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Learning And Communicating Assignment – Online Communication In The Digital Era


Task: –How to use Learning and communicating assignment research techniques to develop effective online communication technique that meet modern business parameters


On this Learning and communicating assignment we determine there are many difference between Professionals, including the requirement of degrees, professional standards defined by authorities, and public expectations. Here the profession is a psychologist. Psychology is not limited to the study of mind and behavior, it also includes a wide range of subjects such as animal research and organizational behavior. The Learning and communicating assignment assesses James, who has been working with client Sam for three weeks. His (Sam’s) marriage has recently ended, and he still needs and will continue to need help to cope with his grief, sorrow, and anger. However, there is a situation when James refuses to treat Sam and broke his professional ethics of communication, loyalty, and transparency. Communication is an extremely important work ethic that is needed to avoid workplace miscommunication.

Ethical issues observed on this Learning and communicating assignment
The selected case study depicts the conflict that James is facing. James is a psychologist who has a client named Sam who comes to him because he has been devastated after his marriage has been broken and his wife left him. However, due to some reason, James refuses to treat Sam after three weeks of treatment. This is where he broke his workplace ethics and get into ethical issues(Siddiqueet al., 2022). In the email where he wrote Sam that he will not be able to treat him further, he did not mention the reason for it. The ethics which have been broken here are communication, loyalty, and transparency. However, the significant issue here is the workplace communication problem. Workplace communication refers to the verbal and nonverbal interactions between the stakeholder and the service provider. The stakeholders here are Sam, Jessica, and even Meg whom James has been treating and helping.

Identification of the stakeholders and explanation of how they might be affected
As per the Learning and communicating assignment, A stakeholder is a person who has a particular interest in a business and enjoys receiving products or services from it. The stakeholders here are Sam, Jessica, and even Meg who is receiving the service from James. Sam had been coming to him to get some support as he had recently gone through the trauma of ending his marriage with his wife. He has been going through feelings like loss, grief, and anger. James realizes that Sam will need this support for a long time. Since James has decided not to treat Sam according to the case study correspondence, this will be very shocking for Sam and he will eventually get more into a grievance. He would also end up misunderstanding James. This will affect his mental health and he might end up making some bad decisions. Sam will feel valueless and helpless which would make him more vulnerable (Muhammad, Ariyani and Sadikin, 2018). This is also a professional injustice that James will be doing to Sam. Not even only Sam, if James further does this to any of his clients it would be an act of unethical and unprofessionalism. On the other hand, James has been helping Jessica through Meg. Although Meg is a mediator, she has been helping Jessica by taking the suggestions from James. Meg will be benefited from this since by helping Jessica she can make her happy which will help Meg to have a huge profit by doing a business deal with Jessica. On the other hand, Jessica will be helped since she will get rid of hr jerk husband with the suggestions.

The spoken and unspoken messages of the Case correspondence
In the Learning and communicating assignment case correspondence, it can be seen that James has sent an email to Sam where he mentions that he can no longer be able to provide Sam any kind of service. He tells that Sam is behind his payments. He even told Sam that if he required any additional time to pay he may contact his receptionist on 03 5111 1111 to discuss. This is what he has spoken about in his email. The unspoken things are plenty in this email. He did not even mention why he will not be treating Sam anymore. He did not even mention whether Sam will be about the real reason, he would have made any story. He didn't even mention whether Sam will be needing any further treatment or not. The way he expressed himself in the letter is not proof of good communication skills.

The strengths and weaknesses of the communication

Straight to the point and simple:-
While informing Sam that James did not want to further provide any service to him, the email he wrote was simple and to the point. He did not make up any false stories and straight-came to the point that he did not want to provide any services to Sam.

Concerned about Sam's situation for payments-
He even mentioned in his email that if Sam requires any more time for the payments he can take support or help from James' receptionist. This is a way he had shown concern about Sam's vulnerable position.


Rude and not clarified.
Although James was direct, he was rude. He didn't give any reason for not helping out Sam and did not even mention any regret or regard for his inconvenience. This behavior is unexpected from any service provider, and this results in a cutting down of the stakeholders (Lee, Li and Tsai, 2021). Maybe James was unable to convey his message in the right way, but this communication was indeed an incomplete one.

Abrupt way of expressing the decision:-
We also observe on this Learning and communicating assignment case that he was very abrupt in his way of expressing his decision and did not provide any prior notice or warning regarding his decision. Also, mentioning the fees directly was not a good way of asking for it.

Two skills that would help the key character in the case study to resolve the issue.
Two skills that would help to bridge James communication gap are as follows:-
Emotional Awareness
Emotional awareness, or the capacity to comprehend feelings, will assist a person in communicating effectively with others (Gignacet al., 2021). People who are emotionally attuned communicate more effectively. They will be aware of other human emotions and how their feelings influence how they interact. People would also have a better understanding of what and why others are talking to them. Knowing how someone communicates is sometimes more essential than knowing what they are saying (Remišová, Lašáková and Kirchmayer, 2019).

Communication Clarity observed on this Learning and communicating assignment case
Clarity is a quality of a speech or written production that effectively communicates with the target audience (Rios et al., 2020).
Clarity ensures that everyone in the conversation understands each other. In all aspects of communication, either written or spoken, clarity is essential. Some things that require clarity include ensuring that the message includes requirements (Remišová, Lašáková and Kirchmayer, 2019). The clarity in speech can help prevent misconceptions and keep things moving smoothly and peacefully. It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure the transparency of communication, especially as our ability to communicate effectively is constantly tested.

Process of how each of the skills that have been identified would assist the key character to:

Meet a specific relevant professional standard:-
The specific professional standards of Psychologists include:-

Resolving ethical issues, Competence, Human Relations, Privacy and Confidentiality, Advertising, and Other Public, Record Keeping and Fees, Education and Training, Research and Publication, Assessment and Therapy Here it has been mentioned how emotional awareness and clarity can improve these professional standards.

Emotional Awareness:For James(as a psychologist) , the key factor is to understand the people's emotions and thinking and thus improve emotional awareness skills, a psychologist could better understand their client, and it would also help in his treatment process (Dai et al., 2022). He could communicate much more freely with his customers and reach them. Clarity: By improving the skills of clarity, James can be more successful in his professional life. If he is more clear with his patients, they will feel free to share their problems with him and people would also understand and try to follow his words. Clarity will help in avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunication, which are very risky in the field of psychological treatments (Gettings and Meluch, 2021).

Be used to resolve the ethical issue or problem:-
Emotional Awareness:-If James would learn about emotional awareness then he would be aware of his patents situation and take decisions accordingly. His concern would not be his ethics but also the patients he will be treating.
Clarity:-Clarity would help him to communicate with the patients better and avoid misunderstandings.
A solution to the ethical issue or problem that has been identified
The solution to the problem of conflict that James is facing that as not coming up with a decision and being unable to communicate himself to the others can be solved only if James is real to his professional ethics and try to improve his communication skills. James needs to follow the Deontological Ethics Theory for this purpose, which is mainly used to solve the workplace ethics (Cantu, 2019). It is extremely important to be true to the client even if one is in the most vulnerable position. He would have tried speaking to Sam and would ask him about his characteristics. not want to pursue treating Sam, he would have been mailed him characteristics with proper reasons to Sam, and thus he could avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings between them.

A Possible Strength and a Possible Limitation of the Proposed Solution
Strength:-as per findings on this Learning and communicating assignment, the use of Deontological Ethics Theory would help James to stick to his work ethic and would also help him to grow his communication skills more. This would also help him to avoid any further controversies about him.

Limitations:- The workplace ethics of open communication and conveying the reason why he would be able to treat Sam may result in compromising his ethics and open communication about the problem may also make Sam sad about it(Cantu, 2019).

To conclude, correspondence requires effective communication skills. Customers will be satisfied with the service if excellent communication is maintained. Thus James has been suggested in this Learning and communicating assignment about how he can improve his skills and professional ethics to ensure good customer service.

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