company concerning the previously set targets should be considered as a crucial parameter to assess the level of success. There should be an indicator, which would provide very significant information about future ventures and its opportunities. A significant amount of data could be comprised of like its previous financial statements, present debtors and amount of loans, the present overall asset of the company, etc.

8. Draft a business proposal relevant to this manage operational plan report

  1. Basic of a proposal – The major motive of the plan should be to make available the training program to the employees and thus augment the abilities and proficiencies so that they could be made qualified and efficient to provide improved and advanced performance to their companies. This would make the company achieve its projected target and thus beat their rivals by dominating the market.
  2. Problem statement- The majority of the fresh customers of the company have moved to other companies seeking for better service in the last 6 months. The management of the country has noticed this negative trend and is very concerned about it. To raise out of these negative conditions, the company should conduct a training session among their departments about the modern modes of customer services and other required skills.
  3. The proposed solution - The suggested solution in this circumstance would be making the best training available to the employees on behalf of the enterprise. This training should be focused on making the employees well versed in delivering high-quality performance to its customers and thereby try they are better to sustain them for a considerable period.
  4. Pricing Information- It is the information regarding the prices that makes the customers to decide their choices and determine the relevancy of discounts and offers offered by them.

9. Sketch a flowchart that represents the significant officials and associates who have to be approached to gain authorization for the provided business proposal.

business proposal in Manage Operational Plan

10. You are required to provide a summary of the methods to suggest the best ways they could handle the communication among the employees. Make the use of minimum one SMART goal to estimate the way the members of the team should reveal the understanding of the proposal.

Specific – My approach will be to the point which would comply with the targets of the company which would comprise of many associate and smaller goals in the process of training. My whole focus would be to augment the employee skills through a systematic process of training. It would be my responsibility to motivate the employees to the extent that the company would attain the target of 8% increase in sales.

Measurable – As said before, it is the target and objective of the company to augment the sales to the extent of 8% before the financial year of 2016 ends. There would also be a subsidiary target to increase the number of staff which should be well analyzed by the authorities while executing the programs (Stephen Town 2000).

Achievable – A achievable target would be set by me which should be attained by minimum obstructions and hindrances. According to the present obstructions like the timetable and amount of work I would try to arrange the targets which would be possible to be achieved in the deadline.

Realistic – I would try to avoid unusual and bogus features from the training program and thus include very accurate and authentic details. The bogus elements like an unrealistic motivational tool, personal sentiments and emotions would be strictly avoided. I would focus more on the tangible features like financial data and other results from the study.

Time-Bound – I would try to cover the training program on a punctual basis and make the sessions very concise which would not extend too long. Any sort of delay would not be entertained by me and I would try to finish the program in a timebound manner.

11. In the firm, there are exactly 2 officials for external recruitment who are being touch-based as the suppliers by the method of mentioning potential customers to Excel official. Although these officials have been slowed down gradually in the process of referring patrons to the Excel Personnel. In a very concise way please summarize using short points on how to intensify the relationship with the supplier.

  1. Deliver proper training and guidelines to the selected workers to develop a relationship with customers.
  2. The employees should be also trained for better communication skills.
  3. Make aware the employees to make better communication with the customers and try to build the customer base of the company.
  4. Put some designated objectives for the employees which would eventually lead in the increase of customers.
  5. Give the employees boosted motivation and provide them with inducements so that they keep motivated to bring more patrons to the company (Curtis and Dean 2004).
  6. Conduct awareness programs to make the employees conscious about the behavior of the clients and how to communicate with them.
  7. The selected employees of the company should provide with a clear knowledge about their targets and objectives.
  8. The demands of the clients and their preferences should be made very clear to the employees which would increase their productivity and understanding of the customers.
  9. Make a friendly approach with the customers which would make the image of the company a more amiable one.
  10. While following all these instructions, the employees should keep in mind the ideologies and objectives of the company and hence their activities should reflect them while interacting with the customers (Curtis and Dean 2004).

12. According to the KPI’s, SMART objectives, mode of communication and the process of response and the operational plans followed by the organization. Please also explain how you intend to measure the performance of the project.

Evolving a tool according to the suggestions made by me in this project.

Assessing the employees – The assessment of the performance and efficiency of the workers should be conducted on a quarterly and annual basis. Make it certain that the employees who had undergone the training program are still following the guidelines in their daily business processes (Booth 2006).

This process would recognize the results which should be calculated. The major face which should be calculated and kept the eye on the trends and course of sales. Only if there is an increase in the number of the clients then it would be said that the campaign was a successful and efficient one.

The element of Customer satisfaction would also be checked by the means of a questionnaire that would provide a detailed knowledge of the customer satisfaction after the period of the training program and hence showcase the real worth of the program (Higgins 1977).

13. Describe how you conduct the supervision of the financial information? Explain what is to be needed to be checked when the analysis of the data is done?

Even as carrying out the business operations, the best method to calculate the efficiency and accomplishment is by identifying the data and trends relating to the sales. By conducting the figures recorded regarding the sales in the financial data, it should be calculated whether the level of sales is increasing or decreasing over time. The increase in sales should not be represented in actual figures since it would not represent the real significance or the extent of the change. They should be demonstrated using some relative ratios or figures. If taken a circumstance of an increase in $ 100000 in a firm may be seen as a good or a positive figure. But by this, the effort or other expenditures have done to increase the profit is not taken into consideration and hence remains hidden. The representation of the increase in terms of percentage would be a more viable idea for the firm (Kumar and Sivaramakrishnan 2008). To represent the proper level of development in the organization over a given period, the concept of Cumulative growth could be utilized. These types of indexes would also provide the financial history of the company. This would help the company to make a prediction of the growth and the potential opportunities in the market. Some volatile ratios are also considered under this section which are the rate of interest, the rate of inflation in the economy, etc. This technique could also help in calculating the prediction of whether the company would follow the trend of positive or negative growth (Speight 2009).

14. As per the data you have obtained from the direct interaction with the employees, there exists a combination of problems in the performance and skills among the employees. Many of the issues have their roots in the board of managers. Please give a short account of how would you manage this issue of incapability concerning the efficiency and skills of the employees.

The issue of the inability and underperformance could be managed by the measures provided below.

  1. The management should put a meeting with the employees who have been performing below par and should be dealt with tactically.
  2. The problem of the underperforming employees should not be solved by eliminating those employees as the loss of human resources would cause a serious problem to the company (Monitor 2003).
  3. The employee of the firm needs to be given the written training as well.
  4. Proper interventions and new changes should be made in the process of recruiting the employees which would help the company is streamlining its effort towards better performance and higher profit. It would be the obligation of an employee to work efficiently for the betterment of the organization.

15. It has been observed that the lack of transparency had led to the absence of trust among various departments which is eventually leading towards a bad working environment. Suggest some relevant ways to surmount this condition.

a) Sustain the transparency in the procedures.
b) As a part of maintaining the transparency increase in the flow of data should be initiated.
c) Making a network of communication and suggestions before arriving at a crucial decision.
d) The efficiency of each employee should be understood and assigned to respective relevant jobs, so that maximum effort should be extracted out of them (Miao et al. 2007).

16. Outline a flow chart to depict the processes which should be followed to get the authentication for making changes in the plan while execution. (Try to make the flow chart very concise and relevant).

planning in manage operational

17. Prepare a flow chart by referring to the details you have provided in the project along with the changes to be implemented next to the moment it has been approved.

flow chart in Manage Operational plan

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