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Lean Project Management: Eliminating Undesired Wastage


Assessment Task: You are one of the directors in a major project management consultancy. Your consultancy wants to undertake government work but has been informed that it needs to show use of “Lean Project Management (LPM)” principles in its project management processes before being able to apply for any government work. The board of directors has decided, therefore, that they need to introduce LPM principles in all future projects in order to eventually be eligible for government work.

Task:The Board of Directors has chosen you to be in charge of implementing the LPM approach. This assessment, therefore, is to be done INDIVIDUALLY. As the Director in charge, your task is to write a memo to all staff informing them about the decision and the proposed implementation process for LPM. Your memo must:

As the Director in charge, your task is to write a memo to all staff informing them about the decision and the proposed implementation process for LPM.

Your memo must:

  1. Address the initial reason for implementing LPM
  2. Describe the benefits that can be gained by the various stakeholders in a project from implementing LPM .
  3. Describe the Critical Success Factors (CSF) needed to be in place within the consultancy organisation to achieve successful implementation of LPM.
  4. Describe the steps by which you propose to ensure CSF are in place and how to achieve the LPM mindset within the consultancy staff .
  5. List and describe training requirements for individual staff .
  6. Describe your method to assess when the consultancy has sufficiently adopted the LPM approach to be able to tender for government work.


Introduction: The project focuses on Lean Project Management (LPM), is the application of certain principles in the prospects of Project Management. These principles are applied to provide satisfaction to the customers. Several strategies are implemented to give the desired product. However, to do this, it is essential that the principles of LPM are taken into consideration. The present project discusses the principles and benefits of lean. Some idea is given about the reasons for the implementation of lean, its impact and its outcome.

There are several reasons for the implementation of LPM. It is one of those systematic and structured models of management which are used for several processes. Four explanations on the application of the LPM are that it allows certain benefits like slicken the processes in the organization. This process enables the company in the removal of the unwanted wastes on various foundations (Moeuf et al. 2018). This will help in the reduction of unnecessary time lag. This process also provides a benefit that the process of implementation is very continuous. This process can make the team committed to each other. Application of these techniques has led to the operation of manufacturing. This process starts teamwork and loyalty.

Training for changes: This management system depends on the principles. It is of a necessity that the team members and the whole department should be trained and for this process of Lean Project Management. It is a complicated process that these people or employees must be treated with training. It is essential to make the employees and the members aware of the Lean principles. They should be made to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these Lean principles and how they will benefit the organization. It is the responsibility of the higher authority of the organization for implementation. However, lack of proper knowledge and poor communication regarding the new techniques will create problems. Hence the application of this Lean will benefit and lead to a successful venture (Moeuf et al. 2018).

Small Initiation: The use of the LOM process can be extended vastly. It will be considered as a good management ability of the organization. However, it should be seen that the implementation of LPM must be begun from scratch. It can be explicitly said that the process should first be within small teams and few numbers of people, later it can be spread to the organization must be kept in mind that the principles of lean should be chosen widely during implementation. Secondly, an active process of communication must prevail within the organization, which will make it smooth. The team who is chosen must be worthy enough for these principles, and they must be an example set to other groups. This small strategy will make the process of implementation easy.

Principles of Lean Project Management: The laws of lean management are followed once the communication is done. It has been seen that there are five types of policies which led to flexible application. However, the head of the must take care of this system, and look through that the principles are appropriately implemented. These can be explained as:-

  • Flow: Flow is mainly concerned with the reduction of waste. The process of lean promises an uninterrupted value chain and smooth operation of manufacturing. It is a system where several steps are concerning each other. Waste controlling will be difficult if this principle of value stops.
  • Value: Value decided the price of the product. In details, it can be said that this principle determines how the customer will assign importance to the product, which in turn decided the cost of the product. This principle also aims at the elimination of waste from the organization, which will ensure excellent communication with the customers and profits are sure. The lean law says that the customer determines the value of the product, but it originates from the producer.
  • Perfection: The organizations that implement the lean system steadily and gradually approaches the height did perfection. They are consistent in their work, and they undergo a process of continuous improvement. Since they have a thirst for perfection but not hurry, they suffer a lot of experience. They go to a depth of a problem and understands its root cause and the ways of solution to eradicate It (Moeuf et al. 2018). They learn to identify the value, steps in a creative direction. They do not believe in the process of reduction in some instances.
  • Value streaming: This is the complete cycle of the products. The entire life cycle denotes from the time of raw material to production, manufacturing, the customer's use, wearing out etc. his principle too Sims at the reduction of waste products. This I'd achieved by understanding the product's value stream. There are several steps associated with the value streaming process. In some cases these steps add value but cannot be ignored, it might not add value, and sometimes it adds value out of nowhere.
  • Pull: Pull ensures the flow of the product; this approach foes do not believe in the manufacturing process; rather, it is directly manufactured when the customer orders it. A stipulated design and high flexibility are required to achieve this principle. It is seen that there is a requirement of proper and effective communication while dealing with this prospect of dialogue.

The several benefits of the implementation of Lean Management in a project
Lean management has extended its platform is being implemented. Earlier it was limited within a small number of sectors; however recently it is being applied to several other industries. This management is now implemented in the industries of retail, health, and many more. The online segment has taken up its uses and had several profits from which it is benefitted. Several advantages of the LMS has been described. They can be termed as –

  1. A suitable platform which serves bases for the development
  2. Accessibility is vast
  3. Wide broadcasting
  4. Robust searching
  5. Availability of high graded tools
  6. Data visualization
  7. Progressed analytics
  8. Automated alerts

A suitable platform which serves bases for the development
The management provides several benefits. It keeps a user continuously updated and will continue to provide relevant news regarding the products. This will be available at any point in time. This is a powerful system because it allows for the same amount of data and the same data to the customers who are accessing it. Thus the flow if the data will be smooth, and there will be less hassle.

Accessibility is vast: The total management system of LMS is advantageous because of its effective process. It is seen that the is the use of several tools and techniques to make the process of efficient. There are tools like that of Kanban signs, Huddle boards, etc. Accessibility of data is vast. It is extended beyond capacity but is access is varies. It is not available in every place. The accesses of information is dependent on the industry. To ease out process, recently the LMS has introduced the cloud system which has increased its system to be vast.

Full broadcasting: The comprehensive programming vastly prevails in the Lean Management System. It gas to be taken into account that the networking source is widely expanded and effective communication makes it a more straightforward pathway, thus paving the way for success. The broadcasting process will ensure that there is a proper exchange of data, and therefore, the customer service will be fast. It is seen that the customers once order their product; they are produced and manufactured. Hence a sound networking system is available.

Robust Searching: This function is exciting as it provides the benefits of giving the signals. If the head of the LPM system is making use of the strategy, the member automatically knows that this process is being implemented for the betterment of the organization. Thus they value the system as it provides a necessary function that is way benefitting to the organization.

Availability of high graded tools: This particular process makes use of several technologies and tools. From using spreadsheets for upgradation to other instruments, there is a need to continuous update of these systems. They are required to be dated from time to time. The total system, the tools that are gravestone to time expect several notices and earnings. These small things benefit in the process of improvement, thereby contributing to success.

Automated alerts: There is going to be one brand new enhancements made on the team, following the performance in the Lean Management system. The whole team will build up a language regarding the advance, which will be well-known to all. The applications which are utilized in the device are automatic alerts allowed that assists the team for enhancement of the complete procedure. The common language boosts the progress of the present project.

Data Visualization: The Lean management system will enable an order by the in-built tools that will give the proper visualization of data. This process helps in the forsee of the dangers, and it allows the revision and strategies to implement accordingly. This will help me in providing importance to certain types of works. This process leads to improvement, and thus, the betterment of the organization is ensured.

Advanced Analytics: The lean project management has provided a wide range of analytics. With the implementation of the boards, they provide care to the management of the venture. A typical computerized structure is privies storage of several data reports and that in turn leads to the development of the organization. However, there are times when specific problems do arise. However, they can be removed too. It is easier for the user as they can access the old data by browsing through the data history.

Critical Success Factors (CSF) that are needed for the successful implementation of the LPM
Several prospects determine the essential factors of success. There can arise certain situations when there will be a complete loss of these critical success factors, and they will direct towards the failure of the venture. The managers should introduce these essential factors of success to the employees. This will undoubtedly lead to efficient work, ensuring the betterment of the organization and its development. These factors will be there to determine the success of the ventures, and it is evident that there will be definite loss without this system .different departments of the company have a different strategy of this implementation process. They are mostly linked to each other and generally developed by the top management or the higher authorities of the organisation. These critical success factors will have the way for the project to provide opportunities to meet the goals and their levels of achievement. These are some factors which will give this basis of success. The lean management system must take into account these specific requirements, which are the basis of the successful ventures. It is necessary that there are resources which will take part to contribute to the success of the experiments. Apart from all these the critical success factors are essential as they determine the essentialities and those products which are significant and yet contribute to the success of the venture. Every detail of the project must be kept in the account. It will be discussed further how the lean management system will affect the company's investments and how it will have an impact over the network.The management system, leadership qualities, resources and well as hard-working employees are some of the factors which will contribute to success.LPM also depends on different other factors, which are an external bit important. To look after this, one needs to have an idea about the second several factors. Thus it is seen that the CSF paves the way for success if implemented strategically. Given below are a few details about them.

  • There will be continuous development of the process at different times.
  • Several goals will be taken into account at different times.
  • It always encourages the development of technologies and the implementation of new stuff
  • Sometimes the management of the firm plays a significant role.
  • Long sustainability is dependent upon the loyalty of the management system.

The steps to ensure the CSF to achieve the LPM mindset for the consultancy staff
There are several steps and procedures, while LPM is being implemented. It must be seen that critical success factors must be synchronized to properly develop the project.

Support Management: An essential feature which is related to the success of the organization. For the implementation of lean, if the support from the organization is not present, it will not be possible to do the work.

Moreover, there will be conflicts among the employees, and they might grow suspicious. The support system from the management will make sure that there is no miscommunication, and they are being encouraged in the process that is being done. This will eventually lead to success.

Leadership management: One of the most necessary item for the success of the business venture is leadership. The quality of the leadership decides a lot of prospects, which are the bases of targeting a goal. A successful leader is always present to motivate his employees in regards to provide excellent service and production. There will be a continuous agreement and encouragement of the clients, and the customer's responsibility for the leader is vast. He needs to provide his employees with the idea about Kean, and it's strategies about how it works. Also, he maintains a good relationship between them. Several types of leadership can be implemented, according to the employees present and based on that foundation, and success is sure to be achieved.

The commitment of the Management: One of the most essential and productive structures of the lean management system. Its function is vital to admit increases and enhanced the performance of the workers. However, it is the duty of the leader as well as the employees to be alert about this management system. This is because the changes are irreversible, and they are time-consuming as well as effort is needed in serving this purpose. However, it has been seen that the achievement is highly correlated to the loyalty and commitments proposed by the organisation's process helps in the organizational support of the management system (Haug, 2015).

Communication: Care must be taken to provide a continuous communication process. Thus the improved method can lead to the efficient exchange of information between the managers and the employees as well as the clients with whom the business deals are done. An effective and integrated communication system ensures a good reach of the ventures and thus reaching the goals and requirements.

Culture: Culture in an organization always determines a successful venture. This culture system is also related to the desires and needs o the customer. It is one of the crucial factors that I'm responsible for the success of business ventures. It defines the traditions and ethics that are related to it. Also, it determines the implementation of Mean project management.

Financial Capacity: Financial capacity must be kept in mind. This is because it is the primary process of starting a venture. A significant amount of finance is necessary to implement the system and start the work. Also, while continuing with the process, it is essential that the resources must be taken care of. Otherwise, the venture will stop in its way (Haug, 2015).

To initiate any improvement in the process, the financial capacity is essential for the successful initiation. Functional position of the finance is required for accepting as well as implementing the lean. The various productive improvements will need resources for funding to hire the consultancy staffs.

Training required for the individual staffs
The coaching for personal crews is essential for creating the labour force more efficient and effective. The courses applications for the workers are a bit costly since most of the companies need to hire another instructor to train their people. Some of the international companies acquire personal instructor. Nevertheless, other businesses employ trainers on a contractual basis whenever needed.

Executive development: Another factor which is very important in all kind of organization. It is seen that the development of higher authorities can be led to an improved process of the high level of work and an effective managerial system.

Technical skills development: When the pieces of training are done to nurture the essential skills. In this process of LPM, it has been seen the essentiality of the high graded tools that are required. Thus the employees must be trained to develop their skills and process them accordingly. By initiating this process, it will be seen that there is betterment in the organization (Haug, 2015).

The orientation of the employee: This process is essential in the long run., as it deals with the training of the employees. There is, of course, a necessity of the training process. Employees do require to understand it's needed and take them seriously. A good training process can ease out a lot of problems and make the employees efficient.

Method for using the LPM approach for a Government tender
Government has various types of sources to carry out the delivery processes in given points of time. To provide an uninterrupted system, several works are done to reach the goals and objectives. The Three critical factors and the Lean process management has focussed on are:-

Alignment: The process helps in attracting the attention of the Government while processing the ventures. There are several logics and strategic ideas that can be implemented to develop a proper alignment process. LPM works on these factors to lead to the success of the venture in the best possible ways (Drucker, 2012).

Enabling: This is another objective for the LPM process. It points light on the cognitive factors like the difficult thinking, speaking of the project, implementation of the new strategies etc. these factors are done to provide an uninterrupted betterment of the venture.

Empowering: With this goal, the individual will gain knowledge of proper skills by a continuous improvement program (Rauch et al. 2016). These engagements will also develop the leadership skills within the employee.

ConclusionThe report is basically in the implementation of the Lean Management System. It provides detail about the necessary information about the system, and it's strategies, basic principles evaluation and the way it works. It is evident from the present report that this system is beneficial in industrial purposes and serves a good help in smoothening the tasks. Since it has way more benefits like tools and technologies, the system is fast. The various benefits have suitable applications that pave the way for successful ventures. The present report also provides a great idea about the Critical success factors in an experiment. Hence it is seen that the story gives us concrete details about the bases of the Lean Project Management. Lean Project Management assignments are being prepared by our help with project management assignment experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help best service.

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