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Learning Essay Reflection On Skills Development


Task: Students and required to reflect on the learnings gained from undertaking the capstone subject and assessments. In addition, students are to look back at their MBA course as a whole and identify the specific skills developed that will assist them in becoming effective practitioners in the workplace.
Learning is a persistent change in performance or potential that results from experience and interaction (Driscoll, 2005). Reflective learning is the process of stepping back from the experience and reflecting on how skills, attitudes, mindset and behaviours have evolved.


It is discussed in this learning essay that the MBA course has provided significant transfer of learning along with development of various skills, which enabled becoming effective practitioner in the workplace. Various subjects along with their applications in real life are touched upon during the learning sessions that span across 12 weeks. Reflection of the whole session and what can be learned from it is conveyed in this learning essay. Inclusion of the assessment of every learning objective and the learning outcomes regarding the same and various opinions formed in relation to the matter of subject amidst the session is done. Synopsis of the reflective ability and the learning that can be obtained from the consultancy research process and strategies, skills that have come forward throughout the session, and the aid that the learning outcomes will provide implicated in the upcoming career will be considered in the learning essay. Learned concepts will be considered as the learning outcome in the weekly leaning sessions in week 1. In week 2, scrutinizing the learning result in relation to the interior sources of cutthroat benefit will be considered. Getting to know about the competitive strategies that are employed by an establishment and examining them will be done in week 3. In the learning session of week 4, assessment of the strategies and performancein relation to the same is considered. Keeping in consideration the same plan of action for learning, following the various 12 subject matters with various learning weeks was done. Contemplation of a similar learning experience shall be assessed in the learning essay. The benefit of ascertaining the aid of the learning outcomes on future career aspects with the assessment of skills developed throughout the session is conveyed.

Summary of reflective capability and learning
Ensuring active involvement in contemplative thinking that requires the evaluation of the learning gaps and outcomes can aid me to become aware of and gain control over their own learning. Studying the organizational tactic would involve knowing about the various aspects in relation to the concepts of strategy. In the initial stage of studying the varied strategic concepts as noted in this learning essay, it was known that this specific subject matter comprises of competitive advantage, sustainable performance, industry change, strategy theories, strategic complexity, and dynamic capabilities. Learning these strategies was very interesting for me. Strategies essentially focus on the alteration or change of the prevailing performance of an establishment (Ansoff et al, 2018). Upon the recognition of the basic facts, it was possible for me to relate the same with the theories that were studied throughout the course to identify the certain capabilities of every theory and its application. To highlight the diversification of the various theories within this learning essay that were considered in the course, it will be incorporated in the study of competitive rivalry after the implementation of Porter's five forces, assessment of specific capabilities with the assistance of Business Model Canvas and the evaluation of the performance of the strategies by the application of balanced scorecard, evaluation of the leadership endowments and financial performance, sources of the competitive benefits that include low differentiation and costs with the relation of the same, appraisal of reducing based perspective by the VRIN model, industry search, analysis of the execution of market risk by PESTEL and SWOT, implementing competitive differentiation (Alshaher, 2013). I feel learning these tools extended my technical capabilities allowing me to emerge as an expert in the domain.

For the analysis of business performance and contribution to its enhancement herein learning essay, the above-mentioned strategies were recognized to be critical, I feel. The tools which are needed for the execution of the strategies in management business were learned as a section of the learning outcome 4 in the 1st week. Inclusion of McKinsey 7s model, Porter’s five forces model, balanced scorecard, SWOT and PESTEL, research-based view, and the business model canvas was done. After the execution of the McKinsey 7S model, it is assessed to be pivotal for obtaining the target goals or objectives of an establishment by making sure of the structural aid for the same. Then again, the two productive tools for the implementation of full market analysis in relation to the establishment are SWOT and PESTEL (Tamzini et al, 2016). It was observed to be critical for the recognition of the suitable sources that are to be considered to collect the required data. The most principal resources noted were news releases, government publications, and financial statements of the organization, company websites, and research articles reviewed by peers.

To contribute to an organization's development, it is important to recognize its competitive advantage. Participation of more than two establishments or organizations in a competition in the market which is the same and where one establishment executes a strategy that assists it in obtaining more profits than the others, then that certain strategy can be defined as the competitive advantage. Now, identification of capabilities and resources that must be obtained by a firm for the creation of a profile that is above the simple industry standard is pivotal. Herein learning essay, capability equates to the ability of an establishment to perform a distinctive business function. On the other side, resources equate to the choice of capital, labor, and land, which affects production. Nevertheless, after the recognition of the competitive benefit and the factors related to it, it is vital to discern suitable planning procedures in relation to the execution of the strategies by an establishment. The planning procedure comprises evaluation of performance, assessment of the capabilities and resources of the industry, recognition of the issues in the strategy, diagnosis of the performance, and the establishment of data-based strategies and its implementation.

Learning from the Capstone subject and consultancy research on learning essay
There has been tremendous learning attained from this Capstone subject and consultancy research. Evaluation of the consultancy research procedure followed in relation to the establishment and identification of suitable strategies for a firm is vital. In the different expert areas, primary as well as secondary research was considered in relation to the development of strategies. In week 8, the focus was kept on the secondary research ensuing the decoding of complex business problems in relation to product management practice. Analyzing the issues presented in the context of learning essay with regards to strategies and the cause behind the implementation of the secondary research will comprise of constructing positive customer and employee experiences. In relation to customer experience in a positive direction, the importance of making sure that the customers have a positive experience for the increase in brand loyalty and affinity can be assessed. Additionally, it helps in the collection of positive feedback that lends customer engagement and aids in the achievement of the organizational goal of acquiring new customers. On the other side, positive employee experience is vital for employee relationships and to amplify the productivity of an establishment (Kumar et al, 2018). Hence I will need to evaluate taking appropriate research parameters in the future on the basis of my current learning.

The learning of this week primarily focused on the analysis of the customer experience with its relation to practical execution. The technique of the establishment of the journey maps of customers was considered as a critical factor in relation to the analysis of customer experience. Thus, as an assessment of the secondary data of customers and its collection, conduction of surveys amongst the target customers can be done to develop this learning essay. The design of the survey involves the strategic issue that the establishment is facing. The collection of the secondary data costs low and can be easily attained and is frequently built on sales of the venture. But, there are some specific downsides of the secondary data, which include the data inflexibility that impacts the regular update process and the presence of variables that are situation-specific. It can easily be understood that in absence of this research framework, it would nearly have been impossible to understanding such drawback of secondary research.

Consideration of primary research for the construction of strategies for a firm is done, apart from the secondary research. In week 9, studying the secondary research and its application in relation to the development of strategies built on data that has been accumulated on the research is done. Week 9 primary focus was on the two learning goals, which also included the endeavor of individualistic secondary research for resolving complex issues of the organizations. As per the learning outcomes considered in the learning essay, various techniques need to be implemented in the secondary research's quantitative process, which includes narrative analysis, framework analysis, descriptive analysis, quasi-experimental analysis, content analysis, experimental or empirical analysis, and comparative analysis. The categorization of the verbal and behavioral data constitutes the content analysis. Narrativeanalysis is the technique that categorizes the stories and experiences of the candidates to an analysis. Framework analysis mentioned in this learning essayincludestechnicality with the incorporation of charting, coding, or mapping in relation to the collection of data. Descriptionanalysis involves the assessment of the interviews or surveys and the data collection from these. For the implementation of effectual research, 8 factors have to be considered which includes recognition of the issues of the research, ascertaining the purpose of the research, the establishment of the theoretical framework, the establishment of the research questions as well as the hypothesis, explaining related terms recognition of the extent and limitations of the research, determining the methods of research and establishing the outcome expected. All these concepts were highly interrelated and complex in nature that was difficult to distinguish and understand.

What are the skills developed over the MBA mentioned in this learning essay?
The development of various skills has been assessed during the ending of the course, keeping into consideration the weekly learning results. Furthermore, it was possible for me to enhance my basic skills in regards to strategic business development with the assistance of the learning outcomes. On the matter of skills developed in relation to the business strategies, learning of week 5 can be taken into account. This week, the focus was on the development of business models by conversations on various theories and effectual management practices. The structure of the business model relies upon source analysis and potential. It is discovered in the learning essay that the business model is likely to be a theoretical framework instead of an economic model. In this context of learning essay, it is important to highlight the fact that 5 diverse phases have to be accomplished associated with the feasible business models involving the creation of the propositional value, market segmentation, incorporation, and isolation of the mechanisms to enter the disintermediation as well as imitation. I learnt these technical skills, which will be fruitful in my future professional experience.

It is essential to mention in this learning essaythat the systems and methods for incorporating a business model are quite tough to accomplish. For that, the incorporation of the VRIO examination can be recognized to be advantageous. Generating value for the association in the mind of the prospect can be both intricate and hesitant technique. Also, the opponents can be disinclined for gulping the existing revenue and cells. As per this week’s learning purpose, gaining knowledge concerning the value proposition was a crucial subject and I feel this addition to my skills regarding value proposition will be crucial in the professional industry. To create an effective business model, identifying the value that is to provide to the prospects along with the product delivery and services in accordance with the prospect requirements is essential.

Each week comprised of workshop actions which assisted in assessing the outcomes of learning followed by the practical insinuation. My other skill enhancement encompassed deep knowledge regardingcompetitivemanagement. In the initial phase of the course, my knowledge in the field of competitive management as well as organizational development was narrow. However, upon theachievement of the session, it was possible for me to significantly evaluate diverse theories concerning competitive advantage, also to gather information on the same perspective. Additionally, executing independent investigation in order to resolve intricate business issues on the basis of the learned theories and convenient insinuation has become possible.

It is certainly essential for an association to expand its competitiveness in the existing market along with massive opposition. In this context of learning essay, the third week's learning assisted in determining the worth of the competitive management for leading in the market of rivalry (Inamdar, and Roldan, 2013). To produce a precise and efficient competition policy, assessing the product-market policy including the life cycle of the product along with diverse stages is extraordinarily important. Assessing my competence for suggesting the incorporation of the competitive management for improving the expansion of the association was considerably under-developed.

The assistance of the learning in future career endeavors
Having knowledge about business proficiency is crucial for me for the purpose of assessing managerial performance and utilizes those skills in order to promote managerial success. Learning these skills is important for both the business holders and the management staff. For this reason, it is stated herein learning essay thatthere are needed specific fundamental skills including financial supervision skills, marketing and sales proficiency, and issue-solving skills for the workforce. The degree of MBA has been significant form in serving extended and in-depth competency of business strategies and at the same time conferring diverse essential policies for accomplishing.

The above-mentioned outcomes of learning provided within this learning essay are extremely crucial for incorporation in the field of business management. The acquired skills assist in preserving the product quality and maintaining first-rate prospect relations by satisfying them that gradually supports the expansion of an organizational setting. The current business ambiance is a viable domain to participate in. In this regard, it is important to consider that possessing affecting proficiency is both an essential and obligatory attribute (Silvanto, and Ryan, 2014). However, if the same does not ally the business policies, it will not be regarded as an efficient outcome of learning. Concerning the business strategies, it is critical to support a similar aspect along with the managerial priorities. In the context of career acknowledgment for the business management domain and pursuing of the preliminary priorities, it is actually a key factor.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge noted in this learning essay, the activities of the workshop also held a critical position in terms of progressing the skills concerning similar practical implications. This is excessively advantageous for improving the existing employees of an organization. It is further an essential contemplation for those individuals who are ambitious (Kelliher, 2014). There are diverse classifications regarding business trainings such as sales training, management training, etc. Relating to the execution of the different workshop activities of 12 weeks, simultaneous knowledge concerning the practical implication of the learning results, scrutinizing the theories, etc have been accomplished. It has helped in developing my proficiency and skills and further assured me in terms of the enhancement of my keenness with reference to the practical implication of my gathered knowledge and experience.

The three key factorsmentioned in the learning essay including skills, experience, and knowledge is essential for a range of diverse guidelines and regulations that are associated with the management profession. This does not only assure that they acquire the skills and knowledge of the organization but also they are able to apply a similar attribute for making a contribution towards the expansion of the field or industry. Nevertheless, I additionally strive to proceed with the continuation of learning as well as applying the much-learned skills in the development procedure of a specific association. For being a branch of the administration set, it is undoubtedly crucial for a particular organization to enhance the active participation with regards to the expansion of the organization. Thus, it is critical to imply the theoretical skills in the place of practical execution. Hence, in my career development in the future, I can conveniently incorporate my accumulated knowledge for accomplishing my desired goals and purposes.

Learning for 12 weeks served me with knowledge regarding the critical aspects of business administration along with the manufacturing strategies. With the assessment of individual learning results, it was evaluated in this learning essay that the incorporation of the mechanisms can be productive in career development in the future. The session delivered an in-depth knowledge concerning the approaches of the managerial expansion and the same significance, which is noted to be advantageous for the practical incorporation. Through this individual indication, I have successfully assessed the outcomes of my learning and also the aspects that are required to be developed. Therefore, it can be stated in this learning essay that upon the accomplishment of the session, my area of comprehension regarding the business construction and policies have enhanced to a larger extent compared to my prior state of knowledge.

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