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Literary Review: Transformation of Health and Tourism Industry


Task: This is an individual assignment, which forms part of a scaffolded assignment (later assignments will build on the work done in this assignment).

Finding information:
Find and review at least 15 current (from 2015) journal articles and book chapters relating to:

Digital Transformation of organisations in from a data, information and knowledge perspective.

Every student will be assigned one of the following industries to focus on (details on course web site):

  • Health
  • Aged care
  • Hospitality (travel, tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Marketing (i.e. marketing agencies, media companies and advertisers)
  • Accounting (Big 4 and smaller firms)


Article 1:
Holden, A., (2019). Retrieved 26 August 2019, from

Andrew Holden has successfully maintained several roles in travel, tourism and environmental sustainability. This article has shown concerns about environmental sustainability. Andrew Holden is a professor of tourism at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, UK. He has contributed to the hospitality and tourism assignment with several priceless academic contents and it is one of the major reasons for choosing this article.

This article has explained the global demand for tourism and the growth of this industry. The opportunities in the sector of tourism have been explained in this document. Different environmental philosophies and the ontology of nature are explained in this article. This article is important to understand hospitality as it talks about sustainability and the contribution of technology in tourism.

Article 2:
Camilleri, M. A. (2018). Nurturing travel and tourism enterprises for economic growth and competitiveness. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 18(1), 123-127.

Camilleri is one of the most important personalities who have a great contribution to tourism. The University of Edinburgh is being enriched for a long time with his knowledge. This article is important for a detailed understanding of competitiveness in the tourism industry. Change in the trend of competition and the importance of nurturing the companies in this industry for economic growth has been stated in the article.

This article is important to understand how nurturing tourism companies can help a country by growing economically. Thorough research has been done in this article to understand the economic importance of tourism. Case study analysis has been done in this content and analysing this content has stated that small and medium-sized organizations of tourism are equally important as the large organization to grow the economy faster.

Article 3:
Purc?rea, T., & Purc?rea, A. (2017). Services Marketing in the Era of Disruption and Digital Transformation. Romanian Economic and Business Review, 12(4), 7-26.

Purc?rea is one of the writers who has given technology huge importance and shown how technology has affected the service industries. Purc?rea has concentrated on how a good relationship can be built with the customers and the impact of a good relationship with the customers. This article has explained the change in the service industry and the impact of digital transformation.

This article is important as it can state how to maintain a good relationship with the customers. Digital technology is something that has a huge contribution to the service industry. Customer relationship management and the importance of digital transformation has been explained in this article. It is mainly based on the collection and exchange of data. Digital technology has made tracking data easier than all other times. It helps the companies to understand its customers and make attractive deals for the customers.

Article 4:
Demirkan, H., Spohrer, J. C., & Welser, J. J. (2016). Digital innovation and strategic transformation. IT Professional,18(6), 14-18.

The University of Washington is one of the famous institutions and Demirkan has been related to this institution for a long time. He has researched the change in technology and the contribution of technology over time and its impact in different industries. This article is chosen as it holds a detailed discussion about different technologies.

The concept of tourism has been stated accurately in this document and it contains the discussion of changes in technology in different companies such as Netflix, Skype, and Airbnb. Airbnb is one of the updated accommodation providers that have cleverly used technology. These organizations have used the interests of customers and the cloud-enabled lodging services have made the hospitality and tourism assignment hassle-free for the customers.

Article 5:
Alexis, P. (2017). R-Tourism: Introducing the Potential Impact of Robotics and Service Automation in Tourism. Ovidius University Annals, Series Economic Sciences, 17(1).

Alexis has researched about automation and explained about it in this article. Automation is another important factor in technology that is helpful for the industry to serve faster. Alexis is one of the greatest contributors to economics as well as tourism. This article has been chosen for understanding the importance of automation in the tourism industry.

This article has easily explained automation and different automation technology have contributed to the hospitality industry. Intelligent automation technology such as robotic theme parks and industrial robots are the starting of a new era in tourism. Entertainment in the tourism industry has been changed by applying the concept of intelligent automation and tourism has taken a different shape by the application of different robotic technology.

Article 6:
Brunt, P., Horner, S., & Semley, N. (2017). Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management. Sage.

P Brunt has been a long time in the field of research and the methods of research and management of several events have been stated in the article. This article has been chosen as it has entire details of managing events and hospitality and tourism assignment of the companies. Critical reviews about several topics have been stated in detail and it will provide realistic data related to the topic.

The entire research mainly depends on the secondary data and critical reviews are provided in this research. Collective experiences of teaching have been explained within the research, the article has explained how event management and tourism can be related, and the popularity of the hospitality industry has been covered within the research. It is important as it stated how the research has helped to improve the methods of tourism.

Article 7: Beeton, S., & Morrison, A. (Eds.). (2018). The Study of Food, Tourism, Hospitality, and Events: 21st-Century Approaches. Springer.

Beeton has worked in the tourism industry and contains detail knowledge about the study of food and hospitality. The destructive creativity had been stated in this article and the details of the tourism sector and how new ideas have helped the tourism industry to flourish has been explained in this article.

This article is important as it outlines the destructive side of the technology. Different negative sides of technology in the tourism industry that harm sustainability has been explained in this article. This article is based on a detailed study on tourism and food and explains all the negative factors of this industry in detail.

Article 8:
Benckendorff, P. J., Xiang, Z., & Sheldon, P. J. (2019).Tourism information technology. Cabi.

Benckendorff is an important name in the industry of tourism as he spent his life researching about information technology. Information technology has a huge contribution in several industries. This article has been explained the advancement of the tourism industry with the help of information technology and analysis of data.

Information technology has flourished in the tourism sector. It has improved the booking system and accommodation has become easier. Operations of the hotel chains can be done more effectively in this way. Information technology has made communication and exchanging data easier and in this way, the hotel chains can be operated by the head office easily.

Article 9:
Sun, S., Law, R., Schuckert, M., Kucukusta, D., & Guillet, B. D. (2017). From information technology to mobile information technology: Applications in hospitality and tourism. e-Review of tourism research.

Sunny Sun, Rob Law, Markus Schuckert, and Basak Denizi Gulliet have researched about information technology and its positive and negative impact in different industries. This article is important for understanding the relationship between information technology and tourism. Experience of the writers in the technology has made this article more important to study.

This article has a great contribution in the field of tourism and mobile information is helpful to circulate information within the country easily. It helps to improve the application of tourism and the profitability of the organisations. The growth of information technology and mobile technology has helped to communicate with people in a better way and the information about tourism in several countries can be collected by the customers more effectively.

Article 10:
Baum, T., Cheung, C., Kong, H., Kralj, A., Mooney, S., Ramachandran, S., ... & Siow, M. (2016). Sustainability and the tourism and hospitality workforce: A thematic analysis.Sustainability, 8(8), 809.

Tom Baum has experience in tourism for more than 30 years and he has always made a relation within environmental sustainability and tourism. In this article different themes related to sustainability and tourism have been explained and it contains a strategic development about tourism. He has explored several countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, Estonia, and others to gain experience in tourism.

Sustainability is one of the most important factors to get success in every field, Tom has concluded in this paper that sustainability can be maintained in tourism by managing the rules and regulations of all the country. Cleanliness and balance of nature should be maintained properly for managing sustainability in this field.

Article 11: Fyall, A., Legohérel, P., Frochot, I., & Wang, Y. (2019).Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality: Collaboration, Technology, and Experiences. Routledge

Alan Fyall is a professor of tourism, marketing and graduation programs of Central Florida. He is highly experienced in international tourism and he has written about the relation between tourism and marketing. This article is important to study as it states about customer management and the tricks to attract customers towards the companies.

Marketing can be considered the heart of all the companies and it is helpful to find out ways of attracting customers. Historical concepts of marketing help to understand how important it is for any business. Ways of improving marketing ideas in companies can be understood from this article.

Article 12:
Sharma, B. (2019). Review of human resource practices in hospitality and tourism. Journal of Hospitality, 1(1), 15-30.

Bishnu Sharma has been teaching at the Sunshine Coast University in Australia and he has always focussed on the human resources practices in several companies. He has written several journals and articles on human resource practices and tourism. This hospitality and tourism assignment is important as it explains the details of human resource management in the travel and tourism industry.

This article has helped to understand human resource practices with the growing competition in several companies. Rules and regulations of hiring and managing the human resources are given in this article. Different articles and journals have been reviewed in this article and important views of different writers have been provided in this article.

Article 13:
Ulus, M., & Hatipoglu, B. (2016). Human aspect as a critical factor for organization sustainability in the tourism industry.Sustainability, 8(3), 232.

Ulus has researched several topics of tourism and the important aspects are highlighted in this article and diverse strategies are written here for a better understanding of the topic. This article has great importance as it outlines the implementation of sustainability and diverse issues of people that have been explained in this research.

Sustainability should be implemented in the organisations for managing people in a better way and human resources should be managed effectively to gain more popularity and profit. The factors such as resistance to change and internal communication have been explained here.

Article 14:
Popiel, M. (2016). Tourism market, disability and inequality: Problems and solutions. Acta academica karviniensia, 16, 25-36.

Marcin Popiel is one of the famous writers of tourism market who has specially focussed on the problematic areas in this field. All the industries have some problems and that should be addressed properly to make the industry contribute more to the economy. This article outlines several problems of the tourism market and the disability of this market.

This article has focussed on the problems of disabled people in this market. In several fields under tourism, people with disabilities are not treated properly. Some of the common barriers in tourism such as architectural barriers, economic barriers, social barriers, and others have been explained in this article with proper detail.

Article 15:
Murillo, A. C. (2019). Methods and measurement techniques in tourism. Turismo y Sociedad, 24, 211-216.

Murillo has focussed on measuring techniques in the tourism industry. This article is important because it focuses on the hotel industry and the average occupation price of the hotels. The tourism industry has its techniques for measuring several factors of the customers. This article has outlined the techniques in detail.

The article states that the tourism industry deals with accommodation index, overnight staying index, and other units as their techniques of measurement. Frequency of trips is another important concept for motivation and the types of user data can be understood easily from this hospitality and tourism assignment.


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