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Lean Project Management Assignment On Dream Home Construction Project


Task: Write a report to your senior management explaining your action plans to overcome all the issues highlighted above. For each of the issue, you are expected to:

• propose necessary actions that must be taken by way of implementing the appropriate project management processes
• provide examples of how these new control measures are to be implemented You are also expected to include the following in your report:
1. A brief executive summary
2. An explanation of an effective and efficient project review and reporting mechanism for monitoring and controlling purposes
3. The demonstrated use of the seven quality control tools (7QC) tools (and / or other quality tools) to generate subcontractor / vendor performance data (provide examples – these could be fictitious but practical data)
4. An explanation of an effective risk management plan
5. An explanation of the appropriate leadership style that you could adopt to manage this project successfully
6. A conclusion section


Executive summary
In this study, PRINCE2project methodology has been used to complete this lean project management. The introduction section explains the case scenario which was based on the construction of a dream home for the client. The second section consists of some project reviews steps for controlling and monitoring the phase of projects. Quality control tools help in monitoring the production, resources, progress of the work. This is a very helpful process for the subcontractors and managers to plan the investment required, calculate the risk factor and many more. These tools help to establish and analyze the plans so that and malfunctions can be corrected beforehand to save money and time invested in the construction project.

1. Introduction
This study is based on lean project management which is categorized as the best technique in-home construction project. The PRINCE2 methodology is known as a process-based phenomenon that helps to eliminate excess waste and control every step of the project. This project is associated with the construction of the dream home for the client who has a budget of AUD$500,000. In this study, the effective techniques are discussed which will help to control and monitor all the mechanisms of lean project management. Seven quality control tools are also used in this paper to evaluate its effectiveness in generating the performance data for vendors. 2. Effective and efficient project review and reporting mechanism for monitoring and controlling purposes In the modern world, lean project management has been used on a large scale due to its high benefits. Project review is important to evaluate the current status of the project and it was undertaken to monitor and control the project phases. Based on the case scenario, the client has provided a budget of AUD$500,000 to the project team to build the dream home within the provided timeline i.e. 12 months. In order to satisfy the client, it is important to regulate and control all the project processes.

The main scope of review
It is important to depict the scope of the lean project and the significance of the undertaken project to accomplish the target. In order to complete the project within the next 12 months, it is important to review the scope of the Client's dream house project. The senior manager or higher authority should handle this process to evaluate the future risks linked with the project (Shojaei&Haeri, 2019).

The review and reporting process is incomplete without the preparation stage which helps to schedule an interview with the stakeholder and other project teams. In addition, it helps in the documentation process of the process and illustrates the issues present in the lean project.

Interview with sponsors, stakeholders and project manager
In the review process, it is important to arrange the interview with the sponsors as they will help to clarify the requirements of the project. Interviews with project managers might contradict the opinion of sponsors, but they help to control each step of the project by understanding the needs of the project team. As per the views of Zou, KiviniemiandJones (2017), the client has provided a strict deadline so this step is helpful to complete to lean project on time. Additionally, it will help to test the hypothesis to complete the project in a short period of time. The stakeholder interviewing process will help to evaluate the wants and expectations of the lean management project team.

Analysis and drafting of conclusion
After the interview session, each document is reviewed and compared with the original concerns of the dream house building project. Drafting a conclusion is important to start the project work in time and it will help to understand the objectives and needs of the project; it will further help too published the final review.

3. Quality control tools for generating subcontractors

These are one of the best possible tools which help in the improvement and analyzing the process involved in construction.After mapping the flowchart, it becomes clear for the workers and vendors to understand their respective roles and responsibilities. Utilising the PRINCE2 methodology for project management, the cost and quality of a particular process can be estimated which is very helpful for the vendors as they can plan their investment accordingly (Vaní ková, 2017).Hence the subcontractors are attracted to this process as it provides clear idea about the cost required.

Pareto Diagram
This helps to arrange the resources and items as per the magnitude required for the construction process. It is specially used in Statistical Process Control (SPC) for improving quality so that the best team can be set up for solving problems, identifying products that receive complaints, identifying the nature of complaints and many more. According to PRINCE 2 methodology for lean management, this diagram provides an appropriate process to control the effort while construction (Vaní ková, 2017). The construction process is not always stable because external factors such as uncertainty of the environment may arise. Subcontractors involved in the dream home development project can have a clear idea about these factors which can help them to provide the best quality performances. Materials with maximum complaints will be avoided by the sub-vendors, contributing to effective development processes for the dream home(Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018). This tool helps the subcontractors and managers to concentrate on the core information and resources required. It helps to create subcontractors by providing a valid plan, analyze the future effects of adopting certain construction processes and helps in measuring the value of the outcome (Neyestani, 2017).

Cause and Effect diagram
It helps to create systematic ideas about occurring problems while construction and presents structured data of the problems. It helps to identify the root causes, effect and basic reasons for the construction. The subcontractors are beneficiated as they can sort out the factors that affect the process and provide materials accordingly(Ulubeyli, Kazaz&Arslan, 2017).Subcontractors are attracted to plans that are clear about the requirements so that their money and time is not wasted. They have full knowledge of the work process (Neyestani, 2017). The subcontractors are encouraged to participate in the process and can also provide information about market prices(Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018).


Figure 1: Cause and Effect Diagram
(Source:Ulubeyliet al.2017)

Histograms are bar charts that show the distribution pattern of certain observations according to their magnitude. It helps the subcontractors to study the process on which the construction is based. It helps the subcontractors to determine the profit of the undertaking project. It helps in planning the resources and their allocation. A clear idea about the number of resources required in each level of development can be obtained by the sub vendors from the histogram. According to Prince2 methodology for lean management, a histogram helps to track the time required for the completion of the project (Ulubeyli, et al.2017). Subcontractors can provide properly analyzed data to the managers and stakeholders regarding the material, money and time required (Neyestani, 2017). The time factor which can be understood by the histogram is very important for the sub-vendors as they can undertake and manage various other orders for more benefit hence it helps in creating sub vendors (Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018).


Figure 2: Normal Histogram
(Source:Shivam and Kashiyani, 2018)

Control Charts
A control chart has three components which are specification limit, centreline, and control limit. It helps to identify the predictability and stability of the project. The subcontractors can know the reason behind the variation of the plans and provide resources accordingly. This process increases the level of transparency and trust of the sub-vendor towards the company(Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018).This information is valuable for the vendors to implement plans beforehand so that further problems can be minimized and their money can be saved(Neyestani, 2017). It minimizes the chance of repetitive activities during the construction process and helps in monitoring costs, frequency of plan change, the volume of resources and many more in.

Scatter Diagram
It is a tool that demonstrates the weak or strong relationship between two variables. Several points are plotted according to the observation in a graph (Ulubeyliet al.2017). This diagram gives a vivid description of the amount of material that is used and required in the future for the project. It helps in planning, controlling and monitoring quality-related issues in construction. This diagram shows how the dependent variable can influence the independent variable and plans can be established accordingly. It minimizes the risk of project failure which is very attractive for the sub-vendors(Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018).


Figure 3:Scatter Diagram
(Source: Shivam and Kashiyani, 2018)

The data collected from the project is very important for calculating the productivity and efficiency of the project. According to PRINCE 2 methodology for lean management, check-sheet helps managers and sub-vendors by providing real-time data. This helps to perform audits to check the safety of the project by detecting the processes or methods which are accident-prone. This provides a detailed description and helps to collaborate with the stakeholders (Neyestani, 2017). The sub-vendors appreciate this process as it carries relevant information that is cost-efficient(Shivam&Kashiyani, 2018).

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