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Leicester city football club assignment: Key Drivers & Fan Experience


Fans are becoming much more than just sports consumers. They no longer just watch—they participate, analyse, critique, fantasize and connect with their favourite players and teams in real time. Indeed, fans are increasingly becoming true brand partners. Accordingly, understanding and leveraging this new relationship is becoming vitally important—just as important as harnessing the acceleration of digital technology. Indeed, understanding the intersection of digital innovation and fandom holds the key to success for sports teams generally and Leicester City Football Club [LCFC] in particular.

Research Area 1a
With the growth of online and mobile channels, delivering an engaging and consistent fan experience has never been more challenging. The role of supporter engagement will only increase in the future as the next generation of digitally savvy fans grows in number. Your task: Identify and analyse the key drivers of the fan experience in terms of fan-team interactions and propose/develop strategies that can improve the interactions and ensure that fans continue to stay connected with LCFC team (i) outside of the game, (ii) throughout the season and (iii) after season. Research Area 1b For many, sports serve as a platform for recreation,connecting people with similar interests andto support their community.Given that the city of Leicester has a substantial student population:

Your Task is to: Design effective engagement strategies and action programmesto increase long term student loyalty in LCFC fan club.

Research Area 2a
It is established that people from various ethnic minority groups are disadvantaged in terms of participation in sport, be it a competitive or a more recreational sports activity. Given that the city of Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the Midlands,

Your task is to: identify the nature of barriers to ethnic minority groups in sports activities. Develop strategy and action plans that LCFC management can use to eliminate these barriers and furtherincreasethe participation ofethnic minority groupsin the fan club.

Research Area 2b
While football is one of a range of activities that draws a wide range of people,the evidence however for this broader context shows that participation varies by gender and age, and that women are generally less likely to participate in the fan club than the malepopulation.

Your task: Design an inclusive market approach and recruitment strategy aimed at increasing LCFC women fanbase.

Research Area 2c
It is estimated that one in five people in the UK live with a chronic illness or disability. For most of these people, sports provide an opportunity to socialise, contribute to society and also to pursue a professional career in sports management and administration. Your taskis to: design a framework that LCFC management can deploy to develop a cohesive and inclusive approach to attract and retain disabled people in the employment of LCFC.

Research Area 3
The fundamental challenge for soccer clubs in the UK lies in delivering truly exceptional stadium experiences that stand out from their competition. As stadiums become more computational, connected, sensing, and data-driven, our need to be entertained, to share, and to express ourselves will likely be met by novel technologies.

Your taskis to: design a strategy with action plans by which LCFC can deliver a more personalized experience for stadium tours and attract more visitors to the King Power stadium.

Research Area 4
Tackling gender stereotypes in staff recruitment is a long-term challenge for soccer clubs, which may be addressed through a range of approaches. Improving gender balance is one method of intervention that is part of the wider solution.

Your task is to: develop an approach and intervention plan that LCFC management can apply to address the many facets of gender related issues including but not limited to gender balance, equality and stereotypes across the academy.


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Title of the Leicester city football club assignment:to identify the key drivers of fan experience in terms of fan-team interaction and connection of fans with Leicester city football club (LCFC) team in different periods of game seasons.

1.2 Research problem for Leicester city football club assignment
LCFC football club has been one of the main news and praised instance of how premier football teams and authority should communicate with their fans and engage them with the decision-making process. Though, recently, due to change in the external social environment; needs of changes in the strategies has been seen important to football teams. The main forces of change in strategies in this context of Leicester city football club assignment are always changing preference of fans and current pandemic situation. These two are plying large roles for LCFC football club including other clubs to change their fan engagement and interaction policies and engaging fan forums through social media has been increased effectively (Kolyperas and Sparks, 2018). It could be said in the Leicester city football club assignmentthat; this study will be based on two types of recent problems connecting change in the fan interaction and engagement with the club: one is changing demand and preferences of fans and other is change due to pandemic situation and temporary closure of football activities.

1.3 Study aim and objectives

Core aim of this study provided in the Leicester city football club assignment is to identify the current drivers and strategies of the fan experience and management of fan-team communications with LCFC team and finding out steps to develop communications in three different phases of game management that are outside the game, during the season and after season ends.

What are the main objectives identified in the case scenario of Leicester city football club assignment?

  • To evaluate current conditions and pandemic situations on fan experience and communication with LCFC club and team
  • To identify and compare tools used by various football clubs in developing the fan engagement
  • To underline ways for LCFC in changing their interaction strategies keeping the preferences of fans
  • To examine impact on going online and using various online interactive applications and social media on fan engagement

1.4 Research questions
Research questions are listed belowwithin this Leicester city football club assignment;

  • What are the current conditions and pandemic situations on fan experience and communication with LCFC club and team?
  • What kind of tools used by various football clubs in developing the fan engagement?
  • What are the ways for LCFC in changing their interaction strategies keeping the preferences of fans?
  • How impact on going online and using various online interactive applications and social media on fan engagement would help LCFC in future?

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Introduction

The intent of this section of Leicester city football club assignment is to review the previous studies conducted on similar topics in order to gain an in-depth comprehension of the management skills necessary to keep the fans engaged with the football team. At present, the situation is completely different all together as compared to the past because of covid-19. The spread of covid-19 all across the globe has created numerous difficulties for the companies operating in different industries, and the case is same in this context as well (Stone, 2020). As days are passing in this pandemic situation, the condition seems to get exacerbate even further, and thus, it is of paramount importance for the LCFC to maintain a firm relationship with the fans. In order to get the task done viably, it is imperative for the management of LCFC to adopt suitable and effective strategies to get the fans hooked with the team once again before the situation goes out of hand. It is seen in the Leicester city football club assignmentthat the other football clubs are also taking charge in order to ensure the smooth relation amongst their fans.

2.2 Communication process in the pandemic situation with the fans
It is evident in the context of Leicester city football club assignment that communication has always been the key for maintaining positive relation with the clients and fans. Implementation of effective communication strategies is making it feasible for LCFC to stay in touch with their fan base. At present or for the last couple of months, it has been come to notice that LCFC is communicating to the followers via social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (McCarthy et al., 2014). With the effective use of these social media platforms, LCFC is able to keep their fans updated with the latest information circulating about football and the English Premier League that was delayed due to covid-19 (Lcfc, 2020). The fans also respond to the tweets posted by the club, as they keep on asking numerous questions. Besides this, LCFC permits a two-way communication route, which ensures that the fans can engage in the conversation. However, the extensive usage of social space in order to communicate with the fans and enhance the relationship is nothing new (Yoshida et al., 2014). At present, every football club such as Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Chelsea FC, and others have also embraced the utilization of social media along with its power of reaching out to the vast number of fans.

2.3 Crowdsourcing
As per the report of (PwC Sports Business Advisory, 2020) reviewed in order to prepare this segment ofLeicester city football club assignment, seeking notions from the fans and then incorporating trust within them comprises of considerable potential of enriching the fan-club relationship to a great extent. Crowdsourcing represents a strategic prospect for the LCFC in order to fortify the experience of fans in such a manner that it would be fruitful for the entire organisation, and most likely the bottom line as well. It would truly assist LCFC in entailing their vast fan base; alongside raise the experiences of the fans to an even more intense level, which can be acquired via simple yet effective social media exposure. Doing so would make it feasible for the LCFC to endow the fans in adding up new value to the association with the club through assisting produce pertinent content as well as subsidise insights from distinct locations (PwC Sports Business Advisory, 2020). The level of enthusiasm, trust, and passion illuminated by the fans of different clubs such as that of the LCFC is nearly unlimited. On engaging the fans via crowdsourcing, the LCFC would be capable of showing them that the club actually values the feedback and response to the posts provided by them. This will further add up in building an even more positive and durable relationship between the club and the fans. At the same time, it would turn out to be beneficial for the LCFC as well, because they will be benefitting from the solutions, which are economically viable, operationally feasible, and most decisively desired by the fans as well.

2.4 Discuss the use of advanced technologies in the Leicester city football club assignment
The exponential growth of technology seems unstoppable at present, as more and more people, organisations, and several others are leaned towards the use of advanced technology. One technology, which LCFC should incorporate within their strategy to keep their fans engaged, is the use of match data and wearable’s. It would play a vital role, as it would not just provide the fans with the match data once this pandemic gets over, but also promote the physical and mental well-being of the individual (Sports, 2020). The system or the device will comprise of certain functions, which will inform the fans or the individuals using the device about the amount of calorie they need to burn, diet to be followed, number of steps to be walked throughout the day, heartbeat rate whether it is low, normal, or high, and several other facilities (ComputerWeekly, 2020). Adoption of this strategy illustrated in the Leicester city football club assignment will play a crucial role in the forthcoming days for the LCFC, as the fans will be embracing such an innovative and noble thought alongside rejoice that their club actually cares for them as well as other individuals (Lcfc, 2020). This would not just make it possible for the LCFC to increase and diversify their fan base, but also generate huge amount of revenue as well.

2.5 Which strategies implemented by other football clubsare discussed in the context of Leicester city football club assignment?
In the competitive market of the sports industry, the management of the clubs requires to implement effective strategies in order to ensure the loyalty of their fan base remains same as it was before the pandemic took place (Santos et al., 2019). It is quite common for the fans to lose their excitement and thrill for the game and the club as well in this situation due to no leagues being held over the past 2 to 3 months. However, it is the responsibility of the clubs to make sure this does not happens, and keep their fan base in extensive interaction with the club and its players (Stander, 2016). Majority of the clubs, such as Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC, and many more are making extensive use of social media. Besides this, these clubs are keeping the fans hooked by uploading small clips of their previous matches and promoting the use of application that conduct online quiz on the industry (Vale and Fernandes, 2018). This plays a crucial role in keeping the fans excited and prevents the decline in their loyalty. Along with this fact mentioned in the Leicester city football club assignment, some of the football clubs are promoting playing online football games, and this is an effective way of maintaining a positive relationship because playing games online on multiplayer mode brings back almost the same thrill, which the crowd witnesses during a live match (Allison, 2013). Furthermore, some football clubs are selling customisable t-shirts, jerseys, trousers, bands, and many other types of apparel having the name of their football club. It is of paramount importance for the different football clubs to apply best strategies possible in order to keep their fans engaged, as it plays a crucial role in generating a specific revenue stream.

2.6 CRM Model (Model of Creation of CRM Systems)
As per opined by Tahir et al., (2018) in regards to the case scenario of Leicester city football club assignment, the main intent of the model is to direct the successful completion of CRM execution. The focus of this model revolves around measuring the profitability and efficacy of the organisations along with their clients as well. The process initiates with the environment screening. On the grounds of the audit conducted on the current situation of Leicester city football club assignment, the strategy is developed and formulated further with certain modifications. Besides this, the strategy of CRM is the foundation for the creation as well as for the implementation of the CRM system. In this CRM model, clients are the primary component and considered as the most vital part. On the other hand, information sources, channel of communication, and databases are considered as the secondary component, but playing a pivotal role in assessing the information alongside formation of the clients database.

Model of Creation of CRM Systems

Figure1: Model of Creation of CRM Systems (Source: Tahir et al., 2018)

Although the model is generic by nature to practise, but it has the latent of generating valuable results for the LCFC. It is of utmost importance for the LCFC to incorporate the use of this CRM model, as it would help them in keeping their fans and other sport lovers the main focus instead of the ways to generate profits. The system conceived within this model incorporates employees, processes, technologies, clients, and the organisation itself (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014). The model depicted above within this Leicester city football club assignment will make it feasible for the LCFC to summarise the components of the market research to be conducted for successful relation with their fans. Another crucial aspect illustrated in the Leicester city football club assignment is the entailment of their members and employees in assessing the situation to reap and fetch out valuable information regarding their fans. Based on the information fetched in order to build this Leicester city football club assignment, the management of the LCFC will be capable of formulating efficient strategies alongside take effective actions in order to enrich the relationship with their fans as well.

3.0 Research methodology
3.1 Philosophy of the research

Among the three types of research philosophies, this Leicester city football club assignmenthas followed interpretivism as the research philosophy for conducing the search and analysis of collected data. It could be said that Interpretivism research philosophy has helped the researcher to point out the major sources of changes and in-depth insight in the previous information regarding fan communication and engagement and why different polices impact on fan clubs different through the application of qualitative methods, which allowed for close analysis of the secondary sources (Tsang, 2016).

3.2 Research approach
Inductive methodology, likewise known in inductive thinking, begins with the perceptions and speculations are proposed towards the finish of the exploration procedure because of observations. Inductive research included the quest for design from perception and the improvement of clarifications – speculations (Nelson, 2020). This methodology selected to build this Leicester city football club assignment has been planned to produce implications from the informational index gathered so as to recognize examples and connections to construct a hypothesis; be that as it may, the inductive methodology did notkeep the scientist from utilizing existing hypothesis to detail the exploration question to be investigated.

3.3 Study Design
Exploratory research has been applied in the way toward examining a difficult that has not been considered or completely examined before. Exploratory kind of research is normally directed to have a superior comprehension of the current issue yet as a rule doesn't prompt an indisputable outcome (Leavy, 2017).

3.4 Data collection process
The Secondary information could be both subjective and quantitative. The subjective information can be acquired through papers, journals, interviews, transcripts, and so on., while the quantitative information can be gotten through a review, fiscal summaries and insights (Quinlan et al., 2019). In this Leicester city football club assignment, the researcher has applied various journals, articles and news published in the past on different football clubs engage their fans along with the football club in question. On the other hand, previous researches done by others on engagement policies have also been included in this process.

3.5 Sample sources and technique
In this regard, it has been seen in this Leicester city football club assignment that the researcher has used the non-probability sampling tool for identification of the secondary source important for evaluation. In this type of sampling techniques samples have been collected in a way, which did not provide equal chances to all (Gray, 2019). On the other hand, it could be said within this Leicester city football club assignment that sample sources are included various journals, articles and news published in the past on different football clubs engage their fans along with the football club in question and published earlier.

3.6 Ethical Consideration
Utilization of optional information is in itself, an exceptionally moral practice: it augments the estimation of any (open) interest in information assortment, it diminishes the weight on respondents, it guarantees replicability of study discoveries and along these lines, more noteworthy straightforwardness of research strategies and respectability of research work. In any case, the estimation of optional information is possibly completely acknowledged whether these advantages exceed the dangers, outstandingly regarding re-distinguishing proof of people and exposure of delicate data (Gray, D.E., 2019). In the present Leicester city football club assignment, it has been assessed that all the Data have been de-recognized before discharging to the analyst, Consent of study subjects have been sensibly assumed, Outcomes of the examination has not permitted re-distinguishing members and Use of the information has not brought about any harm or pain.

3.7 Timeline of study

Time table for the study

Table 1:Time table for the study
(Source: Created by the learner) Themes for the secondary analysis and data collection are listed below within this Leicester city football club assignment;

  • Customer lifecycle and fan segmentation of LCFC
  • Change in the fan engagement and interaction due to Covid19 pandemic and its aftermath
  • Involvement of online communication and role of social media in fan services and fan club activity

4.0 Secondary data finding
4.1 Customer or fan lifecycle and fan segmentation of LCF

It has been reviewed in this segment of Leicester city football club assignment that Leicester City and club authorities have been greeted as a brilliant illustration of how Premier League groups ought to draw in with their supporters. City positioned 15thof 92 clubs in the Fan Engagement Index for 2018-19, the best of the sides in the top flight (Blackwell, 2020). The Index, discharged for the current week, grants clubs focuses dependent on three rules: discourse and how the club speaks with its supporters through fan discussions, supporters' trust, or over online life; administration and how fan voices sway the running of the club, either through supporter contact officials or fan delegates; and straightforwardness and how open the club are at board level. Each factor depicted in the Leicester city football club assignment is appraised out of 80. Scoring around forty-five for exchange, twenty-five for administration and thirty five for straightforwardness earned City a sum of 105, the best in the Premier League for 2018-19, but not tantamount to Norwich (seventh with 135 focuses), who were the best in the Championship and have since been advanced (Blackwell, 2020). Leicester City is hoping to draw in fans from around the globe with the assistance of blockchain innovation. The Premier League club has connected up with FansUnite, a Vancouver-based blockchain convention that is altering the games wagering and information ventures. FansUnite will work related to the club to dispatch advancements that will bring Leicester City fans from the whole way across the world together to commend their group (Blackwell, 2020). There will be player meet-and-welcomes, challenges, shock giveaways and open doors for LCFC fans to win once in a blue moon encounters at home and away games this season. There will likewise be unique commitment for all football fans on the FansUnite stage. It is evident in the Leicester city football club assignmentthat they are at the bleeding edge of joining new innovation to help improve player execution and fan commitment. Banding together with an all-inclusive perceived brand that shares the pledge to improving conditions for avid supporters through the use of new innovation was a characteristic fit (Symcox, 2020). FansUnite's games wagering convention will dispatch in late 2018, with administrators over the globe ready to offer bettors lower charges and an expanded chance to benefit for people.

4.2 Change in the fan engagement and interaction due to Covid19 pandemic and its aftermath
It could be seen herein Leicester city football club assignment that currently after the pandemic situation, groups have an open door which they can exploit. Initially, offering an incentive to that data which is viewed as unimportant when the classes are being played. With the media anxious to occupy their unfilled spaces, the time has come to tell and clarify what happens in the behind the stage. World class competitors' preparation schedules at home, resounded by TVs, are a genuine model. They raise the spirits of the restricted and send the message that wellbeing can be kept up via preparing at home. In any case, there is significantly more (Parnell et al., 2020). The clubs should ask themselves what the fans think about the work done by quality and moulding mentors. How do competitors deal with their nourishment, what research is completed, what new advancements are being consolidated into the arenas, what ventures there are for its remodel and so forth? These little data pills, which would be unessential in ordinary conditions, can assist with remaining connected with the fan. Football clubs’ authorities should not overlook these matters; rather they should likewise prepare them so they do not lose intrigue. After quite a while without sport, they will be anticipating coming back to the energy of the game, and Clubs should take care of them with data and improvements starting with one day then onto the next (Hunter, 2020). Almost certainly this is a key second for the correspondence offices inside clubs to act proactively, and to work together legitimately with the writers so as to tune in to their thoughts and necessities. In any case, most importantly to assist them with filling their pages and void openings with intriguing and pertinent substance.

4.3 Involvement of online communication and role of social media in fan services and fan club activity
In spite of the fact that investigation into online life is developing, there has been a constrained spotlight on its job in sport the executives. One model, an investigation by Kim et al. (2019) considered in the Leicester city football club assignment utilized substance examination to increase a more noteworthy comprehension of the utilization of Twitter by proficient competitors in speaking with their fans. The Twitter records of competitors, who were contending in individual or group activities, were inspected and classifications were created to arrange their posts: intelligence, sports data, advancement, redirection, fan-ship and substance. The outcomes demonstrated a high extent of direct connection among competitors and their fans, which varies from conventional media correspondences (Savonmäki, 2017). Further, different examinations have discovered that competitors will in general utilize online life to discuss their own lives with fans and different competitors. These investigations, be that as it may, were restricted to singular competitors' pages through a solitary informal organization site and accordingly don't give explicit understanding to sports associations regarding how best to utilize this medium to speak with fans (Deans et al., 2017). Thus, as provided in the Leicester city football club assignmentwhile the amount of "preferences" or remarks that each Facebook page gets can be measured a better grained examination of the substance of this cooperation is important to give the rich knowledge these stages can give. Group correspondence, which was principally "promotion," identified with giving spontaneous data. Without continuous game-related data, groups focussed on donning news fully expecting the season start just as experiences into the lives of players and hierarchical workers outside of on-court/field exercises (Deans et al., 2017). Given the space impediments of Twitter, fans were once in a while alluded to different locales for extra data prone to be of intrigue

5.0 Results and discussion
From the above thematic data collection regarding targeting fans and consumer lifecycle provided within this Leicester city football club assignment, it has been understood that wwith regards to sports sponsorship, this is a scene that is changing drastically because of quick moving purchaser patterns. Rights proprietors are feeling the squeeze to offer brands definitely beyond what they can accomplish themselves. When conversing with brands, if rights proprietors are simply presenting reach as the foundation of chance, brands will simply go to Facebook where it is less expensive, more focused on and there is less wastage. (No?ewski and Trzci?ska, 2016) When looking at advertising to avid supporters, we frequently make the correlation with standard buyers. The key lies in revealing profound knowledge into who these individuals are, helping you make a pen picture that interprets their practices, interests and mentalities, so you realize how best to target them. For most brands, contacting the correct crowd implies putting vigorously in various substance and ways to deal with discover what works and what does not. The stages that work for every one of your objective portions will normally change by showcase (also across ages) yet doing the examination to reveal these are definitely justified even despite the venture can move to Facebook's advantage based focusing on. Herein Leicester city football club assignment, concentrating on the games’ groups or players your crowd likes is an ideal beginning. In the wake of having made Leicester City and club pursuit, select them by means of a speedy and basic inquiry in the intrigue based focusing on list (No?ewski and Trzci?ska, 2016).

At long last, influence conduct based focusing as an extra division apparatus. Facebook will permit Leicester City and club to pick just clients who have as of late bought sports clothing, an obvious hint for pertinence in this vertical. That will provide a group of people intended to be important for your informing. All things considered, do not depend on the underlying arrangement as it were. Persistent testing permits you to improve your crowd after some time (Vale and Fernandes, 2018). Avid supporters Digital Targeting Segments empower sports-related advertisers to all the more likely enhance their online promotion spending plans, rendition advertisements and messages and upgrade points of arrival dependent on online guests' reasonable games seeing or going to inclinations and potential ability to buy your items and administrations (Miles and Shipway, 2020).

On the other hand it is also clear on this Leicester city football club assignmentregarding the pandemic situation that the aftermath analysis of important here for Leicester City and club and its fan engagement policies. It could be said in the Leicester city football club assignmentthat in the event that and when games continue, the manner in which we observe live games will likely change also. Odds are we will see changes of all shapes and sizes (Vale and Fernandes, 2018). Corresponding and developing to a few thoughts, there could be live intelligent networks in which the players take an interest with fans. There could be more extensive utilization of microphoned players and mentors on and off the field as we get a look behind the window ornament (Haugh and Watkins, 2016). With the absence of any no frills right now, there is no uncertainty that fans are as of now hungry for additional. In any case, if the period under lockdown is anything to pass by, players and groups everywhere throughout the world have begun finding better approaches to keep their fans locked in.

According to the research on Leicester city football club assignment, the unexpected spike in Instagram Live meetings with competitors across sports is as of now a sign that all the more such methods of customized fan-commitment are set to turn into the standard. While prior fans must be generally reliant on news outlets to get a sneak-look into their games stars' lives, the lockdown has guaranteed that pretty much consistently a portion of different players is coming nearer to devotees by interfacing with them straightforwardly - either by means of a Q&A meeting, online difficulties, and so on (Menget al., 2015). The potential outcomes are huge, and you can make certain there are numerous conversations going on over each game, star and school, about how this could work. They could go to computer generated reality or expand the involvement with different ways like propelled replays, innovative camera perspectives or putting the fan for all intents and purposes on the field, thoughts that have been on the table or been gradually executed as of late, some of which we found in the ongoing, brief XFL (Toder-Alonet al., 2019). Correspondingly, in Football alliance games and different games, various standard changes to stay away from contact among players and keeping the fans sitting at home stuck to their screens, make certain to bring substantially more advancement at a quicker pace.

There is another activity in the virtual world that Leicester City and club should not neglect, and now this circumstance may have assisted with normalizing it, Leicester City and club is discussing Live Chat administrations. As per an overview led by Google on fan bits of knowledge, 80 per cent of watchers who watch sports on TV do as such while utilizing their telephone or tablet and the staying 30% watch it through their gadgets (Zinman, 2018). A great alternative has been that of the Chicago Blackhawks that communicated a live game where their players and methodologies were imitated in a computer game organization. As mentioned in the Leicester city football club assignment, in any case, there have additionally been activities that have gone past, giving amusement, making a brand picture and making new income streams to battle against the COVID-19. Thus, has done LaLiga Fest, uniting in a virtual gigantic show top-level performers and footballers, went to by 50 million individuals from 182 nations. Sharing live encounters is currently standard, and Live Chat administrations expect to assemble this traffic from various informal communities and stages gathering the fans with the goal that they share a typical space (Silva, 2018). There are applications previously working with this model, for example, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Betmo, Who Knows Wins or ZenSports. For instance, the EuroLeague has quite recently propelled another activity consenting to an arrangement with Iqoniq. Presently all the fanatics of the EuroLeague and EuroCup will have the option to associate with their clubs and the other way around (Silva, 2018). This administration foresees an answer which numerous different classes may wind up receiving. Leicester City and club should recall that tip-top games are in excess of opposition for its fans. That is the reason presented herein Leicester city football club assignment that Leicester City and club should get ready ourselves so our arrival is a call to trust, to the future that anticipates us, and to the energy with which they could fill the lives of a great many individuals around the globe.?

6.0 Conclusion
6.1 Conclusion and future scope

From the above survey and secondary study on the fan engagement and interaction provided in the Leicester city football club assignment, it has been understood that present circumstances are vital for LCFC club management for rethinking their fan control and structuring process. It could also be said that current conditions that are forcing football leagues and players to change their activities and becoming more and more online oriented; would not change even after these situations are changed. It could be said herein Leicester city football club assignment that, turning to online streaming and live charts will be the habits of the fans, therefore; the club authorities should turn their focus on these aspects as analysed in the above section. This study developed within this Leicester city football club assignmenthas been proved to be effective for understanding the current activities of LCFC club and how the pandemic and other fan-engagement policies are related to the promotion and league management. This study is also important for developing an understanding on how the operations with fan engagement and fan communication go in different phrases (outside the game, during and after the season ends).

With corresponding and following the path directed in this study, researcher in future could be helpful in acknowledging how the next steps, which is how the advancements in fan meetings, fan club development and fan portal management should be done along with the secondary data sources would be also helpful here.

6.2 Limitations of survey
While conducting the secondary data collection and research on Leicester city football club assignment, the researcher has been helpful with various facts, which could be attributed to the advantages of secondary data collection process. It could be said that this type of data collection and study has lessen the cost and time burden of survey effectively. On the other hand, it could be said that due to pandemic conditions proper survey has not been done or developed. This could help in pointing out the exact satisfaction level of fans for LCFC activities and what are the preferences of them. It could be said that secondary sources and information is thus partial in this respect.

6.3 Recommendations for LCFC
On recommending the LCFC members and management, few things should be kept in mind. These are related to finance division and social media engagement. It could be said in this Leicester city football club assignment that as turning to online platforms usually cost less than the offline engagement policies; still, management need to perform cost and benefit analysis on how the traffic and communication on the social media platforms would enhance channel profitability. Additionally, it could be said in the Leicester city football club assignment that selection of popular social media and television channels for fan communication and live streaming would be effective.

6.4 Reflective statement
Throughout the Leicester city football club assignment, I have realized some of my capabilities and faced some of the difficulties or limitation. Though, I was not involved in the primary data collection and survey process in which I have to communicate with respondents directly; in secondary data collection for Leicester city football club assignment also, I have understood that how communication on the core points could develop structural and results of any study. On the other hand, ithas been helpful for developing my analytical and knowledge base on the current changing situations and fandom management policies.

7.0 References
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