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   Free sample   Librarian service assignment outlining requirement candidates must fulfill to qualify as a librarian

Librarian Service Assignment Outlining Requirement Candidates Must Fulfill To Qualify As A Librarian


Task: 1. UCB has appointed you as research consultant to construct a librarian service assignment questionnaire which addresses the above objectives using a maximum of twenty questions. Please note: that use can use and improve (individually) the questionnaire that you have already written on the subject librarian service.

2. Explain the purpose of the various questions in meeting the objectives, i.e. what Information you are expecting to discover from specific questions. In addition, explain the appropriateness of the question using librarian service assignment format e.g. why open/closed? Multiple-choice? Scaled or rated? Etc. Please show evidence that you have consulted/used theory on questionnaire construction to support your decisions related to question choice.

3. Explain how you would undertake an analysis of the results? In your analysis, which questions could be cross referenced to provide further insight?

4. How does the questionnaire address the campaign messages (client brief 4)?

5. In addition, to this librarian service assignment research questionnaire, which other qualitative research method(s) would you undertake and why (i.e. how would this help you to fully achieve the objectives)?


1. Questionnaire on Subject Library Service
To be filled by First Year Student only
1. What is your subject of learning in UCB?
2. Do you take library service as a help to your subject?
a) Yes b) No
3. Do you think library service in college has a subject librarian to support for all subject course offered?
a) Yes b) No
4. Do you think subject librarian service is helpful for your subject? How?
5. Which of the two are a better option in a library service?
a) Online service b) physical book service c) Both
6. Do you think a big library space impacts on the effectiveness of the librarian service?
a) Yes b) No c) Not Sure

7. Have you taken librarian service during your course?
a) Yes b) No
8. How often you go to the library for subject related help?
a) Everyday b) Once a week c) Seldom d) Once a month e) Never at all
9. Does the college have an effective and well trained librarian service or does they need more training? Share your views.
10. Do you need more knowledgeable assistance or help in the library for your subject?

a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes
11. Do you think lights and infrastructure impacts librarian service help?
a) Yes b) No
12. What are the challenges do you think a librarian has on your subject?

13. Please tick the appropriate option:







librarian service assignment improvement






Librarian give access to free e-books






Library has availability of good quality books






Librarian set up a disciplined space to study and concentrate






Librarian gives lecture support to the children in the library






Librarian service contribute effectively to higher marks in subject






Used electronic information service in library






Studied my lessons effectively in library






Librarian service is very comfortable and has positive vibes






1= strongly agree, 2= agree, 3= neutral, 4= disagree, 5= strong disagree
14. Should multilingual lesson services be offered by the librarian? Why?
15. Are you a keen learner in a library environment?
16. Suggest how the UCB librarian service system can be improved
Borrowing book:---------------
Returning book:----------------
Time of borrowing book:-------------------

2. Purpose of Various Questions
The librarian service assignment questionnaire has been defined appropriately to meet various kinds of objectives such as the extent to which students are aware about the benefits of the librarian service. Further, the questions intend to learn whether the student is aware what the librarian service actual offers to them and to their subject. Moreover, each question in the questionnaire has been designed according to the benefits librarian service gives to the students and the extent to which the students are aware of these benefits. The questions are also efficient in letting know whether the students are preferring to take service from the librarian and the issues they are facing when communicating with the librarian. These can act like a factor for them to seek or avoid taking librarian service. The questions such as improvements needed in librarian capability, the infrastructure quality needed in the library, the books made available, and the assistance needed to access the online book service all help in learning the factors that motivate the students to take up librarian service (Forys 2019). Overall, each questions are intended towards learning perspective of the student for subject librarian service. Moreover, these questions will also help in knowing the objective on which the campaign message can be develop and help in increasing number of students taking up librarian service.

The format of the questionnaire includes a mixture of methods such as open ended, multiple choices and scaled questions. Mixture format is effective and appropriate because it will help collecting both direct and detailed data in less time. Parfitt (2005) has stated that questionnaire using multiple-choice questions helps in investigating patterns and success of use, perspectives and user satisfaction level in the easiest and most time efficient manner. Similarly, the scaled rated questions are easy to administer and there is less chances of missing any perspective or responses of the participants. Thus, with these advantages the university will help be able to collect data from the students easily and help avoid any loopholes in data. Moreover, open ended questions allows the respondents to give a detailed responses including feeling, attitudes and understanding of the research area. Thus, the questions that needed detailed knowledge about perspective of the students on librarian service such as improvements needed, subject they learn and benefits of librarian service were added in open ended questions.

3. Librarian service assignment Data Analysis Method
The data analysis method that will be used in analyzing the responses of the students for subject library service is qualitative method. The qualitative research method is a descriptive way of analyzing the results and will be presented in a narrative manner in which the content of the survey is analyzed to share the experiences of the people (Tracy 2019). This method will be the most effective way of analyzing the survey collected from students on librarian service so that the perspective of the students are collected in a detailed and descriptive manner on the awareness they have about librarian service and its benefits. The qualitative analysis involves a number of steps such as getting familiar of the data, revisiting research objectives, developing a framework and identifying patterns and connections (Tracy 2019). These steps will be followed in analyzing the result of the librarian service assignment questionnaire so that the responses of the students are known and understood effectively.

While analyzing the result there will be some questions that will be cross referenced with the aim to provide a detailed analysis or insight into these questions. Cross reference allows linking the questions with well researched information and improving the authenticity of the result (Gurney et al.2017). The two most important questions that will be cross referenced are benefits of a librarian service and improvement in skills needed by a librarianover time. Cross referencing these questions would help in adding an insight on what are the benefits a librariansupport offers to students and the improvements that is actually needed in a librarian to support the student. This will help in supporting the perspective of the students and help overcome the gap that exists among the librarian of UCB library.

4. Questionnaire Address the Campaign Messages
The librarian service assignment questionnaire designed will help addressing the campaign messages of the university that intent to increase the take up of students for using subject librarian service. The questions added in the questionnaire will help set the campaign objective that will help the students know about the benefits of the librarian service they can take, the things a student can ask a librarianand the improvements UCB library intend to take for their librarians. Thus, the questions that has been selected will also help in designing the campaign messages. It will help in identifying the area on which the campaign messages can be developed such as training, education and others of librarian that intend to increase benefit of library or level of support the library offers (Gillum 2010). This is because the campaign will be developed according to the loopholes UCB librarian service has and make students aware that the library is improving to provide increased benefit to them. Thus, only through the result of the questionnaire the university will be able to develop effective campaign messages that can contribute in motivating the students to take up subject librarian service. Moreover, the questionnaire will be an effective one to know the reason behind first year students’ not taking librarian service in different subjects and develop a separate campaign message according to address the issues faced by different subject students. This is because that will be the best way to encourage students for using subject librarian service.

5. Other Qualitative Research Method to Undertake
Other than the quantitative research method of using a questionnaire survey the objective of the client can also be achieved effectively with help of a qualitative research method such a focus group. Focus group is a method where the participants are asked only open ended questions to convey their thoughts and feelings. It helps in gathering more open and complete perspective about a service or product from the participants (Shoaf and Shoaf 2006). It allow 6 to 12 people to be bought to a room and engage in guided discussion about a topic. This method will also be effective in learning about the benefits, factors as well as the overall perspective students have about library service in different subjects. One to two students from each subjects will be added in to focus group to discuss about their perspective of the subject library service. This method is an effective one in meeting the objectives such as benefits the library service offers, perspective students has and the factors that impact their decisions. This is because it will be an open discussion and everyone will be free in giving their own views in a detailed manner about their experience from the library service of UCB for their particular subject. This will help in effectively collecting data from the focus group appropriate for the given objectives that is the students (Gray 2019). Moreover, the focus group can also indirectly help in suggesting campaign messages that can be implemented to help students take up more librarian service through their sharing the areas that the librarian service assignment needs to improve for their respective subject.

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